Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello From Lithuania

Another pretty card from Lithuania. =)

Showing off the beautiful spot of Lithuania which is breathtaking even through these collage. I love the picture with the lake. It looks so peaceful.

Not forgetting the stamps too. Not sure what does the left one signified but the right one is so pretty with the scripts i assumed composed by this musician.

Thank you Timpaile for this beautiful card and stamps.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hello from Finland

Hello. Am back after a week of palpitation at work place. Was leveling up (unwillingly) cause I am not a very passionate or enthusiastic. What I wish is everyone just get what they want.

Ok. back to the topic.

Got this card from Ritva a few months back. (yes. thats how backdated all the card here although i am receiving around 1-2 cards per week).

First time I received such a uniquely shaped card. The character on the card is called Mama Moomin. Apparently a very love character with the children there. It is really cute and I came over the name Moomin a few times when I read what other people love their postcard to be. So I have received one of the most desirable postcard. =DDDDD

Yay. Such lucky girl.

And this beautiful orchid stamp aat the back. Stamp is a small piece of art with beautiful detailed that will tell u story of the native.

Thank you for the card and the stamps.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hail's Soft Serve, Damansara Utama

A lot of fancy and expensive ice cream shop popping out in KL and Selangor. So many that I cant catch up.

This is one of the pricey ice cream that I like. =) Hail's Soft Serve, in Damansara Utama. Bump into it when we are meeting our prewedding photographer.

The dessert store has a calm sky blue with cotton cloud at certain tables. There are around 7-8 choices of ice cream flavor. Not much, i know but I instantly know which one I want.  J POP. Simple reason cause it contained green tea. haha~

The J Pop.
The ice cream is actually not green tea. It is Blue Pea Gula Melaka. Not as sweet as the real gula melaka but still i like the subtle sweetness with the coldness of the ice cream. Although I sort of taken back by the blue color.

The green crumble is green tea flavored. =) can I have more?

And also green tea marshmallow. hee hee~ never a fan of marshmallow so no command.

This is the biggest discovery of the month. Beside cornflakes (I hate cornflakes by its own), what go well with ice cream??? IS the popcorn. My god. Next time I m going to get some crunchy popcorn and serve it with ice cream. The flavor and texture is so heavenly.

My happy face with my J Pop and boy boy. =)

Thank you for the treat.

J-POP  RM18 (with GST)

Hails Soft Serve
28 Jalan SS21/58
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sunny Greetings from Berlin, Germany

Another pretty card card in. =) So colourful and one wall has several drawings. =)

Of all these drawing, the one that i recognize is the octopus doctor/dentist at the bottom. hee hee~ cant remember where i saw it.

The other pretty stamps. Reminded me of the big rivers that go through kuching whenever I m landing from the plane. It is so breathtaking. How I miss landing in Kuching. NOt working. haha

Thanks Natalie for the happy fun postcard and the pretty stamp.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hello from Green Island (Qing Dao), China

This lovely card on the drawing of one of teh important railway in China, The Nanjing Train Station is sent by Liu Jing jing.

The structure of the station is so  pretty and it is surrounded by trees and water. =)) Must visit it one find day.
Sometime I do think that drawing can be much more attractive compare to a photograph.

And we should not leave out these vibrant stamps:

All about the pretty flowers from soft pink plum blossom to the ever energetic sunflower. Followed by this hibiscus like flower and of course the elegant camellia.

Thank you for all these beautiful card and stamps. =)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hi from Ukraine

Hello. This is a beautiful card from Ukraine by Ksiu.

This big bad tough looking pirate is called Billy Bones. He is from "Island of Treasure" which is a famous Ukraine cartoon.
The drawing is indeed very pretty and detailed. =)

and the stamp. Ah. Sometime I hope i have a better camera to catch the exact colour and shine of small objects. This picture totally doesnt justified how pretty the stamp is with hue of soft color at the back.

Thank you for the card and the stamp.

Smoked duck with cod fish claypot

Oh. Another food post. I really love food more than fashion. But my stomach is so small I cant put much food in.

This is one yummy dish i ate recently in Umaiya, KLCC. Smoked Duck with Cod Fish Claypot.

Look at the eggs. =) It makes the rice moisture. The fish is soft which contrast well with the slightly tender duck meat.

Ah~~~ such heavenly. But good things most of the times doesnt come cheap. I think it cost around RM30++.

Thanks Daddy for the nice food. =)