Friday, May 30, 2008


Finally can online... ...
IMU internet went down this 4 days.
It is so torturing. Cant check mail, cant go facebook, cant go friendster... etc...
sometimes cant even sign in the computer.
and worse cant even print notes.

Aiyaya. This is worse than the taylors' "The Web"
Miss taylor... ...
Hope the internet dont go down again... ...

Yesterday have a nice day out in Midvalley.
Keep looking at Baskin Robbin. But yes, (this is joyce typing) she forgot about the 31st thingy till i told her yesterday- when she reminded me last week. weird gal. (back to ying xin)

XD XD thats y i keep looking at Baskin Robbin. Cant wait for 31st. Discount Ice Cream. XD XD
*cant wait!!!!!!!*

Random Games

How to Play
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title/lyrics/tone/singer to answer the question and comment to it

How are you feeling today?
太了解-宇恒. XD yea yea. I know how my life will go on everyday even if it haven’t come. My life is repeating itself every week. This Tuesday is quiet similar with last Tuesday. Life is not so interesting……boring… … But sometimes a little bit different in your life will change your mood greatly. Just like today. Maybe we shouldn’t expect our life first. So that we can discovered the interesting part of our coming life. Kaka. ^^

Will you get far in life?
Beautiful Girl- Jojo. O.o wasai. Why this song comes out? XD what do it want to tell me? I like to flirt and keep dumping boys? Making them heartbroken for me? Nah… I don’t have the ability to do it. So thanks for the compliment. I take it in the way that you are praising me that I am a beautiful girl. Wee~ XD

How do your friends see you?
One Step Beyond-Karsh Kale. Lolz….. when did this song walk into my computer?? Well… it is an instrumental song ( no one is singing.) and it is not interesting… I kinda want to fall asleep. Do this mean that my friends find me a boring and quiet person which is ordinary?? XD music starts to become bouncy in third minutes. My friend start to realize actually I can be quiet playful and naughty after they know me for a period of time? Music getting faster. XD Actually I am quite unique if you know me in person. XDkaka. I am shy… =P

Will you get married?
Who let the dogs out? – Alvin and chipmunk. @#$%^* Huh… how to interpret? Okay. I think it means I wont… … because dog don’t get married… … and it is impossible for chipmunk to pretend to a dog. So marriage is not going to exist in my life. XD is this appropriate?

What is your best friend’s theme song?
Beautiful girls and boys- Jojo and Sean Kingston. Remix by Rudy. Our Mulan’s sketch theme song. XD It starts with the introduction by Sean and he sings some part before Jojo started to sing. My best friend is a beautiful and gentle girl. My angel ^^ She will always be love and be bless with all the good fortune. ^^

What is the story of your life?
The Day You Went Away-M2M. ~.~ What is this song about? I started to miss the old time? I started to grow stronger? And started wishing people that I love to be happier than me? Hm… yea… I think that is. I keep looking at the pass. But in the same time I start to learn to be stronger everytime I met some obstacles… … well. Ordinary but it is a great story plan. Hee^^

What was high school like?
床边故事-张韶涵. Adventurous in the dream… it is fantasy and mystical. I mean bedtime stories. I used to love them. Now I still love them but nobody is telling me. T.T When I am in high school I always let my imagination run wild. It is the place which I can get my dream come true. Well. I get my dream there and lost my dream there too. But high school life is a thing to remember. Kaka. When you gain something, you will lost something. Bedtime stories… I hope you can come back into my life~

How can you get ahead in life?.
好听. This is a song that said the girl know that the guy is playing with her feelings but she still stay by the side of the guy because the guy can speak very sweet words. She said she loves that guy and will follow whatever he said. She knows that maybe it will come to a tragic. But she will still continue this relationship. Aiye. Don’t sound like me. XD but I really is the person which like to depend on others to make decision for me and I am obedient too. XD so I should listen to other people suggestion to get ahead in life? Yea… I think so. XD

What’s the best thing about your friends?
日不落-Jolin蔡依琳. They make my life interesting and lively. Just like this song. ^^ Arigato my friends. You all are my sunny days. You bring light and laughter into my life. Keke. Keep up the work~ ^^ I will do my best to lighten your life too. Saling bantu membantu. ^^

What’s in store for this weekend?
不想懂得—张韶涵。It is so boring, nothing special that’s why I don’t want to know? XD kaka. Aiya. So funny.

Describe your grandparents.
有一种爱叫做放手—阿木. It is such a sad song…… but the love is great. Because I want you to be happy. I will let you go although I am the one suffering. Love is not to have but to support. That is what I can tell you about my grandparents. They love me and will let me have better life even if it meant that they must suffer. Thanks for the support~

How’s your life going?
我会好好过. Yea yea. I know I know. I will live on… … that is a promise to my parents and friends. I will live on… … XD

What song will they play at your funeral?
Listen to Your Heart-Roxette. My heart is not beating that time… … lolz…okay I think it is play because I want them to listen to their own heart. I mean does who come to my funeral. Listen to your heart… your heart will lead you to the place that you want. ^^
How does the world see you?Beautiful Girl- Sean Kingston. Oh shoot. Why I have so many edition for this songs? Its already the third time it shows up in this list. ~.~ thanks for orientation. Well. What does it mean? The world see me as a beautiful girl who is equal to vase?? Ish. I don’t want to interpret this song already.

Will you have a happy life?
我和你-王心凌. Yeap. I will have a happy life. I got friends who know me best. they will get a person that they like and I will support them. I will have the, in mind when I face any problems and we know what each other is thinking. XD but don’t hide your heart from me. Is this a happy life?

Do people secretly lust after you?孤单心事—蓝又时. Er…. The people that lust for me is very lonely? Cause I keep smiling and no one really know the meaning of my smile? They will keep guessing… …they cant get near me and into my heart... lolz. How I know? I don’t think that they exist. So… skip this question.

How can you make yourself happy?
你的温柔. your gentle haven’t leave me before. XD your smile will make me happy. You are the one that is not leaving me no matter what. I need your smile, gentleness and support. That means I need friends to make myself happy. ^^ I think.

What should you do with your life?
Fergalicious-Fergie featured by Will.I.Am. XD people are after my treasure? Or is it mean eating? I love food. XD kaka. That means I must keep eating. Walala. I will become fat. Or is it mean I should make my life so wanted by other people that they come after me. ……lolz.

Will you ever have children?
Mosquitoes sound. -_-“’ er… I mean that’s a no… or I will have as many children as mosquitoes. Ooooo. That’s CREEPY!!!!

What song would you strip to?
Everytime-A1. XD XD yea yea. I want someone to depend on and hold on. XD but somehow I wont treasure it until they walk past me. I think. Just interpreting according to the song. Lolz. I am getting tired now.

What does your mum think of you?
WOOHOO!!!! Turn It Up- Paris Hilton. In my mum’s heart. I am super outgoing (not at home all the time she wants me too). XD and she said I am too proud. But I am not as flirty as the song. I don’t even know how to do that… … this definitely not what my mum is thinking.

What is your deep, dark secret?
Drop it like It’s + Staying Alive-Bees Gees and Snoop Dog. Secret will always remain a secret. If not it wont be called secret. ^^ and this song is so lolz… my secret is how to stay alive~~~ XD

What is your mortal enemy’s theme song?
重来-张韶涵. It is no use to repeat what you do. Cause even you repeat it will it be more interesting and more colourful? So what we must do is learn and stand up from where we drop down. Aiye? This is a nice way to live. My enemy is sure good in leading a good life. Wonder who is that person?

What’s your personality like?
I Wont Cry – Yummy. Friendship will help me to cure when I am hurt in heart. Even when I am very very old. I still need it. Although my love will not come back. Is friendship that tell me that in the future,you will be leading a happier life. But I don’t think I can do until I wont cry everytime I met something that goes opposite of what I want. Especially nowadays. Getting emo-ier. XD

What song will be played at your wedding?
离开地球表面-Mayday五月天. AH!!! Throw away everything and lets DANCE!!!!!! Life is play HARD, work HARD. Don’t stress yourself too much. It’s okay to go crazy sometimes just like me. Hey. Having a crazy wedding also not a bad idea. ^^

Review: I just interpret according to song. It is not 100% me. Lolz… it is very tiring doing this test… … especially when a song comes out three times and you need to interpret differently….lolz….
Okay. Have fun trying this. ^^

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Death Note Review ( I know its a bit out of date. XD)

Watched finish Death Note the first (movie mode). It is nice!!! ^^ I love it. Thanks to my another movie supplier. XD XD bahagianya saya. ^^ Last time I watched Death Note is in anime mode. Kaka. That one is nice too but movie mode feel more realistic and got pretty girls. ^^
Kira is so so so cruel but I cant deny that he is brilliant. At first he wanted to create a world that is crimeless by using the power of “DEATH NOTE”. But after he found that polis are after him. He killed them one by one…unmercilly. At last, he used his girlfriend as a bait and he killed her. Wasai. Cruel. To prove that he himself is the god and justice, he sacrificed his beloved even he likes her too. He is really good in acting. I thought that it is an accident when his girlfriend is shot while he is crying and shouting until he review all the plot and trap he had set to get himself out of the suspect list.
Well, as for L-kun. XD XD kaka. He somehow… sorry to say that. Look like male juon. White face and very dark eyes circles all around his eyes. He sure look like Ju On. He ate so man sugary stuff. It is extra sugary that type. 0.0 don’t he scare that he will get diabetes??or is this a way to improve your thinking skill?? XD XD envy him. Can keep all the sweet stuff for himself. He has a high stack of marshmallow for himself. I like the ice cream too. It look super icy and super tasty. XD XD kk. Totally out of topic.
Just want to ask a question. If you are given a choice. Would you like Kira to be in the world? I think I wont. Cause everything really has a limit. When human tried to control what that is not under his limit. He will go amuk unconsciously. Just like what Frankenstein’s story told us. ^^ We always ensure ourselves that we can control what that is given to us but actually we go out of control…

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Just finish watching Indianna Jones: The Crystal Skull with my dad. It's SUPERD!!!!!!!
Harrison Ford is still so attractive. XD XD The movie is nice too. It is obvious because my dad actually want to watch it in the cinema which he wont do it at least the movie is super good. XD
(I cant remember how long my dad didnt watch movie in a cinema.... it is a super long time...... 10 years maybe XD)

But, Harrison Ford really do look older and weaker. T.T 67 years old. Sakit hati... ... He is not as brave as his precious episodes too. Is it when people get older they always yearn for a more clam and simple life??

XD The movie is good. I LOVE it. Go and support it. I mean go to cinema...... You need the sound system.

I wont tell you anything... GO AND WATCH IT!!! It is super nice when you are a adventure lover... ... wasai. I am still in the movie mood. ^^

Friday, May 23, 2008


Today, I did something crazy, stupid, blah blah blah... Erm. I dont know. But the thing that i did today is quite normal to me. XD XD It is up to you to judge it.

After walking Yen Ming to her car in the Vista C hill ( IMU really care about student's health. The car park is so far...... and so high up ~.~), I went back to my apartment. Took my luggage and then i went to Midvalley alone... ... XD XD (Should be with Joyce. But she got things to do.)

Well... Really nothing special shopping alone. Many ppl had done that. But... actually i went there to check the price of a bag. Nothing more. Kaka. XD XD

However...... the price is SUPER SHOCKING!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! RM89.90. ~.~ I thought i heard wrongly the first time."Hm...Mayb it is RM8.90. But, the number do not match what she said." Then i asked again. After asking the price for 3 times ( the sales girl look pretty anooyed XD) and the last time the sales girl point the price to me. I nearly die of shock. It is really RM89.90. AHHHHH!!!!!!!! How can it be so expensive??? The newspaper said it is only RM10. T.T The paper publish false news.... T.T heartbroken. PLANG!!!!!! Then... I just said thank you and walk away... @#$%^&* ( There is nothing that cost RM10 too. The cheapest is a pencil case like thing which cost RM29.990 ~.~)

It is a really simple bag. I dont know if you had seen it b4. It is build up of zips. If you pull the zips all the way down, the bag will become a very long strand of zip. It is unique and its colour is bright and harmony. I saw it in Sg. Wang last time. But... I dont know it is so expensive. I thought the most it will cost around Rm30 only..... T.T heartbroken... ... It is also not very big. just slightly bigger than the file. I want a bag that is that size.... ISH!!!! RM89.90. I better go and buy branded bag.... T.T

After checking the price. I take KTM and back to seremban. I am sleeping in the KTM all the way from Midvalley to Seremban. XD Just woke up to phone and reply a sms. Kaka. the side effect of heartbroken. ~.~ wuwuwuwu T.T

Why i cant finish the mines sweeper??Always so lucky and press the box that got bomb. ~.~

Thursday, May 22, 2008

King and Clown

Finished the King and Clown yesterday. It was a marvelous movie. It touched me more than Titanic or even Sweeney Todd. XD Well. The main character… Hm… forget his name. But he is a guy that look like a girl. Well. Maybe not all his features. He has a soft smooth face and an eyes that girl only has. Watery and emotional. He has silky hair too. I think is the hair that make him look girlish. -.- Kinda pity that guy. In that movie, he kept molested by guy. Ish. Aiye…. I thought homosexual is forbidden at that time.

The king is a man that act like a kid who is lack of love and keep grudges towards those who killed his mum. He acts like a spoiled kid. Chopping off this and that head, abandon his favourite concubines just because of Gong Jil ( The main character).

My best love part of the movie is where the jesters performed how the King’s mother is murdered. I totally fall in love with the expression of Gong Jil. Pitiful and innocent. When she was given a bowl of poison by the previous king’s mother ( For me, the king is pretty useless. Cant even save the person that he love so much. Hmph… Too filial.), she said “He given me the black liquid of love. How can I refuse?” Suddenly feel sad and want to cry. Why does lovers end up separated from each other? T.T Aish Aish. Too emo nowadays. And the late king. To cover up his sorrow. He… forbidden his son to go and find his mum. And the King is so hurt that he wasted his life by seeking happiness among women and wine. After Gong Jil so-called died… the king was so hm… …angered or grief?(@.@ I don’t know the word) He ran to the stage and hug Gong Jil, screaming “MOTHER!!!!!!” Then… the next scene is super bloody and dramatic. The king killed the late king’s concubines (who urge the queen mother to kill the king’s mum) and his grandmother(queen mother) died of heartattack. He shouted that he wont let his mother die twice… … ~.~ such a filial son a. XD XD But so so so so cruel and bloody.
The main character so girlish. He looks more like a girl compare to me. How can that be!!!!??? Hm… kk.Had to accept the truth. He is a pretty boy. ^^ ohoh. Hm… The end of the show. The king somehow knows that Gong Jil is in love with his guardian angel. He is nice enough to let them together but… … in a cruel way. He ordered the guardian angel to walk on a rope high up from the floor when he is blind. T.T Luckily he didn’t felt. At last, all the people in the movie died. The king died, Gong Jil died, Guardian Angel died and the queen (King’s wife who tried to frame Gong Jil because the king abandon her) died too. This is because the ministers cant take the mocking of the jesters and decided to rebel. Sigh~ Don’t know why this show touch me. ~^^~ Love knows no boundaries but boundaries do exist where there is human. Correct? We hardly accept what that works out of normal… …

That’s it for King and Clown. Nice movie. Thanks to my movie provider. ^^


Sitting in e lab now trying to do PBL... ... But it is so boring... Need to find what produces sex hormones and how to activate them. @.@ kk. I had finished the where it is produced. But I cant find the way to activate sex hormones. I think it dont even need a way to be activate. ~.~ aish... need to work harder. i think i am the worst pbl-ist in my group. XD XD Well. All my group members are brilliant. I just cant fit in. XD

Yesterday i read a book ( not textbook. I hate to read textbook since primary). The main character in it asked his friend "What is happiness? Do you feel happy?" Well... The friend gave a very ordinary yet a nice answer. " Hao Yan loves to play basketball. Thats why he spent so much time there. Every single sweat from him is his happiness. He is happy with basketballs. As for me. I love to see those orphans smiling. That's why my happiness is when i saw a smile blooming on their cute face."

Well... The main character was quite impress by that answer... He even wrote it down and stick it on his bed. Lolz. But... When he asked himself what is his happiness. He cant answer. ~.~ Sigh~ i cant answer too. He said he maybe luckier and is more gifted than other people. Yet, somehow he cant find happiness in him. Maybe everybody think he should be happy but hm.... he is not. Well... I maybe lucky to have good parents to support me in my education (Thanks for supporting. actually i also dont know if i am really i nterested in medicine or i just simply follow what my heart said.) I am lucky to have nice clothes and all the nice nice stuffs. I do not need to worried about money. But... Somehow. i just feel hollow (sometimes). Cause i didnt have any interest. 0.0 Everything is just okok to me. i can have them and even I lost them one day. I wont feel sad. Even the idol of mine is just people that i like more than other strangers ( I dont even try to understand them more). So sometimes when I see someone so crazy over some idol (XD Joyce....) I feel kinda xian mu(What's that in english? Definately not envy. envy is negative words. but this one is neutral. XD) to them... They have aim in their life. XD

What is happiness to me? Once upon a time. Study is happiness to me. But... ... Somehow i drop it. I cant concentrate in study after form 3. That's why result is deteriorating every year. Kinda disappointing. Hm... sigh~ XD Well...Happiness can be a very simple thing. Yet I cant find this simple things. hm...

i decided to quit drum... hm...seem like no work is done by me. Ish. K. I admit i am smart ppl, Rudy... ... People that dont do any work. ~.~

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stupid Phone Curse

I dont know if you all had receive this message in this few dayz. It is about. Hm.... Indonesian bomoh. Trying to curse people to death through calling them. The phone number will appear red. And the number got 0888 and 06 ( Dang!! Negeri Sembilan phone number start with 06. Thats mean i cant receive call from there?)

Well... Actually. The first time i received it. I am force to believe by one of my friend. He warned me in a very serious tone... He even keep reminding me not to pick up phone calls and read sms after 11 pm. He make the problem sound worse when he said "Dont pick up call. Off your phone." XD Ridiculously i believed it deep in my heart. During that nitez. I was awaken by two sms. One from Joyce and the other one is from a fellow which wish me good nitez and hope he didnt disturb my dream. =.= I was afraid that time. Scare that i will be the lucky one. I am playing home alone that time so.......if anything happened. Who can I call for help??

Then... after that day. I kept receiving this particular message from different people. Most of them felt scare and worried too. The most serious one is the one that said already got 2 PJ ppl die bcause of this. WTH!!!

Thinkin back. Its really ridiculous that i believe this news. Hope none of you that had receive this sms be frightened by it just like me. Scientifically, nothing like this will happened in this world. And.... Stop forwarding on this sms. Dont plant fear in others people peaceful life la. Just like me. I deleted it. Aish. Is it so cool to spread false news around. Wish a lot that the person that start this unmoral act will terima padahnya. Is it the aim of your life to see people living in horror while you laughing at them in a dark corner? Think what will you feel if people do this to you..HMPH!!!!!

Aids Candlelight Memorial Day

Well.... ...There is this event in IMU during friday which is 16 May 2008. I dont really know what is the aim of this event. XD Hm... ... But it is related to spreading the awareness about the wide spread of AIDS.

AIDS is an incurable disease. Play safe so that your love one wont get this disease.

Here is the bookmark i make to raise fund for the crusader club... ... XD Look funny.

Draft.....XD Dont know why i think that AIDS look like that. It actuallly look like being bully more than it is harassing us. XD

The yellow colour 1. Make by Joyce.... XD XD because she said the one i make not good enough...

yea....her 1 is the most perfect 1. ^^

Fianl product. 3 different types of design. I just make 20 pieces + 1 make by Joyce.
Dont know if the cruaders can sell finish these bookmarks. XD
Its RM3 per piece. Of couse i dont get the money.... its for fund raising ma.... XD

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My status has UPGRADED today

My cousin's wife, who is my auntie?? O.o She is not yet auntie la......she is still young. In her 20. okay. lets called her jie jie. ^^

Jie Jie gave birth to a baby boy today. And I had become aunty. (Wa.....I am so old le. T.T)
He is a super cute baby. Instead I am one of those that are lucky enough to have the third sight of him. XD
(Cause first sight of him is for the doctors, nurses and Jie Jie. Second sight is taken by my cousin. I am third to see him. so i had the third sight. XD XD kaka.)

He is so cute. Keep opening and closing his mouth. Non stop. From the first time i see him till the time i leave him. He keep doing this. Non stop. Just like goldfish. XD XD I wanted to let him bite my finger... (Will it feel like a fish biting my finger too?) But I decided not too. XD XD The adults wont let me do that and I dont want to choke him.

Besides from his mouth, actually he is moving his whole body. Just like he is dancing.
Aiyaya. So cute. I thought baby should lie there straight and still. But this one is moving all the while. Did he has his sugar rush when he is in mommy's tummy?? I wanted to hug him but i scare i will drop him. Hm....... Maybe when he is older. XD He also proves himself cuter by saying 'nga.... nga... nga" XD I dont know how to immitate that sound. But it does sound like baby kitten. So adorable. ^^ Want to give him a kiss. Cutest baby i had ever seen. He is more than an angel.

But...... I ENVY him... ... he is a boy isnt it? Yea. He is. But he had such soft soft skin, softer than girl's one. Feel like it will bleed or have blue black if you touch him a little bit harder. And its really really super smooth. Aish. My skin is super rough compare to him. T.T sigh~ now i understand why the advertisment for skin product alwayz uses baby or the model in it said thier skin is same like baby...

Hm....anywayz. Hope that you will lead a happy, healthy and a life that you want to lead yourself to. ^^ and last but not least. Stay CUTE. ^^

Ying Xin is the BEST???!!!!

Can see the words?? They are kinda blur... ...My bad. the phone camera does not have high megapixel. XD
It said "YING XIN IS THE BEST" !!!!
kaka. First time somebody praising me. =P Want to know who is the one praising me? Its the one below. XD
But she dont let me to take her photo. And apparently, she is smart enough to hide her face in time. +.+ Tak dapat curi tangkap gambarnya... ...

Look!!!! The hippopotamus is torture by her. XD XD

Friday, May 16, 2008

Joyce's Discovery ^^

Well. This particular illusion is what Joyce found out when she was helping me with my bookmarks. XD Its very cute. ^^

What do you see in this picture??
A purple HIPPOPOTAMUS!!!!!( I face difficulty to spell this word although i learn it in kindergarden) XD XD
It has two rectangular ears and a pair of eyes that dont have iris.
(remind me some sort of ghost in a horror movie =P)

Hee~ What can you guys see in this picture??
A purple HIPPOPOTAMUS again!!!!!
XD XD But this one is much more cuter than that one isnt it?

XD XD actually. The second picture is how the h-i-p-p-o-p-o-t-a-m-u-s should look like. I mean in its normal condition.
The first picture is what it look like when it turn upside down (only Joyce will do that).
Hee~ pretty cool. I didnt know it can cause this illusion even it is with me for ten years. XD XD
My bad ya~ And thanks for Joyce to discover it "special abilities". ^^

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Something that dont look nice ouside but taste nice inside.

XD XD Just want to sharel about this egg tart.

Well, What do you think about it??? dont really look or feel like it is nice, is it? Th egg part dont look very smooth and the biscuit part look a bit lemau like that. XD XD

Actually for the biscuit part, it is my fault. XD XD i bought it from the stall. Then i bring it home and just leave it there for the whole evening. Without putting it into a tupperware or refrigerator. But the deformation of the egg part is really not my fault. The uncle admit that he lost track of time and after he took the egg tart out, the egg part had become like this. Whatever, this egg tart is really super CHEAP!!!! guesss guess. How much does this deformed looking eggtart cost?


XD XD quite cheap le. I remember that an egg tart cost around RM2.00 oer oiece. So i think 50 cent is quite a low price. XD XD It is not spoil and it doesnt taste bad. Instead, I tihnk it taste just nice. It wont give you the thirsty and dried feeling after you ate it. And the egg part, although it is deform. it is smooth and got the nice taste of eggs. the only bad things about this egg tart is the biscuit part is rather thick which I dont like XD XD ( I dont like biscuit. XD XD)

Do you want to try it? Just come to IMU. Cross the road. there is a guy selling kuih muih across the street. Its Rm0.50 per piece. I dont know its becasue of the deformation of the egg tart or it is really that cheap. XD But, it taste nice. So... ... To support nice food. Quickly go and buy it and on your way back. Come to visit me. XD XD just kidding. oh yea. The stall only open around 3 in the afternoon.

Deform egg tart XD XD

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Minimizing of Group Lunch T.T

I still remember when the orientation first end. Our group 13 members were planing to have group lunch every single week until we reach sem 5 where some of us need to go to other countries and some going to seremban. Well... Actually I am not so keen about that idea that time... ... But the boys seem to love the idea A LOTS!!! And its main purpose is to keep touch with each other so that we wont lost each other and becme total stranger.

Actually i cant remember how is our first group 13 lunch... My bad... ... Wait. The first one is not a lunch. It's a branch. We had our branch in cafeteria where our most beloved group leader Randika asked us about the charity thingy (We were needed to take care of kids). XD XD The people attend that time is the highest in all group lunching (i think).

After a few group lunch. I totally get OHMMM for attending group lunch. XD I attended every single group lunch ( Do i have any prize for that?). But, yesterday... ... the group lunch had became a super small group. Actually it didnt even look like a group. Lolz. only Kei Li, Yen Ming, Wei Chin, Jun Ai and me going fro that lunch. And these were the daily lunch partner i had. XD XD Well. Unqueationable we had a nice lunch. Hakka mee is nice and we had nice little conversation. ^^ But, it just dont feel like group lunch anymore. No boys are coming too. ~.~

There is reason why i love group lunch. I enjoy seeing other people keep talking and talking n talking happily while I just responsible to the listen part. XD XD But.... ... sigh~ I think i cant have this hobby starting from next sem. Group luch will be disappearing at that time if this situation still continue on......

So, guys~ tried to take out sometimes for group lunch. We wont have our group lunch in cafeteria ( The food there are too tasty!! XD). Group lunch will always be in wednesday. If our organizer, Kei Li didnt contact you. Please do come and ask from us. And its our bad if we didnt contact you. Sorry~ cause telephone bill is expensive and the lecture hall is so so so big... ... Cant find all of you in the same place. Do join the group lunch ya. ^^

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blur Girl on Tuesday

Today i woke up before 7. YEAH!!!!! Finally didnt woke up late. But my brain really wasnt functioning. I nearly poured my cereal into the water boiler. Luckily didnt. If not i need to clean it which i hate the most. XD XD

Then... ... When it is the short break between lecture. I rushed down to the photostate center. ~.~ Why so many people photostating?? T.T After waiting for so long.... ....Finally I get my photostate paper around 9.15am. T.T Lecture STARTING!!!!! Whew!!! Luckily the next lecture is not JP. If not i will be locked out from the lecture hall. Nobody chase me out of lecture before(maybe i should tried this next time. For the sake of collecting experience) But, i forgot if Nilesh is strict. @,@ Whatever la. Just hope that the lecture havent start yet.... When i was ready to go into the lecture hall... shoot. T.T Lecture had started. (How i wish that Kor Woi is the one standing in front holding the mike.So i can go in through the front door. Which is much much more easier from the back. Sigh~ Dad said must be polite to lecturers. So i headed to the back door. ~.~)

This is the first time I went in from the back door. And the first person I saw is Rudy. ~.~ Lolz. He really sit at the very back. I think I was really rude to him that time cause i think he asked me. "Why so late today?" with his famous smiling face.... lolz. XD I didnt answered him. I think. I just know that inside my brain i was saying "photostate la". I think i didnt give him any response. (XD so much i think) I think I just glared at him and walked away. Oops!! Yea. I think i glared. Sorry ya~ I think i am too used of thinking and forget how to talk. Dont feel offended. Sorry sorry. Wont repeat it next time.. The journey back to my sit which is the other side of the lecture hall is really hard. Need to squeeze through sits and with people legs sticking out here and there. Oh gosh!! i really wish i can fly or become thinner. ( XD XD nono. i dont really want to be thinner. Just a wish that time. Cause it is really hard to move to my place. Some of them dont even move their legs when i want to cross. ~.~ they want me to step on their feet?)

During pbl. Things became worse. Its my turn to present. My topic is about kidney function and the only link to the pbl topic is about a disease called hypovolumeric hyponatremia. Er...... I think my explanation on the disease is really super bad. After I finished explaning and i looked up. All of my groupmates look blur and many question marks flying above their heads. Some of them even had the look "HUH??!!!" on their faces. The same to my faci. XD XD I am sure that my explanation was bad and i had confused them all when the faci didnt ask me any questions. (He asked a lot of questions on my others groupmates' topic) Instead he said "Good. This is really good. It is really complicated and I studied the function of kidneys ten years ago... ..." (something like that. XD XD I cant really remember.) which make me -_-'''. Lolz.... its that really good??Kaka. sorry ya~ confuse you all. I will tried to improve my explanation skill.

After pbl, Jasmine asked me. "What is your behavioral science's project?". I nearly said fish. Which is not...... I really cant remember what i do for my BS. I only thought if the tuna topic which my friend is doing. I think for quite a long time... my brain totally blank.Then... " I think is learning la..... something about learning. Cant remember." Jasmine -_-'''. XD XD sorry~ I think i always make people feel -_-'''.

During dance class... ... My partner Chin Nam and Me are blur case. XD First, i kept forgetting my steps and he also not sure about his. Then there is a turning part where I needed to turn and our hands will be criss cross at the end of it. It is a nice move but I CANT make it!!!!! T.T XD XD What we end up is our body are super far apart from each other and his hand knock my head (I am not that tall is it?). I think is my fault. I cant balance myself when turning... ... I kept falling to oneside. I am not stable. XD XD okla. I will practise. Dont worried ya partner. I wont step on your foot and you dont knock my head too. Its not pain but you mess up my hair XD kaka.

Later, when I am in e lab. Disaster. I sent my print file to e lab1 when i am in e lab2 and i had to walk to elab1 to print my stuff. It is not the first time. It had happend several times. Why i love elab1 printer so much?? Sigh~ Sigh~. IMU is really bad in its facilities. The whole elab suddenly no electricity. o.o All the computer blank out (definately. no electricity ma. ~.~) And a poor girl is printing at that time... ... Luckily i finished printing. Hope that no one is typing their projects during that time. It is painful when you type your projects. Nearly finished. And poof. Your computer went blank and you havent saved it. I will killed myself. cause it is hard to recalled what you wrote earlier.

Okay. Thats all. My first diary. Today i wont have to write any. ^^ kaka.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Ma Ma Dayz~ ^^


XD XD Mommy... ... This daughter of yours is really hopeless. XD XD After 19 years with you. This daughter of yours still dont know what you like and she is totally hopeless in getting you a Mother's Day Present ( But i think she is far more better than the two men at home. XD XD shhhhh.......)
Hence, this little girl of yours decided to buy a box of 5 in 1 mask for you, make a flower for you... (its a paper carnation and my friends can identified it. So i think it is not that bad XD ) and a very childish card ( XD XD erm.....childish means you are young ma... ... And mommy little girl wont grow up XD. It is not because my art sucks. =p ). ^^ Hope you like it, love us and enjoy receiving them. And i do really hope that you will stay young and beautiful alwayz~
I dont mind people saying that I am your sister (actually many people said so... Do i really represent her so much? -.- i tak tau. i thought i look more like my dad.) That's means i am mature. XD XD

Last night I overplayed. XD kaka. Luckily you didnt woke up. I slept around 2 in the morning. Before that, of course i remember to wrap the present that is meant for you... ... (kinda smart leh and ada hati=P)
My eyes were so heavy... But i manage to finish wrapping it. XD XD HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! It is just for you mum. i wont do this to other people. ^^ Aish... ... but wrapping the present really is that important? I thought we must Go Green!!!!!! (kidding. i know wrapping the present can make the receiver love the present more. That's a trick. Learn that guys. But remember to wrap it properly and decently. Dont wrap it like sayur masin XD)

The funniest thing happened in the afternoon. Both men at home decided to cook. O.o Both of them also dont know how to cook rice with rice cooker. How can they cook a decent meal? XD XD so... I went to lend them a helping hand. XD Actually we werent doing the Man Han Quan Xi. Just spaghetti. And it turn out to be sour. XD XD maybe it is because of the tomatoes. They are not ripe enough. And it is really tasteless beside sour. XD XD but they manage to finish it except Dad which keep saying 'Girl, do u want more spaghetti?' "NO!!! I have such a big plate and you want to add more in it. No way. XD"

XD Mum. Hope you enjoy the day. It is not full of surprise. Its just a common day like others day in the year. But......Hope you feel that we love you. I know i should do it and not just talk about it. Kk. No problem. *Mission* Do my best to entertain my mum. But how a? =PPresent for mummy. XD

"Delicious" meal from the boys. XD

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Concept of Peri's Sushi Station

This is my first time writing english blog. ^^ usually i prefer to write in chinese since i am far far more better in my mother tongue. Kaka. My english is bad. But, I saw my friend having fun writing blog here. So, I just want to try out. ^^

Well. Some of you may find that the name of the blog is quite "unique" or funny. XD XD Peri's Sushi Staion. Why Peri and not Ying Xin? Why Sushi but not tomyam or chi cheong fun??

XD erm....... friends who play RO with me will definately know what is Peri. Well..... it is not the peri you found in medical books. eg. peripheral or so on... ... I am not a medical freak. XD hee~ Okay. Lets cut it short. Peri actually = Periwinkle. ( Who doesnt know what is Periwinkle?? Raise your hand. XD) er...... Periwinkle is the girl with a hat in the picture. She is named after a beautiful and nice shade of blue. ( Which is one of my favourite colour.) XD All my friends there called me Peri. So.... After sometimes, I get used to this name and fall in LOVE with it. And this name is so cute. Dont you agree? ^^

Sushi Station didnt bring much meaning. Its just because i am hungry that time. I need food. @-@ But i would like to have sushi more than others thing that time. I was dreaming sitting comfortably in Sushi's King and eating a lot a lot of SUSHI!!!! XD Hence, I named this Sushi Station to sastified my desire towards sushi. =P (kinda lame ya?)

The creation of this blog is to update my friends with all the interesting things that happened in my life. So, do visit here often and please drop some comments. Your support is needed!!!! Even a simple hello is okay and it will defiantely make me happy. Hee~ And i will do my best to keep you all update. ^^

Kk. Got to do my pbl. T.T What is the link between loose motion and kidney function?? Arg.... Got to find it out. Troublesome. XD XD I shouldnt compain.
Hope you guys have a nice dayz ~^^~ tata.

*In the picture are the cute Periwinkle and my dear loyal friend which is a Sohee. Her name is Bella* XD (The one with the mask is not important. He is just a decoration =P)

Friday, May 9, 2008


testing testing 123 XD