Monday, June 30, 2008

A Night in RO

XD I think i am addicted to it again... Or maybe not. Yesterday, a friend from there get married. CONGRATZ!!! LOLI and ARVE!! And it is happy to see someone fall in love with each other and get married. ^_^ Although it is not as great as watching someone in reality get married. But it is still GREAT!! Happy for both of you. kekeke. ^^

Then... I see my hubby there ( lolz... He is a girl actually). Although he quit the server for around a month. But he is still the popular and famous sinx in there. Everyone keep saying "Oh gosh!! Dark!! Its you!!" XD XD Should be proud that hubby is famous. Keke.

After the wedding ( It is a wedding that nearly all the top players r there, rare sight. ^^), she and me had a chat. XD there is still a lot of people surrounding him. Calling him to fight them (in a friendly way) or calling him not to step on a poring pet name Poy Poy. XD XD So cute. Sometimes, I am really impress by her. She can talk to anyone nicely and make a lot of friends. And also make people around her HAPPY!! XD XD Feel kinda wasted that she didnt take communication subject!!

Nearly the end of our chat... Suddenly we change to malay. Both of us really need to do sth to our malay. Its really become rotten after we stop studying it for 2 years. Here is something to share and laugh. ( I think she wont mind. ^_^)

E: White Horse Prince=Putera Harimau Putih
(I nearly choked. She thought Harimau=Horse)

Jika Harimau=Kuda, Siput=Dragon
-.-''' Jgn tipu saya... Dragon=naga. Saya tak cakap ia ular yg bersayap. XD

Eh... What is Kodok?
YX: Katak yg ada pimples di belakangnya la. Saya sudah lupa nama englishnya.
LOL. Its toad la.

Sleeping beauty pergi tidur. nanti putera katak datang cium kamu.
( 0.0 What!!?? When do Prince Froggy appear in Sleeping Beauty?)
XD She mess up all the fairy tales.

Hee~ thats a part of it which I think its quite funny... kaka.
And after that. I feel that i am totally hopeless in playing games. XD
Although I love it. ^_^

Friday, June 27, 2008


XD I have accident today. Nothing much. I didnt knock into any car. Just when i tried to make my brother open his mouth to talk to me. I moved my vision away from the road in front. Totally no idea that there is a big metal plate with an arrow in front of me.

I didnt get hurt and my bro does open his mouth and talk to me (Ish... I really want to beat him up sometimes. Always tried to act cool and ignore my question). XD That is the good part in this tragedy.

But, poor myvi. It got another scartch on it. A "U" shape scratch. Other than that. It is okay. Heart pain. The wound wont heal like us. Apply iodine and handiplus on it. It also wont heal.
Vivi. I promise i will always look in front of me when i drive. Sorry~ Sigh~

Then, got a person confront me that i also make a scratch on it previously on it. Hello... That scratch is on it when you are driving it put one day. Although i m on that car that day. I didnt touch stereng that day... How m i going to scratch it?

Hm... Suddenly feel so tired. I think is emotionally cause i sleep for quite long yesterday.
Take a nap first. Guys~ Have a nice dayz~ ^^

What is the truth?

I think... I am going to cut my hair short. Back to how my hair used to be in secondary school. Since somebody just hate my hair so much and keep pushing me to do something to my hair. I did. I go to cut my hair yesterday. Although not much diferrence. But hey... That time i want to do rebounding to my hair. That person said my hair is so straight and silky. No need to waste money to such a thing and rebounding will harm ypur hair. Make it nastier after a period of time... Finally i decided not to do rebound the entire of my life and i start to love my hair. Let it grow and try to tame it everyday.

When i fall deep in love with my hair. This person jumped up again. Confronted that I look so nasty and so sleepy in my long hair. Try to persuade me to do the forbidden rebounding and even try to persuade me to cut my hair short. WTH!! Last time she is the one encouraging me to have my hair grow. That person even force me to tie my hair up because she said i look so nasty so unbearable in long hair down ( Is it like that? DO I REALLY LOOK THAT NASTY??) Until now. Only her said that to me. That I look like a crazy woman with my hair down. Oh. And when i refuse to tie my hair. She will be super mad at me and quote my friends and my relatives that tie their hair up. HALLO!! They are them. I am i. And... their hair is longer than me much much more. Mine just a bit lower than shoulder length.

Ish... Really love to control everything i do. Btw. she has long hair too. And she seldom tied up. Reason. My hair look better than urs. WTH!! Totally ruin my day and she will continue to ruin it.

M my hair really that bad? Is it? Things that is good for other, suit for other, may not suit me. You know? Older people really love to used "I live longer in the worlld than you. I am more experienced than you. So you must LISTEN and OBEY ME!!" this type of attitude to control younger generation... Dang. Need to go to calm down.

~.~ ooooo.

I slept at 2 in the morning yesterday... eh? nope. Today... Partly because i overplayed and overchat (XD XD aiyo... I think i need to put a clock on top of my com to keep track of time.)

XD Some cute girl keep asking me to make decision for her. Finally after two hours of struggling. She finally come up with a conclusion. HOORAY for her. XD XD kaka.

Then, around 1 am. A sms came in saying that my phone is top up... (~.~ I didnt top up. Maybe it is Hotlink promotion). After 30 mins, I realise that actually Maxis is very stingy and it didnt give me free top up. Lolz... A malay guy phone me. Telling me that the top up is meant to him. His number is 017******* and mine is 012*******. Oklo. I will sent back to u la. No need to gan jiong. And it seem that we are in a situation that duck is talking to a chicken. He speak malay and i speak english. XD And i think he dont understand english. (Well... I forgot how to speak malay that time as my brain automatically shut down at 12).

Today. I sent back his top up to him... ... He said a million thanks to me. Erm... Welcome a. No worries. I wont makan ur money. Then... He said "Jom jadi kawanku. Mau kenal kau lebih dalam." WTH!! (oops. I said rude words again. according to 1 of my friend i shouldnt said that. And he tried to lecture me on that. which... i didnt even see what he is typing to me. XD) I just talk to him through phone once. That's all. So random. Are boys so random nowadays? Ish Ish Ish.

Okay... Then... My mum... She totally forbidden to wear shorts when I am going out. Reason... She said guy will take the opportunity to molest me. ~.~ mommy... ... ai... ... my shorts is not the super short 1. Just a little bit above the knee. She said I dont look nice in shorts. When i wear shorts, some guys may have evil thought on me.... Blah blah blah. A lot of reason she gave me. I cant remember. Erm... ... I am totally speechless. I know she care for me but... ... Her mindset is becoming more and more traditional. I think in the future. When i walk out the house. I need to wrap up myself like a mummy before i can go out. Mom... ur daughter is 19 already... ... I dont even weat sphagetti and mini skirt. @.@ Aish Aish. I am still speechless until now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random again... ...

Okay... I am doing my COP (Community Oriented Project) today. We need to visit the orphanage. And the orphanage is kinda strange la. They only allow us to deal with 7 children. Nevermind. Its ok to me. As I am not goot in hadling children. Our task is to help them with their homework. o,o hope i still remmeber how to do primary homework. XD XD

We brought some doughnuts for the children from Big Apple in Midvalley. But.... Unfortunately. They cannot have the nice nice doughnuts.... We took KTM home yeasterday. And there is a lot of people. many ppl squeezing us and the doughnuts. When i reached home and open the cover.... ....Ah. They already deformed. But they still look like doughnuts. Hope the children love them.

Tired... My eyes. Stare into the computer for too long. XD XD Hope i wont went blind after my holiday. ^_^

The "Chi Cheong Fun" outside IMU is delicious. You can choose your sauce. Either sweet sauce or curry. But i prefer the traditional sweet sauce. The uncle is friendly and nice... XD okay. Wishing that Jusco TGV will have "Wanted" on screen. Although KL cinema is better. But... ... I want to stay at home. Miss my bed. @.@

One Day in Midvalley

Yesterday, I brought Natasha to join the meeting of ErnErn, SwenSwen and TingTing. Cause she is staying here for one month and she had nothing to do.

SwenSwen looked taller, TingTing look brighter and more colourful, ErnErn looked shorter (XD XD Dont beat me!!). Natasha. She was woman in black that day. kaka. (She blew up her computer because of transformer. kaka.)

Before movie, we had our lunch in YO!!! SUSHI!! This food in this shop are EXPENSIVE!!!! Two pieces of sushi can cause up to RM10. OMG!! And the fried food is oily... ... I thought Japanese food are oil-less and taste healthy. SwenSwen is still the small eater. (Dont go on diet a. YOu are skinny already). TingTing is still the money concern 1 ( It is different from kiam siap. Dia bersikap berjimat-cermat). ErnErn is still the easy excited gal gal (She kept making noises after reading the delicous menu. kaka.) Natasha trying to stuff me with food. "You are so thin. Eat more!!" (Sound and act like my mum that time.) Ohoh. Btw. I saw very fresh looking salmon sashimi. It is so ATTRACTIVE!! But... 5 pieces of it cost RM14 (excluded tax). T.T so expensive and so torturing.... everytime it passby me. I need to pretend that i didnt see it and let it glide pass me... ... ... ... SASHIMI!!!!! T.T

We watched prom night that day. Er... I sat with Natasha and the other three sit beside me. But a walking lane is seperating us. The movie is slightly better than The Happening. XD XD It is not tat scary. Just the physcho killer will sent thrill down ur spine. How can a person be so crazy in love with someone until they can kill any person just to get to the one they love?? The scariest part in my opinion is the last part where the killer is shot by the policeman. He drop down. I keep praying that he dont drop onto the gal. Ewwww... Someone who kill my boyfriend and my best friends and my family lying on me. I will definately skin myself!!!!! There is also the other scary and funny part. It is not in the movie.

Natasha who sat besides me keep SCREAMING!!! I am frightened by her not the movie. Then, i kept laughing throughout the movie. I am not crazy or enjoying the movie. Just is funny to have a person screaming beside you and the whole cinema, no1 is screaming. XD XD Kaka. (Did the other audience faint?) SwenSwen who is sitting besides keep asking me "Why are you laughing?? It is scary!!" XD XD kaka. sorry ya. I cant help it. XD XD

Monday, June 23, 2008


Yesterday came back to Bukit Jalil... ... A lot of people in KTM. Luckily got Touch and Go. If not all my time will be wasted waiting for my turn to buy the tickets... XD XD

That night... ... I tidy up my room. And read Naruto the whole night. XD XD
Wah wah. Quite impressive!! Love it so much. Espeacially Naruto himself. A boy with a nine tailed in him. Abandon by the villagers but still live on. So strong and so opstimic.
He never give up. When other people is depress. He tend to light them up... ...
Is there really a person like that in this world?? XD He is IMPRESSIVE!!!!

Slept until 10 am today... Thanks to the dark room I am in and soft music cant really wake me up. Came to school. Do some random things and suddenly decided to print some delicious cake pictures and put in my file. XD XD I think food is my passion now.

Sigh~ What am i going to do later. I dont want to rot in my apartment... ...

Oh yea... ... My mum. Headache. I mean I am headache when i see her.
Ish. My dear mum tried to "give opinion" on my image. Its actually she want to change it.
"Girl, ur hair too layer. Not nice. Ur hair too long. Go cut it. Eat more. Why you getting thinner and thinner everytime i see you." Er... ... Mum... about the hair thing. I am not going to change.
And i think because you want to feed me to become fatter. You always said that I am thin.

Worse... my mum only allowed me to wear long pants when i go out. No skirts (XD I dont wear skirt for a long time). No shorts (OMG!!!WHY???!!!!) (because it is too sexy and you are not suitable to weat shorts.) What reason is this.... ...

T.T Conclusion.... Mummy tried to take over my life again after letting me to have some freedom. Sigh~ Do i really look that bad? T.T

Okay. What should i do now?? ?? Lunching time. Then go back to my aprtment and stuff myself with manga and movies again. XD XD

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Happening in IMU 2

After Natasha and I met Chin Nam and Kei Li. We decided to let him drive us home since we were not going to AC with Giak Si and Natasha did looked tired. She yawned every 5 minutes.
Sorry to be a light bulb. Hope both of you dont mind.

On the journey back to IMU, Natasha fell asleep. Well well. She was really tired... ...
But... we stopped in the Fun Fair near IMU. XD XD Going to funfair around 10 sth.
The entrance fees is RM3 per person. I thought after paying the entrance fees. You can play whatever you what. But no... Lolz. You still need to buy tokens which is RM2 each. Really makan money la. XD XD

We played bumper car. XD XD SUPER FUN!!!!!! Knocking into each other. There is some people texting while playing it. So pro. I cant even keep my bag beside me. It kept rolling down to my legs. After that is the erm... Swing Merry-go -round. You sit on a swing and the machine will take you turning all around. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Kei Li didnt join this because she is wearing skirt that time. But... ... This is really dangerous. I mean in that funfair. Cause the swing is turning so close to the post that everytime i came near it. I fear that my legs will knock against it and then PLAK!!! There goes my leg. XD XD kaka. Just illusion la... ...

Then... To spend finish our tickets. We got 30 tickets. All four of us went to sit the... Er... Ah... Mixer? XD XD Pirate ship turns 180 degree but this machine turn 360 degree which will sent you upside down... Well. ITS SCARY!!! It is my first time trying to sit that. The bar over my shoulder is loose. I feel like falling down everytime I am upside down and my leg need to hook onto the bar so that i wont fall. Scary... ... And got several time it stop in the mid air. Nearly cry out. And my hands are sweating like mad. Chin Nam who is sitting behind still have the ability to scream "Chu Wan Loy!!! P.Kumar!!! Daw Kin Win!!!! etc. etc. etc. " All our lectures name. Lolz... ... But he left out Hla Yee Yee. XD XD

After getting out from that machine... All of us simultaneously agree to get home. Nearly all of us have headache, feel weak, feel like vomiting after the ride... ... Ah... Our conclusion from that ride is, We must appreciate that we can always stand on the ground. It feel safer. XD XD

Some Mat Rempit is drifting outside Bukit Jalil stadium. Impressive. But i scare they will knock into our car. Watch finish Death Note 2 and Gentle Crackdown that night. Slept around 2. Thinking where everybody had go and suddenly found two persons missing. Lolz... ... Where is the two persons a?? Two movie suppliers of mine...

The Happening in IMU

Finally we finished Sem1 and we are going to Sem2. XD XD I think i did badly in the exam so I didnt even try to go to the feedback section so that i could have a better holiday... ...

After the exam, nearly 3/4 of Sem1 IMU students are in Sunway. Including me... ...
XD I didnt plan to go there. Because you cant take any public transport from there to IMU. The only choice is Taxi which is super expensive. Around RM25 to RM30 per journey.
But... Since someone is asking, its better to join them... ...

In Sunway, my main job is waiting... ... XD First, waiting for the guys... which until the end didnt turn up too. Then, waiting in Saeke Sushi for the food to be serve. Then, waiting for people to come to meet us... XD It is totally waiting and I am impress that I still have this patient.

The food that i ate that day is totally junk food. First, banana spilt in Waffle World (share with Natasha). XD Then, we went to A&W to eat onion rings and i drank the whole mug of rootbear float. Cant stop burping after that. Kaka. ^^

We went for movie after that. Er... "The Happening". It is a lame scary movie. The plot is something like human make the plants feel that they are threatened. So, the plants undergo evolution and they can let out chemical that will affect the brain of human. Causing them to killed themsleves involuntory. The storyline is really random and scary in a lame way. I kept asking myself... "Why am i scare, there is no way i should feel scare cause the movie really make me -_-''' " Lolz....

We planned to watch the other movie after that. But all the tickets are sold off. Kei Li and Chin Nam were there dating. Or they want to bump into us XD XD. They were eating A&W. Kaka. So... ... around 9 sth. We joined them.... *Continue......*

Thursday, June 19, 2008

@-@ 1 DAY TO GO!!!!

Firstly, want to apologive that i spell calm as clam in the previous post.
XD XD thanks for joyce. if not i wont realise that i had spelled it wrong.
Arg... my spelling skill is deteriorating everyday.

Natasha just left. She left her phone in the interview room. XD XD
kaka. So forgetful yet so cute~ kakaka. ^^ bad me. laughing at other people.

Oh oh. My interview. I get Reiko instead of Galy. yay!!
But i totally blank out after i see her. Not because she is fierce. Is just because she is too nice.
I blank out during the interview. The patient look sleepy. And i totally forget to ask if there is diabetic patient in his family. Er... Thanks to him. When i ask if he had any other worries about the wound. He just said he drink a lot of water. At the end when i ask if anything to add on after i did the summary. Then he just told me he got diabetes. And i was like "Oh... icic. Oooh..ah.. ok. I think thats all." XD XD totally fail my communication skill. Need to improve in it.

Ok. need to go into the fridge again. Totally dont have any idea what is neurotrasmitter. Why there is so many potassium and sodium transportation. Dont feel like understanding it now. Since i still have 2 lectures for the cardiac system, 4 lectures notes from Nilesh ( i really hate his notes) and lipid and protein metabolism. XD XD

Owh. I think i cant study finish. Nevermind. Do my best.
XD XD sorry ya~ guys. i think i grumble a lot this week. Kaka. Cant control. Thanks to exam... ...
Cant wait for exam to be over. I want to go shopping shopping and shopping.
ohoh. before i end. i really feel the thrill when i hug a baby. Sigh~ they are so pure and so lovable. ^_^

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Two more days to go~ ><
congratz to those that get into local u. Thats where your hard work pay off.
XD XD Wish you all dreams come true too... ...

Statistics is disaster and hopefully tomorow interview will be better than the trial.
Library is the coldest place here and i am surviving in a fridge now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clam in the face is not equal to the heart

XD Natasha said, "Ying Xin, why are you so clam? I get so stress. Exam is this friday. I havent study finish."
Ying Xin ... ... o.o, "Ah.... Natasha, why are you so stress.... XD i dont know. I just dont feel nervous. I am sure i cant study finish too"

kaka. Actually i am nervous about the exam. Keep having the bad feeling that i will fail it.
But i think, i am too lazy to feel nervous. Thats why i look calm. That is not a good habit.
So dont learn from me. ^_^ A little bit of nervous will push you to your target quicker.

Ah... I started to plan what i should do after exam. Then i get too excited and cannot study... XD
Sabrina, Kei Li and Chin Nam seem to remember all the stuffs they had study. That makes me feel bad.... XD
Next time must have a group to brainstorm together. Actually it is fun and i remember better through that. ^^

Okay. just ramdon stuff. Got to contine study... ... T.T

Monday, June 16, 2008

Statistics=Seremban=Diabetes Mellitus

I learnt statistics in SAM. I failed this subjects. Luckily i managed to understand it before the final exam.
But after that, i totally kick it out of my brain during the 3 months holiday.

And now.... .... I am learning STATISTICS again!!!!! T.T
Totally forgot how to do hypothetis testing, what is the difference between sample and population... blah blah...

From the 3 lectures i had for statistics. The three words that i remember the most and dear nagarajah lee kept repeating is




XD XD kaka. other than that. I totally dont have any clue what he is explaning. Or is he explaning.
Suddenly misses Ms Yeap a lot. Although she is strict and sometimes i am frightened of her.
But at least i can get what she is teaching more than Nagarajah....

~.~ Erm... seem like i need to dig out my statistics in the whole pile of SAM file... ...
in Seremban... ... Hopefully no question on statistics in the coming exam. *Wishing really HARD*

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Apple @ Epal @ Ping Guo

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
But the doctor is handsome/pretty, keep the apple away.

Apple is the fruit of wisdom.
Eve and Adam were kick out from the er... (forget what garden is it because they ate apple)
So, should we hate apple or love apple??

Erm... Exam is near. Need to eat more apple to increase my wisdom.
kaka. XD


Apple @ Epal @ Ping guo @ Apple @ Epal @ Ping Guo @Apple @ Epal

Friday, June 13, 2008


Erm... I think I am too stress or maybe too relax... kaka. XD
that I actually did a "stupid" test last night. That cause me to look like a ikan masin today. ^^

Last night, suddenly an idea pop into my head. "Hey, most of us sleep in a dark environment. Some do sleep with the lights on. I never sleep with the lights on and usually i need to wait for a very long while before i can actually fall asleep. So, lets see if I can study until i fall asleep or if i can sleep with the light on." ^^

So, i start the first one. Its already 12am and i havent fall asleep because of study. But i cant concentrate. Stop studying and change to read manga... ...

After an hour... ... Erm... my eyes are tired but somehow my brain just didnt seem like it wanted to rest... ... Sigh~ I cant open my eyes, so better go to sleep... ... i climb into my bed with the lights on...

Conclusion is I really cant sleep well with the lights on. I can even feel the light even i had my pillow over my head. I kept waking up and then fall into some dream-like state. When i finally feel like I m sleeping... ... My clocks rang... ... ~.~ Arg.... Time to wake up... *sob*

I actually force myself to wake up and eat sth where afterwards i feel like vomiting. the food is nice. Its cheesecake. Erm.. i think my digestive system is still sleeping. Blah Blah.

Two lectures today are torture. I feel something blocking my brain and i cant really think. owh. The landlady. I am quite mad with her. Keep postponing the date for me to view the apartment. Does she really want to rent it to me? If she dont want, just tell me. No need to keep postponing. My time is valueble and my friend's one too. Hmph... ... Hope she makes it for tonight. If not i... ...
XD I also dont know what i will do.

Owh. Secong lecture is statistics. Ngagarajah... ... ~.~ Ah... I cant understand what he is teaching. My bad. I am always lousy in statistics. But i really cant understand what he is telling us... ... Lolz... and there is workshop next week. oh no. XD The only thing i know about the lecture is he is doing some research in the Klinik Kesihatan Seremban. He kept mentioning about diabetes. And he concluded that there is a high percentage of Melaka and Seremban people have diabetes. He said he dont know what they eat until nearly all his patients got diabetes....
Lolz... ... is it? Er... ... We ate too much glucose...?

XD okay. i am going home to sleep. Cant tahan. oh. Neraly forget something. Today is black Friday. XD XD I always looking forward to black friday. It is so mysterious. kakaka. =P

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I had my interview yesterday. The interview is to improve our communication skill with our patient.
I think i screw it... Erm. Or i dont XD I just know that in the start i cant pronouce "communication". I keep saying "communikate". XD And the SP keeps looking at me. Emotionless. Lolz... Then near the end of the interview. Suddenly i cant make out a sentence. Its like "Erm... Summary...ah..." Lolz...

The comment from the face which is Galy. " Your interview is not conversational enough. Its more to robot mechanical type of questioning. And please speak clearly so that the patient will understand." oh. wait. The patient do understand me. He didnt look confuse or said "Huh??" during my interview. ~.~ " And dont use kids. It is a big words ( it got a specific name, start with "J" but i dont know how to spell it)." Lolz... when had kids become a big words? XD but i know we cant use that cause if his children is an adult. Then it will be funny to call a kids.

MMS is DNA fingerprinting today. Quite interesting. Although they dont really demonstrate to us. Just explain and show some simple steps. Dancing is so fun. XD Hope can find a partner for dancing. I think we will finish the Rock and Roll in the next class.

Shoo... Hungry again... I just ate an hour ago. You know wat? The fried eggs with bitterguord in my uni, the bittergourd is raw. Blek... I dont like to eat that vegetables raw. Kaka.

That's all for today. Tomorow will be a kelam kabut day again. Thanks to Vishna. SHe can really elaborate things a lot. Ish. Half the people sitting around me fall asleep. kaka. =P

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random ^_^

XD Nervous now... Cause in the afternoon got interview section.
I cant really talk to people spontaneously or continueously... ...
So now trying to keep myself not to get too excited until my brain goes blank.
Well... It may be easy for some of you that can learn fast to catch up what the faci want for the interview.
But for people like me. XD slow learner plus brain is always in blank state person.
Its hard....
Anywayz~ the following pictures is not halal. Dont continue if you are Muslim.

XD I know its kinda late for this. Dumplings Day is on Sunday and today is Wednesday.
But for Dumplings Lover like me. There is never too late for Dumplings. kaka. ^^

One day... ... Mr Dumpling is playing with 7 fairies in a green pool... ..
(kaka. this dumpling is so bahagia. Got sotong balls teman him to be eaten by me)

Then... Suddenly, he found that all the fairies are gone. He kept looking for them.
"Ah... Where is my dearest fairies?"
(Admin: Actually they are eaten by me. In my tummy. ^^ So nice~)

Mr Dumpling feel a cold slicing down his spine. He turned around..... ....
Its evil Miss Fork behind. Smiling teasingly at him.
"I am here to acoompany you. Kakaka"

Poor Dumpling was rip off by Miss Fork... Showing all the rice, mushrooms, beans and pork inside it.
Miss Forky is still smiling there.

This is the large pictures i took before I ran for my life. To prevent myself eaten by Forky.
XD XD One side of the Dumpling is already eaten by Miss Forky...
ooh... not a nice sighht... its blood is everywhere. XD XD


Thanks to my aunt for her dumplings. My parents for the sotong balls.
and thanks for the participation of plate and fork.
Thanks for helping me to produce this "great" film. ^_^

Monday, June 9, 2008

#Brain Damage#

With my super unhealthy lifestyle which is didnt eat enough for breakfast, skip meals, looking at the computer too long( i mean the screens), didnt exercise for so long... (3 or 4 years i think), sleeping at late hours ( Well, not all of you can have the ability to sleep late. I dont have), not drinking enough water, etc....

I think i am suffering from brain damage. XD its not severe until i become a vegetation( its this the right word?). I mean my memory is deteriorating from days to days. And my memory is even worse than a 50+ guy.

That guy can still remember stuffs he learn 30 years ago. Very complicated stuff such as the scientific name for drugs. What is the process of Kreb's Cycle? And some very long long name of a enzymes or diseases which i hate to memorize. Anatomy of body parts. He can still remember even after 30 years. But for me, haha. I read it today. Then after a few hours. You asked me the same questions. I cant answer you. Really cant answer. Sometimes I dont even think that i had learn it.

A lot of you may said that you are suffering from the same problems as me. But, hey. Wait. What i observe is that you all can answer the lecturer's questions perfectly or better than me. So your brain damage is not as bad as me. I think i should get away from my phone.

Well, the 50+ guy said not his memory is good (Lolz... he is always the top student, so i think the main factor that he has a good memory is he have a good brain), is he has thte passionate to learn new things, so he can remember things well. He said I am lazy and not concentrate in my study. Hence, I cannot remember what i had read... ... Well... Maybe this is one of the cause.

But, this is not convincing. I had almost the same genetic as him. Lolz... Why he always get the best gene? ~.~ Ah... I am more comfortable with the idea that i am suffering from brain damage or short term memory syndrome. ^^


Erm… I just finished Passion Quest today. Actually I don’t know what is my passion. It is always in changing mode since I born. Now… I am not passionate in anything but I got a lot of things that I love to do. Kaka. Oh. Maybe I do have something that I passionate for. I wish to have a carefree life and I will sacrifice time and energy to get this life. ~.~ oooo…oops sorry. I think I am talking crap. Carefree life… how many people can do that?

Kk. Sometimes, when you receive something from someone. Do you feel deeply touch by them? Girls will probably said “yeah. When I received the wedding ring from my boyfriend. I feel like crying for joy.” Erm… okay. That is also something that can deeply touch someone. But not all people can experience that.

Today, one of my seniors gave me a very small piece of chocolate. When I received it, a feeling kept rushing out from my heart. I categorized it as “touch”. Its just a tiny piece of chocolate. You can buy it anywhere you want. Some of my friend said I am too sentimental ( is this the right word? XD) A tiny bit of things can let me feel horribly touch. Kaka. XD maybe I am a sentimental girl. But, I do believe that sometimes a caring word or even sharing something you have with someone, you can make the person happier. You wont know it but the person that received will feel happy that someone do care them (secretly).

Human nowadays are individualistic. They care for themselves more than any other things in this world. I am one of them. I also suspect that I am antisocial-ist too. XD but… by simple sharing of things( eg. Share some of your sweets with your friends, share your notes with your friends and etc.), this phenomenon may increase by a decreasing rate ( XD XD kaka. SAM maths description).

Sigh~ k. I am confused. Er… do you understand what I am trying to said. Urghh… my level to express an idea clearly is still low. Okay. Conclusion… …

*share somethings with people around you. A simple Hi or even when you notice someone is left out and you tried to accompany her or him. A simple may change the life… okay. I think life is less possible. Change the day of someone greatly. Hence, show some care to people beside you. Human are organisms that needed a lot of care and love.* :D

Chocolate from senior. ^^ its delicious. i love chocolates. ^^

Friday, June 6, 2008

Poor Watches....

I love watches. But in the same time i am the destroyer of watches. XD XD
I just change around 3 to 4 watches this year.
Each watch borke after a few months.
Ah.... Why??? My new watch which is 3 months old just spoil yesterday. Now i had no watches.
No time to watch.
Erm... is it because of the bad quality of the watches or what??
Sigh~ But i cant afford to buy watches over 100. that is too expensive...
And I m too particular to what watches I am wearing....

Preferably round....
No plastic band if can. If I sweat, it will feel super uncomfortable...
I dont want the face of the watch b small. I love large one. And it need to be unique too... XD XD
I mean need to let me feel it is unique XD

I am thinking if the watches i bought in the pass is bad quality...
But other ppl watches dont have the same fate as mine...
lolz... Poor watches.... Seem like i had to buy new watches again. XD XD kaka.
My mum will said "What??!!! again? Why you always buy new watches??"

Okay. Other than this. The landlady ffk me. Said i cannot view the apartment tomorow cause her tenant is not in. lolz... she didnt ask them beforeahand??
And the most important. I cant contact Kei Li. Dont tell me she went to CF. XD XD
So not her... kaka.Aiya... Mayb she suddenly want to go. kaka.

Okay... List to do for this week. "Buy new watches."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Something from My Head

We alwayz ask why the things we like, we always cant reach it?? Cause it is too far away.
Why the things we dont like always stay beside us??

Well. I am not sure why it is so so. But i think its because human always dont appreciate what they get. So to enable us to appreciate things. GOd put the best things far away from us so that we will go for it and make effort to get it...

Well... The bad things around us may not be that bad. XD Maybe they are the best things in people eyes. Just that we have them. We see them every sngle day. So we dont appreciate it. Maybe if you look back. The bad things around you are the best things in your pass eyes.

Kaka. Conclusion: Appreciate everything beside you cause if they are gone. They wont be back. DOnt let yourself regret too much in your life.
^_^ M i thinking too much again?
XD that's me.. Hee~

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sad Name..

Okay... Who knows who i am??

Well.... I think most people will spell or mention my name like
ying xing, xing ying, yin ying. yin xin, ying xing.......etc. blah blah blah. WTH!!!!
sigh~~ why why why?? Is my name really that hard to remember??
Ish... Some even said they want to change my name to a easier remember version.
XD XD Well... actually i got english name which is easier to mention n remember.
But... ... That is not my real name though... If next time i met any accident and I am dying...I lost my identity card. My family and relatives all go to oversea.
The hospital need you to help me to identified my identity.. Then u said... Her name is Belle.
0.0 "Excuse me, mister. There is no one named Belle in our information storage. Is her from oversea?"
Oops. Then my identitiy will become unidentified n i will br label as UFO. So bad...
I love my name. It is a nice name. So please remember my name and get the spelling right too.
I dun want to be somebody else. Its so miserable to act and be like somebody..

XD For the last time. My name is Y.I.N.G X.I.N. ^-^


I am alone in e lab now for nearly 2 hours. Stomach is quite empty... Just had cocokrunch as my breakfast only....... sigh~ so hungry now..... no one is free to accompany to eat lunch....
One of them go dating... XD XD new chemical is form. Wish them a lot of LUCK!!!!
The other two went to have lunch with the other friends.... ...
The last one... Erm... Went home to sleep....
Wasai. That's why i am alone at home...
all my lunch buddies are not in IMU>

*grumble* I am really hungry... ... But i dont want to eaet alone or eat with strangers...
Maybe i can start my diet now. kaka. kidding. If i still go on diet. I will become dead meat. (kill by my mom)

Erm... My apartment also lack of food... ... Forget to refill stock for this week. Must remember to do it this week.... XD XD aiya. very prone to eating nowadays~ ^^ eating is such a bahagia thing. Hee~

Okay... continue to do my Pbl... Isnt there just two ways for genetic transmission? one is through inheritance. the other is mutation. Dont know what the faci wants. XD XD kk. continue doing. ^^

Happy Tahan Hungry~ ^_^

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chemical is in the air......

Ah.... exam is coming but i still dont have the OHM to study.....
XD XD oh my god... What am i doing these few days??
Sleeping... eating... Watch movies... XD XD
nevermind... ... hopefully i can make through it...
Everybody is busy studying and discussing... Dont know how they make it...
Aish... I cant recall what I did after I enter IMU... Time just passby...
Awww... maybe i lost my memory... XD Oh yea. How can all the other batchmates be so motivated in stuying?? Is this because of passion??

Dark quit RO. Alone in RO now... So i am thinking to quit too... ...
Kinda missing the time when we played RO. XD XD
The server keep lagging when we are in WOE... ...

PBL today is solemn. I think the one that is happy with it is our faci. Cause she kept smiling all the way from the start to the end... ...

Kaka. Learn something yesterday. Mango pudding plus a bit of milk maybe a perfect match but sometimes we dont have to do that. Cause without milk. Pudding is still a pudding.
Ok. In short... Be what you are cause the things that people think is good for them may not be the one that you like... ^_^

Monday, June 2, 2008


Our COP is rejected by Ranjeet!!!!!!!
T.T actually it is not rejected. just.... he doesnt like our COP....
sigh~ i thought it will be a good idea.
yesterday went to Han Pi Yuen reunion.
actually it is not much of reunion cause only 4 of us re present.
The two loving couples- Alison and Perng.
A monster- Me and a Prey-Kok Hwang.... ...

Buisness in Han Pi Yuen is not as good as last time. The food... ... is not that good already...'
XD XD among all the food i think i love the corn pudding the most.
wakaka. i ate two. they just left two there. Hm..... Hope there is more corn pudding. hee~ ^^
The dim Sum there is ot nice too. I think the best dim sum i ever ate is the one under the tree in Seremban.
the dim Sum there are make out of fish. its small and delicate. *gruuuu.....* my stomach.....

Today I went to Uni much more earlier then I expected. No choice. My watch had stop. The time is different from my previous one. My handphone.... Dont know who change it. Its not the acccurate one that i have. XD XD But its ok. Better to be there earlier than late......

I have Cop meeting today. But Chong Siang is abscent.....
Mr Ang.... I totally had no idea how you look like and who are you. XD XD
Ouch!!!! Own groupmates also dont know. kakaka.

I am a potential light bulb. So.... Couples..... beware of me when I am aound you. Just runaway.... when you see me. kaka.XD