Thursday, July 31, 2008

Argh... ...

Hm.... I think i am homesick.
Missing my mum, dad and bro after staying in Bkt Jalil for 1 week and more.
T.T Just feel very very uncomfortable.
Missing Seremban and the loneliness start to creap back into me.
Trying to shake it off. But cant.
So... ...keep finding place that have ppl not not too much. XD XD

Thats why i keep going to the tenth floor.
>< ><>
My bad.

Anyways~ today is Baskin Robins 31% promotion. XD XD
I M GOING THERE!!!! Wee~ ~
Sigh~ havent finish pbl.
why i wasted so much time on it? =.=

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Be Free

XD XD now i m in Joyce's room.
With Mr Leo Paddling besides me.
Oohh... He is so cute. ^_^
XD XD better than the two tortoise in my house which had overeat and grow a little bit too fast.

Some of friends around me are acting funny. Espeacially dental friend. They look somehow stress and sad. XD XD
Maybe i m just too sensitive.

Ohoh. Just a reminder. Baskin Robin has promotion tomorow. ^_^
I miss ice cream a lot.

This few days cant sleep well. Keep waking up at night and in the morning, I feel sleepy.
Aiyoyo~~ going to turn into night animals. XD

This is a mural paint by Taylors SAM student of 2007.
Lolz.... I langsung tak tau there is this trip to Ma daerah back last year.
Every SAM students i met said there is one last year.
Bad me. Maybe its because i m in March intake. Abandon by the Jan Intake. T.T

Sia Yang Ickes trying to peel off the rotten eggs to see if it is unhatched or undeveloped eggs.
The eggs really stink man. XD XD

XD XD Matthew in sand. XD XD Cant see what is the figure that Ickes Sia Yang made.
Anywayz~it is 18 sx XD XD

Ok. Guess what is it?? It is not baby turtle.
These guys are really sad case. They had developed into turtle already but they just cant hatch out from the eggs. and just die like that. T.T *sob*

^_^ Hehe. Meet Franky. Full name Frankenstein.
We found him in the sand when we korek the hatcheries. He is very weak.
Usually a baby turtle take less than 5 mins to get into the sea.
But this small fellow take around 10 mins to go into the sea.
The wave keep washing him up... and he kept tercunggap cunggap.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Night in Ma Daerah. Lucky me!! ^_^

Look stupid after staying up the whole night till 6 sth in the morning to patrol the beach.
It is so cold there and i just wrap in the very thin sleeping bag.
Trying to keep awake.
And i found out that turtle is actually very emo.
They dig a hole and if the sand collapse. They will just merajuk and go back to the sea. XD XD

This is a Green Turlte is i m not mistaken. =P

This is Olive Ridley. oh. The turtle i saw that night is a Green Turtle.

The free T shirts i get from Ma daerah Trip. ^^

How the room look from inside. XD XD I slept on the top bunk. Didnt fell down.
That means i m good in balancing?? XD

okay. more photos will b out tomorrow.
Totally mess up in lectures today. How can they remember all the virus virus. T.T
Sigh~ ~

Our faci on the trip is a super nice and cute and energetic guy. Working in BP. His name is Halmiee. XD XD kaka.

More Photos coming out... ^_^

First day in Ma daerah ^^

This is the Kuala Terengganu Airport. It is quite Islamic. XD XD
We reached there at 4pm. and we still need to take 2 hours drive to Ma daerah.
Totally suffering during the 2 hours journey. As I am alwayz not comfortable on plane and fast driving. XD XD

Kitty Kitty. Kei Li is very scare bt it. It is the only other organism that we bump into other than turtles, humans and cows. ^^ She is fat.

Our toilet and bathing room. No heater. But got toilet bowls, showers and basins.
So its still okok. ^^
but it is scary at nitez.

Our room. Five of us stay in a room. So fun. Ohoh. btw. The members for this trip is Matthew, Sia Yand Ickes, CHin Nam, Kei Li and me. ^^

keke. This is a board that sent wrong information.
The turtle in the pic is a leatherback. There is no leatherback in Ma Daerah.
Tutles that appeared in Ma daerah are Green Turtle and Olive Ridley only.
Leatherback is found in Rantau Abang.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Besides from Jun Fai's birthday yesterday...
Yesterday is totally a mess up day to me... XD

First, Wei Chin helped me to print the notes but i dont know and rush to the photostate shop at the very lst minute before lecture and get the photostate version.
Luckily they helped me to reserve a sit. If not i had to sit on the floor. T.T

After school... Went to print out my COP since Rudy claimed that there isnt any spiral binding in our uni.
Rushing rushing rushing.... And the com lab is so full.
T.T y is there so many ppl using computer 24/7??
Why suddenly so many ppl pop up... ...
Luckily there is only very few person using the library com... (><>
Print out all my COP... And Rudy said he is in sth... so wait wait wait until 6.15pm. T.T
Doing pbl in that 2 hours. Cant concentrate cause it is really cold in there.
Thinking of warm blanket and hot soup. >< ><

After handling up my project. I directly rush back to my apartment.
Go jogging with Kai Ling.
Met Ickes, Matthew and Leon in the family park.
Quiet paiseh. XD XD cause a non-exercise ppl like me met 3 super active ppl. XD
My stamina is really lousy. I just slow jog for 2 and 1 half rounds and i started to feel dizzy and cant breathe.
So sat down for 15 mins like that... ...
Actually i hate jogging because it is the exercise that make me have rapid breathing like asthma.
Difficulty in breathing... ... Feel as if i m going to faint but i m not.
But in conclusion. I will go to jog again with Kai Ling. I dont want to b couch potato. XD XD
then become fatter and fatter.

After jogging lay back and after dinner, i plan to do my PBL(problem based learning).
0.0 i found i left my pendrive in the library.
How could i be so stupid? Leaving sth so precious there... and FORGOT about it. I didnt forgot to take my pendrive b4.
Wishing very very hard. I ran to the school and find around the com that i used before.
no no no!! my pendrive is no where to be seen... T.T
I asked the librarian. Hoping they have pick up my pendrive or someone kind hand it to them...
But... the answer is most depressing. "No, sorry. No missing pendrive today."
Feeling like crying that time. The pendrive is special to me.
Have some private info in it and i really love the puppet hanging on it.

Heart still throbbing very fast and feel somehow very uncomfortable. I walk back home.
Sigh~ not going to see my pendrive again... ... T.T
Then... someone send a message to me. asking if i lost my pendrive...

WEE WEE~ I rush back to school. And there my pendrive is. In my saviour's hand. So sweet to c it again. Pendrive... I should give you a name so i wont forget you. ^^

After receiving my pendrive. I am too happy. Phoning my angel and keep telling her how happy i m. XD XD SUPER HAPPY that time. pendrive.... ... ^_^
Luckily you dont walk out of my life. Kaka.

When i reached home, I forget to ask my saviour his name. So i sms angel to ask if it is ok to ask him his name.
Lolz... I really didnt saw someone that stupid. I sent it to my saviour. o.o o.o o.o
when i realised that i sent to the wrong person. it already too late. T.T
Oh gosh. What m i doing?? T.T
Luckily he didnt laugh at my stupidness and i get his name.
and THANKS for Kei Li!!! I did the room for rent ad n save it in my pendrive.
And on the ad there is my hp num. XD XD thanks god.
The guy is really kind to give my pendrive back to me. cause most of my friends who forget their pendrive like me didnt get it back.

Oh Oh... Final sentence. Wish my angel drama is a SUCCESS and she win an oscar back to me.
XD XD kakaka. Crap a lot crap a lot. I m still happy that my pendrive is still with me now. ^^

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Doggy In Xiao Biao Home

There are actually 5 puppies but i cant get them all in one shot.
They are running around like wild cats. XD XD
My mum is planning to adopt one of them which I refuse and trying my best so she wont do it.
I have slight phobia on dog...
Although I bath them that day... T.T

Just stay as puppies and i will never fear you all. XD
Unluckily, no one is peter pan. T.T


This is the juice + carbonate drink from sushi king.
I LOVE the taste. Not that sweet but have the nice smell of orange.
It will have bubbles coming up if you push down the glass ball at the mouth of the bottle.


This is watermelon ice cream. Not very watermelon-ish.
The only thing it link to watermelon is it is refreshing and the container look like a watermelon.

Ah... This is tempura!! I like the crunchy feel.
But it is too big and heavy. Very hard to take it up with chopsticks.

Homemade ice potong.
Left: strawberry youghurt.
Right: Milo
MMS (Medical Museum Section) today is =.=
What we need to do there is study the photos which has only a few words of explanation.

And the photos look similar to me. Many medical terms...
Jaudice, calcittis, gas gangrene, zoster etc.... i am not sure abt the spelling.
But, this is what i get in MMS and they leave a thousands and millions of questions mark in my head.

Classes i have now is pathology... something like the study of bacteria and virus.
The names of these pretty organisms(accoding to Mala Maung) are confusing and long.
And i need to memorize them. T.T sigh~ need to pray harder for better memory...

Library is very cold today... Feel that library is not a place to study. Is a place to hibernate and let you keep on mumuring. "i m cold... I m cold... I m cold.... "

Actually, I felt totally lost here. What m i doing here? <.<
Aish. buck up buck up.... PBL havent finish yet.
We need to finish a PBL in 3 days time. So cruel. And we need to do all the learning issues...

Where can i find statistics? Its hard to find it. Anyone have any idea?

Going to jog with Kai Ling later. Dont have proper shoes... T.T I think it will be k. Just be more careful. Mr Sky. Dont rain. If not i will be lying around at home and bcome a slug in the apartment.

Okay. I will stop this murmuring now... ...
Hm... Good Luck to all dental students.
yours timetable are so packed... ... I have haedache when i saw ur timetable. XD XD
okok. now is THE END.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Back to IMU. Trying to wake up at 7 today but end up waking at 9.30am.
One of the reasons is because my room is 24/7 in dark. No sunshine flowing in and this means that it is night time to my body. lolz...

Shock when came back yesterday to vista. my housemates moved out. o.o and the new 1 move in.
XD But its nice. the new hsemates sound more friendly. And i get to use the toilet alone. XD XD
no fighting over...

Planning to upload some photos. But dont know whats wrong to the computer. It refuse to let me upload. The worst is the wireless of this uni run down again. T.T Bringing the heavy laptop to sch just to update the anti virus and fail... sigh~

Reading NANA nowadays. The two Nana in the comic give a very funny feelings to me.
I dont feel uneasy just strange. Is there really ppl like this in this world?
Hm.... ... thinking. Lolz... and both main char in the comic are called Nana.
The name can differentiate in chinese because they have different shape but in english...
Both also call Nana. How to differentiate? XD that's why st i really appreciate chinese.

Start of foundation 2. Hope I wont b so moody and so hopeless in this new sem. XD XD
nice dayz~ ^^

p/s: this particular com i m using now had 67 threats. XD XD aiyo... really is imu com. =P

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Had you all experience sth like this...?
You get angry, despair and sad at that moment.
And the next moment when you get better and a little more better.
You dont have any idea what you did at the angry, despair and sad time...
Trying to recall it is super hard?
Maybe you cant recall it too.

That's pretty scary... Super scary and I wish it wont happened on me.
When someone lost his memory.
It is really a bad sign...
Ouch!! Cant think.

You know what? When a perfectionist came to this world.
It will be his most terrible nightmare. Cause nothing will be perfect in this world yet he kept wanting it to be perfect.
Worse if he is the one that can only think in a way and not several ways.
The world and ppl around him will keep forcing him to think again and again.
Trying to beat him down, change his mind to the same as them.

Well, you may said," if he is that tough that why will he feel depress and stress? He will just work harder and ignore what other ppl said."

I totally disagree. I feel that this sentence are cruel. very cruel. Totally ignoring that person feeling and yet keep pushing it and stress it.

Care and love are everywhere in the world but do they reach to everybody?

Outing in Jusco

Yesterday went to Jusco... And it is terrible there. Trying to find praking for 1 hour...
That is not the most fustrated part. I always miss the parking. Either is i drive too fast or too slow. Others people get the parking instead of me. Have a very strong feeling that I am going to bang my car. T.T

Then... planing to watch Dark Knight but all the tickets are sold out. T.T
I afraid that i wont have the chance to watch it after school reopen cause all my class will be in the afternoon. Who r going to accompany me to watch then? =.=

So... No Dark Knight then Red Cliff. We get our tickets extremely fast. Thanks to Chen Wei. He helped us to buy it. If not, I think we wont have the chance to watch this movie too. XD Arigato. ^^

But its only 4 sth and the movie will be on only at 6.45pm. T.T Wasting my time roaming around the mall. A lot of people around me. Feeling very uncomfortable and headache.
I really dont like to be close up inside sth like that. Feel as if I cant breathe. Luckily lecturer hall no one is moving around.

XD here need to thanks Hui Ern for the "Tea Leaves Egg" she belanja me makan.
Its a very very long time since i taste it.

Inside Red Cliff, Kong Ming said something which sound like
"When you gain sth, you lost sth; when you lost sth, you gain sth."
Hm... sound complicated but i understand it.
But understanding sth and accepting sth is different things.
I understand it but i cant accept it.
Why cant a person gain all the things and not lost anything?
Why do i gain sth when I lost everything? Why cant i just lost everything and disappear from this world?
*Headache again* I think no one can give an answer that i can accept.

Hm... And confusion. I think chinese is the biggest population in the world from pass to now.
Millions and millions of soilders. Millions of them die and there is still millions of them continued to step into the warfield.
I m thinking if there is no war, no one die. All the millions that had die is revive and survive.
Will the population b bigger nowadays and we suffering from worse shortage of food and land?
Maybe war do bring death and sadness to this world. But it also help to maintain the human population... preventing it from getting bigger and bigger.
St i had this crooked mindset. Is the present of doctor really needed?
The invention of treatment and medicine helped human to increase the life span,
mayb it is violating the balance of nature...
Contribute to increase human population and aging...
But... Who can let go the one that they love...? Saving them is all you want to do...
Staying with them a little longer even that you need to struggle and fight a lot.

World... Why are you so complicated? Why i just cant understand you? T.T

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tagged By Zhen Long

1. Do you have a blog?
- hm... have 2. but i abandon the friendster 1. XD

2. Where is it?
- inside the computer

3. How long have you been blogging?
- Form 5 i think. Then i think it is stupid and stop blogging. After i went into uni. Start blogging again since it seem fun in my friend side. XD

4. How did you first start blogging and why?
- I forgot...

5. What do you write in your blog?
- random things in blogger and some very emo stuff in friendster. But stop writing emo stuffs since it make me feel worse.

6. What kind of a blog is it?
- Huh?? Got any option for me to choose? Er... Sharing blog. XD

7. How many hits do you get a day?
- Er... What's that? Can we know who view our blog? I didnt check. I think very few since i just let it "find out" by my friends.

8. Do you have pictures on your blog?
- yeap!! But very few.

9. Do you put your real name on your blog?
- Yea... But i also put a lot of random names.

10. Does everyone know you have a blog?
- No... let them find out by themselves. XD this is not an advertisment blog.

11. What is your favourite blog site? Live Journal, Blogger, Xanga, or Other?
- Blogger... But is there any website that will help to type my thoughts out by reading my mind?

12. Who is allowed to visit your blog?
- Anyone. Dont have private and confidential stuffs here.

13. Do you want to be a famous blogger?
- Ai... I just want to share my happy stuffs with my friends.

14. Is it important that you go on your blog everyday?
- Yes... After I enter uni... Since here is so B-O-R-I-N-G.

15. Is blogging important to you?
- Not too important. Just ok ok.

Now tag people :

Friday, July 18, 2008


These are some photos that Joyce the Best took.

They are very pretty and you all should have a look at them. ^^

Hope you all like them. ^_^

These two are taken from the plane. I love the first one... Look like a picture to me.
Pretty yet sad... XD I dont know why i feel like this.

Er... I forgot what is it name... Monitor lizard??
XD the background is a beach. Joyce said it is cute... I think tortoise is cuter. ^^

{\ , /} EVIL DENTIST!!

After I had my lower braces... It seem that more and more unfortunate things happened to my lower braces.

Firstly, the dentist forgot to put one of the braces metalpiece (that is what I remember).
But he insisted that I broke the metalpiece and maybe i ate it. =.= WTH.. lolz.. nvm.

Then, last 2 to 3 months. I broke a metalpiece on the right lower jaw...
Okla. This 1 I admit that I really broke it cause that time I m eating chicken meat with bones and accidentally bite the bone (That is what I do when I am wating sth with bone... XD But i am not a dog). Then, the dentist kept warning me not to eat any hard food, dont bite on ice etc cause the braces in the lower jaw is much more fragile than the upper jaw... =.= Yes!! Sir!!

At the day when i finish my summative 1 and eating onions rings with Natasha in A&W.
A metalpiece from my left lower jaw become loose. =.= Aiye!! Is onion ring a hard food?
Then... I really must eat porridge everyday.... (T.T I dun want!!!!!!!!!)
For this, he said i need to pay RM50 to stick back the metalpiece...
ISH!! That's expensive. But its my fault so no choice...

After the sticking... ... I didnt eat anything until dinner...After dinner... i found...
WTH!! Not more than 4 hours and the metalpiece came out again.
Guess what i ate for my dinner??









nothing hard in the porridge. Just some mixed beans and minced meat without any bones.
Dentist, You tipu me!!! I didnt eat anything hard and it came off too...
I... I... T.T I wont pay you Rm50 again just to stick back that thing...
T.T Need to complaint to him tomorrow abt that.
But he wont be in tomorow and... sigh~ I wont be in seremban for 2 whole weeks.
So how how how???!!!!
T.T nvm. His nurse will be there. Just complaint to her and make her remember that.
Aish... Maybe the glue that he use expired and it couldnt stick to my tooth. T.T

I wont let him pay RM50 this time. So unfair. ~.~

~Wishing that the day of braces will be over soon~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

# Laoya Car #

Just now, my mum suddenly asked me to accompany her to Megaway. She need to photostate some documents.

She drove my dad's proton... a very old car... same age with me or even older.
I dont dare to drive that car because it is manual+ no power stereng+really easy to get overheated. XD

When we were on our way back... ... Suddenly, the engine was dead, cant start the car.
And we didnt bring handphones. T.T And the stupid car still in coma state after 5 minutes...
the car at the back... just stop behind us and keep honking...
lolz... u can move to the other lane. Dont follow behind us. XD and we dont know how to switch on the emergency signal. WTH!!. XD

So... i walked to ocean 2 streets away. Phone my dad. Then when i want to walk back to the car... ...
I saw my mum driving the car to the main door of ocean... -.-'''
Aish... so dramatic. I rush back to phone my dad.... Luckily he didnt drive out yet.
Praying very very very HARD tat the engine wont go dead again...
Get home safely... XD XD just.... MY DAD IS GONE!!!
T.T really so dramatic ma? he went out to fetch us.... lolz...

ah ah... paiseh. i dont know what I am writing. T.T
ok. got to upgrade my english to non-chinese type. XD XD
nitez nitez~

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Seem like everyone is planning for their future.
some may want to be a doctor in the future.
Some even plan what they want to do, where they want to go... ...
One of my friend even plan when he want to get married and have baby too.
I didnt have any plan. Not even what i want to become.
Sound like I am really lost. But who knows what will you become in the future.
I still think it is a bit "think too much", planning when to married and etc... ...

I got bring up this topic to my mum.
"Mommy, someone said he wanted to get married at 25. Isnt that too early?"
Expecting my mum to laugh with me cause it is really a young age to get married to me.
But... ... Lolz... the result was the opposite. My mum agreed with him.
"Ya. You should plan now you know. So that you will have the motivation to work hard to achieve the goal. 25 is an ideal age to get married. Your friend plan well......"

XD i just went -_-''' throughout the conversation...
Future is such a blur. Even you plan it. It may not go as the way you wish.
Mayb just let it come by itself will be better. XD This is what I think which my mum disagree of.
XD She talked a lot. All funny issues. Not going to publish. ^_^

DO you all have plans for the future too? May i know wat it is?
Or are you the Happy-go-lucky type like me?

Friday, July 11, 2008


Isella brought her sandwiches to school the next day. All her friends and teachers were attracted by the unique shapeof the sandwiches. When the party started, all of them headed for the sandwiches first.

"Plak Plak Plak!!! Ewww... What sandwiches is this. It taste so HORRIBLE!!!" screamed Robyn.
Then, a few of the students and teacher spat out the sandwiches to saying that it tastes so nasty.
The one that havent bite the sandwiches put them back to the plate.

"Isella. Dont you ever bring this sandwiches to the party again. It will make the innocent soul to have food poisoning." warned the principle. "Keep them out of sight before the First Lady try it and have stomachache."

Feeling hurt... Isella picked up the plate of sandwiches and walked out of the hall. T.T Wuwuwu...
But the First Lady came in at the same time. "oh Wow. What a nice sandwiches." Then, she picked up a sandwich from the plate. Ignoring the teachers who told her not to have it.

"YUMMY!!! Hey. This is the sandwich that I love the most!! Peanut butter?"
"Yes, my Lady."
"Em.... Honey?"
"Correct, my lady."
"Mustard and Onions?"
" Wow. What a lovely combination!! I love this sandwiches. Can I have more?"
"Yes. Sure!!" Isella happily handed the whole plate of sandwiches to the Lady.

"Hey. Everyone. Lets have some of this delicious sandwiches. It's the best sandwich i ever had."

So, all the children and teachers swarming to the First Lady to try out this sandwich.
Miracle happened. Not even one of them show the gross face or spit out the sandwich.
They finished them up happily.
You know what? The sandwiches were the food that were finished first by all the teachers and students.


Well... This story suddenly pop up last few days. I read it a very long time ago. I like that story because the picture of the sandwich is really cool. But the combination of it really groos me out.
I didnt think further that time about the story. Few days ago. Something struck me. Just like that. What do you think about this story? Well... Of course i had modified some of the story. But the content is still the same. ^_^


Isella rushed into her house screaming excitedly "Mommy!! Mommy!! Where are you? WE need to get ready for tomorrow!!". She ran through the house to find her mum. But she didnt see her anywhere. Confused..... "Where is Mommy?"

The front door opened. Her father came in. "Daddy!! Daddy!! Do you know where is Mommy? She promised she will help me out for tomorrow..."

Patting her head, the father said, "Sorry, my angel. Mommy wont be home for the next two days. Grandma is very sick now and Mommy need to take care of her."

After knowing that her mom wont be back until the day after tomorow. Isella was sad, worried and etc. She cried.

"Well well, my angel. What is the problem? Dont cry. Tell Daddy. Daddy will help you out."

*sob* "Tomorow the First Lady will be visiting out school. Ms. Alexia wants us to prepare something for the welcoming party. Mommy promise that we will make jelly but... now... sob... I dont know how to make jelly... What m i going to give them tomorow?"

"Well, angel. No worries. Daddy dont know how to make jelly. but we can make SANDWICHES!!!"

Delighted. the two of them started their mission... ...

After 5 hours of hard work+playing+messing up the kitchen. The SANDWICHES are finally READY!! Kaka. What nice sandwiches they made. There are round. triangle, spade, love, star, diamond, maple and oval in shape. XD I wanted to have a bite too. They are indeed unique sandwiches. Quite impress to Isella's creativity. ^_^

to be continue.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Haha. Recently my mood change very fast. Is it equal to moody?

Ok. Now not so down as just now. When I am in EA bookstore today.
Someone rang me up. It is 08*******. o.o Dont know whose that but i still pick up the phone.
And the person start speaking without introduce herself. Eh?? But after a few minutes.
Notice that it was her. First, We talked about serious stuff, COP.

Then, she changed the topic. And trying her best to persuade me to go to meet Bernice.
Lolz... And the conversation go on and on on the same topic. Bernice... for 30 mins. XD XD
kaka. Such a long long long conversation. But, happy to hear ur manja voice. ^_^ Joyce~
Good luck in the COP. I really need motivation for it. XD

KTM is really getting puncture. Today it reach exactly at the time the clocl shows. *CLAP CLAP* Mayb the next improvement on the speed? ngek ngek ngek. XD

Will be telling a short story if I online tonight... nice dayz~

XD / T.T

ERM... Now in a very complicated mood. Dont know if I need to laugh or cry.
Juz came online to check sth. I totally forget abt it until my mum "remind" me.
OH GOSH!! It turns out very bad. But not worst. Erm... actually consider 1 of the worst.

Ah... ... Discipline. That is what I lack off. Too playful but not that smart.
Lolz lolz lolz... Ah...
Aish... Can some of you just tell me.
" No worries. Work hard next time and dont play around."?

XD oosh. Brain is blank now.... ...
Where is the smarter person? Sigh~ Why they dont choose this?
Why why why?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I nearly miss the dating with ern. XD Woke up late today. Last night i had been stuffing myself with too much naruto until I slept at 1 am ( It is a big deal to me to sleep so late. As i m a early sleeper)

Rushing to LRT. Met a girl. Her name is Nicky and this is her first time taking LRT.
Bahagianya orang. Since i studied in IMU. Every week need to take LRT for at least one time.
Talk a lot. What a nice girl she is. She is working now in bank... ...

Reach Sentral. Worried that i will miss U82 bus as I didnt take any bus b4.
Luckily I am walking at the right side. XD XD
Bus started. And at the third stop. I saw Hui Ern at the opposite road. Oops!! She miss it. XD
So i get down after 2 stops and wait for her...

We waited for another 1 hour for the next bus to come. Bet that the U82 and U83 bus broke down...
Cause the other bus came thrice while ours.... not even a time.

We finally get onto the bus. The bus is quite shaky. Ern kept warning me not to take the davantage to kiss her. XD XD WTH. i wont do that. =P We stood on the bus for the whole journey. Even there is a sit. We ignore it. XD Aiya. Both of us are too kind. Let the one that need it more have it. ^_^
A uncle pitied on us. Cause we keep standing. So he asked us if we want his seat. Lolz... Er.. No thanks. Ern reject. XD

We went shopping. Eat Sushi, Tako. OWH. The tako here got a lot of octopus in it. ^_^ But... it is really easy to break into pieces. Vinci. XD There is really a big sales there. Both of us bought a pair of sunglasses each. Ngek ngek. My first sunglasses. ^_^

Then, we went back at 5 sth as i need to get back b4 the sky is dark... I really HATE KTM.
It did change. really every 20 mins had a train. But there r so many ppl. Not all can fit in. I m push in by others. And the lady besides me. I think she is quite a protective person. She opened her hand wide. Create a space around her. Lolz... Hey... No1 is going to molest u or wat. dont opened up ur hand so big. I can fit in if u close it a little bit smaller.

It is torture. The lady keep knocking into me. And she is big size. Sigh~ Getting blue black today. (kidding =P) Even when i want to get out from the KTM. The lady still dont want to let down her guide and let me go through. Lolz...

When i am back in my apartment. It is really DARK... Sigh~ Tired. But i still continue to feed myself with Naruto. Sleep at 2 again. Read until book38. 4 more to go.
Hopefully after that i can finish off my COP. T.T


I came back to Bukit Jalil to pay my fees... Lolz... N try to finish my project in a place that has less distraction. (Obviously i cant finish it cause there in a less distraction place, I wil still find something to distract myself from work). Pitiful.

What i did in Monday is after paying fees and some random stuff. I went to midvalley. XD I saw Yen Ming, Wei Chin, Kor Woi and some seniors playing basketball. Bet they are training for the IMU Cup. So energetic!! All the best!! ^_^

When I was waiting for LRT. A man kept looking at me. I was scare...
I am frighten when someone staring at me... ...
Last time there is a guy in post office. Sit beside me and keep looking at me when there is so many other place to sit.
There is bad intention in their eyes...
So... When LRT came. I quickly rush up and force my way to sit between 2 ladies.
XD one of them give me a jerk. XD sorry~

Kung Fu Panda (cant). I watched that alone that day. I cant find my student card when i was buying ticket... So i bought the ticket for RM8. After I bought it. I found my ID again. Lolz...

Went to MPH before the movie start. Reading this book. Its RM36++
I just read 3 chapters of it. Quite funny. the conversation between the 2 ppl keep bringing the crow flying over ur head. XD

The ticket... ...

I smuggle McD into the cinema. The guy in the check station is like.
~.~ why r u watching alone? Eh... Just feel like it.
Okay. Have a nice dayz~
XD Only couples are found in the cinema. Except me (The outstanding species there). The audience that sat behind me and beside me talking quite loudly.

Hee~ But the movie. Overall is SUPERD FUNNY!! Kept laughing my head off.
The panda look like Chiang Lin. I mean not appearance. Is his personality. XD
my first cantonese cartoon.

Something will turn real when you belief it is real. XD What a great saying...
But watching the panda keep eating make me hungry... keke.

After movie-ing. Went grocery shopping. I am not going to commint suicide by starving myself for the coming dayz in Bkt Jalil... Here is something that I bought. Quite costly. Total is below RM15.

XD paiseh to show u this. Totally disaster.
The bean sprout is overcook. And i dont know how the dish get so watery.
Look like a tofu floating in a grassy pond. XD XD
The tomato is sweet. I love THEM!! =P

Monday, July 7, 2008

Some Theme Restaurant

Yesterday went to Berjaya Time Square with my family...
XD Long time didnt go with them.
Usually went there with my friends...
Discover a quite unique shop there. ^^ (it is unique for me. XD thanks for my bro. he wanted to try sth new)
Here is it... ...

Name: GASoline Cafe
(at first i read it as Gas Online. XD what a unique name. It is ga-so-line la... my bad XD)

The... mascot of the shop. I LOVE IT!!! It is so so so cool!!

The table... We choose to sit on the floor. It is sth like the traditional japanese restaurant where u sit on the floor. XD BAD CHOICE!! My parents fill uneasy sitting on the floor.
And the air cond is SUPER COLD!!!

My drink. It is lemon mango milk... taste ok. but a little bit too sweet.
I think it is not a popular drink. cause the waiter dont even know it exist. XD XD
he is giving me a funny smile as if he dont know sth like this exist. kaka. ^_^

My mum's order... Singapore Rice XD ( Xing Zhao Mai )
It is delicious. Got a lot of dou ya.. which make it taste less oily.
N got SOTONG!!!! my favourite!!! Hee Hee!! Love it!!)

MY ORDER!!!! Seafood rice baked in cheese!!
It wont make u feel like u r full when u arent.
In short!! it is DELICIOUS!! and u will crave for more!!! XD XD
I love it. Got a lot of seafood. ^_^ RM14.90 per plate.

So... try to visit this shop whenever u r in Time Square.. Price r reasonable n there is variety. ^_^
keke. i should go bac to the restaurant n ask for the advertisment fees. XD XD

Friday, July 4, 2008

2 MoViEs In A Go

Went out with 4 of the Arifians yesterday...
Zhen Long, Mei Ying, Wei Zeng and Mama Yue Zhen ( Didnt call her Mama for so long... What a unfillial daughter m i. XD)

I fetched Zhen Long and Mei Ying since they dont have transport... XD ah... Actually i m quite worried that time. Cause only the oil tank is going to empty and i dont know how to refill. So the whole journey.. i kept looking at the oil tank... then try to drive more carefully. As my coordination skill recently is degrading. Keep bumping into things. But Thanks God. Yesterday didnt bump into any things and the car didnt go ngek ngek because dont have petrol. XD XD
I feel quite sorry to my passengers... Sorry ya... Along the journey is quite quiet in the car... XD I am giving you all the opportunity to appreciate the scenary outside... lolz...
Eh... lolz... cause i dont usually take passengers. And when I am passengers. I usually sleep in the car. So i dont know wat to do? !!
XD sorry~ blek.

Watch 2 movies. Hancock and Wanted. Hancock... Its funny and silly. Wanted... So mysterious and so interesting. Angelina Jolie is still the foxy and attractive woman. But i dont understand the last part of Wanted. He gave a very long lecture... Then he came back to become a assasians. @.@ Wei Zeng watched this movie for the third time... Crazy!! XD I wont watch a movie twice even i know its nice... Hee~ but everybody have different style to live. So no comment. Just 0.0 when i know it.

Erm... Okay. Yesterday conclusion... Wei Zeng is still the attractive Wei Zeng. Mei Ying is more cute... ( XD because love do help to make a person better?). Yue Zhen is still the pretty mama i know. Zhen Long... Eh... Is ur voice that deep or is it because u r sick? Ying Xin is still the Ying Xin. XD XD... too free. Crapping. =P

CRAZY~ -.-

This is really a very rotten holiday... ...
I pampered myself with too many comics and manga as if they r delicacies that i didnt eat for centuries. XD XD

Going to read finish Naruto. And i finally found Trinity Blood comic... *touch*
I just cant find it online. Need to get it from comic shop. hee hee~

2 weeks more than i will need to go back to the ulu place...
Hope that things will get better there... ...
Wishing that i dont get nervous too easily... XD XD
Life is just so unpredictable...
Hoping that by cutting down a desire will give me more happiness in this world.

Whoosh. continue to crap again. XD
Yoga class is now Rm40 per month... ... Lolz.. its quite cheap compare to outside...
but... ... last sem we just need to pay Rm1 per class. So Rm4 per month. now is x10.
aiyaya... lolz...overbudget...

Hope the new instructor will be as nice as the last 1. ^_^

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Show Off

Hee Hee~ ^^ Just to show off a bit. My friend make it for me.
I couldnt make it bigger. Aish... If not cannot see the cute figure.
Which part do you like the most?
For me. i love the words. Periwinkle... ^_^
XD XD hao lian hao lian (In hokkien)
random: someone said that i will be bitten by turtle. XD
Turtle so big and i am so small size...
Eww.. and i cant stop imagining that i am lying in a pool of blood. My hands and legs in different turtle mouth. *Dont bite my head*. If want to die also must die prettily. Hee~
Aww... Such adorable animal become so cruel.
Bro: You think is horror movie meh?
XD XD Too free. Letting imagination running too wild.
Okay. back to main topic. Plz leave comment on that pretty image ya~
It is much appreciate.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


~.~ Holiday... I think half of it had fly pass me.
What i do during holiday is sleep, eat, gaming and read comics.
HAHAHA!! What rotten life is that...

Erm... should find something better to do? What can i do?
Still cant figure out the riddle that joyce gave me.
Do anyone know what is moutain fold??

Mommy told me to care for other ppl more...
Erm... ... Lolz... Life is so bored now until I dont know what to write. XD
Aish aish. Should start my COP report...

Ask you a IQ question. DO you know who is rice (padi) mother?
Tips: think in chinese. *wink*