Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hello. Is going to rain here. B4 i got any busier.
Lets finish off this diary.

I left out sth interesting on treasure hunt.
On the very last station of Treasure Hunt.
Our group 8 leader------ WOLf!!! (really suit him. As strong as a wolf)
Perform pole dance accompany by twinkle twinkle little star.
He is the BEST pole dancer XD XD ( dun compare to professional la)
He turns round the pole and climb up of it... XD actually got a bit like monkey.
But Bravo!!! All the audience mouth drop open while watching his performance.

okok. back to telematch. All of us, juniors and OO, 15 ppl only.
Much less ppl then yesterday due to a long holiday and all the juniors r homesick n want to go home...

All 11 juniors on that day wear the orientation Tshirt except Terri.
It is quite impressing cause my shirt is still soaking wet while theirs already dry...
Well... Is it bcause Wolf said " I want to see you all wearing this orientation T shirt tomorrow. I can wash n dry it so do you all."
Impress. 0.0

Did sth stupid that morning. The water machine got a red and a blue tap. The red is for hot water whereas the blue is for cold water.
I foolishly thought the ground floor machine is as faulty as the forth floor 1.
Giving out cold water even i open the hot water tap...
so i open the hot water tap and put my finger underneath...
OUCH!!! boil water touch my finger... (Didnt scream la. If not will scare the person bside me... ...) And i keep washing my finger under the cold tap...
n my finger still look red...

We are the first group to arrive the field... still got ard half an hour or 15 min b4telematch start...
Wolf conducted us to do warm up... ... XD XD so enthu.
But in that telematch. We lost all the 5 and a half game. Only win the last half game of sixth station and a cheer fight in 5th station.
Wolf is basically emo that day which make the others a bit emo n down.
and i cant inspire them... since i m not the inspiring type... ... sigh~

Terri is GREAT!!! She is the type of girl that cant take in food that dont suit her taste...
She ate half a bitter gourd although she keep trying to vomit a few times and she really look unwell.
She tried very hard to eat finish the things...
Impressive... our group really got a lot of impressive person.
Cheer for Terri. Terri is GREAT!!!

After that is Captain ball game between juniors and seniors...
i think juniors won the game... cause seniors didnt cheer.
and then is show off of cheer between each batch.

We are the first group to arrive and the last group to leave.
Cause SYI and Haw Ger kept pulling committee to do signature hunt.
XD XD Brilliant guys!! cause all committee are there but not all of them is willing to give on that day la...
but we still get quite a lot of signatures.

Bravo!! Group 8. Keep on the good work. Keep shining in the orientation. ^^
Good luck in next week performance.

Happy and crazy things on friday~

Joyce just reminded me!!!
I LOVE DR Judson!!!
He allowed me to change my date for CPR practical test.
Which means i wont miss my dearest cousin wedding!!!
Yay!!!! Dr Judson. I REALLY LOVE YA!!!!
You are so so so kind. Cant repaid you for ur kindness. ^_^
And thanks a lot to Joyce too. Teman me run here run there and make phone calls.
Numerous phone call. ^_^
You are definately the BEST!!!! kekeke. JOYCE IS THE BEST!!!
Love you too!!!!
happy happy happy.

That is the happy thing. The crazy things are.
After eating in Steven Corner. Finally i got my maggi goreng telor. ^^ *happy*
The guard refuse to let Daniel parked his car in vista even we beg him...
No more parking...
What a lousy reason. There is numerous parking there.
At last... Daniel had to pack his car outside... which is not safe...
and he super treasure his car... and saw his nervous look.
Hmph!!! bad vista...

We played Nerts after that. Daniel, Sia Yang Ickes, Haw Ger and I. ^_^
Ntg adnormal except it is already 12 sth that time and we need to wake up at 7 the next day. Well, the master of the game, Daniel win. XD XD Haw Ger emo all through the game. He is really tired. XD keke.I got the last place in the game.
swt... cant think that time. its like putting out card then the brain will stop a while. And Daniel is so bad. Teach Sia Yang Ickes to cough on my deck of cards.... ...

Finish the game ard 1 or 2. Go for a walk with Daniel and SYI(Sia Yang Ickes) bcause Daniel feel unsafe abt his car... he is really sensitive and caring towards his car... oh car... you are so lucky to have this owner... And he always push me to walk in front... "its dangerous..." lolz... i wont be kidnapped. I should be the 1 worrying that both of you will be kidnapped. XD XD Thats why i dont usually walk in front... cause i scare gt ppl kena kidnapped or runway without me noticing... since i m so dumb n clumsy. XD

After watching an episode of love exchange. Pergi tidur. I love the Theme song of this drama. ^_^

Telematch report will be on public tomorrow. ^_^


"We'll soar into infinity,
We are not freak.
We are not great.
But we are. We are FREAKING GREAT!!!
What are we? We are FREAKING GREAT!!!
CELEBRATE!! The 8s~ are GREAT!!!! Woohoo!!!!!"

Kaka~ i was impress by myself.
Screaming this whole verse for almost 2 days and still havent lost my voice.
This is my orientation group's cheer.
Although it is not the best, it is GREAT!!!
Woohoo!! Good job!! Freaking Great!! I fall in love with you more as day pass~ ^_^

Yesterday is the one of the highlights of orientation---- TREASURE HUNT!!!!!!
Not all the members turn out... and not all OO turns up.
But we, Freaking Great had the highest attendance rate!!
Woohoo!!! Give urself a big clap!! group 8.

Me2/08 treasure hunt is definately better than ours. First, it is held at night.
No hot sun.
Secondly, the theme or the treasure is better than last year--- CLEARER!!
And there is really a treasure.
Thirdly, this game need a lot of teamwork including OO. Hence its really FUN!!!

There is orcs around our path... We need to run into a rope whenever we see the orc.
If not the orc will kidnap us and we need to bribe them with coins to get bac the victims... ...
All of us got so gan zhiong at first that half of us fell...
and unluckily i m the bottom 1... and someone sat on me...
But I m fine now. After that, we learn how to move clam n steady... keke.
But putting the rope is a not so good idea.
I always stand at the back... And the rope is pressing hard on my neck. And i had no spare hand since i m carrying 3 bags... Luckily, Sim helped me to pull back the rope several times. If not i dont know if i will still be alive. XD XD

First station SM is from music club... ntg special there except they call us to find condoms... and frightened us saying that the condom that we found is not put by them....
ewww... if it is really a used condom... it will b gross. And it was Aimi who found it. Congratz~ ^^

I want to kill the second station... It is all Indian from our batch...
And they didnt even spare us a little...
Girls are worse... we need to dip our hair in to a muddy pail of water which smell like ikan bilis... And we stink all the way through treasure hunt.
All the other group runaway from us. XD XD kakaka.
I m impress by Chia Sin... She really dip her whole head in and her hair is far more longer them mine... Woohoo!! Chia Sin. You are GREAT!!! Sacrifice a lot for our group. ^_^
But.. do the boy dip their shirt in the same thing?? Doubting...
If you think this is the worst... You are wrong.
I got the worst... Shaun Albert Nicholas saw me.
"Ying Xin. You are clean. Come here!!"
Then... a whole big chunk of margarine is over both of my cheeks and neck...
okay~~~ here come a butter cake. kaka.

Basically wiping off the margarine on the third station. Didnt participate in the game.

Forth station is buddhist society. Its bad bad bad. We realise that there is disadvantages for having too many participation.
We need to build a tyre make out of paper. all the meembers stand inside it and roll.
Oh my gosh... I think that is the biggest wheel the ever have...
Bcause of rain and too many ppl... our wheel keep breaking.
Here is where Sia Yang Ickes gone missing bcause of "emergency".
i thought he and our keeper go to get some food and was happily wishing them come back with food for me. But PHAIL!!! =.=

the next station is also from our batch. Geoh Soon's station. Eating banana using mouth is common. But with the skin... and you are not allow to use hand... Oops. you need to try ur own way. Anywayz that is juniors' job. Oo just need to break the pineapple and makan all of it. Sim is great. He can do monkey bar for 4 times.
SIM SIM!!! I m fool by ur soft look. kaka. Good job...
Ragging time... Maggi Mee Curry is pour onto OO's head... ...

Last station. I saw YEN MING!!! Want to hug her... but she ran away...
I m on the third level of pyramid... its a tough job when you are hungry and the SM keep pouring colored starch on to you.. pail by pail. That is what i feel. XD
cant look anyway~ and terri is slipping which make me slip too.
And chia sin keep holding me so that i wont fall.
Thanks Chia Sin~ ^^ You are SUPERD!!! hehe~
The back of my T shirt is full of green color starch. Dont know which 1 is the real design. XD XD

Then... We had a break. All the group that pass us will said the phrase.
"Ewww... Its stink." XD
Wakaka. Seem like we really stink. Chia Sin is anxious cause Sia Yang Ickes gone missing. And all the members are tired. Running up n down is totally not a good idea for me... Since i m so weak. XD XD

Daniel is still so energetic... Jumping around encouraging his groupmates.
After a short break... The treasure is annouce. Its OO...
=.= lame... ... OO is the most precious thing in group...
So that means we need to go to rescue Sia Yang Ickes and he is the precious in our group. XD XD
We walked back to IMU protecting a candle that is meant to burnt the rope that tie Precious outside the cafeteria. kakaka. Its funny to see a row of ppl got tied up outside cafeteria.

And our group is the second enthu group.
My hard life still havent end.... Ragged by Sandip, Jer Ming and Daniel (this Daniel is not the previous Daniel). Three of them pour flour all over me...
In the end.... I m the dirtiest in our group and SIa Yang Ickes is the cleanest...
Lolz... lolz.. not fair. XD XD But its FUN!!!

Wash my hair five times after that but still smell Ikan bilis.
Gonna kill Shaun and Vinod if the ikan bilis aroma still there on sunday...


Friday, August 29, 2008


Yesterday went to mamak after mass dance.
And the lady that is taking our order is super careless and fierce.
She turn all our order upside down and force us to take what we didnt order...

Lolz... and i turn out to get a double mee goreng plus egg.
Oh my gosh... its so hot and it is very big portion. how m i going to finish it?
Well... i didnt... cause my stomach really cant take it.

Sia Yang Ickes said i m wasting food.
yeap i m. But its out of my will. I cant eat like Matthew, Yen Haw and Cheat (XD sorry... i forgot ur name. Wanted's leader)

But what i pay for it just for single mee goreng plus egg.
ngek ngek... should be responsible to sth that is not my mistake.
what i order is maggi goreng telur... turn out to be double and want me to pay all...
that is quiet impossible for a poor students like me...

next time maybe i must write down what i order and let the lady read it since she seem to have some hearing problem...

oops. seem like i said sth mean again.
okok. signature hunt... GO GO FREAKing GReAT!!!. XD XD


This few days... I dont know what happened to me.
Just feel very emo...
Trying hard to control my feelings and not to burst it out.
Worried that this will scare the ppl ard me.

Well... Its not polite to said that i dont like to hear ppl said sth positive to me.
But st when some ppl came to you and encourage you...
You just feel =.=''' Why are you so geipo?
But if certain ppl know you got problem bet didnt encourage you.
you just feel sigh~~ i m being left out again.
I dont know why this complicated and unreasonable feelings happened on me but it do happened and always~
Maybe is the way that they present their consideration.
Some can touch straight to ur heart and some just make you ignore them more.

E lab is very cold now even i m wearing a jacket...
aish aish...

No one want to be ignore but st u just have to accept the fact that you are being ignore by ppl... ...
Accept and endure... life will just go on and on like this.
Try to put a smile on face but weather it is truly from ur heart. its hard to guest.

But... the best part of me is i wont smile when i dont want. XD XD
so its easy to know that i m unhappy. lolz... kk. signaturee hunt going to begin...gtg after 1 post 1 happy 1. if not it will be really moody in this blog.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

So true... ><

It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.'
I do not agree.
The wounds remain.
In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens.
But it is never gone.
Rose Kennedy(1890 - 1995)

oh my gosh. this is so so so so true...
i didnt have any strength to argue or watever...
T.T okok. this is taken from peh hwa's bolg...
bcause it is so true that i want to show to you all...
wound may seem to be heal by other ppl.
but who knows what is the person thinking deep down in their heart....

Monday, August 25, 2008

What is an appointment...?

Today very geram... Dont talk bt geram thing first.

I wake up around 7 sth tis morning then doze off again... And when i wake up at 8.
Oh my gosh. My mom had already prepare the breakfast...
Well, it should be a happy things. But... my mum prepare 20-25 dumplings for me wit a lot of vegetables n tomatoes in it (well, i m truthfully happy. Cause it is the best dumpling soup i ever had).
But... ... the numbers of dumplings is really too much and i spend half an hour chewing and swallowing the whole big bowl of dumplings...
Thanks god it is nice 1. ^_^

Then... the geram part. I walk in to the dentist n register at 9am. My appointment is 9.30am. Before me, there is 5 ppl already register.
I wait till 10.50am... and my name still havent be call.
Anxious... cause i need to get onto the train b4 11.30 so i can reach bkt jalil at 1.
I ask the nurse is it my turn. since the person infront of me had go in...
she said its not my turn... ... i m after an aunty who register later than me n who dont have an appointment...
well... apparently all the ppl that go in b4 me dont have an appointment...
and the most geram part... some of them who come later than me get to see the doctor first...
Fustrated... i change my date of appointment again... Keep changing until i pening kepala...
I didnt tell my mum i havent been check by the doc. if not i will had a bad journey to ktm which i dont want. why make things worse when it is already worst.

Well well. why give me an appointment if i still need to wait like the patient that is taking number??
isnt the purpose of making an appointment is to see the doctor at the time where he had promise despite any other patient there??
and after pass an hour i still cant see the dentist... ...
>< >< >< >< stupid... then what is an appointment for??????????? to make sure i come to check up?? lolz... ... that is a lame excuse...
and i only go there for you to check... nothing other than that... no loose braces or watever...

hmph hmph!! should sent you back to sch to learn abt ethical and punctuality and learn the meaning of an appointment. I m still angry now... HMPH!!!

Btw. on the ktm. I saw sth disgusting. a fat guy sleeping opposite the gal that sit beside me and he cough into her face. My gosh... with saliva flying onto her arms and bag. Ewwwww..... what i can said its ewww only..... EWWWWWWWW!!!! n the gal look as if she is going to punch him. XD XD

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I really dont like CPR...
Firstly is bcause the stupid practical test is on the day an important event is to be held... n i got 80% will miss that event just bcause of the stupid exam.
Secondly... I dont think my batchmates is so dumb until 60++ ppl fail in that theory test...
Hm... It is 90% that some ppl going to makan money... Rm40 per ppl for resitting.
Wasai. They really untung banyak.
Ish ish. CPR... I dont really learn anything in the CPR class.
Isnt there a more proper teaching method??

Hmph hmph... Raining now... ... Sitting here n wishing that miracle will happen on its own again...

Going to dentist tomorrow... >< y do i need to visit him so often??
not leng zai n is married too. ahhahh...
lolz... kidding. my dentist is a nice n patient guy. ^_^

Funny Day

Well... after reaching seremban yesterday. It was already quite late. around 10.
CL said he will come to fetch me at 12.
In this 1 hour. What can i do n will he be late?
On my com to do my work n found that the whole file of the abalone drama is gone.
damn... who deleted it??

Well. Thanks god. CL arrive exactly at 12.
MY was on his car n we will on the way to SH house... ...
Not feeling well since i didnt get enough sleep. Only sleep for 4 hours and during these four hours keep getting some random image.
My first attempt to go out wit CL.
To be honest. Its quite torturing.
He kept asking us where we want to eat... Driving around aimlessly...
And give comment on whatever suggestion we give...
After eating Kenny Roger... Roaming around aimlessly again...
Lolz... y is he so lost? My god... I really got a bit tak tahan...
aish... sorry... bt i really got headache after the outing.
but thanks a lot~ nice to c you again...

After that, angel came to my hse...
well... she bcome thinner. my gosh. I think she is even thinner than me...
Didnt eat proper meals in Ipoh a??
Too tired to talk to her. So just randomly chat with her...
Feel so sorry to her. But you really soothe the headache a lot angel. ^^
Love ya~

Went to cousin's hse to bbq tat nitez. Dont feel like going. Feel like sleeping more n oh gosh AIR.... Havent do it yet...
Its quite a long time since i see my cousin...
Ntg to talk wit them or rather our athena got a bit different.
They dont quite understand what i m talking abt... lolz...
But BRAVO!!! There is a lot of sotong that day. hee hee~ ate five.
My god. I will b cholesterol high in future. But it is so delicious. ^_^
A lot of relatives didnt got that day... just wonder why...
another cousin of mine is going to shanghai.
so sweet~ i also want to go... ...

Tao tao is really cute. First time hug such a naughty baby. n he kept dripping saliva on me. Maybe i m delicious??? XD XD Wonder if i m as cute as him when i m a baby... ^^

I didnt watch Jolin performance. I m really tired... @.@ feel like sleeping again bt mommy is watching me... lolz...

XD XD For the bowling Boys today... All the best to you all. Have fun. No pressure. ^^ GO GO GO!!!!!

p/s: i think my writing style is getting funnier... is it?

House Warming Party

Before briefing on HWP. Lets said sth that happened b4 that.

Wake up at 7 to attend the OO meeting. Reach there on time. But my gosh. The ppl only arrive around 9am... ... swt swt swt.
The orientation sound nice from the planning. Hope it turns out as what they plan and Group 9 will be the BEST GROUP!!! GO GO GO KNIGHT OF IMU!!!! kakaka.
I have high expectations on Treasure Hunt. Since it is at nitez... ooooo... excited!!!
The mass dance got a bit kelam kabut... but it is a nice dance.
Hee hee. dont know what comment will the other OO give for the mass dance...
and they have masquerade too!!! oooo. mysterious..... ^_^

After that went for yoga.... didnt have yoga mat. so have to twist and turn on the dirty floor of forth floor. nia nia nia. my whole body is full of bacteria that time. And i m arching all over today!!! Love and hate yoga... feel young on that day and feel old on the other. XD XD

At night, house warming party. All the 3 hosts emo cause nobody came on 8pm... XD
all the guest are late except Joyce... She came to mess up wit my laptop. XD XD no la. actually she came to feed it. Thanks. ^^
And when i take the pot to Natasha's apartment... 4 guys (you know who you are) shouted my name from the 10th floor... and the guard blow the whistle to warn them... lolz.. lolz.. lolz... a bunch of crazy ppl. but yea... " why so serious??" XD XD keke. Play more when you are young so you wont regret later... ^_^

Found another crap king... Daniel in Natasha house... He kept craping from the minute he saw us in the hse until we left the hse. non stop. really non stop.
Giving comment from the pasta Natasha cook to our background. And he kept spraying air freshener around the kitchen... lolz... then tried to scare us wt ghost story...

Later that night... in the party. Sia Yang Ickes who is very tertagih to NERDS or NERTS... suggest to play it and this game is really evil... cause its true like what Daniel said (Not the previous 1. lolz... Why r there so many Daniel?) when playing this game, best friends will turn into enemies...

Throughout the game... ppl keep shouting at each other and laughing loudly until the guard came to our hse. knock at our door and warn us... lolz... what a memorable moment. Playing this game, you will get excited and heartattack. My heart nearly stop beating after every games and there is more than 10 games that day....
took so long to have the winner and i... fail to save my group from the fate of getting -ve marks... lolz... tired... and gastric coming back again. lolz...
(wonder how yen haw n me bcome the champion on this game on the very second game i play)

Slept around 4 that nitez and wake up at 7.30 sth today... wake the 2 boys up and my god... i cant believe all the things that happened today is actually happening in 1 day. today is a long and mentally challenging day to me... tired... and nearly go insane bcause of someone...
my god. AIR... havent finish... lolz...


XD XD Trying to keep updating here. Found that i has less intimate conversation wit the e lab computer compare to last sem. er... is it a good sign?
that means i play less and study more? XD XD that is nonsence.

okay... what happened on thursday? Got microbiology lab...
struggling to copy the 6 cases questions within the 42 minitues time limit.
struggling to cut down the numbers of question marks popping in my head when i read the questions... ...

But lucky me. Manage to finish copying all the questions. XD XD
PPD that day sucks. Vera S.K. was trying to change us into puppets.
more than half of the class ran for their life. well... i think it is a wise decision... cause i dont understand what he is saying during the lecture...
mayb i m nt paying attention. The way he tried to find fault interest me more... XD XD

After sch... went bowling. second time bowling. dont have the feel like first time.
and i m rather nervous. cause playing wit a lot of ppl and some i dont know them well. the score on that day is quite ok. well. better than i expect. got 68 in the first round n 101 in the second. XD XD Guess my luck in bowling is getting better.
Seriously... i think bowling is a luck game.

Didnt went for basketball that night... lolz.. i m not supportive man.
our batch lose by 1 point. bt its okay. nvm. good job guy.
the most important thing is have fun. ^^

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Wednesday should always turn out to b a good day.
But i tend to b moody today.

Get some tips on make up during the clinque work shop.
But... Hush... I think b4 trying on any make up.
What i need to boost up is my confidence or sifat sayang pada diri sendiri.
Cause i truly feel that i lack in that.

Vijay Singh's is rotten. Cant hear what he is saying and even when you heard what he is talking abt. You dont know what he is trying to explain to you...
Nearly fall asleep...
Angel sms me today. And she brought some not so nice news to me...
Aish aish. Whats going on again?
I m always off track...

Computer in e lab is really slow. A reminder to those who is coming in to IMU...
Dont have too much expectation on it.
It is not as good as you think... ...

Moody Tuesday

Our batch cheerleading is having fundraising. I went to help Wei chin with her it. Actually its just helping her to collect money. The cupcakes looked delicious (I don’t have the chance to taste it. It is sold out before I can even taste it.). Cookies look tasty ( don’t have the chance to taste too… T.T). It sold out before times out. Actually it is quite a small amount. But it takes a lot of time and effort to make it. Wei Chin, Carmen and Faye make them until 3 in the morning. Whoosh!! I am sleeping soundly on my bed at that time. Thinking back… Maybe I should try to bake something… but Lolz… Whatever food or cake that I make usually turn out to be tasteless to me. So I prefer to let ppl cook for me. XD XD At least I know what is the taste.

Went to dance class. I M A GUY!!!! Whoosh!! Super lost during it since I miss the first dance class and I cant lead. Feel sorry to Giak Si. I think I confused her a lot. =P =P But it was FUN!!! Samba is FUN!!! It is so so so nice to dance around. Moving your body. Seeing it curve and roll here and there. XD XD Oh my gosh. That’s why I love Rain. Dancing is such an art. ^_^ hee hee. But its hard to find a guy that want to dance nowadays. And our dance class prove it. Only two guys… Lolz… and needed girl to pretend to be guy. So lame… Guys guys. You know what. Actually dancing is the best sport that you can ever find and you get to know a person more through it. Ngek ngek ngek.

Lost in PBL. Lost in lecture. Cant focus… Keep falling asleep. Why why why?? I don’t know… J ust feel so sleepy nowadays. MAyb I should sleep earlier… … its hard to sleep earlier la…… … I m not a person that can take praise… cause if I did something well and I get some compliment. It will turn from good to bad after sometimes...… Argh…. … Geram…

Sunday ^_^

Meeting up with my parents today...
Miserable miserable miserable...
Slept at 4 am and wake up at 8 sth.
Mommy didnt phone when she came. So i was rushing to make myself not so panda like to her...

Window shopping in midvalley. Found some really cheap and nice clothes. ^_^
*happy* There is a lot of ppl that day. Mayb its bcause of Megasales and weekends.
Owh. We ate at Ding Wang Sheng... Some Chinese restaurant in Garden.
It taste good.
Cant post any photo... Thanks to e lab.

Take Mommy to my room... Well... She said its nice... So i think its quite nice. XD XD
Sleep for 2 hours after that... Miserable... And i forgot what i did after that... Lolz... my short term memory lost had bcome chronic long term memory lost.
Sometimes even forget what i did the last moment and i dont think that it is bcause i m blur... lolz.. lolz.. lolz...

Woke up early today cause sleep at 12 yesterday...
Kei li went back at 9 and the 2 boys sleep till 12 sth.
Oh my gosh. How can they sleep for so many hours.

Then they decided to go bowling...
I thought Faye was going too... But in the end. I was the only gal following them to sunway. Lolz...

Go makan sushi king. It is unagi month but the unagi in the sunway outlets looks really bad... tasteless and nearly formless.
Unsastified... ...

Then only know that we are meeting with Sia Yang Ickes's friends... lolz...
There is some sports event going on sunway that day.
So the skating ring, bowling court and pool room is fully book.
OWH. but we get to play pool in the end. My second time to play pool.
Sucks in it. Cant get event a ball to roll into the drain. XD XD Pair up with Matthew and i m the one that make our group lost... Sorry Matthew. lolz...

After that is bowling... First time bowling... XD XD But not the first time to touch a bowling ball. I used "8". Get a full streak on the second round. WOOHOO!!! congratz!!
It is real luck. But the boys dont believe... But the score after that shows that i really sucks in bowling. The full streak is only out of my Lady Lucky kind heart. ^_^

Have steamboat and play nerds after that. Having 7 ppl cramping in a car is not a good experience. Slept at 4 sth that day. Feel totally miserable. But i finish the whole CLEO!! So its still a nice things to stay up till so late... But tomorrow will b a disaster...

Friday to Sunday

Friday: : :

XD XD LAst friday, Bernice came to Malaysia because Vior had invited her to b a model in a fashion show. Ms Joyce is super excited that day. We went surveying around the T-stage for a lots of time. Finding good spots to take pictures and to stalk Bernice. XD XD

I m not Bernice fans. But she is really pretty. Stylish. Totally an angel on the T stage. The others model are superd too. Wonder how they look so nice and cool yet you wont feel uncomfortable looking at them.

Joyce is not very happy that day. Cant get the bag with Bernice printing on it.
The show is only for media and VVIP (Very very important people). I saw wine and a lot a lot of delicate little snacks there. =.= I want to taste them... ...

After the show which start late and end within an hour. Joyce pulled me and rush up to the third floor where VOIR located. She is the first person to camwhore with Bernice. XD XD Lucky her. I m too shy shy to take picture with Bernice and it is my first time to get so near to a celebrity. *nervous* >< ><

But Bernice is nice and she is not fat!!! Wonder why the boys said that she is fat. Here is some photos from our experienced photographer-----Joyce.

... ... Lolz... cant upload. The computer and internet in E lab truly sucks...

After that, Joyce teman me to SASA to buy eyeliner. The sales girl there really hurt me by saying that my eyes is single lid. T.T mine is hidden lid la... *sob sob*
Eyes which are neither small nor big... What can b done to make it bigger or smaller... bought a white eyeliner. Hope it works. XD XD keke. Any tips from anyone?

Friday, August 15, 2008


Tell Laura I Love Her
Tell Laura I Need Her
Tell Laura Not To Cry
For My Love For Her Will Never Die ~ Tommy

Remember this song?? Its kinda a sad song...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

=O 2

Just for information.
Today is the day when gate of the hungry ghost open in chinese culture...

Aish... Going out tonitez.
Hope i didnt c anything funny.
And hope nothing enter my bedroom...
And hope the manmake ghost also dont come out to scare me. >< ><

Pray hard...


I m the unlucky 1.
Or if i put it in a more possitive way...
I m always the lucky to get unlucky things. Lolz...

Check CPR exam timetable a few days ago. Saw that one of the date is on 14 Sept.
0.0 that day is my lovely cousin wedding. Hope it wont fall on that day.
But POOOOFFFF!!! After Yen Haw help me to check out what group i m in.
My world tumble tumble tumble...
OMG!!! Really so so so lucky that i get my practical exam on that day.
And its from 9 to 5.30pm...
=.= y do it take so long... waiting for ppl to faint so we can do CPR on them??
And i dont think that attending wedding is a good reason to change the date of exam...
=.= life is always so mean or good to me.
keep giving me tonnes n tonnes of things to slove and think over.

My cough havent cure. Instead i think it is getting worse. Until my hsemates kept asking me
"R u ok? eat medicine? Dont drink water when u eat it. Let it stay in ur throat... ... etc etc..."
Erm... I think my coughing really bother them...
But i cant stop it.
Yesterday night keep coughing from 2 to 3 sth in the morning.
Cant sleep n cant stop the coughing...
What a sad sad life..

It is always nice to watch movies during ur dinner.
But yesterday movie is really 18SX... Lolz...
Dont know why we so lucky choose that movies...
Girls showing their breast... not censor.
And making love scene.
Oh my gosh!! !!
The movie is called "good luck Chuck!"
Have a look when you are free.

Tomorrow is Wei CHin's birthday...
Dont have any planning?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Erm erm... okay. Before giving out sth that is bad. Lets talk about sth happy. ^_^

We had our first hsemeeting yesterday... Lolz... and it took us abt two hours.
President: Kei Li
Secretary: Ickes Sia Yang
Treasurer: Ying Xin <:) my favourite job!!! kekeke>
Publisiti: Yen Haw

Okay. First is abt money... ... Sia Yang Ickes wanted to pay his deposit to me which is RM1000++ in cash... ... =.=''' cant u bank in to me?
Then he keep copying my "OoOoOOooOoOoOoOo...".
It is copyrighted... so everytime he make that sound. He needed to pay me RM1.
I M RICH!! I M RICH!!! Cause he paid me RM50++ for the copyright. :D :D

Abt hse warming... We kept talking out of topics!! Both guys trying to add some special girls in. XD XD kekeke. And then deleting them out... LOLZ...
At the end... I think we only decided to invite some close friends...and it will b held next Fri... (OWH!! I forgot someone got life's group... Nvm... Ickes Sia Yang said it ends at dawn... LOLZ.. SO... COME YA!!!)

Then. About today... The first lecture is super bad... worse than Annie Tay. And after that lecture. I think Annie Tay has upgrade to b a gud lecture nia.
Vijay Singh is good in hypnotizing ppl... Most of the class fell asleep.
His voice is so soft... so distant... And he kept forcing us to ask questions.
OMG. Just continue if no one want to ask questions nia.

Vishna's lecture is okay... She is a loud speaker... But i feel like falling asleep.
Mayb i didnt sleep well yesterday...

Natasha tied up her hair... XD XD So pretty. She is the "yao xing gak" type girl. :D :D
Ate lunch in the library... The breads look delicious when it is hot...
But what i take is the cold 1... ... LOLZ...

lolz... I think i m infected/ affected by Joyce...
Turning slowly into a fans of Bernice... Cause yesterday when Sia Yang Ickes said Bernice is fat. I DEFENCE her. XD XD
OH MY GOD!! I dont wantr to b crazy...

P/s: Hopefully i dont turn into super spreaders... XD XD

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Lolz... Rush back to Bkt Jalil yesterday carrying a waste paper basket.
The passengers must thought that i m nyanyuk, hugging a waste paper basket and keep coughing all the way up. :D

Anywayz~ i fix my loose braces. ^_^ WOOHOO!!! and the dentist didnt charge me.
YAY!!! He just keep repeating the same verse... 'Dont eat hard food. Dont eat hard food."
yea yea. Dr. I wont eat any hard food.

Yesterday lecture is -,-zzzz... and -.-''' + XD XD.
kaka. First lecture is ammu. Feel bored cing her everyday... ...
I didnt fell asleep. Its unusual to see me fell sleep in class but my soul is floating outside the lecture hall nia. XD XD
Second lecture is by Anne Tay... Someone said she is some random auntie. lolz...
Her lecture is quite funny and swt.
She is such a creative thinker. Giving us numbers of out of ordinary description and examples.
Today lecture with her is worse. She started with defining what is cartoon to us...
Then sth abt tibi is not found in Britian. If it is found it definately brings in by the foreigner. eg.African...
Then... She describe the causive necrosis as cheese... and showing and compare the similarility between cottage cheese and the necrosis. LOLZ~ ~
I think i will b crazy in her class. And when she saw someone walk out her class.
She said, Why they walk out? x3. Then answer herself. Oh nvm. They lost sth important. =.=''' And she can laugh on her own jokes where nobody is laughing... ...
OMG. She is really a unique lecture. XD XD no offence.

Today PBL is quite ok. Just all of us seem tired... Mayb the pbl really takes too long... I really thought Kyan *** (I forget his name) is trying to scold me with his look. XD XD Mahesh is such a sweet boy. Didnt force me to bcome leader unlike Mr Rudy. Hee hee~ ^_^

Our apartment got a surat amaran from the TNB. OH MY GOSH. The previous tenant didnt pay finish his bill. Phone Ms Linda and thought she is going to think i m a very troublesome girl... ...And we need to go to the TNB in old klang road.... that is far... hopefully electricity is nt cut off when i reach home... ... lolz.

Suddenly miss angel and mommy a lot. XD XD WHy they have holidays but i dont. T.T

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fever and Cold is running WILD!!!

Well well. I think recently is fever and cold season.
Cause ppl around me keep falling sick because of fever, sorethroat and cold.

People who know me well will know that i fall sick quite easily.
Here i m now. looking emo and tired.
Luckily today have 1 lecture only. PBL is move to next week.
Feel very sorry to Joyce cause i really need to sleep more and do my homework.
So she had to go to the animax feast by herself. T.T
Erm... I also want to go... I havent went to that type of function b4.

Wishing that someone can keep talking to me bt i dun need to reply him or her.
Oh my gosh. I think i imagine myself as a doll. Yearning other people to talk to me.
Ish ish. Head is near to bursting now. T.T

Trying to insult ppl around me but all seem to be easy going guys.
cant insult any one of them. oh my gosh. i m really sick... ...

Okok. ppl. take care of urself ya for this one month. eat healthy, drink more water, sleep well, dont sleep late. Dont run outdoors too often. Haze is everywhere.

Sigh~ sorry guys. i m emo these few days. Trying to stop my brain for working but it keep continue to run on itself. lolz...

Thursday, August 7, 2008


T.T okok. My pendrive is lost in mission again.
This time i dont think its bcause i left it attached to a computer.
i think its bcause it drop out from my bag.
cause i remember plugging it out from the computer.
T.T my god my god. why he did such a thing to me. all my pbl stuff is in it.
and i need to redo again.
and... .. *sob* the keychain. mampus again.

sigh~ gone case. not gonna find it again.
sth thats to b gone will b gone but i still miss it so much.
why runaway from me when i needed you the most?

having heartache now... ...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


okok. Today have my first CSU(Clinical Skill Unit). Very super nervous.
Cause i hate to INTERVIEW ppl. And i cant life up my left shoulders. Very numb, pain and sour... Aish... Bad day.
Looking at the SP (Stimulated Patient).
Trying to dig out information from the mouth of some not so happy patient...
Its such a mission impossible to me.
Lolz... after starting to interview SP. I feel sympathy to the interviewers.
Actually they are also stress. but need to pretend that they are not and try to stress back the person who they interview.
OMG>>> What a life. Every role have its own difficult parts.

My faci is Andrew. A nice smiling man (He smiles more than me).
But he make me feel uncomfortable. For smiling and looking straight in ur eyes.
He looks like char from some spy movies. where a spy got cauhgt and the agents try all sort of method to dig out info from the trap bird.

And... you know what. I m the first to interview... lolz...
He picked me and i m not proud. ( or should i feel proud?) cause he said start with girls (ok. 3 girls only) and the smiling 1 (lolz... me? owh. I m not smiling.) T.T
ok... good experience but i really mess it up. Forget to ask a lot of questions and with other 9 ppl staring at you. Gone case... Feeling very bad and waiting for the faci to scold me...
But he didnt... he just look disappointed (although still smiling) and give many suggestions. And he really make me feel bad... very bad... ...
And sorry for my groupmates. I m really a good for nothing...

Mahesh is far more better than me. He miss out less details than me and his interview is smooth. GOOD JOB!! XD XD

CSU is not that simple... as i think. Its even harder than writing a nobel prize article.
Communicating wit ppl is always my weak point...
no wonder someone said medic is more to art. lolz...
But nevermind. tomorrow will be a better day...
ok. got to go to photostate room...
hopefully i will study today...

Starting of Week 3

This few days. I totally sesat. i didnt revise or do anything.
I just keep sesating myself in movies and dramas.

Feel happy when the pbl changed to once a week. Cause then i have more time...
my god my god... i totally sesat already. XD XD
Yesterday PBL is a confusing 1. Its abt immuno defiency. But my groupmates seem to elaborate a bit too much. Making it complicated.
Actually i dont understand half of the questions. M i freaking stupid or wat?
Suddenly all tetania, diphtheria and etc things that dont have a link come up...
@.@ confused confused... ...
But the end... conclusion is its abt immunodefiencey.
Aish... I pessimist again...
If someone dont understand u. why keep wanting that person to understand you?
Isnt that asking too much? @.@

Yesterday Kei Li move in. XD yay. Finally the apartment is complete.
Feel good. Helping Chin Nam to fix the table.
*Clap for me* XD i remember all the steps and finish up the 3D jigsaw in an hour.
Feel proud of myself and it dont have the mannual to help you de.
Stupid malaysia products.

Our batch won the volleyball match yesterday!! WEE!!!
Both teams are GOOD!!! And our batch came up with cheers like
"MEDT!! BANG BANG BANG!!!" XD XD suddenly feel that i m back in my secondary sch...

OWH. After that i tenggelam myself in Speech of Silence. Finish it already. Sia Yang Ickes watch wit me from 19 onwards... lolz... and i found out kena tipu by Joyce again. lolz...
She told me there is 21 episodes and she will keep the last 1 until i finish the first 20. Aish aish. Kena tipu again. I m so easily to be tertipu. XD XD
Kei Li "reprimand" me for not revising. XD XD ok.... ... I read finish the first session for CSU mannual... XD thats consider revise is it?

Passion Quest

I went to passion quest on 3 of August.
Well well. What is it?
Erm... Its actually a conference or concert and its all abt christian.
I m not a christian... Just want to experience sth new. And i do really really love some christian songs.
They played my favourite there. "Amazing Grace". XD XD
Happy. It is the song that will really touch me. Dont know why...
Maybe its the melody. Soothing... and... holy.

Joyce and Elaine went too. Actually there is more than 100 of IMU students joining this quest. But we get some sort of break up when we enter the hall.

While waiting outside the hall. We play words game. Writing words on others back. Asking them to guess. XD Joyce have a sensitive back. She guested 99% of words that i gave her.

A senior sitting beside me. OWH. my bad. forgot her name... ...
But he always remind me of someone familiar. But i cant recall who is it...
Aish Aish... Bad memory.

The conference was superd. Christ Tomlin is superd.Louie is superd. Everything is superd.
Christ Tomlin has a good voice... XD XD
Louie is gud in his words...XD XD
Ying Xin is gud in ntg... lolz..

Erm... ok. Throughout the conference is alwayz climax. Joyce keep trying to look at the stage... But the crowd in front of us r tall. XD XD

Ppl around me keep touching their eyes... Crying i think...
And suddenly feel that i m really not sentimental... cause i didnt cry... lolz...

XD XD singing nearly every minutes in that 3 hours. Throat are quite sore now.
After the quest... I feel that ppl that has passion is really bahagia.
they know where they are going... not losing their ways.

Stay over at Joyce's sister room. XD XD Aish. Yen Haw and Sia Yang Ickes must think i m weird.
Going here and there and doing sth that a gal usually wont do... lolz...
nvm. thats me. XD XD any hard feelings on me just tell me ya. XD XD

owh... I forgot to ask my aunt go to that conference. lolz... hm... nvm. next time next time. Passion Quest end. ^^

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Back in seremban ^_^
Keke~ Feel sleepy but i dont want to sleep on my bed.
It is full of dust now. So... after i wash all my laudry.
The king size bed of daddy and mommy will be mine!!!! wakaka. *evil*

Ooh... Yesterday pbl was a bas one. I think. Everybody did a lot of research.
And i found that what i had read up is just the surface of the topic. so sad.
The young faci try hard to make me talk.
"Ying Xin, you read a lot is it? I saw you have jot down a lot of notes."
=.= "Erm... no... my handwriting is big. That's why..."
Then everybody went -.-''' lolz... what a reason.
But it is true. I m not trying to avoid responsibility or not to share my knowledge.

At the end of PBL. I didnt give feedback. I just ask a question that cause chaos in the group.
Most of them try to explain to me the fact. But with everybody trying to explain in the same time makes me @.@... ...
And the worst. Faci Chew and Njeri dont underst and my question... ...
Ouch ouch. Need to buck up my English. =P
And someone keep signalling me to talk... ... =.=

Okok. Then i did some stupid stuff again that night.
Try to pindah rumah by my own. At the end PHAIL!! Call Joyce.
Thanks god. She came to help me and she is a good in moving things?
She helped me to pindah things that i need to pindah 3 times in just one go.

Went to lepak at her room and her sis room after that. Watching videos, movies.
I went to my new apartment around 2 i think.
Sia Yang Ickes and Yen Haw is still mummying or dotaing. Havent came back.
=.= Decided to continue drama-ing and found there is a lot of ends walking in parade in my room.
GERAMNYA!!! 88 little creature. I will make sure that you are sent to heaven on next week. Ngek ngek ngek.
So... I just laid on the sofa and watch drama.
Sia Yang Ickes and Yen Haw came back around 3 sth.
Yen Haw was like 0.0 "Ying Xin is still awake. I thought you always sleep b4 12 and wont dramaing 1."
lolz... misconception. Ying Xin is opposite of what you think. Ngek ngek. *laughing evily*

XD XD Ickes teman me to dramaing for half an hour then he cant tahan n went to sleep. I still continue watching.
Plan to watch until 6 then i will off to KTM station.
But my eyes feel so dry... ... then i fell asleep...
XD XD both of them really tidur mati. Dont have any response even i open the noisy front door for 3 times. XD XD

okok. Thats all. Very lazy to blog now.... since i m crapping with 2 persons now.