Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who want a tour to Garden....

lolz... Garden is nice. Garden is beautiful. But the things there r really very expensive. so i wont go there even for window shopping...
Usually i will Just walk pass it n go to Midvalley. =P

My Bestie~~ angel came back for raya break. n she havent been there b4.
So i m her tour guide to Gardens... keke. you get the right man... oops. i mean girl.

I actually took her to walk around in each n every floor. She seem to like it a lot.
We went into a CD shop which is very very canggih. Got a lot of CDS that cant b found in other CD shop n its has a large varieties. Trust me!!! It really is. We listened to songs... tonnes of songs b4 we leave it... n continue our journey around Gardens...lolz...

Then... we came into this particular shop... the first step into this shop. I said OH MY GOSH... n ran towards this

Guess... what is it?? It is a BUN!!!!!
Look nice?? want to have a bite??
nah.... you cant. It is a stress ball!!!
oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh...it look like a REAL bun!!!!
it feel like a bun (just it can go back to the original shape while real bun cant when you squeeze it). it smell like a bun. We took it up n smell.
Oh my GOD!!!! smell of butter, egg n flour= BUN!!!!! wah!!! want to have a bite of it!!!!
N it even have small cracks just like the real bun!!!! KAWAII YA!!!!
But its so expensive.... RM14.80 each... =.=

Another step into that shop. Sth caught my eyes....

TADA!!!! The small model of food n kitchen!!!!
You know just like the 1 in "e juo ju zhi wen".
small bt its so alike to the real things!!! My heart go "WOW WOW WOW".
This is the inbox form.
My heart is jumping like crazy!!! Cause it is hard to find them in Malaysia. This type of minute model... n i hv weakness towards sth that is small, delicate n look like food...
Bt again Rm 14.40 per set n a full set cause around RM 60....
lolz.... XD XD will get myself 1 after i finish sth. HM!!! GAMBATEH!!!
p/s: shop... dun closed down so fast ya~ wait for me. =P

We went to the lowest floor after this. Found a shop that sold Japanese Snacks n Food.
N i ran wild again!!!!

All are snacks, cookies, sweets, flavourings from JAPAN!!!
I took a few turns around the shop. Looking here n there. Nearly grab everything. =P
Cause everything is so delicious!!!!!
But.... XD XD really cham. All the things r so expensive. So i bought sth that is on SALES....

Ngek... I dont really like these cookies... but i still can eat them when i m bored or just give them to my bro... ( he eats everything =P)RM4.90 for 2
The middle 1 is a free gift. Surely is bcause the shopkeeper kena "shot" by angel....
Angel got 1 n i also got 1 too... =P =P got a bit cheap stake man.
But this is sth good when you go out with leng lui---> angel not me. XD XD i m nt so perasaan.kaka. =P

Then we went to watch "THE OTHER BOELYN GIRL" wit MacD that we smuggled in. =P =P
The king is very sad case... Both of us scolded him throughout the whole show...
=p love Natalie Portman n wishing that ntg like that will b happening in the world now... ... Well. Nice movie. ^^ N Natalie's sis---> Mary is really a kind hearted girl.
She tried to save her sis who is going to b executed even Anne (Natalie) grab the king from her... used her as a tool to get near the king... kick her away...
oh my gosh. such kind n strong soul. Really impressed by her. she even took Anne's daughter n raise as her own child after Anne is executed.
n poor thing to Natalie's bro. He was accused to have abnormal relationship wit Anne n was killed when there is nth happened actually...
But the king is really sex driven de... n finally nearly rupture his whole country.
I think every king is like this.... =.= man....

Went back to seremban after this. Thought of stopping at Bkt jalil for a while but... going to rain.... So cancel.
Reach Seremban... Had angel's bf drove her n me to 7 -11 just to buy slurpies!!!
Blah... n we took st to find 1 7-11 since three of us had not been in seremban for quite st.
Ngek ngek. Thanks a lot Perng!! Sorry for "using" you. just a test la....
See if u r really that good to angel. =P =P
n dont b so coool in front of me. i wont makan u. blek blek blek.

Leng lui angel n me.... sigh~ she is always so bright. need to take sunglasses next time =P =P i mean i must wear sunglasses to look at u. hee hee~

p/s:Aish. he treated you differently cause you r his sweetheart n i m not... ^^
happy dayz~ thanks for accompanying me. u r alwayz an angel n honey to me ^^

p/s: I think mommy pass her sorethroat to me liao.... ~.~

Random Photos.... =P

Push Pop again!! now is berry blast!!! cant try it because having sore troat....
nah...nvm. i will keep it first. ~^^~

XD XD These r the warm n lovely food. ^^

lasse...? Lassi??? lolz... forget what its name is. But is sth like that.
Mango yougurt in ice... but its very sweet la....

"Hello. Everybody...I m Tao Tao" =P he cant speak la. But he is SO CUTE~~~~~ blek. sayang mu. a lot of kisses to u.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Facts at home

Hmph... i think i m a terrorist at my home in a good way...
I found that my mum bought a box of ice cream last 2 weeks and it is still there!!
ngek ngek. Bet she is feeling lonely for there is no one fighting for ice cream with her.
Last time when i used to stay at home most of the time.
We always fight over ice cream. And she usually is the one finish the last one up.
Making me feeling unsastified... ...

In my house, cold drink is nearly in the forbidden list due to our allergic or my mum so called "flu". Everytime i curi curi open a can of soft drink... If i dont finish b4 she found out... my drinks will b gone. >< >< sad life...

Then. is my bro... I think he miss me... The big bully. Feel bless for having such a nice bro... I used to leave my cup on the computer table because it is such a long distance from the com to the kitchen. And my bro help me to take it down to wash. And help me run errands n etc.... of course he wont help me to do everything cause he still have a list of things he wont do for me like helping me to wash my clothes...

Erm... I didnt bully my daddy... not that he is a stern and fierce man. It because my mum will stranggle me if i do that. Heh heh. Dont fight over a man with other woman... lolz...

Have been watching TV nearly 24 hours. Miss that idiot box a lot since my apartment dont have a functional same species there... Watching movie from laptop and from TV is totally 2 different things... I prefer TV more. ^^

Found out that Shu Shu and Xiang Xiang grew a lot. Welll..... mayb it is really a long time i didnt go n have a look on them.... lolz... but it is really funny to see xiang xiang bigger than shu shu... lolz... erm... Nice job. Dad!! XD XD

My mum had started over again the lecture of me being thinner than the last two weeks she saw me n kept stuffing food into my mouth... lolz... i gain weight la ma... ... i eat a lot there. didnt skip meals and didnt do exercise too. so i m not losing weight.... ... XD XD but thank you. feel so happy to taste ur food again. Not my own food. ^^ looking forward for soup. Hope you remember to cook some b4 i went back.

Reading manga plus PBL-ing now. Feel so bahagia to b in One Manga again.
Stupid IMU had ban it from the net... how do they find out a...
ish ish... ok. i think thats all. Cheer for me. I finish my nursing week report.
Hopefully i wrote the correct things... ^^ nitez nitez

Baby sitting Tao Tao tomorrow. ~ ^^

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dont Push ME Around!! =.= (Emo piece.0

There was a Freaking Great Meeting yesterday...
It was a nice one. Far more better than the meeting of Lucky 13 which only 5 or 6 little kittens there. Lolz...
Slept at 4 sth yesterday watching anime... Gosh. I think i m going crazt this few days. Cant sleep well n too energetic. Welllll... I dont plan to b like that. Just my mind is too high too settle down.

Reach home around 5 pm today. It should b a nice things to do since i havent be back for 2 weeks and my 'cute' little bro said i abandon him which is so so so not true...
Ish... I just want to stay back and study a little bit more...

Actually i plan to finish my PBL today. But thanks to MOMMY.... ...
my plan changed... Everytime i on the computer... she sure link to the fact i m playing some games or etc... but not doing my stuff... Then give a super super long lecture on how i should use my time beneficially (well... in her dictionary. it means study for 24 hours). Welll... Its ok to me. This lecture is the most common lecture she gave since i step into my schooling life.

But i really bue tahan when she told me to cancel my outings with my friends.
Hey hey. Missy. you should b smiling that someone ask ur daughter out.
If no one is asking her. It means that she is totally an anti social, a total unlikeable person and a total person that will b forgotten by ppl somedays and ur wish of having many ppl in my wedding dinner will b totally gone... lolz...

We only meet less than five times a year. And you though only i m sitting for exam.
Plz... no. There are also sitting for STPM you know. Their books are far more thicker than mine n yet they still willingly spent time wit me. hmph...

Sigh~ i really dont have any mood to do my homework or study now. Thanks to Mommy.
Actually you can stop worrying that I wont study. Although i dont guaratee i will pass the exam bt i will still study. k? you know wat... continuous reminding me to study even i m studying will make me stop to study... and start to play or just sit there and dream... oh my gosh. That is worse isnt it? Oh my gosh. I know i m childish to oppose my Mom but yea yea. I m rebellious st. Although i look gentle and tame. Dont push me around. Pushing too much will make me depend on the pushing to work in my future then i will b a big failure and die as a rubbish... Hmph...

Ok... I think i feel better now. I think I should b able to continue study now. Dont said any words ya. I will sesat st bt i still will find my way back. Dont make me more sesat wit ur direction when you dont know what i m heading...

Sorry for rudeness. this is what i want to tell you. wonder if daddy still read my blog... then he can tell you this. XD XD i dont want to argue wit u cause i m not good in debating.

ok. everyone. HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! Started Immunology. Finally said bye bye to Microbiology. *But i cant remember most of the things in that.Sad Case*

Friday, September 26, 2008

Psycho Question

Mayb someone that was watchin Hong Kong Drama since primary will have some clue about the question that i m asking at the next moment.
This is a question taken from the series.
It kept popping up in my head recently that it annoys me.
Hmph... just want to try to kick it out of my mind.


Z is the second daughter of a rich family but she is in debts. Her dad passedaway so she came back from Austrilia to attend his dad funeral.
Well... Z is not the favourite child of her dad. She is said to bring bad luck to her dad and that's why she was send to Austrilia to study since she was 3 years old.
She does not have good relationship with anyone in her family.
Her present in the house cause uneasiness in the family.
A curse child will always remain as a curse to the family.

During the funeral, Z saw a handsome n young gentleman. She fall in love in the first sight of him. But before she can talk to him. He varnished from her sight.

After the funeral, is the time to open the envelope that contain the will.
As the lawyer annouce the will. As expected, Z does not inherit even a penny from a father.
Nearly most of the properties went to her elder sister, J. (note: there are only 2 children in that family. J and Z)
Everybody move out from the room. Suddenly, there heard a scream from behind and as they turn back. They saw Z, a knife in a hand, kept stabbing towards the heart of J.
J was immediately rush to the hospital. But she lost a lot of blood + her heart is stab. So she died.

Ok... The question now is.
What is the motive of Z by killing her sister?

Well.... I cant really remember what answer i gave that time.
But most of the ppl will said that Z had a grudge with a sister or sth like bcause she wanted to inherit the large amount of properties.
Congratulations. not bcause you have the right answer. But this show that you are perfectly normal.

The correct answer is Z killed her sister so that there is another funeral to b held.
This is to give her another chance to see her knight in shining armor.
Ppl who get this answer.... mayb a extremely brilliant or psycho.

So what answer do you give for this question??

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Joke: Dont proceed if you feel that it will be lame...

Read it from my secondary school blog...
It goes like this...
A girl is in love with a handsome and she messages him through MSN.

G: Hey handsome. Wat is ur phone number... I think it is 017/012. ~^^~

H: 0.0 how you know? Do you spy on me or what? Why cant my phone number b 016 or 019??

G: Cause i feel that there is a HOT LINK between us. *giggle*

H: swt....

=P This is the modified version. Hope that you wont b wrapping in ur blanket.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Last week is too relaxing that i barely touch my notes...
oh shoot.
Besides 2 days waking up at 4.30 in the morning.
Thanks to SYI who set my alarm without me noticing...

A hundred thanks to Haw Ger. Settling my lunch for me on Friday.
Actually i feel super depress that day.
Trying to close myself up in my room n rot away...
Well. Thanks for ur "warm" KFC and donuts.
Hee hee~ finish them all le.

Cheerleading on friday. BANDITS are awesome. We got bronze.
Feel like joinig next year... If i m still in IMU... lolz...
Bt it needed so much commitment...aish aish... lazy la...
~ ^^ ~ good job Wei Chin. Keep it up!!!
Pei Jin and Kian stay over... And some crazy guys playing Nerts at 2 to 3 sth in the morning... lolz...

Went to shop with Kei Li. She is trying really really hard to buy a present...
hm... nope. its PRESENTS for Chin Nam. Roaming through every level of midvalley and she bought some stuffs for him in nearly every shop we go.
XD XD And the present. Although not an expensive 1. Its a touching 1. ^^
Grocery shopping at nitez... Nearly over budget. And fish is getting more expensive...

Sunday... Woke up early and clean the aprtment... Cook at 12pm...
Actually i dont know i m cooking for 6 ppl until SYI said "Matthew, Sue Yee and Leon are coming over for lunch... ..." Lolz...
SYI cook the vege and pork... I cook the steam fish and eggs...
I didnt dare to try my steam fish. Cause its just taste fish to me...
erm... means tasteless... But the other said its good...
Wonder if they are trying to make me feel better.
Sphagetti at nitez... too much noodles. Very full...
And Yen Haw won Nerts again. " I dont want to play with him again"
>< >< ><

Supposedly to give Chin Nam a surprise lunch today.
But... SYI spoiled it... Ish ish. Y there is always a spoiler for each birthday celebration...
But Chin Nam is really good in acting... aish aish...
Anyways... today lunch is lazy n sleepy... i dont know. everyone look energyless. XD XD

No pen torch and tendon hammer for me. I always miss out the date to pay...
Hmph. need to go to Kamal to get them.
PBL on Anaphylaxis is stupid... I cant find most of it online...
and i m the leader. Thanks to faci Fong YeWin. I dont know what to do on that day.
Mayb random pick ppl to talk on the issues. But we had 14 of them... lolz... Hopefully it ends fast... Feel stress out every PBL...

Waiting for Raya Break... ...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freaking Great...ss

FREAKING GREAT!!! Trying to form an number eight...
Is it visible??

A gift from the junior on finale nitez..

This is the inside of the card... not sure if u can read the words...
But its super touching n sweet...
nearly shed tears... my god... so lucky to have you all as Freaking Great members...
hee hee. Make my heart younger after spending 2 weeks with you all.
You all r the best. ^^


This is my fav. dish cook by my "da jiu miu". Its so delicious that i can finish all of it if no one if eating after me~ hee hee.

Tomato Mushroom Eggs. The best dish at B2-10-2 first attempt to cook. ^^

ok... plz guess what is it?
Well... its fish with taucu sauce... some of my friend said its look uneatable...
erm... beside being a little bit too salty. its ok. perfect.
Its salty bcause i kept saying " put more sauce la!!"
Sorry~ my bad. =P

A glass of red wine will lighten ur day... ^^
hee hee~ miss red wine so much. oh... it also help to lower ur cholesterol.

Hee hee~ childhood memory. When i ate this sweet when i m in primary.
Usually it will bcome sticky n full of my saliva.
But... now It is perfect. ^^ i can eat it perfectly. kekeke~ CHEER!!!

This is our DIY cake for Kei Li.
Does it look cute n sweet?? ~^^~


I m the "bridesmaid" for my cousin wedding...
well... I m not that sure. Since she just said that she want me to help her out in her wedding.
But the job that i m doing is quite similar to a bridesmaid. hee hee~

Saturday nitez is the wedding dinner. Went to set my hair.
Well.... What i can said is really a nice hair set. But... its really make me look old n its doesnt suit my age....
lolz... come on. I know i m not that young. but i m not that old too...
I m the receptionist on that dinner... n nearly all my relatives cant recognize me...
My grandpa only know its me after my mom said "she is my daughter"(in teochew)
lolz... n my little aunt n my cousins r teasing or "praising" my hairstyle...
N my friends cant recognize me too. oh my gosh... is it that bad??
XD XD nvm... lessons learnt----> no curly hair for me. hee hee.

the look from the side... is worse from the front. so just have a look at the side la. ^^

Have issues with my hair that nitez... since the hair dresser put a lot of chemicals on my hair... it bcome harden a bit. bu shuang... ... i love my old hair...
luckily after washing it bcome straight again...

I woke up the next morning ard 7... actually its quite late. i should be preparing at 6... but the bed is so soft n cozy... hee hee.
Put on a dreamy white dress... since i dont have any pink dress.
And poof. it match with my cousin wedding gown. ^^ lucky. I loves the veil. it look so romantic...
Always following the bride. Collecting angpau n present for her. gave her tissues...
Actually its quite a easy task. But walking here n there is tiring... ...
The bride is pretty and the bridegroom is a bit anxious that day... hee hee. ^^
wedding trauma...
After the tea ceremony. We went to my cousin new hse in puchong.
There is a buffet. With super nice food. I dont have cameras with me... so cant take any pictures of the delicacies...
Went back to vista then...

hee hee~ i think i look better here nia... no other photos... since most of it is with my dad.

Hope i did a good job as a bridesmaid. And Wishing Agnes a happy and loving wedding life. ^^
Dont bully her ya!! i will smack u if u do that. kaka. ^^

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bad KTM ><

My impression for KTM is getting better each day this few months...
Until yesterday... it drops again.

Went back to Seremban after class. Its around 4.30 when i reach KTM station.
Waited for hald an hour and the KTM is no where to be seen.
The opposite lane to MIdvalley 1 already have 2 trains passing it.
More and more ppl swam in since it is 5 already...

Trying to get onto the train for 3 times.
FAIL!!! Either i m being push back. Or i m too kind hearted and make a way for the passengers inside to come out.
On the forth time, decided to sit down n have a rest since i m wearing high heels and no point pushing with ppl here n there when i cant even get onto the train.

Sending random message to ppl n hoping that no 1 will =.= for the message i sent.
I miss 6 trains and got on the 7.
Stand all the way back to seremban. Clinging to my bag cause ppl around me seem to be the target of snatch thieves n pickpockets recently.
Arrive Seremban at 8 sth... ...lolz... Wishing that mommy will let me drive to uni.
So i wont need to bcome sardine in the train.
No use pak Lah go n experience taking KTM himself. Since the result is still the same. or maybe worse... ...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jz sth... ...

Yesterday Yen Haw n Ickes went to track n field while i m sleeping at home... ...
lolz... cant bear it already. Everyday sleep only 5 hours...
Found that my eyes really bcome more n more panda like.
need to play less a. Ying Xin.
When both of them came back. We played the usual card games.
Yen Haw seem to recover already. He won that game.
I m still the usual self. Score a lot at first bt then... the marks will start decreasing.

B4 i sleep, Kei Li broke her glass n cut her leg. Luckily its not a very big cut.
And she manage to get the glass out from the wound which according to what i saw is very pain.
Bless her. Hope all the pieces of glasses are clear away from her room.

hee hee~ Forgot to mention. Yen Haw n Ickes look SEXY in their sport uniform.
singlets n very short shorts. XD XD should take a picture of them.

CSU today... Nearly late. Someone blur rushing in without wearing labcoat.
i thought today CSU will b worst than the history taking CSU.
But CHEER!!! it is the best CSU section n i learn a lot from it.
Thanks to Dr Julia, the friendly SP n my beloved groupmates.
Everybody is opening his mouth n contributing sth.
N Dr Julia really ROCKS!!! Giving us very very detailed information.
hee hee~

Then met Freaking Great outside library.
gosh. i dont know boy to boy relationship is the hot topic for them now.
XD XD aiyo... funny la. you guys. i cant imagine Matthew n Kevin together... ...
XD XD kakakaka. N Kian n CL. oh my gosh oh my gosh.

Doing PBL now... N lots of info cannot b found... how a?
There r 9 learning issues for the first 1. And 14 for the second 1...
n i only finish 1 learning issues... ai sigh. Sad life man.

Pink dress... ...y gals always choose pink. Choose white instead la.
pure n magnificant.
Wei Chin... Quickly come back... i m HUNGRY......
my stomach gulugulu le. XD

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Fright 0.0

Okok. There is a saying that goes like this " Dont judge a book by its cover".
It means sth like dont judge a person through how he looks like.

I m one of the best example. keke~ got a hardworking look bt somehow is the laziest person among my friends n family.

Well... the story for this proverb goes like this.
Yesterday, I wanted to return Li Ly's memory card to her before i lost it or break it.
So... I sms her n tell her that i m going to find her after my class.
But... She is in Kamal... So I just went back to my room n sleep.
I think "Zhou Gong" really hate me a lot. Cause after dating with him ard 15 mins.
He kick me away. Li Ly's said that she is back n i can come over... ...

<.< angry... y i cant have a nice 2 hours nap without any ppl disturbing me??
So i m in sleep walking state when i walk to her hse.
Reach her hse... ... phone her. No one pick up the phone...
=.=''' Dont tell me she havent reach vista. When i turn. "BUAH!!"
Ying Xin~ "AHHH!!"
"This is for you scaring me yesterday."
-.- 0.0 "But its not me who scare you. Its Ickes..."
Lily smiling.

Conclusion: In my heart, Li Ly is always an obedient and quiet gal.
I didnt expect her to give me a "surprise" like this...
Gosh. Dont judge a person from how she look like.
You are a good example too. Naughty gal~ ^^ Really naughty.


Went out last nitez to celebrate Darius' belated birthday...
I thought it is a big party. But it turn out to be only 6 persons.
Eating in William's. Gosh. All the berlemak stuff. Feel full halfway n i ate a whole big bar of chocolate while waiting for SYI n Haw Ger...
But Matthew still happily munching after all of us cant continue to eat... ...
They kept putting food on my plates...
Mr. although i can eat more than a gal do. It doesnt mean i m an eating machine. You know? ish...
Then... Pair up with Daniel while in NERTS. Two experts= 100% VICTORY!!! WEE~ ^^
kaka. Win in a very high scores. 111.
After blowing the chocolate banana cake which had words like....
"All the best to the to-be pilot." I dont know Darius wanted to be a pilot.
oh gosh oh gosh. Then he should be very good friend wit William in my secondary sch.

Have dance class in 20 mins. Dont know if i should go. Since i had been missing the class since the start of orientation.
Feel kekok to pop in half way. Anywayz~ Dont let Sue Yee down. She works hard to summon everybody to dance class.

P/s: Yen Haw. Get well soon. ^^

Saturday, September 6, 2008

<.< ???

Alone in E lab 1 now. Brain stops functioning since laz nitez.
Thanks to SYI. all my brain cells are damage by him.
Woke up at 7.30am n totally ignore my alarm clock.
I thought the alarm is some sort of music in my dream.

Having a "good time" stopping taxi and we must stay 100% cautious since someone bag has more than RM1000 in it.
Everyone look like robbers or thief there. XD XD
I m too sensitive....

Trying to make my brain stay awake... ... IMU is a big freezer. Wonder how other ppl wearing less clothes than me but they dont feel the cool air moving ard them.

Have a bad day in CPR test. Dont choose the lady that we saw in our theory test. She is evil... ... All the candidates tried to avoid her. Some even hide under the chair.

Orientation had end. My group is always link to the forth place. So Freaking Great is in the forth place. Actually feel a bit unfair...
Is out dress code and Finale nitez that bad that we didnt deserve a better marks.
But... Whatever la. Orientation has become pass tense. Its time for me to move forward and the ME2/08 too.
Hope they will still remember me after sometimes. Since i always carried the "Forget Me" disease n spread it to every ppl i met.

Looking forward to this weekend. ^^ And feel helpless too.
Sorry ya~ Cant teman u all to charity home visit.
Have fun there~ n take a lot of pictures for me~ ^^

Okok. Recruitment drive. should i go to join more clubs? keke~

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cooking in B2-10-2

We bought a multiple cooker on wednesday!!! XD XD
And try to use that on that very night.
Yen Haw is the chef and i m his assistant.
Three of us have very big argue throughout the cooking session.
All of us have different way of cooking.

XD XD Finally come our wit 3 dishes and it is eatable. kekeke.
I love the egg the MOST!!!

Miss my parents voice. Havent heard their voice for 2 days since i m busying with my orientation group.

Feel super sorry to Nicky. I kept ffk her. Aish Aish. Sorry sorry.

Wishing that the person who always sms me buta buta malam will stop it cause now i think i got hypersensitivity tawards sound at night. lolz...

I look funny in this photos. All my hsemates r there except Kei Li. ^_^

One of the dishes. Do it look eatable? The remaining dishes... Wait till my hp let me sent things to my laptop la... stupid phone.

Variety Nitez.... part 2

I envy M208 students. They have better orientation committee. To be honest.
My batch orientation video clip really a bit sucky and till now. I still dun really quite understand whats happening.

but M208. lucky guys.You all got the best video clips for ur orientation.
With Ooooo and wow here and there throughout the videos.
Even Haw Ger also impress with it. So its a really really really good videos. XD XD

okok. After the video is our group performance. ^_^
Its a nice 1. better than lucky 13 1 la.
But... I seem to have a different taste from the judges. What i think its funny is usually not to them.
=.= HMPh hmph!!! Angry liao!!! HMPH!!!

I m one of the mafia. With my glassses on. No one recognise me until i said sth like
"We also professional la. You see. We got uniform and name tag too. So borrow money from us la. borrow money from us la." XD XD
and today... nearly all ppl teasing me bt that and said that i m naughty...
-.-??? eh... which part of me is naughty?

But we cant finish our play. So bad. The stupid judge QC us out. The best part of the play is at the back. And they dont let us to finish it... T.T
And Wolf feel pretty bad bt it although he keep going ard teasing and saying good stuff to other ppl...
aish aish. Dont feel bad guys. You all did ur best already.
And i think we ROCKS!!!! Is their bad luck and stupidity that they QC us out.
Blek blek blek!!!

Its so tired yesterday that i fell asleep even when i watch movies ( that's not the usual thing that happened to me.)
No strength to bath, do the chores, wash the dishes n etc. Dont even have tenaga to move out and down the bed. lolz...
N i think i saw SYI tried to push open my door and then jump away or runaway. =.=
(lolz... He must be curious seeing me lying there with my laptop screen blank but got sound coming out from it XD XD )cant really remember. i also dun know when our temporary tenent left yesterday!!!
OMG. i m really tired......

P/s: Again... I cant find any photos... >,<
Time to ask a camera from my dad.

Variety Night...part 1

Ok... The most important event in orientation cause it is the day to see if ur group can win the orientation or die badly... XD XD scary... My group did bad last time...
Hence i m quite nervous for Freaking Great performance.

Our ACT and group performance is all in the second half. Scary...
Waiting there and doing ntg is worse than going up straightly to perform...

I didnt watch other groups performance. I cant and i dont want.
First, its torture to me sitting there n nt doing anything, watching other ppl performance. Imagining they are better than my group 1. Although it is totally not true. Second, will try to add something in the very last minute of the show which is not a brilliant act.

Anywayz~ Our ACT (Lim Kian) who is sitting beside me now. Is GreAT!!!
Storyline: Michael Jackson saw a girl fairer than him. He felt jealous and decided to went to surgery.
bt the surgeon is very dumb dumb and turn him into Joker.
Then he die of heartache.
It is Kian first time dancing. XD XD very good!!!
and with Joanna acting skill. The play is perfect...
But... the judge seem to love lame things better...
So no choice la. =.=
Bravo Lim Kian!!! ^_^ you did a great job!!!
Want to join Dance club?? hee hee~ ^^

This is a part of our brainstorming for our group performance.^^
Drawn by Ruth.

P/s: I cant find any photos for variety nitez again. Do we have any photos??
Lolz... Dont tell me we r too excited until we forget to get any photos. ><
Arg... Lim Kian. Do you take ur MJ photo?

Dress Code!!

You aint nothin but a hound dog
Cryin all the time.
You aint nothin but a hound dog
Cryin all the time.
Well, you aint never caught a rabbit
And you aint no friend of mine.

When they said you was high classed,
Well, that was just a lie.
When they said you was high classed,
Well, that was just a lie.
You aint never caught a rabbit
And you aint no friend of mine........

Sang by Wolf (Zhen Qiang)

Dress Code... Nervous that day. Since i m the only OO the officially participate in the play. I m one of the PCD!!! XD XD Feel shy shy. since i dont really can dance and dont have good, sexy figure like them. hee hee~

Everything went nice except the computer lagging and all the actors and actress stand there doing ntg. embarass~ ~

Elvis presley is Wolf who cant write any lyrics and songs for his next album.
So he Deja Vu to 21st century.
met Akon (Sim) XD XD his expression is super cute when singing "Lonely".
Then, Elvis met Justin Timberlake (Vijay) wit "Sexy Back" words sticking on his back...
lolz... But Vijay can really dance. 0.0 oooooooo....
Rihanna (Sulo) is next. Dancing w umbrella. She is so sexy and cute. ^^
At last is PCD!!! XD XD i dont know what happened lia... Feel funny... Dont know if its nice.... or we r too stunning until not a sound from the audience... lolz...

Next is Elvis started to write his lyrics and "Hound Dog" is produced.
Wolf live sing that song. Its nice. W Kevin as the guitarist and the whole group dancing bhind him.
Got the same effect as my orientation dress code last time where Shaun shock sendiri ont the stage singing "Beautiful girl". XD XD

Dress code make me think of the "stay alive" MV that Lucky 13 made last sem. keke~
Hail!! Freaking Great!!! Hail!!! LUCKY 13!!!!

p/s: after dresscode. I went to support my batch female basketball team.
I dont know that basketball can be so rough until then...
Players hugging and pulling at each other....
We lost... but nvm. You all did a very GOOD JOB!!! ^_^
WC cried. This is the first time i saw her cry. Nvm. Chin CHin. You did a very good job le.
To be able to get better. We must compete with the 1 that is better than us. XD XD

Arg.... cant find any photos for this event. n my stupid hp dont let me bluetooth things to my com again T.T

Trap Trip

Kakaka. I know its crazy to update my blog with so many post in 1 day.
But i scare i will forgot all the things after a st. So no choice lo.
Sorry~ plz bear wit me ~ ^^

Firstly its Track trip. Its in Sunway n we make our costumes on the spots.

We nearly got halau out by the security guards because we attracted too much attention. Ppl that passby us will just stop and look at us. Some even take pictures with us. ^_^
When the rangers pass by Poh Kong.
The guard warn us to take out the tudung... He was afraid that we are Terrorist. XD XD or Robbers maybe. Cause Kevin really look like 1. All black with dark glasses.

We did our cheer in the middle of the new wing. XD XD Copy bombshell!! But its great.
We shout really loud and if you look up.
You could see ppl staring down at us... XD XD
I like Wolf's expression when he conducts the cheer.

Then we have lunch in Nando. Its very very super random. To save time and avoid arguing over what to eat.
Our dear leader... =.= Just said we go in to the first shop we meet.
Random!!! And LUCKY!!! cause its not random shop!!! kekeke.

Our group is supposed to find the worst appetizer.
But there isnt things like that in Sunway...
So... ^_^ Time to DIY!!!!
Every OO contributes sth from their meals.
Rice, salad, chicken skin, soup...
Then, me. The BEST cook. XD XD add the flavouring.
A lot of salt, tomato sause, extra hot peri peri sause, pepper, ice lemon tea...
I thought it will be tha worst meal for them but....

=.=''' The juniors said it taste quite nice... ...
lolz... and Sia Yang Ickes said he wanted to eat it too... Lolz...

Wolf belanja me ice cream. XD XD thanks a lot ya~ hee hee.
Then we went to vista to discuss bt dress code...
elvis presley... What will Happened?

This is the rangers. look cool right??
I dont think other groups got ppl dress up n DIY like us.

This is how bad i look like after Treasure Hunt.
Compare n c who is the 1 that get the most bully.
A: Ying XIn!!!

Pictures 3

wan tan mee... I like the wan tan. got celery in it. ^_^

Fried rice... wit eggs... my bro beloved. lolz...

I love this dish. Taufu and eggs. ^_^

xiao long bao... dont taste nice that day.

Oooooo.... Soya bean tang yuan. I love i love. My super best loved dish that day.

Black sesame in the tang yuan.... i dont like. y dont change it to gula melaka?
then it will be perfect. XD XD

Pictures 2

Look eeky. But it taste nice. Appetizer.

Botol Botol of sauce.

The restaurant that provides these food.

"Shui xian". My grandpa best loved tea. hee hee~ But i dun like it.

"zha jiang mian"

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is Leo... Joyce's past tense temporary pet. kaka. ~^^~

Best prawn mee in Seremban... I like it.

Special ice jelly made by Joyce... XD

Taste ok. But it is somewhat too hard. XD XD