Friday, October 31, 2008

So not true bt it cheers me up a little.

Just sent some notes to YM. XD and found that facebook chatbox is super unstable...

Did an IQ test yesterday... just an urge cause... i dont know. i thought my IQ is decreasing bt my EQ going up a little. lolz...

This is the comment the test give me...

Well done! Your performance on the test was well above the population average which means that you have the ability to achieve success in life. Typically, people with scores in this range can see logic in their surroundings and perform very well academically. You like to conceptualize ideas and gather your own information which means that you have the brains to go far (i didnt used my brain for a long time). You should be able to handle all academic challenges and if you think of intelligence as an ability to adapt adequately to new situations then you are heading in the right direction.

After reading it... I was like =.='''. lolz.... ok...
The bell shaped is moving to the right...
that means previously 100 is the average of a person IQ...
now mayb it turns to 150 le... so i m under average liao...
anywayz. feel a little bit better. got the urge to continue my study... lolz...
sigh~~ pharmaco n biochem here i come.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is Honey in his godmother Joyce cardigan...
He has been staying there for quite a long time...
i think my hsemates didnt realize he is missing cause too busy studying....

Anywayz.... just want to update them with Honey... n he looks good.
My son is always so handsome. XD

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shoo... ...

I dont want to b emo know. bt i really couldnt hold it back.
Emo ness just come flooding into me.
These are the reasons for me to emo.

1. FOund that i really bcome more n more alike to the animal that Rudy's describe me as.
2. Wanted to wake up at 7 today. I heard the alarm going off for 1 n a half hour. My brain is awake but i somehow ignore it n woke up at 9am. lolz...
3. Staying too long in mms. Started to panic bcause i havent study ears n repro yet. So even i look at the model n gt experts besides me explaining. I still cant get what they are saying...
4. Starting to get cold here...
5. Move to the passive part n somehow prepare to resit. lolz... What reason should i give my parents if i fail my exam...? ( i M still working hard)
6. it is really cold in library... my hands in hardening... or frozening.
7. Feel like drinking soup bt definately nt the soup outside IMU. it somehow erks me yesterday.
8. No McD for me yesterday... cause the McD fellow late for 2 hours... n we decided that he forget us.
9. IMU network suddenly closed down when i m uploading my photos. hmph.
10. Bcause it is the time i wanted to b emo. ^^

oh gosh. YX. you are so dead. nvm. do ur best. dont bump into things anymore or knock sth with ur hands. XD XD clumsy. thats what my dad always said bt me. okay...
continue special senses----EAR. if i dont finish this today. i m not going to eat choc for 1 month. 0.0

Midvalley again....

Went out with sze yee and lean sze on Saturday. They didn’t change at all. still the old warm friends that I know. Hee hee~

We had problems in choosing what to eat. Three of us just wait n see who want to decide. =P Sze yee suggested that we makan Kim Gary. . Miss Sze Yee’s cold jokes. She is my strongest competitors in telling cold jokes in Taylors. haha. So here it goes. 1 of the joke.

SY: “which animal is hua dao (slipped in Chinese) most often?”
YX: “Er… Monkey?”
LZ:“y?? o.o”
YX:“cause they always slip by stepping on the banana skin they throw. :D” (looking at SY wishing that she nodded her head.)
SY: (roll her eyes) “ No!!!”
YX: “I know. PENGUIN!! Sure is penguin.”
LZ: “ mengapa???” 0.0 SY smiling sinisterly beside me.
YX: “ erm… the ice is too slippery. so they slip all the time.” (XD should be right. cause they always slip n then too lazy to stand up again n skate around using their tummy.”
SY & LZ: =.= … ngak ngak ngak… …
After several tries to dig out the answer from SY. I surrender…
YX: “so what is it la??” @.@
SY: (laughing evily) “ XD XD kakaka. Is FOX”
YX n LZ: “Y???!!!”
SY: “because they very jiao hua (licik in Chinese. It has the similar pronunciation to legs are slippery)
YX n LZ rolled eyes a few times. XD XD
We went to walk around a few times. Finally went to buy the food model that I wanted so badly. and bad me. I totally don’t know that it is sth like “tikam”. there is eight set n u base on luck. C you get which set. lolz… I thought you will have 8 sets in a box. so I happily buy one that don’t contain heavy meals. Cause I scare watching 8 sets of heavy meals will decrease my appetite. XD XD sigh~ should buy the cakes set de… Nvm. its k. I get this… XD XD not bad la. But I dun know what mee is that. With sauce separate from it. XD

(left): the model that i get. (right). the MODELS that i thought i will get. lolz.
okay. miss both of you. hee hee. n thanks a lot for the present. ^^

Friday, October 24, 2008

Random updates

Finally finish GIT last night. Used up 2 and 1 half days to finish this topic and i dun even know if i remember things. XD just wish that i wont mix up protein and lipid again.
Cause this two sound very oily to me. ^^

Found that i had problems to differentiate things that have nearly the same name.
Used to mix up parotid glands and prostate glands.
I thought both of them are the same things...
so when someone told me girls dont have prostate glands.
YX: no.... you are wrong. girl also have. in the mouth... lolz...
And cervix and cervical too...
XD but the worst 1 is uterus and uniary bladder.
i always thought that uterus=urinary bladder when i m in secondary school.
until i saw the anatomy pictures of the urinary tract.
Bless me. How blur can i be?

Life has been taking care of me so well that i dont know what is the value of hardworking, focus n determination...
in secondary school. you needn't know all the stuffs. Just a little bit here and there and you can score quite well...
but when i get into uni.
everythings change. you really need to know ur stuff. and there is no way you can be lazy (except you are super smart)
so now life is letting me to grow on my own without the care from HIM. aish...
It is really the time to bcome independant.

Its amazing that our body can stuff so much things into this skin pockets. hee hee~ random...
today must try to finish as much notes as possible. tomorrow is play day. lolz...
dont know when i pick up the routine of jotting down notes. i still remember that i take it as granted when i m in secondary.... lolz...

My hsemates said i m getting funnier... lolz... the correct word is weirder.
1.Laughing 24 hours with no reason (lolz... thats me.... i m not psycho)
2.Always mumble bt sth n then when they asked me i said ntg (erm... i dont usually repeat what i said 2 times...)
3.Said 88 to somebody when they are not looking (lolz... that is not my fault. they should b more alert la)
4. Saying some funny stuff like there is a white things besides you (lolz... my old friends know i always said sth like that. it is just sth common to me)
Ok. i think that is all the complaints they have. :D :D thats the real me. so congratz in seeing the real me... n sorry if it really scare you. i m 99% mentally perfect.

One of my old school friends said that i sound more n more boyish...
Really? i dont feel like it. mayb it is since i mix with boy more often...
should i b happy or sad when i bcome more n more boyish...?
bt at least i know i still look like a gal... XD XD

Erm... so what do you prefer?
a person that is more similar to you or a person that is different from you??
sigh~ troubled.
okay. continue mugging. you know there is a white color area at the end of your nails?
It is called Lurula. what lovely name it have. ^^

~Dont judge a book by its cover... But st you also need to judge a book by its cover.~

*it is bcause eyes come b4 heart* +p

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wondering ard when all r busy studying.... ...

I dun know why i can still post so much b4 exam...

Have been lost for quite sometimes. GIT is bad. I hate it.

SMM makes thing that is simple bcome so complicated that at last i also dun know what i am studying.

Slithering out from study nearly every minutes.

Trying to tell myself i can do it.

hmph.. hmph.. dont trust my own senses. Wish that i m only too sensitive cause i think sth wrong is going wrong again... ... sigh~
mayb i shouldnt b worrying. its not my buisness by the way. stepping into other ppl cirlce is totally a taboo.

One of my friend ask me is it really a good thing for having a partner?

WEll. i done know. dont ask me. It depends. but dont put ur own judgement on other ppl... ...

Still wondering what type of person i am? who m i in my parents heart? Who m i in my friends mind? n who m i for my own?

oosh. should do some more active exploring. mayb its just like how someone said.
you dont know what you do is right or wrong. only at the moment b4 u passedaway. you realized what you did right or wrong. so just try ur best in everythings.
yay!! ok. this give me energy. continue "defaecation".... XD

Dream or nightmare

Since young, I had been pestering myself with some illogic imagination and its fun!! I am sure that most of you had this experience. Bt, st, it really bother me. A lot. Especially when I am sleeping. Dreaming is nice but when you have nightmare and adventurous dream. Its bad bad bad!!! You will feel so so so FATIgUE and may have slight trauma the next day.
This is a particular “nightmare” that I had for more than 3 times… the latest is at last Sunday. although the storyline is always changing but the location is same.
In that dream, I was in my primary with my cousin who is 5 years older than me. I don’t know how and why we are in somewhere in the middle of the sea. The somewhere is something like a harbor. The width is same as the width of a football field and the length is about 3 football field. So it makes up a very long rectangular. From both sides, you can see the glassy navy blue sea. Suppose to be quiet nice but it creeps me. I feel scare and wanted to runaway but we had no way to run. T.T The sea look enchanted in a bad way.
Harbor is just a long straight flat land. But this particular place had aquariums. Hundreds or thousands of aquariums lining at the side of it. Big ones. With fishes in it. Nice n icky one. big n small. colorful or dull. oh my gosh. scary. the most frightening part is the fish are looking at me (they are not swimming. they are looking at ME!!!! Goosebumps all over me. Help me. T.T). the middle of the harbor is clear. Nothing on it. But the floor had four drains which form into a big rectangle encircling the harbor. You can see fishes swimming underneath. you can even see the seawater slapping the glass. It is fragile. Some ppl drop into it and kena eaten by the shark!! (AHHHHH!!!pain). And there is a sinister looking guy. I think he is this fish shop boss. He stared at me. smiling again… oh my gosh.. why? I am afraid so I ran into the toilet which located at the very end of this harbor with my cousin.
My cousin calm me down and ensured that we can leave that place soon. and the stupid harbor of this harbor place is at the other end. opposite the toilet. okay. I don’t know how long we hide in that shabby toilet. But when we step out from it. there is a fence on the right side of the toilet. out there is the cover for sewage tank and there are several sharks circling there and they are smiling sinisterly to me. >< lolz… … I think I watch too much Shark Tale.
I ran but halfway, I got attracted by the glassy blue drain. stare at it. stare at it. stare at it. l was hynoptized. Something calling me to step into it. I walk to it … … … … *ALARM* I woke up. Thanks god.
I know this is a very lame dream. But if you don’t experience it. You don’t know what it feels like. When i woke up, I nearly cant breath and i got headache. Wonder if i had even sleep in that 6 hours. Aish. Mr brain. I know you are very active. but please sleep or just lets revise anatomy la. I m doom if you continue to behave like this. I am not studying marine biologist. please let me S.I.P.

~fish told water. You cant see me crying bcause i m inside you.
water tell fish. I can feel you are crying bcause you are always in my heart~ ^^

Random pictures... ^^

Wishing from friends. Thanks to all of them ^^

Pucca!!!! 3 different shapes. at first i thought the octopus and the concave shaped is the unique shape that i get by good luck...
But after some details survey on the box... i found that it actually included in it.... lolz....

Fruit punch make by Joyce and me. Hee hee~ ^^ ITs delicious. Wish i can try it again. ^^

This is a book i had read for four times and still loving it.
My first contact with Diana Wynne Jones and this is her best book.
japanese anime master had transfer the story into anime but i still like the original 1.
How good when you can talk things to live? ^^

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rain is back with RAINISM!!! +P

One of the picture in his new album. Taken from the song----> RAINISM.
you can hear that song from youtube. ^^

Yesterday nitez, i read the newspaper for the first time in 1 month.
Flipping through newspaper is totally different from reading the newspaper.
Flipping through is just looking at pictures only.
And thanks god i READ the newspaper. If not i will MISS that article about releasing of RAin's new album. WOOHOO!!!!

Gosh!! This hot guy really is a large magnectic. Catch my eyes everytime he shows up somewhere. Everytime i see him. I will feel dizzy =P =P

XD ok... Hope u all take out some time and listen to that song. It is the type of music that i like. ^^
And RAIN IS HOT!!!! Super hot!!!
Sigh~ how many person can dance like him. hee hee~

ok... Must stop ss here. Keke. COntinue studying.... blah. There is still so much notez left. and my brain hv limited space left.

ps: stupid. dont on the tv when i m studying. my mind will move to the TV instead. But resident evil is really nice. ^^ kakaka.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Have you ever...

XD pretty fond of this song these days. not bcause it reflects what i feel.
just feel that it touch me. ^^

Have you ever loved somebody so much
It makes you cry?
Have you ever needed something so bad
You can't sleep at night?
Have you ever tried to find the words
But they don't come out right?
Have you ever?
Have you ever?
Have you ever been in love
Been in love so bad
You'd do anything
To make them understand?
Have you ever had someone
Steal your heart away?
You'd give anything
To make them feel the same?
Have you ever searched for words
To get you in their heart
But you don't know what to say
And you don't know where to start?
(Repeat chorus)
Have you ever found the one
You've dreamed of all your life?
You'd do just about anything
To look into their eyes?
Have you fin'ly found the one
You've given your heart to
Only to find that one
Won't give their heart to you?
Have you ever closed your eyes and
Dreamed that they were there
And all you can do is wait
For that day when they will care?
(Repeat chorus)
What do I gotta do to get you in my arms, baby?
What do I gotta say to get to your heart
To make you understand
How I need you next to me?
Gotta get you in my world
'Cause, baby, I can't sleep
(Repeat chorus twice)
Have you ever?

Stupid Malaysian Transport

It seem like everytime i use LRT or KTM.
I will have some new complaints.

WEnt back to seremban today... bcause mommy missing me... lolz...
n i dont have a ticket to tasik selatan bcause the person that is selling the ticket lock himself out.
n he need to wait for the spare key to come.
well... no comment with this. since occasionally somebody will accidentally lock themselves out.
but hey. he is an 50 years old man n he is flirting with 5 young malay girls.
n ignore the tickets buyer at the back.
slowly counting the money n even give mathematics questions to the girls.
(roll eyes for twice).

Then, a gal who is rushing somehow "scolded" him n he quickly let us go through... without ticket.lolz...

Well... the service of malaysia transport is really bad la. the ktm station in Tasik Selatan closed down bcause the worker want to have lunch n we had to line up at the ticket buying maching which dont want to eat any money except the new 1. hmph...
WTH!!! n he is enjoying his meal slowly inside the counter...
letting a large group of ppl out there struggling with the machine.

bad bad bad... lunch time. mommy is really free now.
keep trying new dishes. god bless me that she is wuite good in cooking. =P =P
got lotus soup. wee~ ^^

Life Group BBQ

After examing the model of heart n the respiratory tract...
went to FAye's hse with JOyce. Cause i m helping her out with her fruit punch.
Cutting 7 or 8 apples in to 0.5cm cube. =.=
hard... there is limited space n we r shring a small piece of chopping board together. XD XD n JOyce kept shaking her head when she saw me curi makan the apple.

The fruit punch is nice. It is orange juice plus sprite n some coco banana (i dont know the right words. it is small jelly cube) n apple cubes.
WOW!!! taste like cocktail but it is not alcholic la.

They r using non charcoal bbq stand. taste like bbq bt not bbq.
Just sit there n wait for the food to come.
I love the Chicken wings bt too lazy to use my hand n eat.
XD XD so i just said 88 to them. T.T
ohoh. n i tried to barbeque marshmallow.
hee hee. except for some dripping of chichken oil on it =P
wanted to melt some marshmallow bt feel sorry to the person that will b washing the stand. so i didnt do anything.

thanks guys for the photo. its really nice ^^
bt i look retarded in it. guess i need to get a labcoat that is in smaler size.
the labcoat now look large in me. XD XD

Friday, October 17, 2008


Summative 2 is over. well. i didnt did super good in it. Just okok la.
At least i didnt fail that paper. =P
My brain went blank when i just got the paper....
n i flip through all the questions without knowing how to do even 1 question.
That's how bad is it....
XD XD bt manage to calm down after that lo... ^^

Starting to prepare for EOS. when saw the thickness of paper that i need to revise...
Want to muntah... n sigh~ i m super bad in anatomy.... n biochem.
this two subjects langsung dont make sense to me...

had bben wandering weather i m really make out for doctor...
or mayb i should try other carriers...
XD XD my mum will kill me n i know that other carrier will b the same...
just some imagination.

Went to watch some lame horror movie with Natasha n Ickes...
Its call flight of living dead where a group of scientists try to move a body that contain malaria virus. which is totally wrong...
malaria is a parasite.
the virus is a new strain. which will kill ppl 100% in an instant n then regenerate n take over the body. means it revive the body.... n will try to pass on the virus on n on. everybody that get bitten will bcome zombies...
XD XD the whole cinema. the three of us r nosiest.
ooing n aahing throughout the movies. XD XD try to make some lame stuff look more interesting to us...
actually i want to watch Butterfly lover... but phail... when i reach there. its already pass 20 mins. hmph... i just want to see of i can have a glimpse of Aoron. XD XD

hm... had been wandering where someone is... wanted to go to midvalley... bt aish...

oh yea. congratz ying xin for winning 80% of card games yesterday n today.
XD XD u r pretty good in NErts liao. Beat the Nertz king. =P =P =P
going to some BBQ tonitez. plz stop raining... hope that there is sotong.
bt i know it wont b any... hm... nvm...
n worms in the toilet... lolz... thanks to ickes washing the waste paper basket in my toilet. going to strangglt him.
st i miss Mrs Khor. although she is very strict. this cannot that cannot.
bt... the hse is really super clean due to her supervised...
hm... miss ya Mrs Khor... bt i dont miss ur scolding... =P =P

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hypertension + Hypertension

Actually i m in hypertension mode nowadays bt its k... XD XD
used to it n my body didnt show funny signs of not liking it....

Bt... yesterday dinner... is really 'nice'.
Yen Haw accidentally drop the whole tupperware of salt into our pasta....
lolz... lolz... i mean he is holding the tupperware bt all the salt in it is gone.
whoosh... we thought it wont stay in the pasta.... it only stay in the water..

Mistaken!! XD XD the pasta is salty!!! well... not that salty until u cant eat it. just salty... XD XD plus the tuna fish... i think it is salty too...
so salty plus salty = dehydration + hair loss + hypertension.... i m going to b hairless soon =P =P
Bt luckily we didnt cook soup that nitez...
if not gone case. XD XD

(struggling to study n always doze off when i study on the bed. ooh. coffee can only help me to wake up for 3 to 4 hours... lolz... ok... i wont touch coffee anymore.)

P/s: thanks KA for ur help. A lot of thanks. ^^
wish me luck for passing the exam n dun get dementia at this time =P =P

Monday, October 13, 2008

Coffee X.X

I drank COFFEE today!!!
Lolz... mayb is not special for you all bt its super unsual for me to drink coffee.
After the first cup of coffee which is cappucino in Secret Recipe during form 2. I think. I totally didnt touch any coffee.
except when ppl offer me to take a sip.... lolz....
Cause. A coffee means whole nitez insonmia and the next day--->tired to death.
So i wont touch coffee even i want to keep myself awake.

Bt today... i really cannot tahan. for the pass 2 weeks. had bben sleeping ard 2 n woke up at 8 sth.... reading through notes which after that not a tiny little bit memory of it is left in my brain....
plus yesterday nitez slept at 3 sth n woke up at 7 to go to lecture....
Muscle.... XD XD totally forgot what is it bt manage to stay awake through the lecture....

During MMS. Brain is screaming that it wants to die...
lolz... n everything that i study is just a mass of words which dont make sense...
i decided to touch coffee.... mayb it will wake me up....

lolz... yeap... a cup of cappucino again but this time is from the cafe in library...
it smell nice... excited me. n wake me a bit....
drink a mouth of it... blark... i nearly spit it out...
it got a strange taste that give you a feeling like a gong is hit besides ur ear n you gt trauma after that.... >< ><

Wanted to throw away the cup of coffee. bt manage to force myself to drink all...
so that means i get trauma for 7 times through the process....
n now... i feel more awake.... bt the coffee taste in my mouth...
blark blark blark... terrible... sorry. coffee lover.... i totally dont know how to appreciate coffee.
bt tis terrible things wake me up liao. thanks to it. bt wont take it again till i really dont have other choices... XD

ok. study... havent touch pharmaco...studying epi n patho n parasito...
i hate parasito (why parasite have so complicated name. I dont like strange name n they r hard to pronouce)... n i hate pharmaco (havent study then already hate it. OMG. how m i going to study it??).
patho... hope i remember sth... cancer is interesting... oh my gosh. i left out shock. can i just throw this notes at a side... that note is totally insane. n the HIV 1 too. so many immunodefficiency. how to study finish. i mean memorize....

lolz... should hypnoptized myseld. "I cant remember all the things." n not "OMG. I will forgot all." No idea why i can remember the chinese poem bt not this stuff.
ish ish. nevermind. try my best....!!!

^^ go go go!!! studying cestodes... still got protozoa n nematodes... 2 big parasite family... why the boys all like parasito more... honestly i prefer microbio...
who said medic is a easy job... you need a lot of commitment... XD XD understand why most of my classmates who previously said they want to study medic change to study other subjects.... hmph...hmph hmph hmph....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Thanks Yen Ming, Wei Chin, Yen Haw, ICkes n MAtthew for the dinner yesterday!!
It is nice. ^^ Hee hee~ enjoy.

Pbl finally over... whew...

Ranjeet is very bad... hoping to not c some of us next year.
lolz... bt what he said is true.
IMU going to kick some ppl n everyone is struggling not to b the 1 that is kick out.

Finally gt all virus in my mind. hope it stay till the end of my life.
stuffing immuno...
still gt parasito n antimicrobial plus pharmaco.

Gingko doesnt really help you have a better memory.
it only make you have more pimples... ...

Suddenly want to sembah all those seniors.
i think they r either very smart or very hardworking or very lucky.
which i dont have all three of them... =P lolz... ...
got to continue with trombosis n embolism....
wish i can focus more on the paper b4 lifting my eyes up n look ard somewhere else...

Monday, October 6, 2008

B2-10-2... Lots of love to you =P

A lot of thanks to B2-10-2 residents plus regular visitor, Matthew and Chin Nam and sweet Natasha. ^^

When i get back yesterday... i saw someone moving into the bedroom. I went =.='''.
Y runaway when they saw me coming back??
A lot of question marks but there is a lot of things to pack. So i went on packing...
then saw this on my bed. 0.0

Teddy Bear.
The first question marks that come in me is...
"Why are you here? I... thought... i ... left you in seremban..."
A more careful looking. this bear is fairer... XD Mayb is a present from my hsemates...
erm... after packing must thanks them...

Before i finish packing... i heard sound... Then i heard someone singing birthday songs plus guitar...
GOsh. XD XD my hsemates did it again...
they bought a swiss roll and they sang the birthday song twice to me just bcause the candle went out half way =P
hee hee~ totally funny...
thank you Ickes, Matther, Yen Haw and Natasha.
All of you do surprise me. ^^ Not good in expressing my own feelings.
thats why i look as if i know everything. =P thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. ^^ *happy*

After coming back from Matthew's hse. (Faye bought us "gan lao mian"...
is it from Sarawak de?? XD i dont know. Didnt ask much. I just eat whatever they give me... lolz... but the mian is nice. ^^ Didnt c this type of noodles b4. =P)

I went into my room... on the suis. 0.0 er? what the thing on the table...
XD XD luckily this time got card... is from Chin Nam n Kei Li.
XD sweet couple. N walk out to thanks them n i think i frightened them...

Present from Li Li jie and nam Nam ger.

Thanks guyz~ this is the best birthday i ever had. ^^
Love you guyz~ Lets do our best in EOS!!! and Summative2... XD XD
6 pockets of notes to go...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wishes for those that is the STARS today!!



I still prefer to call you Kah Xin. Sound nicer n closer. hee hee~
erm. Thanks for being a great friend in SAM. Although we didnt contact much after that... =P =P
N i swear i remember ur birthday bcause it is ur birthday. not bcause is other ppl birthday or important dates. You are equally important as them too ^^
hutang you a meal... so next time we just pay for other ppl meal... hee hee~



I know you dont celebrate ur birthday according to western calendar...
bt... XD XD better to remind you when is ur birthday!!! if not everytime a ah mo ask you when is ur birthday.... it will change every year n the ah mo will go @.@
Stay strong n stay healthy. you are always the big bro to me. ^^



lolz... i know it is very lolz to put this here. anyways just want to wish both of u happy always. Its kinda hard to b stuck wit a person for 21 years isnt it??
Welll.... it sounds so impossible for me. anyways both of u did it n the relationship is still strong. keke. congratz congratz!!!

ok. n a small message to angel...

take care on the way back tomorrow. n thanks to all the love you gave me. receive them mentally n materially liao. XD XD so sweet of u. =P =P

ok... 7 pockets of notes to go.... =P

Prefect Outing+1 Outsiders. +P

I really must sembah Sis Pei Sun. Cause everytime there is a prefect's birthday.
She sure will try hard n put a lot of effort n ask everyone out to gather n celebrate...

Today... We went to sing K in greenbox in jusco. First time singing in there n i m having flu and sore throat and i sound distorted (normally i m bad... now i m worst).
But nevermind. i have a good time in there... hee hee~ thanks a lot guys~

I think this year is fruit cake theme. The prefects bought me a fruit cake n then my mum also bought me a fruit cake since i keep insisting i dont want a chococale or coffee cake. that is the only choice left. i think... XD XD

A group photos for prefects... keke. of course not all r in there la.
No gathering is full attendance 1. but there is an outsider in there.
Mr Teo Wei. Glad that he came. LAst time send me a message full of foreign lauguage n i only know how to read 'dai go lui zor" lolz... lolz... funny guy.

A part of my "ji miu". SIs pei sun is the 1 in red shirt... popia!!! this is gal photos... y u join in... XD XD kidding kidding. our respective headboy...

All the boys that attend. thank you. u guys... espeacially Mr calvin chin kar men. since u always ffk us bt not this time... actually i didnt see you for 2 years... my gosh. u look so uncle now. =P =P n Mr teo wei too who is the alien(non-prefect) there. XD XD

Still got mama (yue zhen) not in any photos. since she came super late... XD XD
thanks to u all n to all that sms me or phone me wishing me happy birthday... ...
Thanks guyz~~~

Actually when i m in secondary sch. I always hope n wish that i will receive super lots of present during my birthday...

Bt this year... i dont know if i m old liao or mature liao...
All i hope is just someone still remember my birthday. Present is ntg...
just remember it then i will b super happy... keke.
it is nice to b acknowledge n this shows that someone is stil caring bt u... hee.

Stupid hann pyng... always have my birthday wrong. n good guess joyce... XD XD thanks for the post that you make for me. i save it in my pendrive liao =P =P
N sorry for those that follow the date on the profile that i put in internet...
i put my birthday on 4th.... XD XD ntg much... i just... playing prank...
see who really remember my birthday... oh gosh.. i m really childish... sorry sorry. n thanks to u guys too... keke. muakz muakz. lots of love.

EAgle Eyes... ...

I watched this with my prefect friends today.. ...
Well... After Haw Ger let me watch the trailer. I kinda looking forward for it.
Who is the 1 giving commands to the two ppl.
And why she wanted to do that?
For fun?? For revenge?? etc...

Then... During the movie... The first part and the last part is quite interesting...
Bt the middle part. I nearly dose off... DOnt know if it is too cold in there... or is it bcause i m hugging a bear.... or i m too tired... or the movie simply sucks...
i just feel like my eyes r closing n i m forcing them to open....

Well. It is interesting... but if when you watch too much action movies. You will find that this is actually quite an average movie only... i still like "wanted" more...

I still love "Painted Skin" compare to this... ... But undeniablely. I really need to sembah the "Her" in the movies. She is such brilliant n kind-hearted in a way.
n evil plus stubborn in the other way... ... XD XD

anywayz... the plot is sth that may happened in future...
dont want to break the mystery of the movie if not u wont want to watch it. XD XD
hm... 3 movies in a week. I need to menyembah myself for watching so much movies. and need to stop it liao. exam is near >< >< no more movies for me. =P

Pavillion + Time Square

As said... went out yesterday with Ern, Swen n Ting...
Ting shock me with her short hair, Ern n Swen r still the same person i know.
B4 entering the cinema... we bought this....

According to Ern... It is the best soya drink... XD it is ok la.
WIshing that it will b thicker n milkier...
Guess what. This cup of soya cost me RM2.80. wasai. can drink two cups of soya drink in IMU....

Then... They let me choose where to eat lunch. Since they said sth like "we wont b eating together for sometimes in the future. so eat sth better." and I choose "Dai Guan San".
This restaurant is very expensive. The cheapest thing is RM10. Others all RM10 above. lolz... I feel scare when i look at the price... ... heart pain n my purse is crying too. i didnt bring much cash out that day. only ard RM 80++


The food model outside the restaurant.... all look yummy... =P

The cute cuppicino flower on the menu... It is Rm12 or RM18 per cup.
Blark. I better have starbucks.

Crab Rice... Quite tasty. I like the eggs on it. But according to Swen. The Crabstick is not taken from the real crab. It from some cheap can food. lolz... Rm18

There is a lot of red beans in it... hee hee. quite okla. Bt i like my mum red bean soup better... it is in quite a big bowl. RM8. oops. dessert got RM8 1. XD XD sorry. mistake in front.

Baked escargots. my my!!! this 1 is so delicious man. WIsh i have more. every bite is so small yet so tasty... miss it. =P RM18

Mushroom with bacon. the mushroom suck all the oil up n make the whole dish oily.
bt it is still unique la.
who knows the light brown thing is mushroom. we thought is some animal intestine.... -.-''' RM16

The picture we took in the restaurant. quite distorted. Thanks to the waiter.
I think he dont know how to use my camera n apparently he has Parkinson which make his hand keep shaking... lolz...

Swen kept asking me if i want to eat somemore... lolz... really nearly after every meal... I know what she is up too.. keke. thanks to u guys... ^^

Then... We went to "The Loaf". A bakery open by Dr Mahatir. Only got 2 in this world. Namely Langkawi n Pavillion.
If you think Breadstory... LaBoheme or Secret Recipe sell the most expensive breads n cakes. Wait till you visit this shop....

A loaf of bread there cost RM20 n the bread... i think the cheapest is RM3.60. Others all RM7 or RM8... The price is scary man.... Bt the shop is full hse. wonder y there is so many rich guy in this world while i m the poor 1. >< ><

Bought this back for daddy, mommy n bro since daddy said buy sth special from there...
Guess how much does this cost??? lolz... RM21.80... ...
The most expensive bread i ever bought bt undeniable it is delicious...
Give urself a treat st in ur life?? hee hee~

Marbel Cheese cake bought by swen n share among 4 of us. 1 little bite for each of us.... it is so soft n smooth.... ooooooo.....
price unclear cause swen bought it when i m choosing the bread for my family.

The look of the pack up bread bought for my family. the box is quite solid compare to the 1 we get from other bakery shop. Sth like hard cardboard...

Then... we went to Time Square n have dinner in gasoline after some window shopping... ... We ate at GASOLINE... Saw someone that look like Lim Bing Wang... act like Lim Bing Wang... n walk like Lim BIng Wang... bt he is not Lim BIng Wang... XD XD

The COke CHicken that Ern n me share.... I got flu. AHHHHHH!!!! i just can feel the chicken meat in my mouth bt cannot taste it. Stupid flu... hmph!!!

Welll... after that. three of them admit that they take me out bcause they want to buy me a present... bt i didnt have any liking in anything... lolz... so they dont know what to buy for me... lolz... XD XD so they just go to....

SECRET RECIPE!!!! bought me a... ...

Yogurt Cheese Cake!!!!! My favourite cake in Secret Recipe....
Sing the birthday song to me while walking to LRT... lolz... luckily nobody passby...

hee hee. Thanks a lot. all my dear(s). you all r so sweet~ teman me then can liao le... hee hee~ actually that time nearly cry bt my feet is more painful so i want to cry more for my feet. =P =P

Went back... still dreaming of ZHou Xun n cursing the stupid coronavirus that always find me during my birthday!!! I dont want ur present la. Coronavirus. Last year make me have flu n fever. This year... luckily flu only. if not i need to go n change my name liao...

XD XD a lot of thanks to Angel. For phoning me n singing me the sweetest birthday song at 12 sharp. A lot of love n hugs to u guyz~~ ^^

Friday, October 3, 2008

Painted Skin----> Hua Pi

WHOOPIE!!! Thanks to Ern Ern, Swen n TIng Ting that i can watch this movie.
We actually went to watch this in Pavillion GSC. They change from Mammamia to this Painted Skin just to cheer me up. Hee hee~ terima kasih banyak2. You all r so sweet~ ^^

Poster of "Hua Pi".

The reason that i m longing to watch this movie is bcause my dreamgal---> Zhou Xun is acting in it!!! Always loving her since i first laid my eyes on her. She is such mystery and beautiful... keke. Well. Her first scene in the movie really make me kena shock. Nose nearly bleed. oh my gosh. ZHou Xun... really sexy n attempting... =P =P

"yao" who love "xiao wei" (zhou xun). bt "xiao wei" dont like him since he is eating insects everyday.... lolz... Bt he really do loves her. Help her to get the heart n also try to bring her away when she is heartbroken. He is really a nice lover in a way. Too bad. "xiao wei" dont like him.

One of "Xiao Wei" look in that movie. Not the best. I still love the first image of her when she first came into the movie... Its sexy!!!! She has sth special that will catch ur eyes... ^^

This is nearly at the end of movie... "xiao Wei" wanted to get her love. bt her love 'Wang sheng" killed himself and she is trying to save him....

"xiao WEi" wanted to kick "Pei ROng" (Vicki ZHao) away n bcome "wang sheng"wife herself. SO she fed "Pei ROng" poison which turn her all white n bcome sth like "yao" and force "Pei Rong" to admit that she is the 1 that is killing ppl these dayz~~~

"Wang Sheng". He is quite good looking. :D :D

TOuching part--->
1.Actually i really thought "Wang Sheng" fall in love with "Xiao Wei" and wanted to married her since he kept dreaming bt her and she kept luring him.
but... he is so loyal to his wife... he even refuse to go to bed with "XIao Wei" even when she offer herself.
2."Xiao Wei" wanted to b his concubine. But he answer.... "sorry. i cannot. cause there is only 1 Mrs Wang in this world... there wont b two. *touching*
3. touchiest part.........
When all ppl taught that "Pei Rong" is a monster n wanted to kill her.
"Wang Sheng" actually believed her n blame himself of not taking good care of her.
"Pei Rong" killed herself... "Wang Sheng" stab "Xiao Wei" and beg her to bring
back "Pei Rong" in exchange wit his life than kill himself....
*Actually i quite sakit hati Zhou Xun. She is so heartbreak. n i also affected... lolz...*

OK. this movie. not bad. better than 'Chi Bi" although not as beautiful as it la"
But got zhou xun n that really matters a lot... kekekeke.
Zhou Xun rocks!!!! =P

getting a flu now. WIshing that i wont fall sick...
XD XD yee yee phone me laz nitez wishing me happy birthday!!
lolz... she makes the same mistake as last year. always mix up my birthday 1. lolz... XD XD bt it is cute =P =p

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A day at home

Now i realize that i wont b at home for nearly everyday in this week.
dang. feel like killing myself already. hmph... sigh.

WEnt out to makan breakfast today. We ate dim sum.
I love this dim sum a lot cause the dim sum there mostly r make out of fish.
of course got make up of other meat like chicken n pork. no beef n no mutton.
Well... It is smaller in size compare to other shop dim sum.
But, it is nice. the prove is it has open for quite sometimes. well around 7 to years. N every morning still full with ppl.

But the taukeh today every blur. he gave us a pot of "dont know what tea" before we even ordered... lolz... i guess is pu er... but it taste nastier than pu er.
blek blek. then the lao ban liong said its "tie guan yin".
=.= welll... this is the worse "tie guan yin" i ever drink.
It taste more like u dump all types of tea leaves into a pot. blek.

studying till now. feel @.@. try to finish off PBL but everytime look at the info.
I will suddenly very geram.
Can i just skip doing the cancer PBL. Just ignore me whenever u want to find someone to talk bt sth of the PBL ya~ week 9 PBL leader. kekeke.

Suddenly dont feel like going out tomorrow. going to Times Square and pavillion. It is so damp far... ... I cant c where is it nia. I dont want to go.
Aish... But promise le. I thought we r going to TImes Square only... now need to walk for so long...
n i guarantee not 8pm they wont let me back. n when i reach home...
too tired to study n 1 day is gone...
can i give myself some booster like cafein... shoot. cant. i will get headache.
sigh~ emo. start to hate myself le...

Wishing someone to stop asking me some questions like
"You dont like me is it?"
"Why you dont talk to me?"
GOing to smack that person if he continue asking. Blind a... I m busy studying n u keep asking me the same question you ask 5 mins ago....

lolz... find myself pretty aggresive now a day.
should go to medidation.
"ah... Ying XIn. Breath in breath out. You are so calm n peaceful...."
=.= =.= =.=

ooh. Happy Raya Puasa. hee~