Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hypertension + Hypertension

Actually i m in hypertension mode nowadays bt its k... XD XD
used to it n my body didnt show funny signs of not liking it....

Bt... yesterday dinner... is really 'nice'.
Yen Haw accidentally drop the whole tupperware of salt into our pasta....
lolz... lolz... i mean he is holding the tupperware bt all the salt in it is gone.
whoosh... we thought it wont stay in the pasta.... it only stay in the water..

Mistaken!! XD XD the pasta is salty!!! well... not that salty until u cant eat it. just salty... XD XD plus the tuna fish... i think it is salty too...
so salty plus salty = dehydration + hair loss + hypertension.... i m going to b hairless soon =P =P
Bt luckily we didnt cook soup that nitez...
if not gone case. XD XD

(struggling to study n always doze off when i study on the bed. ooh. coffee can only help me to wake up for 3 to 4 hours... lolz... ok... i wont touch coffee anymore.)

P/s: thanks KA for ur help. A lot of thanks. ^^
wish me luck for passing the exam n dun get dementia at this time =P =P

1 comment:

Kai Aun said...

don't worry lar...sure can do well in summative! :)

coffee is nice to drink but then the effects of caffeine are terrible :(

don't give urself too much pressure yeah...just try your best and good luck for tomorrow :D