Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Midvalley again....

Went out with sze yee and lean sze on Saturday. They didn’t change at all. still the old warm friends that I know. Hee hee~

We had problems in choosing what to eat. Three of us just wait n see who want to decide. =P Sze yee suggested that we makan Kim Gary. . Miss Sze Yee’s cold jokes. She is my strongest competitors in telling cold jokes in Taylors. haha. So here it goes. 1 of the joke.

SY: “which animal is hua dao (slipped in Chinese) most often?”
YX: “Er… Monkey?”
LZ:“y?? o.o”
YX:“cause they always slip by stepping on the banana skin they throw. :D” (looking at SY wishing that she nodded her head.)
SY: (roll her eyes) “ No!!!”
YX: “I know. PENGUIN!! Sure is penguin.”
LZ: “ mengapa???” 0.0 SY smiling sinisterly beside me.
YX: “ erm… the ice is too slippery. so they slip all the time.” (XD should be right. cause they always slip n then too lazy to stand up again n skate around using their tummy.”
SY & LZ: =.= … ngak ngak ngak… …
After several tries to dig out the answer from SY. I surrender…
YX: “so what is it la??” @.@
SY: (laughing evily) “ XD XD kakaka. Is FOX”
YX n LZ: “Y???!!!”
SY: “because they very jiao hua (licik in Chinese. It has the similar pronunciation to legs are slippery)
YX n LZ rolled eyes a few times. XD XD
We went to walk around a few times. Finally went to buy the food model that I wanted so badly. and bad me. I totally don’t know that it is sth like “tikam”. there is eight set n u base on luck. C you get which set. lolz… I thought you will have 8 sets in a box. so I happily buy one that don’t contain heavy meals. Cause I scare watching 8 sets of heavy meals will decrease my appetite. XD XD sigh~ should buy the cakes set de… Nvm. its k. I get this… XD XD not bad la. But I dun know what mee is that. With sauce separate from it. XD

(left): the model that i get. (right). the MODELS that i thought i will get. lolz.
okay. miss both of you. hee hee. n thanks a lot for the present. ^^

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