Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rain is back with RAINISM!!! +P

One of the picture in his new album. Taken from the song----> RAINISM.
you can hear that song from youtube. ^^

Yesterday nitez, i read the newspaper for the first time in 1 month.
Flipping through newspaper is totally different from reading the newspaper.
Flipping through is just looking at pictures only.
And thanks god i READ the newspaper. If not i will MISS that article about releasing of RAin's new album. WOOHOO!!!!

Gosh!! This hot guy really is a large magnectic. Catch my eyes everytime he shows up somewhere. Everytime i see him. I will feel dizzy =P =P

XD ok... Hope u all take out some time and listen to that song. It is the type of music that i like. ^^
And RAIN IS HOT!!!! Super hot!!!
Sigh~ how many person can dance like him. hee hee~

ok... Must stop ss here. Keke. COntinue studying.... blah. There is still so much notez left. and my brain hv limited space left.

ps: stupid. dont on the tv when i m studying. my mind will move to the TV instead. But resident evil is really nice. ^^ kakaka.


joyce said...

got mer? i din read that paper? i know got gem of life though =)

don really like rain. hahahaha...

joyce said...
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Belle said...

adala... XD XD
i like Rain...
so sensitive to the word... RAIN!!!