Friday, October 24, 2008

Random updates

Finally finish GIT last night. Used up 2 and 1 half days to finish this topic and i dun even know if i remember things. XD just wish that i wont mix up protein and lipid again.
Cause this two sound very oily to me. ^^

Found that i had problems to differentiate things that have nearly the same name.
Used to mix up parotid glands and prostate glands.
I thought both of them are the same things...
so when someone told me girls dont have prostate glands.
YX: no.... you are wrong. girl also have. in the mouth... lolz...
And cervix and cervical too...
XD but the worst 1 is uterus and uniary bladder.
i always thought that uterus=urinary bladder when i m in secondary school.
until i saw the anatomy pictures of the urinary tract.
Bless me. How blur can i be?

Life has been taking care of me so well that i dont know what is the value of hardworking, focus n determination...
in secondary school. you needn't know all the stuffs. Just a little bit here and there and you can score quite well...
but when i get into uni.
everythings change. you really need to know ur stuff. and there is no way you can be lazy (except you are super smart)
so now life is letting me to grow on my own without the care from HIM. aish...
It is really the time to bcome independant.

Its amazing that our body can stuff so much things into this skin pockets. hee hee~ random...
today must try to finish as much notes as possible. tomorrow is play day. lolz...
dont know when i pick up the routine of jotting down notes. i still remember that i take it as granted when i m in secondary.... lolz...

My hsemates said i m getting funnier... lolz... the correct word is weirder.
1.Laughing 24 hours with no reason (lolz... thats me.... i m not psycho)
2.Always mumble bt sth n then when they asked me i said ntg (erm... i dont usually repeat what i said 2 times...)
3.Said 88 to somebody when they are not looking (lolz... that is not my fault. they should b more alert la)
4. Saying some funny stuff like there is a white things besides you (lolz... my old friends know i always said sth like that. it is just sth common to me)
Ok. i think that is all the complaints they have. :D :D thats the real me. so congratz in seeing the real me... n sorry if it really scare you. i m 99% mentally perfect.

One of my old school friends said that i sound more n more boyish...
Really? i dont feel like it. mayb it is since i mix with boy more often...
should i b happy or sad when i bcome more n more boyish...?
bt at least i know i still look like a gal... XD XD

Erm... so what do you prefer?
a person that is more similar to you or a person that is different from you??
sigh~ troubled.
okay. continue mugging. you know there is a white color area at the end of your nails?
It is called Lurula. what lovely name it have. ^^

~Dont judge a book by its cover... But st you also need to judge a book by its cover.~

*it is bcause eyes come b4 heart* +p


joyce said...

panjangnyaa all your posts. =D

never heard of what white part of the nail pun.. wad notes is that? haha

Belle said...

oops. is lunula. is in the skin.