Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shoo... ...

I dont want to b emo know. bt i really couldnt hold it back.
Emo ness just come flooding into me.
These are the reasons for me to emo.

1. FOund that i really bcome more n more alike to the animal that Rudy's describe me as.
2. Wanted to wake up at 7 today. I heard the alarm going off for 1 n a half hour. My brain is awake but i somehow ignore it n woke up at 9am. lolz...
3. Staying too long in mms. Started to panic bcause i havent study ears n repro yet. So even i look at the model n gt experts besides me explaining. I still cant get what they are saying...
4. Starting to get cold here...
5. Move to the passive part n somehow prepare to resit. lolz... What reason should i give my parents if i fail my exam...? ( i M still working hard)
6. it is really cold in library... my hands in hardening... or frozening.
7. Feel like drinking soup bt definately nt the soup outside IMU. it somehow erks me yesterday.
8. No McD for me yesterday... cause the McD fellow late for 2 hours... n we decided that he forget us.
9. IMU network suddenly closed down when i m uploading my photos. hmph.
10. Bcause it is the time i wanted to b emo. ^^

oh gosh. YX. you are so dead. nvm. do ur best. dont bump into things anymore or knock sth with ur hands. XD XD clumsy. thats what my dad always said bt me. okay...
continue special senses----EAR. if i dont finish this today. i m not going to eat choc for 1 month. 0.0

1 comment:

joyce said...

jangan emo... hehe. repro and ear very little only.. i scared of sem2 more haih

=) smilleeeee

prob time to give honey back? kakaka