Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stupid Malaysian Transport

It seem like everytime i use LRT or KTM.
I will have some new complaints.

WEnt back to seremban today... bcause mommy missing me... lolz...
n i dont have a ticket to tasik selatan bcause the person that is selling the ticket lock himself out.
n he need to wait for the spare key to come.
well... no comment with this. since occasionally somebody will accidentally lock themselves out.
but hey. he is an 50 years old man n he is flirting with 5 young malay girls.
n ignore the tickets buyer at the back.
slowly counting the money n even give mathematics questions to the girls.
(roll eyes for twice).

Then, a gal who is rushing somehow "scolded" him n he quickly let us go through... without ticket.lolz...

Well... the service of malaysia transport is really bad la. the ktm station in Tasik Selatan closed down bcause the worker want to have lunch n we had to line up at the ticket buying maching which dont want to eat any money except the new 1. hmph...
WTH!!! n he is enjoying his meal slowly inside the counter...
letting a large group of ppl out there struggling with the machine.

bad bad bad... lunch time. mommy is really free now.
keep trying new dishes. god bless me that she is wuite good in cooking. =P =P
got lotus soup. wee~ ^^

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