Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wondering ard when all r busy studying.... ...

I dun know why i can still post so much b4 exam...

Have been lost for quite sometimes. GIT is bad. I hate it.

SMM makes thing that is simple bcome so complicated that at last i also dun know what i am studying.

Slithering out from study nearly every minutes.

Trying to tell myself i can do it.

hmph.. hmph.. dont trust my own senses. Wish that i m only too sensitive cause i think sth wrong is going wrong again... ... sigh~
mayb i shouldnt b worrying. its not my buisness by the way. stepping into other ppl cirlce is totally a taboo.

One of my friend ask me is it really a good thing for having a partner?

WEll. i done know. dont ask me. It depends. but dont put ur own judgement on other ppl... ...

Still wondering what type of person i am? who m i in my parents heart? Who m i in my friends mind? n who m i for my own?

oosh. should do some more active exploring. mayb its just like how someone said.
you dont know what you do is right or wrong. only at the moment b4 u passedaway. you realized what you did right or wrong. so just try ur best in everythings.
yay!! ok. this give me energy. continue "defaecation".... XD

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meiying said...

yup...sumtime we really dunno the thing we doin now whether is rite or wrong...like tat phrase..