Sunday, November 30, 2008


XD i did a lot of tags this month. I mean last month. sorry for this late reply.
had been lock up somewhere with some troubles. ^^

Three names you go by :

~ Ying xin
~ Xin Xin (definately not gorila)
~ Belle

Three screen names you have had :

~ Periwinkle
~ Starfishy
~ Xin

Three physical things you like about yourself :

*lolz... actually dont have
~ My hair
~ Height is ok
~ Weight also boleh tahan la

Three physical things you DON'T like about yourself :

* owh. Got more than 10 wei
~ I HATE my eyes
~ I SUPER HATE my stamina
~ I... ... m not glowing enough... XD XD

Three parts of your heritage?(not sure what this means) :

*meaning i inherit from my mum n dad is it?
~ I got my mum straight hair
~ I got nearly all my dad features on the face
~ I think i have eyes from my mum XD

Three things that scare you :

~ Been dump by my friends in somewhere i dont know
~ Alone in somewhere doing sth with anyone that i know
~ Saw a face outside my window, looking at me when i m in the second floor. ><

Three of your everyday essentials :

~ eat and sleep

~ online (restricted somehow)
~ watching TV (its unbelievable i survive in IMU without TV)

Three things you are wearing now :- (just get back from a movie ^^)

~ hairclip
~ makeup
~ shirts and shots

Three of your favourite bands or musical arts :

~ XD ah.... Jolin
~ ah~~~~~ RAIN!!!!!!!
~ ah..... .... .... Nelly Furtado

Three of your favourite songs (right now) :-

~ <.< 永远在身边
~ Hurt
~ nuan nuan- Fish Leong

Three things you want in a relationship :

~ Guide me n bear + stick with my unreasonable char
~ A lot of Hugs XD XD
~ Caring... ^^

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeals to you :-

~ look ok to me (face)
~ can carried me XD XD
~ taller than me...

Three of your hobbies :-

~ online
~ read
~ sleep

Three things you wanna do really badly right now :-

~ i want to online n update my blog

~ i want someone that can talk with me

~ i feel like drinking hot soup now

Three careers you're considering / considered before :-

~ psychologist
~ stewardess ( this is just a dream... ... no1 will support me. >< )
~ actress (XD XD i totally r not bless in this)

Three places you want to go on vacation :-

~ Japan (Tokyo)
~ Somewhere like cameron highland
~ LA

Three things you want to do before you die :

~ Complete all my dreams
~ Find the meaning of what i m living for
~ Play play play n travel!!!

Three ways that you are Stereotypical a girl(/guy) :-

*apa ni??
~ i look like a girl (i think so)
~ my ID said I am a gal
~ I act like a gal (should be) XD

Five people that you would like to see take this quiz now :
XD XD myself x5
XD XD nobody is going to suffer. do this test if you feel like doing it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


My hse is not in the middle of the town. Its slightly outskirt.
Around my hse there is some trees and flowers... planted by my mum. not me...

Every nitez there will b some crickets singing ard... softly... quite comfortable.
Better than hearing the zooming n booming of motor vehicles isnt it??

Just now crickets come again... i dont know it is cricket at first....
It sound like some lights go crazy n given out some sound in high frequency...

At first... i =.= shut up. then >< *headache* Shut up plz. Finally @.@ i m going crazy if u still dont STOP!!!! ARG!!!! My mum went out n have a look. Found a big crickets on the mango trees. Letting out 80 Hz to 100 Hz sound. My mum just laugh. "O. its hard to find cricket this big." My bro, "... ... Let it sing la" Me. @#$%^&*()__+_)(*&^%$ *wanted to smack the cricket to pieces* The sound last for an hour. *stupid cricket how can u sing so long?? Mum:=.= cricket dont use their mouth. so they wont get tired. =.='''* Nearly drive me to crazy... finally i think it jump away or fly away. mayb it has its own karaoke set. How canggih...

As for my dad.... "huh?? got sound meh??" Me: =.=@#$%^&* wonder if it is my hearing too sharp

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tagged by Joyce


10 years ago I was :
~ 9 years old
~ in primary 3. A playful year to me.
~ i know what is prejudice that year.
~ But i had a lot of fun with my classmates bcause we are the first batch that can use the newly build classroom n there is a quite big grassland near our classroom
~ Have my first tuition class in sch... n i thought we dont need to do finish the PTS. So i leave most of it blank. XD got scolded by my mum...

5 years ago I was :
~ 14 Form 2
~ it is my first year joining karate... it is such a small club that time n i join it bcause it dont require me to march
~ finally can join the big family of library... XD its crazy that someone like me like the dusty, old place.
~ 2nd year sitting with swen ^^
~ er.... the year we excaped from the dark haunted classroom bside the gloomy staircase and corridor....

1 year ago I was :
~ 18-in SAM Taylors
~ feel lucky bcause i dont need to go to form 6 bt also feel lost. the first time i met so many english speaking ppl
~ went back to seremban every week... walk for 15 mins to the KTM station with 2 big bag at least and took 2 to 3 hours KTM back to seremban
~ the first time leaving home... first time to do so much assignments...
~ have a horrible experience a few day after SAM final test.
~ Have the strictest landlady ever

Yesterday I was :
~ in Midvalley. shopping
~ trying to call someone out. But apparently she is too busy with work
~ reading a book till after midnitez which make me deel," why m i sitting here when someone same age with me is having so much fun?"
~ trying to get online but its thundering... ...
~ having fun looking through some catalogues and have the urge to buy all the things on the catalogue?

5 most recent songs I listen to :
* 天天夜夜--FIR
* My Love will bring you home
* 我等着你回来
* 情人的眼泪
* Hurt

5 songs I know the words to :
* Negaraku
* 美人鱼
* 叶子
* Unfaithful
* 好心分手——王力宏; lu qiao yin

5 ideal places to run away to :
* shopping mall
* toilet (clean 1)
* cupboard
* somewhere that no ppl know me n go wondering ard
* some friends place that will let me stay... eg. Joyce. XD

5 items I really want :
* A mp3
* some clothes that my mum will go bizzare if i wear it... XD
* a bag.... all my bags are half spoiled
* I want the lost portion of myself back
* PSP!!! XD

5 things i should be doing now :
* studying... according to my mum
* finishing my series.... i havent even finish half...
* reading Kindaichi comic. OMG!!! they r so good.
* taking care of my pot of sawi.... They are still living XD
* working.... But who want to hire a person that can only work for 1 month... T.T

5 biggest joys in life :
* I m a girl
* my family
* friends
* doing sth n not lying around
* helping someone without giving any trouble to him XD XD

5 people im tagging :
er... ...
* Mei Ying
* Liny
* Zhen Long
* Peh Hwa
* terri XD

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tagged by Mei Ying

1. Do you think your hot?
i m not... ...cause no one got burn by me...

2. Upload a favourite picture of yourself
erm... cant. cause there is none.... =P

3. Do you like the picture?
XD XD yea yea. i like the picture...lolz...

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
2 weeks ago with my family, aunt n tao tao. Pizza really suck now.

5. What was the last song you listened to?

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
breathing... sitting in front of the computer hugging a bag of paper... crapping with Crap King

7. What name do you prefer besides your name?
Huh?? definately not 猩猩姐
Xin. i think. cause xin=欣,心,星

8. 5 people i taggged。
Ok... lets c. JOYCE!!!!
Crap King
Kei Li

9. Who is number 1?
Hm... Joyce is joyce.... she is my best friend in IMU. XD Love series like mad.

10. Who is number 3 having relationship with?
Huh?? I dont know. Kian... who r u in relationship with?

11. Say something about number 5.
hm... my hsemates. thin, tall, partially vegetarian, wear spec, always said himself is melancholy.

12. How about number 4?
My hsemate again!!! Bright, cheerful n fun to b with. kaka. espeacially when come in pairs.

13. Who is number 2?
The talented 1 n the 1 that will sent you =.= ; swt, or even wanted to straggle him throughtout the conversation. XD

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I m not blessed in planting n i simply dislike it since....
1. A lot of mosquitoes in the garden....
2. Sometimes you accidentally find some corpse in the earth....
3. The earth smell is simply.... not pleasant....
4. After studying medic... found that actually there r more parasites in the sand and earth than i can imagine....

Then... my mum called me to do gardening again today....
plant the small sawi in another pot....
erm... i doubt they will live after going through my hands....
and the sand... look somewhat like concrete to me....
so... XD

plus raining heavily now.... hope the sawi.... dun float away.... with the rain water.... lolz....

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Fell in love with Zanmai when my friend first took me to it during my birthday.

Fell in love with Pasta Zanmai when i went there with Wei Chin n Yen Ming this Wednesday!!!

A newly opened restaurant in Midvalley, besides Mrs Kwan.

Concept of Pasta Zanmai is to cook Italian Pasta in japanese style... XD


The chopstick cover. If you prefer to use fork and spoon, there are also 3 pairs in the basket.

But better used chopstick since it is a japanese restaurant. ^^

Not the main menu. This is the menu for drinks n desserts.

The delicacies inside r so colorful and attractive. The price also very... Pretty. XD

The pasta will be in the other menu handed over by the waiter or waitress.

Green tea dont come in glass or cup there.

Share among with ur friends and the waiter will keep asking you if they can refill hot water into the pot.

Thats how 3 of us stay in the restaurant for abt 2 hours... first 45 minutes, we ate our pasta and the remaining time we r drinking tea and chatting.

My lunch!!! It look unattractive isnt it??

Er... at first i didnt want to order it since it is all black in color.... look like some spoiled food.

But it is the cheapest... Rm19++

and it has my favourite squid in it.... Hence... After some struggling. I ordered it.

Ooh. my gosh!! Its so so so nice!!! Even 1 bowk is not enough. Although i ended up with black lips, black teeth and tongue.

This is..... PAsta cooked with squid ink. It dont smell or taste like the chinese ink...

Its nice!!!! The best pasta i ever had ^^

Cant wait to try out the rest of the pasta in the menu. ^^

I watched Madagascar 2 the second time that day...

It is still so nice although i can predict what is happening the next second... kaka.

Go go madagascar!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


I totally lost track of time... ^^ i think 2day is 21st is it? if nobody told me it is 20th yesterday... i would thought that today is 28th nov... XD XD

Pulled up by my mum early morning to accompany her to walk for ard 2 hours....
sigh~ luckily it is not jogging... thanks because my shoes spoil half way.... XD
i m free from jogging but i still need to walk limping (cause the underneath layer of one of the shoes drop off)... lolz...

After reaching home... its ard 10.30am... OMG!!!! Princess n the Pauper...
I dont like barbie doll... but i seem to love barbie series since i started watching it.
it is so beautiful!! just like a fairy tale... keke

Then i nearly spent my whole day sleeping... sleeping n sleeping....
To comfortable at home... sigh~ ~ ~ hee hee.
Rottening at home also not a bad idea....

Thanks to KA for the book he lend me... The books can last me for months!!
since i m a slow reader... ^^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

KTM again... but this time is abt the workers

Twice in 3 days... First time i m in Tasik Selatan KTM station trying to get my ticket to midvalley. Second time, i m in the same station trying to get my ticket to go back to my hometown.

The same worker... the 1 that should be selling tickets.... I get to know his name...
But looking at the name on his tag... call him MK la.

He is really good in taking st out for himself...
First time. I saw him inside the gate... But that time there is no ppl getting down from any train...
WTH is he standing there?? doing ntg while letting all the passengers lining up in front of the ticket machine trying to push money which the machine keep vomiting out...
until 1 uncle.... probably deaf.... wanted to buy tickets fast n keep begging him to go to sell tickets...
only then he forcefully n slowly go into the ticket booth n started to sell tickets.... n he make me miss my ktm.... sigh~

Second time... today....n went there... saw there is no sign of "CLOSED". quite happy... then... AHHHHHH!!!! no ppl in the booth. Two of them r smoking inside the gate again...
chit chatting. having their own sweet time. IGNORING THE LINE WHICH GREW LONGER N LONGER UNTIL THE WHOLE PLATFORM IS CROWDED WITH PPL!!!! n THEY R STILL SMOKING N CHIT CHATTING. Ignoring ppl outside.... n again the stupid machine dont accept nearly everyone money....

A uncle again ask him to go to sell tickets n he snapped at the uncle n call him to line up n use the ticket machine.... .... WTH WTH WTH!!!!! then i dont know how n y he drag his stupid body back to the booth.... n he is deaf or partially deaf i think. CAUSE HE IS LAUgHING OVER A PHONECALL N MAKE US REPEATED WAT TICKETS WE WANT TO BUY FOR 2 TO 3 times JUST BECAUSE HE IS LISTENING TO SOME STUPID PHONECALL!!! PROBABLY FROM FRIEND OR GF... SMILING SWEETLY AND HAPPILY!!!!

AHHH!!! feel like smacking. but i m with 3 big bags n a super heavy laptop.

Met Jung yew yesterday... didnt see him for a year. nearly cant recognize him.
N he is bcoming thinner n thinner... lolz... i like the fatter u in form 5. look more meaty n handsome. XD XD
kakaka.... ok. i m just being random. so long didnt c u n i still recognized u b4 u recognized me.
yea!!! my memory is still working... kekeke.

2 nights in VIsta

Lolz... it sounds crazy. but ya~~ i spend 2 nitez alone in vista.... ... in that creepy apartment n make myself sick now... lolz....

I had spent quite a lot of time alone in that apartment...
But this time i just feel uneasy....
1. My hsemates r not coming back in 1 or 2 days...
2. The living room is just so gloomy with the plants and a lot of boxes and papers.
3. It is so so so quiet!!!! even with my music on.... it just feel not right.
4. The light of my toilet is spoit. So the whole corridor is dark dark DARK!!! and the toilet is totally dark!!!
5. Feel helpless with a lot of series in my laptop n the things that i need to bring back to seremban.
6. It raining these few days....

So i find it super hard to fall asleep plus it is so cold... i officially think i m going to have my usual "Holiday Fever" again.... lolz....
sorethroat n feeling floaty now... hope i dont wake up with fever... XD

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stupid Frog

When i was heating soup just now... i feel something soft under my legs...

I thought it was some prank my stupid bro did again....

I remove my leg... saw sth jumping away n AHHHH!!!!

nobody ask what happened.... my family is so cold.... *sob sob* T.T

I step on a frog. Didnt squash it cause i m not that heavy.... kakaka.

waiting for the video to upload. wander how many DAYS will it take to upload....

if it didnt upload the time i sleep.... i m gonna let it be just like that... lolz...

ok.... it dont let me upload. so i guess i will leave it like this....

YH and SY. If you all want it just take it from me... lolz....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa

This movie helped to cure my haedache a little yesterday.
Pulled my brother to watch with me even he is screaming that it is childish to watch cartoon in his age...
Lolz... he is only 15 and he watched a lot of anime too...
Anime=cartoon. isnt it?

Laughing throughout the movie and apparently i annoyed the uncle sitting beside me...
He glanced at me... Lolz...

Love the PENGUINS!!!! And the squirrel that is chase by the shark.
Wakaka!! i dont know that shark can survive onland for so long....

I love this penguin the most and his lover... a doll...
=.= good taste ya... pingu... XD XD and they married at the very last and the Penguin gave the male monkey maternity leave bcause one of the monkey took some photos of him smooching the doll. XD XD

Of course beside laughing... there is some touching part where you will go ahhhh~~~~~ (espeacially girl). When Melman took Moto Moto by his shoulder and blurt out all his loves to Gloria... I go Ahhhhhhhh~~~ so sweet~~~~~~

It is nice. Dont miss it. hee hee~

Book Fair+Eating Trip+Card ^^

Yesterday had bad headache so upload now.
On... Saturday. Went to book fair with Ting Ting. This is my first time walking to Mines from Serdang KTM station...

Well... Nowadays really every things require money... Even yoyu went into book fair. You need to pay them entrance fees... Luckily i brought my student card. Free from paying that RM2.
There is a lot of books... But... sigh~ not interesting. Anywayz i manage to find two books that i like. 1 by 深雪. the other by 张小娴. I love their books. hee hee~

When it is lunch time... ... Ern, Ting and me wanted to find Kim Gary... We search for it for half an hour... and we concluded that it is shut down... sigh~ so we go into some random shop that look like Kim GAry...

Ern's drink. Starfruit plus milk... Ting said it taste like yogurt.

My drink... XD it is nice.
Yogurt plus egg plus ice cream... Ern said it tasted like soursop. kaka.

After lunch we went to window shopping and finally go back into the book fair to buy the books that we wanted to buy...
Ting bought the chinese edition of "OBEDIENCE" by Will Lavendar.
The synopsis is very interesting but i cant find the english version of it.
Do any body heard of this book or have this book?? ^^
We went to Yogurt Berry after that. Have 40% discount that day.
Fall in love with this... It is so so so SUIT my taste.
I finished most of it. XD sorry to Ting and Ern. =P
Its cold and not too sweet plus got honeydew, mango n watermelon that i love... ^^
bahagia... ...

Biscuits... nope waffle with red bean paste inside... I ate the Nemo 1....
Erm.. Not bad. hee hee~
My god. This yougurt is so nice and the whole set of things cost ard RM6 only. ^^

After a nice refreshing dessert meal... we went to another dessert... more healthy one... XD
Guai Ling Gou!!! But it is very bitter compare to the one that my mum make...
Mayb my mum make it less bitter.....
Cause Ting Ting said it is the normal taste... the bitter taste is normal...
Well... Most healthy food is not good to taste... XD

Went home after that. Got a shock when Mei Ying phone n said that KTM is down again...
After asking the counter, they said KTM only broke down from Tasik Selatan till KL Central...
Lolz... luckily we r in Serdang but it is not so lucky for Mei Ying cause she is in KL central... ...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Love from Joyce ^^

After EOS. Joyce kept mentioning on her blog that she is going to make someone a card...
Because my birthday is over n no special festival is coming...
so I thought she is making a card for someone... someone name Iris... XD
or mayb she is making one for her too...

That day when i came back from a conference... took my laptop back from Joyce (it gave her a fright when it suddenly turn blue screen.)

Opened it and found this in it...

Honey my darling... XD

This is Latte. The cutest grandchildren of Bernice.

Some words from Joyce... So sweet~ ^^

Terima Kasih banyak2 ya Joyce.
I love the card a lot!!!! Thanks!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Results released...

Ppl will b thinking that I m crazy. Post up so many post in this 2 hours.

Feeling so urg this morning. Result is out and i still staying in Joyce hse.
Panicking... cause i m lousy... Try to check my e mail... But sigh~~ cant. The didnt send me anything.

Went to uni at 10.30pm. Shivering. Not bcause uni is cold. I M SCARE!!!!
Yen Haw said no 1 he knows fail. I DONT WANT B THE ONE THAT FAIL!!!

Wanted to throw the result into dustbin when i received it. Dont have thick form that only fail ppl get (according to Joyce. ppl who fail will get a big file). So i m safe??

I m still reluctant to open the envelope... My friends kept urging me to open it... and i refuse.

Finally Joyce took me to one of te PBL and helped me open....
I passed. not very good result bt i passed. Yay!! Officially got 6 weeks of holidays. ^^
no need to resit and explain to my mum and dad.
A lot of thanks to my friends especially my hsemates?? they help me super a lot in my studies. ^^

Wee Wee. Going to some sort of gathering tonitez. Dont feel like going since i will b meeting bunch of strangers that dont have the same topics with me. hmph....

whew whew whew. Times for lunch. Sign up for campus friend tutorial... XD
my tips=no tips... I m doing on skin n tissues. Ah!! Study hard ME208. hm... precisely is study constantly. notes r actually enough. ^^

Sekinchan 2+Sing K

Woke up quite late that day(Thursday). Have breakfast and lunch together...
All mums are the same. They like to stuff food to younger generation.
So do Darius's mum. Feel bahagia actually. Although i cant finish all and 3 others guys kept thinking i really can eat as much as them. lolz...

Around 3. Darius took us to eat seafood. The 1 that he said is nice is closed that day. *unlucky*
So we went to a shop next to it.

A type of shellfish. Call bamboo mussles. I think. Taste ok. Just a lot of sand in it. Wont get parasite infection o?? cause i ate the most.

"O Jian". Erm... okla... just the "O Jian" not juicy enough...

"Ikan Bakar Stingray". XD Erm... its tasteless to me. I just love the texture. Like feather and you can tear it into small small layers.

After that we went to Bukit Malawati.... I think it is. I didnt listen to what Darius is saying that time since i m quite sleepy and full.

Say "hello" to monkeys. There are monkeys everywhere on the bukit.
3 Brave guys have pictures taken with monkey. I m scare to death. I dont want my bag to kena rampas by the monkey.

The baby is so cute... ^^

Later on, Darius fetched us back to Bukit Jalil. Kei Li is back. We went to mcD.

My dinner. I m still full. The seafood is still in my stomach. Not digested.
Then, we went to sing K. First time sing K in Endah Parade. The place look like a maze.
Release stress. Kei Li can sing quite well. HG knows a lot of songs. Ick still love Jay the best and I still canot sing properly. Sing like a children singing.
Having fun in there. For me is super fun and 3 hours is not enough. we still have 60++ songs havent finish. XD XD
Reach vista around 12. cant sleep. Bath in dark.
Have a restless nitez since result is coming out the next day...
i dont want to RESIT!!!

Sekinchan 1

Darius is so nice. ^^ He invited Ick, HG and me to his hometown Sekinchan n fetch us to his place too. Since all of us r carless and dont know where is it.

We ckecked out about firefly in the first nitez.
Ick didnt know we are travelling on sampan... XD XD the only thing i scare about sampan is crocodile attack....
Lolz... i think i watched too many action movies. =p =p

Not many fireflies that time (10.45pm). The best time is 8 sth...

The second day we went to Padi field. Take some pictures....
One of them:

Me, Darius and HG. XD we are poiniting to ntg. see the sky is so blue and the padi field is so green. XD XD

Padi on HG's head. Look like Kadazan man... wakwakwak.
the sky is so BIRU!!!!

Our tourguide and driver----> Darius. Telling us everything that he knows and keep asking us to take photos.... XD

From top: HG, me and Ick.
This is the seaside of Sekinchan... super hot. But the sky is so blue...
fall in love with the sky... ^^

XD Both of them are acting as my bodyguards... Showing their muscles out... XD
protecting me???
They look like they are going to punch me though.... Dont bully me. ><

My turn to bcome "dai ka Jie"
my legs are fat. urgh!!!

Ikan masin??? Guess whose legs r those. =D =D

Poor fish that is step by Darius... may you R.I.P.

We went cycling in the evening... its a long time since i last cycled....
2 or 3 years ago...
In sekinchan, there is less traffic, a lot of greeneries, long long routes and friends who kept pushing me to cycled faster. XD XD sorry. my legs are painful bcause of skating... =D
Penang has Penang bridge. Sekinchan got Sekinchan Bridge (according to Ick)
This is the Sekinchan bridge we r sitting on.
Me, Ick and HG.
We watched "Jia Hao Yue Yuan" during our free times there.
Dont feel like continue watching it anymore...
I hate to see ppl
Day 1. *THE END*

my left eyes cant open... this is just a random post.... =P


Had been in funny mood since i finished my EOS... This is what i eat after i came back from midvalley.
Its super filling and super not nice.... XD
actually its taste okla....

Thte soya bean drink opposite IMU... erm... RM1.30 now.
On Tuesday... went to midvalley with Louis, Alex and Joyce.
Had our lunch in Kim Gary... This is the first time i m having kim gary in Sunway... After eating a heavy meal. We decided to go SKATING!!!!
This was the first time i went ice-skating.... Thrill!!!
The skating shoes is quite uncomfortable. Making my foot numb n for a few times. I thought my ankle is going to sprain... (it is spell like this)

Alex had the most tiring job. He needs to take care 3 girls espeacially me. The only one that cant skate... XD XD
Its fun!!!! and i can skate for a short distance already. But will still fall down after i count to 20.
Ish ish...The total amount of time i fall is ard 6 to 7.
1 of it is knock down by a skillless person from my back.... ish. dont know how to skate then dont skate so fast...
The last round is only Joyce and me. Skating in the middle. n we fall for 2 times. XD XD
bcause of my clumsiness... i kept telling myself i will fall down and its slippery...
my whole jeans r wet.... embarassing bt i dont care. =P

Stupid popular closed that day for stocking up... sigh~ i went there for skating n popular only.
Seremban popular is too small n not many choices of book for me... +P

Joyce and me decided to camwhore when they clean the ice rink.
One of the pictures....

After coming back from Sunway... i officially cant open my eyes...
dang.... my eyes are too dry due to decreasing sleeping hour n i kept wearing contact....
tears kept flowing out.... XD I m not crying....

Monday, November 10, 2008

HSM in midvalley

I went Midvalley alone again... lolz...
I dont know why? Mayb I cant find anybody to accompany me?
Mayb i just too lazy to pick up my phone and ask my frineds... well. I dont know.

Decided to go for movie and hunt for someone present.
Actually i wanted to watch Madagascar 2. I thought it is onscreen. Cause i saw it in the TGV timetable... But... it seem that i saw it wrongly... GSC wont have Madagascar until 13 nov... ><

Ish... Anyway i want to watch a MOVIE!!! lolz... n the only choice is HSM3. Cause others dont sound nice and i cant watch horror movie alone...

Smuggle in Mcnuggets. Officially dont like the malay boys that sit besides me. They kept twisting and turning. If you cant sit still and dont have any interest in this movie. Just get out or choose other movies... hmph.

Vanessa is so pretty. I cant keep my eyes off her espeacially when she smiles. ^^ hee hee~
Zac is so lucky. =P =P

Hm... the movie is basically better than HSM2 but i still love HSM the best.
Kena shock at the last part when Troy said sth like "The one that I choose to be with me is Gabriella. Stanford. Pre law."
Ooooohh.... so sweet. So nice. Hee hee~

*snap snap* Time to wake up from the dream. I still want to watch Madagascar2.

Random photos post EOS

All those that have a strong passion will definately fall in love with these at the first bite.
It is a durian cake!!!!
Inside it is durian n cream.
You will go OOH and AHHH n WAH!!!!
kaka. You can find it at Asian Cafe and the lowest floor of Garden.
of course it is not cheap...
2 for RM4 and 6 for RM10
lolz... why i sound like i m promoting my products...
XD kaka. its k. share the delicious with you all. remember to try. *wink*

wander how my last dinner before EOS???
Welll. tadaa!!! fried rice plus an egg. It is the stall opposite IMU. Its delicious... hee hee.
But its quite tasteless to me that time... All my senses went numb before EOS. =P

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Tagged by Joyce.... Need to crack my head. Cause i m just so ordinary.... ... =P

RULE: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself.People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits / things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.NO TAG backs!

1. I love to smile, laugh... (not all is bcause i m in a happy mood). Some of my smile n laugh totally freak my friends out. espeacially my housemates who witnessed me going crazy b4 EOS.
(They helped me to open Tanjung Mangga. I think there is 4 Mangga now). Kaka.

2. I love my hair although i dont take care of them. Feel them, touch them, bite them but i seldom comb them... ... (lolz... thats why the hairdresser scolded me for not taking care of my hair) XD

3. I can love a thing like mad in this moment and hate it like hell the next moment. (Well... only apply to objects not ppl) Cheer cheer!!

4. I like ppl hugging me. Its feel safe. But... I cant just go around hugging ppl is it? After that i need to pay for their medical fees... (they kena shock...) so give me a hug next time u see me? i want tight tight 1 but dont straggle me. +P

5. I can learn things fast (mostly but definately not Rubik's cube. that 1 make me dizzy). But after st i will give up learning it even though i m doing good in it. Cause i hate to b hardworking.... lolz... (mom going to kill me if she see this XD XD)

6. Actually i find difficulties in letting ppl notice me talking since young... so i prefer to sit there n listen to all of u talking... (it is not that i hate to talk just i dont like to go unnoticed when i m talking n no one hear what i m saying).(someone should buy me a speaker... XD )

7. I love to sit the car driven by my dad n mom only. Cause only on their cars i can feel free to sleep. Within 5 mins in the car driven by them. i will just doze off... hee hee

8. Most ppl i met (nearly 93%) will said this phrase to me "you look like one of friends."
I got so much clones around the world. kakaka.

9. This is a fact that will send blows to my friends... XD XD I dont really love teddy bear.... lolz... although all of my friends said i had this teddy bear loving look. but the fate of teddy bear that r with me is tragedy... i seldom hug them. even i hug them its just for a few hours. I wont let them sleep with me... cause i will involuntarily drop them from my beds.... but i will at least get 1 soft toy every birthday. XD lolz... lolz... lolz... (my mum said she is going to keep the soft toys for her grandchildren.) lolz...

10. I hate pink... unlike others gal who go crazy over pink. (lolz... i think lots of girl also dont love pink)

11. My mum always scolded me and said i m heartless. Cause i just cried for one movie (LOTR3) which i dont know why i cried n i didnt cry when i read some sad stories... my mom said i m not sentimental... (well. mayb...)

12. study will always make me fat while holiday make me thinner... lolz...

13. I love ice cream so much that i can eat them everyday. Not 1. is ard 5. XD XD but i dont have this much money to spend.

14. I cant think of any weird stuffs to write liao... can anybody contribute sth?? ok... i always thought there is worms in my brain after seeing some weird pictures abt worms living n eating up a person's brain... >< i dont want ended up b wormish.

15. weird stuff eh?? lolz... can i tag back all the ppl in my lists even they did this test b4?? :D :D

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Watch Quantum of Solace with my bro today...

This is the first movie we watched together this last half of 2008... XD XD i m not a good sis.

Actually i thought of taking him to Madagascar 2. At least it is not so violent n it is FUNNY!!

(er... according to review)

But i think its time for him to grow a little bit. So lets go 007!!! :D :D

Daniel Craig is cooler in this movie. N Olga is different types of pretty.
She is the only bond gal that didnt have sex with bonds...
thats y she didnt die??? lolz...
Mayb Bond is the opposite of Good Luck Chuck.
Kaka~ =P

Prefer the storyline of casino royal.
But he has big tummy then. this time they didnt show his tummy.
so XD XD its better.
lolz... But my bro is going to fall asleep in the cinema. He stir n turn a lots of time.

This is the first bond i know. This 1 is more handsome. kekeke.
But he very cartoon like...
Ok. Quantum of Solace rated 6/10

MUET final

Listening to 安静——周杰伦. (I didnt type wrong his name is it?)
The on ly song that i love and know how to play. kaka~

Finished MUET!!! Yipee!! No exam in 1 month time... Woohoo. So its movies time.

Having problem in waking up today and mommy again cooked a big bowl of mee for me... ...
Drove to that school and have problems with the parking there cause its very narrow.

There are more candidates for today MUET test and i found out that one of them is IMU student. 0.0 oooooo......
But i didnt tell her i am studying i am studying in IMU too... ...
=P =P secret secret....

The reading test is ok. 6 passages n 45 questions. But bcome indecisive at the last two passages.
One of my weaknesses. I dont know how to choose the one best answer.
So i just get my sixth sense to work. Hope it is accurate for today.

Secondly test is writing. A graph and an essay. Basically, i didnt write an essay for 1 year. I mean writing in formal language not like now which I am typing in Chin-glish.
Found it difficult to put words into flowing sentences.
Hope they are not too bad. I think i give too much opinion at the second essay. Particularly changing it from an essay to one of my blog post. lolz...

Listening test is not that bad. IELTS just let you hear the text for one time.
You catch the answer then its ok but if you dont 88 to full marks in your listening test.
But for MUET. You get to hear twice. So horray. you will get at least 97% of the answers.

At 12.25pm. I was relieved. Finally finish MUET!!! Yay!!! My heaert is running wild.
Then... "Maaf Puan puan tuan tuan. Pita ada sedikit masalah utk bahagian yg terakhir."
The examiner take 5 mins to check n decided to use the second tape.
My god. I thought they will just repeat the place that we miss. But no...
They repeated it from the start. The very very beginning.
So i get to hear 4 times of the texts which i wanted to muntah already although i still dont get 2 of the questions answers... So instead of ending at 12.30pm. The test end at 1pm... ...

XD kaka. Hope i get Band 5. Then no need to resit. =P =P

Internet is lagging here... ... Suddenly miss IMU internet..... ah. so sesat.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Prince Charming + How i can eat more than others gal...

when you met someone that you love... it like seeing an angel descending from the sky... ^^

My skirt is soaked with saliva today. Went to my auntie's hse. Made some sandwiches for her plus go n have a look at my lovely prince.
He cant recognized me. *sad*
But he loves my braces. Kept stretching his small arms to touch my braces...
And apparently he loves my skirt. Kept pulling it and bite it and he bite my hands too...
I didnt put ajinamoto on my hands... XD XD

Went home for only 3 days... And you know which phrase i heard the most...
"Are you hungry?? There is something in the fridge..." OR
"Got some rice and soup. GO heat them up and eat."
"Lets go out to eat..." (when we just ate lunch an hour ago).
Yea... These are from my mum... She really plan to feed me until i bcome some adorable piggy.
@.@ And ppl who have the same blood running in their bodies usually will give the same response...
My auntie is the same too. First, sandwiches and green beans dessert.
Then... is a cup, really big cup of tonic drinks (luckily she put some honey in it)
After that... a big cup of "Gui LIng Gao"... (She even ask me to help myself with more for 3 times... =.=''')
Finally, 2 big plates of pears and grapes... ...
Oh my gosh... i m sure i m gaining weight... sigh~ but its nice to taste the food after 3 weeks of IMU food...

Cheer everyone. D Gray man is really nice. XD

Thursday, November 6, 2008

MUET Speaking

Woke up at 6am this morning... tired. Try to stay up till 12am yesterday.
But again... i doze off with my light off (thanks to my bro. XD if not my mum will lecture me again. =P)

Drove to the sekolah... First time driving after 3 months or so. Feeling excited when i grippeed the... ... stereng (gosh... i forget how to spell it. Bet this is the wrong one).
Zooming to the school. woohoo. Found a parking place. Reported myself to the school guard who have a blank look when i told him i was going in to sit for MUET... ...
I repeated a few times... N finally he said "masuklah." lolz...

Finding my way to the exam hall. Why all malay schools are so big??
Asked a chinese teacher for direction since she was the only one that noticed my present.
haha... but she is not good in giving direction. I m lost again. Luckily met some canditates too.
So we sama2 find the location.

Its on the forth floor... at the very very end. I m the only chinese there. 20 canditates. 1 chinese, 2 Indians and only 3 of them are around 18-22. Ahhhhh!!! others are either around their 30 or 40... oh gosh. is this a good news to me.

Anywayz i got into the first group. With 3 malays. 2 man (1 ard 40 sth n 1 30 sth) n a lady (ard 30 too). The examiners sat at both ends and four of us sit in the middle.

There was 2 questions. First one goes like this... ...
One of your friends who is 19 year old is planning to married her bf. Try to convince her to married after graduation. Main reason... Save money.
Lolz... is my first thought. "who the heck will marry at such a young age. lolz... except there is some accident."

So... we started to give our own opinion 1 by 1. I got panic n lost all my words... XD so try to show that i m confidence by talking louder than other canditates... ...
1. No money to spend in ur future.... with ur hubby and u need to take care of 2 families...
2. Wedding... No money how to get married. Ask from daddy mommy...?
nono. this is sth that should be manage by both of u. Why involve the third parties...
3. No car and house of ur own... you really plan to stay with ur parents or ur hubby family??
4. children... is hard to take care of a children... they are money eater... XD
5. Why married in such a young age? continue ur study when u still can...
btw. how u know u wont meet someone that is more suitable for u in the future. :D

Second questions is a discussion.
We must reach a conclusion weather we should advice her to
1. continue her study
2. get a job
3. save money OR
4. gain more life experiences.
=.= eeeeee..... arent them the same things... ish ish. ok. just talk sth la.
Bt the discussion didnt go like a discussion cause all of them are just.... talking n looking at the examiner instead of their own candidates.
Well... 2 of them said get a job. The 30+ man n i said study. Woohoo.
Of course la. 19 is still a age to learn. If you got better education. you can get a better job with higher salary. With a higher salary you can lead a better life. Have nice car, big hse, good food.
Plus. you have more money to save.
Abt life experiences. Well. Everyday you gain sth. the matter is just weather you realize it or not.
During schooling, you can gain experience through joining sch activities or organizing activities or be a social worker.
Then i simply blurt out sth like....
She is still so young... why lock herself up with marriage while she still can feel the world, try out more things. Marrige is a big responsibilities. Well. In some way is just sth bt 2 of u. but in reality... you still need to take care of ur family n his family... SO why lock up urself...
N how u know he is the fated 1 too u. Mayb you will meet someone better in ur life...(i said this again... N this time all the examiners n candidates are laughing. Are they teasing me?? Cause i m the youngest there n still gave so many opinions when all the experience mature ppl are there. ><>

In the end... We won. All agree to advice her to further her study. Kekeke. N i finish my exam at 8.15am... hee hee.

Went to trim my hair. planning to cut it till my shoulder length. but mommy said no. and she wanted me to straigtened my hair (NOOOOOOOO!!!! I tak mau!!! i want it to b naturally straight.)

Watch D-Gray man anime until i fall asleep. Its NICE!!! just that i m too tired. haha.

Well. another comment from mommy that i bcome more boyish...
lolz... M i? i dont feel like i m.

Post EOS 2

Grief was filling here for the pass few weeks... thanks to EOS...
So trying to brighten this place up.

Slept for 2 hours. Its so nice to stay asleep in your own bed. :D :D
But the problem is. I m still alert to what happening ard even though my eyes are closed n my body cant move... N apparently... My mum loves my bedroom. She kept going in and out and st slept besides me.... i was swt-ing... But too lazy to show any reaction. So i just lie stiff there.

Went out to find the school i m going to sit for my MUET tomorrow.
I didnt do any preparation. What a brave gal i m?? XD At least i know what is the format...
Hope the examiner wont be too shock to notice a 19 years old gal speaking chinglish. hee hee~

My dad n i actually get lost. Cause we didnt heard abt that sch b4...
After some searching n phone calling. We still fail to find that school...
Then mommy said we just go to ask one of my cousins that live nearby. Mayb he will have some idea where is it.
N it turns out to be his sch.... wakaka. n he took us there. So kind of him. Thanks a bunch ya. i own you. ^^

What can i do in these 6 days holiday??
1. Let myself rots.
2. Try to do some exercise since i abandon it for many many years.
3. Go and find some books to read (definately not from dad's shelf. I dont understand all his books. Hmph.)
4. Flood my eyes n minds with A lot a lot of MOVIES!!!! YAY!!!
5. Go lepaking???
6. Start to study... @.@ (i tak mau... i tak mau...)
7. Grow myself fat (XD XD that is mommy's long time wish. nope. i wont fullfilled it. XD
8. etc.

Realize that i didnt
1. Listen to classical n soft music for quite a long while... Kinda miss some of them.
2. Didnt touch the TV n newspaper... wander what's happening ard the world... sesat girl.
But i know OBAMA WON!!!
3. Havent read a good book or books for quite a while. Usually just read some pamplets or comics... XD who is very kind to lend me some??
4. Didnt go to see xiang xiang n shu shu for a long time. Wander how r them? although they are staying under the same roof as me.
5. Trying to find Peri back but i cant lock in. shoot. hmph.
6. Didnt play games with my bro for a long time... ... sigh~

lastly... just want to said...


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post EOS

Yesterday... after finishing my exam...
Didnt feel relieve like the pass exam that i sit for...
Feel worried n feel really really bad...
M i really qualified to be a doc??
I dont know how to answer quite a lot of questions...sigh~ ok...
what is done is done... ntg can mend it...

NOw in Seremban... Headache... i think things like coffee... pati ayam...
will give very bad side effect for me... XD

Went lepaking with Joyce yesterday. took some sesat pictures.
But just realise no bluetooth com in seremban...
oh gosh. blur case

ok... got 6 days to relax. tomorrow MUET. Wish that i dont screw it. XD XD

Monday, November 3, 2008

Grumbles.... release Stress....

Sigh~ had been mugging the medical stuffs for the pass 2 weeks.
But the previous information will be push out after that.

SAQ... what i know then i can. The part i dont know. 88.
Sangat sakit hati when i see the bilirubin process....
i know it is sth to do with amino acid, glucuronic acid...
but i just somehow forget how... ...

The stress questions... i didnt leave it blank. i just simply write some random stuff in it...
Feel regret that i didnt listen the defination of stress that Ick kept repeating...
anywayz... what is gone is gone....

Most sakit hati... is not that i didnt went through the drug metabolism notes...
I saw the cytochrome P450 thingy or sth like that... and the chemi start at ter...
i just IGNORE it.... CAUSE IT IS ALL CHEMICAL SUBSTaNCE that i HATE.... so 88 for that questions too... ...

Anaplasia... the question that i want to ask someone bt i totally forget to ask... lolz...

Luckily... parasito and microbes help me... but that is not enough....
what bacteria cause gastroenteritis... Well... is Salmonella Typhi.
I forget what i had put... but definately not Salmonella... lolz lolz...

Vaccination... i also ignore that although i studied it during Sum2....
XD XD seem like a lot of things that i ignore came out... lolz...

OBA is worse than SAQ... the answers swinging from A to B to C to D then to E... ...
lolz... ... I dun know. Feel sick now plus excited. XD After ospee tomorow i can do whatever i want then face the music...

I studied hard... i got. at least more hardworking than i m in sem 1 and in secondary...
but info just couldnt fit into my brain... ... Erm... Mayb i should start exercising... lolz..., no fail, fail, no fail... ... 47% to 53%... ...
just hope hope hope that i wont screw my ospee... ...

Ok. feel better now... need to study for ospee... :D