Saturday, November 8, 2008


Watch Quantum of Solace with my bro today...

This is the first movie we watched together this last half of 2008... XD XD i m not a good sis.

Actually i thought of taking him to Madagascar 2. At least it is not so violent n it is FUNNY!!

(er... according to review)

But i think its time for him to grow a little bit. So lets go 007!!! :D :D

Daniel Craig is cooler in this movie. N Olga is different types of pretty.
She is the only bond gal that didnt have sex with bonds...
thats y she didnt die??? lolz...
Mayb Bond is the opposite of Good Luck Chuck.
Kaka~ =P

Prefer the storyline of casino royal.
But he has big tummy then. this time they didnt show his tummy.
so XD XD its better.
lolz... But my bro is going to fall asleep in the cinema. He stir n turn a lots of time.

This is the first bond i know. This 1 is more handsome. kekeke.
But he very cartoon like...
Ok. Quantum of Solace rated 6/10

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