Saturday, November 8, 2008

MUET final

Listening to 安静——周杰伦. (I didnt type wrong his name is it?)
The on ly song that i love and know how to play. kaka~

Finished MUET!!! Yipee!! No exam in 1 month time... Woohoo. So its movies time.

Having problem in waking up today and mommy again cooked a big bowl of mee for me... ...
Drove to that school and have problems with the parking there cause its very narrow.

There are more candidates for today MUET test and i found out that one of them is IMU student. 0.0 oooooo......
But i didnt tell her i am studying i am studying in IMU too... ...
=P =P secret secret....

The reading test is ok. 6 passages n 45 questions. But bcome indecisive at the last two passages.
One of my weaknesses. I dont know how to choose the one best answer.
So i just get my sixth sense to work. Hope it is accurate for today.

Secondly test is writing. A graph and an essay. Basically, i didnt write an essay for 1 year. I mean writing in formal language not like now which I am typing in Chin-glish.
Found it difficult to put words into flowing sentences.
Hope they are not too bad. I think i give too much opinion at the second essay. Particularly changing it from an essay to one of my blog post. lolz...

Listening test is not that bad. IELTS just let you hear the text for one time.
You catch the answer then its ok but if you dont 88 to full marks in your listening test.
But for MUET. You get to hear twice. So horray. you will get at least 97% of the answers.

At 12.25pm. I was relieved. Finally finish MUET!!! Yay!!! My heaert is running wild.
Then... "Maaf Puan puan tuan tuan. Pita ada sedikit masalah utk bahagian yg terakhir."
The examiner take 5 mins to check n decided to use the second tape.
My god. I thought they will just repeat the place that we miss. But no...
They repeated it from the start. The very very beginning.
So i get to hear 4 times of the texts which i wanted to muntah already although i still dont get 2 of the questions answers... So instead of ending at 12.30pm. The test end at 1pm... ...

XD kaka. Hope i get Band 5. Then no need to resit. =P =P

Internet is lagging here... ... Suddenly miss IMU internet..... ah. so sesat.


joyce said...

eh not band 4 enough meh? haha

sure can get band 5 one la. u know the standard what. what weird essay question did u get this time?

IMU i am in now... huahaha come back i got a lot of videos to show u already ~~~

Belle said...

eh.... really? band 4 only ma?
i tohught need band 5. lolz...

ok.this time essay is materialistic. ur opinion of ppl bcoming more n more realistic. XD XD

yay!!! more movies bt my laptop no space liao. XD

joyce said...

ur laptop no space??

then too bad.

wad de.. where got so fast no space one....

Belle said...

yeap. i think so. the last time i check the storage space.
nearly bcome red liao bt it still green in color la.
og course no space. i didnt delete the movies that you give me wat...
dun care. i willl find space for the new movies. XD