Thursday, November 6, 2008

MUET Speaking

Woke up at 6am this morning... tired. Try to stay up till 12am yesterday.
But again... i doze off with my light off (thanks to my bro. XD if not my mum will lecture me again. =P)

Drove to the sekolah... First time driving after 3 months or so. Feeling excited when i grippeed the... ... stereng (gosh... i forget how to spell it. Bet this is the wrong one).
Zooming to the school. woohoo. Found a parking place. Reported myself to the school guard who have a blank look when i told him i was going in to sit for MUET... ...
I repeated a few times... N finally he said "masuklah." lolz...

Finding my way to the exam hall. Why all malay schools are so big??
Asked a chinese teacher for direction since she was the only one that noticed my present.
haha... but she is not good in giving direction. I m lost again. Luckily met some canditates too.
So we sama2 find the location.

Its on the forth floor... at the very very end. I m the only chinese there. 20 canditates. 1 chinese, 2 Indians and only 3 of them are around 18-22. Ahhhhh!!! others are either around their 30 or 40... oh gosh. is this a good news to me.

Anywayz i got into the first group. With 3 malays. 2 man (1 ard 40 sth n 1 30 sth) n a lady (ard 30 too). The examiners sat at both ends and four of us sit in the middle.

There was 2 questions. First one goes like this... ...
One of your friends who is 19 year old is planning to married her bf. Try to convince her to married after graduation. Main reason... Save money.
Lolz... is my first thought. "who the heck will marry at such a young age. lolz... except there is some accident."

So... we started to give our own opinion 1 by 1. I got panic n lost all my words... XD so try to show that i m confidence by talking louder than other canditates... ...
1. No money to spend in ur future.... with ur hubby and u need to take care of 2 families...
2. Wedding... No money how to get married. Ask from daddy mommy...?
nono. this is sth that should be manage by both of u. Why involve the third parties...
3. No car and house of ur own... you really plan to stay with ur parents or ur hubby family??
4. children... is hard to take care of a children... they are money eater... XD
5. Why married in such a young age? continue ur study when u still can...
btw. how u know u wont meet someone that is more suitable for u in the future. :D

Second questions is a discussion.
We must reach a conclusion weather we should advice her to
1. continue her study
2. get a job
3. save money OR
4. gain more life experiences.
=.= eeeeee..... arent them the same things... ish ish. ok. just talk sth la.
Bt the discussion didnt go like a discussion cause all of them are just.... talking n looking at the examiner instead of their own candidates.
Well... 2 of them said get a job. The 30+ man n i said study. Woohoo.
Of course la. 19 is still a age to learn. If you got better education. you can get a better job with higher salary. With a higher salary you can lead a better life. Have nice car, big hse, good food.
Plus. you have more money to save.
Abt life experiences. Well. Everyday you gain sth. the matter is just weather you realize it or not.
During schooling, you can gain experience through joining sch activities or organizing activities or be a social worker.
Then i simply blurt out sth like....
She is still so young... why lock herself up with marriage while she still can feel the world, try out more things. Marrige is a big responsibilities. Well. In some way is just sth bt 2 of u. but in reality... you still need to take care of ur family n his family... SO why lock up urself...
N how u know he is the fated 1 too u. Mayb you will meet someone better in ur life...(i said this again... N this time all the examiners n candidates are laughing. Are they teasing me?? Cause i m the youngest there n still gave so many opinions when all the experience mature ppl are there. ><>

In the end... We won. All agree to advice her to further her study. Kekeke. N i finish my exam at 8.15am... hee hee.

Went to trim my hair. planning to cut it till my shoulder length. but mommy said no. and she wanted me to straigtened my hair (NOOOOOOOO!!!! I tak mau!!! i want it to b naturally straight.)

Watch D-Gray man anime until i fall asleep. Its NICE!!! just that i m too tired. haha.

Well. another comment from mommy that i bcome more boyish...
lolz... M i? i dont feel like i m.

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