Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post EOS 2

Grief was filling here for the pass few weeks... thanks to EOS...
So trying to brighten this place up.

Slept for 2 hours. Its so nice to stay asleep in your own bed. :D :D
But the problem is. I m still alert to what happening ard even though my eyes are closed n my body cant move... N apparently... My mum loves my bedroom. She kept going in and out and st slept besides me.... i was swt-ing... But too lazy to show any reaction. So i just lie stiff there.

Went out to find the school i m going to sit for my MUET tomorrow.
I didnt do any preparation. What a brave gal i m?? XD At least i know what is the format...
Hope the examiner wont be too shock to notice a 19 years old gal speaking chinglish. hee hee~

My dad n i actually get lost. Cause we didnt heard abt that sch b4...
After some searching n phone calling. We still fail to find that school...
Then mommy said we just go to ask one of my cousins that live nearby. Mayb he will have some idea where is it.
N it turns out to be his sch.... wakaka. n he took us there. So kind of him. Thanks a bunch ya. i own you. ^^

What can i do in these 6 days holiday??
1. Let myself rots.
2. Try to do some exercise since i abandon it for many many years.
3. Go and find some books to read (definately not from dad's shelf. I dont understand all his books. Hmph.)
4. Flood my eyes n minds with A lot a lot of MOVIES!!!! YAY!!!
5. Go lepaking???
6. Start to study... @.@ (i tak mau... i tak mau...)
7. Grow myself fat (XD XD that is mommy's long time wish. nope. i wont fullfilled it. XD
8. etc.

Realize that i didnt
1. Listen to classical n soft music for quite a long while... Kinda miss some of them.
2. Didnt touch the TV n newspaper... wander what's happening ard the world... sesat girl.
But i know OBAMA WON!!!
3. Havent read a good book or books for quite a while. Usually just read some pamplets or comics... XD who is very kind to lend me some??
4. Didnt go to see xiang xiang n shu shu for a long time. Wander how r them? although they are staying under the same roof as me.
5. Trying to find Peri back but i cant lock in. shoot. hmph.
6. Didnt play games with my bro for a long time... ... sigh~

lastly... just want to said...


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