Monday, November 10, 2008

Random photos post EOS

All those that have a strong passion will definately fall in love with these at the first bite.
It is a durian cake!!!!
Inside it is durian n cream.
You will go OOH and AHHH n WAH!!!!
kaka. You can find it at Asian Cafe and the lowest floor of Garden.
of course it is not cheap...
2 for RM4 and 6 for RM10
lolz... why i sound like i m promoting my products...
XD kaka. its k. share the delicious with you all. remember to try. *wink*

wander how my last dinner before EOS???
Welll. tadaa!!! fried rice plus an egg. It is the stall opposite IMU. Its delicious... hee hee.
But its quite tasteless to me that time... All my senses went numb before EOS. =P

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