Friday, November 14, 2008

Sekinchan 1

Darius is so nice. ^^ He invited Ick, HG and me to his hometown Sekinchan n fetch us to his place too. Since all of us r carless and dont know where is it.

We ckecked out about firefly in the first nitez.
Ick didnt know we are travelling on sampan... XD XD the only thing i scare about sampan is crocodile attack....
Lolz... i think i watched too many action movies. =p =p

Not many fireflies that time (10.45pm). The best time is 8 sth...

The second day we went to Padi field. Take some pictures....
One of them:

Me, Darius and HG. XD we are poiniting to ntg. see the sky is so blue and the padi field is so green. XD XD

Padi on HG's head. Look like Kadazan man... wakwakwak.
the sky is so BIRU!!!!

Our tourguide and driver----> Darius. Telling us everything that he knows and keep asking us to take photos.... XD

From top: HG, me and Ick.
This is the seaside of Sekinchan... super hot. But the sky is so blue...
fall in love with the sky... ^^

XD Both of them are acting as my bodyguards... Showing their muscles out... XD
protecting me???
They look like they are going to punch me though.... Dont bully me. ><

My turn to bcome "dai ka Jie"
my legs are fat. urgh!!!

Ikan masin??? Guess whose legs r those. =D =D

Poor fish that is step by Darius... may you R.I.P.

We went cycling in the evening... its a long time since i last cycled....
2 or 3 years ago...
In sekinchan, there is less traffic, a lot of greeneries, long long routes and friends who kept pushing me to cycled faster. XD XD sorry. my legs are painful bcause of skating... =D
Penang has Penang bridge. Sekinchan got Sekinchan Bridge (according to Ick)
This is the Sekinchan bridge we r sitting on.
Me, Ick and HG.
We watched "Jia Hao Yue Yuan" during our free times there.
Dont feel like continue watching it anymore...
I hate to see ppl
Day 1. *THE END*


meiying said...

where is sekinchan??
the scenery is splendid especially the sunset !!tat is the place which i hv been looking forward for so long...dream place

Belle said...

erm... its near kuala selangor de.
you know "适耕庄"??
it is sekinchan lo.
XD yeap. the sunset is superd.
later upload more photos. ^^