Sunday, November 30, 2008


XD i did a lot of tags this month. I mean last month. sorry for this late reply.
had been lock up somewhere with some troubles. ^^

Three names you go by :

~ Ying xin
~ Xin Xin (definately not gorila)
~ Belle

Three screen names you have had :

~ Periwinkle
~ Starfishy
~ Xin

Three physical things you like about yourself :

*lolz... actually dont have
~ My hair
~ Height is ok
~ Weight also boleh tahan la

Three physical things you DON'T like about yourself :

* owh. Got more than 10 wei
~ I HATE my eyes
~ I SUPER HATE my stamina
~ I... ... m not glowing enough... XD XD

Three parts of your heritage?(not sure what this means) :

*meaning i inherit from my mum n dad is it?
~ I got my mum straight hair
~ I got nearly all my dad features on the face
~ I think i have eyes from my mum XD

Three things that scare you :

~ Been dump by my friends in somewhere i dont know
~ Alone in somewhere doing sth with anyone that i know
~ Saw a face outside my window, looking at me when i m in the second floor. ><

Three of your everyday essentials :

~ eat and sleep

~ online (restricted somehow)
~ watching TV (its unbelievable i survive in IMU without TV)

Three things you are wearing now :- (just get back from a movie ^^)

~ hairclip
~ makeup
~ shirts and shots

Three of your favourite bands or musical arts :

~ XD ah.... Jolin
~ ah~~~~~ RAIN!!!!!!!
~ ah..... .... .... Nelly Furtado

Three of your favourite songs (right now) :-

~ <.< 永远在身边
~ Hurt
~ nuan nuan- Fish Leong

Three things you want in a relationship :

~ Guide me n bear + stick with my unreasonable char
~ A lot of Hugs XD XD
~ Caring... ^^

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeals to you :-

~ look ok to me (face)
~ can carried me XD XD
~ taller than me...

Three of your hobbies :-

~ online
~ read
~ sleep

Three things you wanna do really badly right now :-

~ i want to online n update my blog

~ i want someone that can talk with me

~ i feel like drinking hot soup now

Three careers you're considering / considered before :-

~ psychologist
~ stewardess ( this is just a dream... ... no1 will support me. >< )
~ actress (XD XD i totally r not bless in this)

Three places you want to go on vacation :-

~ Japan (Tokyo)
~ Somewhere like cameron highland
~ LA

Three things you want to do before you die :

~ Complete all my dreams
~ Find the meaning of what i m living for
~ Play play play n travel!!!

Three ways that you are Stereotypical a girl(/guy) :-

*apa ni??
~ i look like a girl (i think so)
~ my ID said I am a gal
~ I act like a gal (should be) XD

Five people that you would like to see take this quiz now :
XD XD myself x5
XD XD nobody is going to suffer. do this test if you feel like doing it.

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