Sunday, November 9, 2008


Tagged by Joyce.... Need to crack my head. Cause i m just so ordinary.... ... =P

RULE: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself.People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits / things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.NO TAG backs!

1. I love to smile, laugh... (not all is bcause i m in a happy mood). Some of my smile n laugh totally freak my friends out. espeacially my housemates who witnessed me going crazy b4 EOS.
(They helped me to open Tanjung Mangga. I think there is 4 Mangga now). Kaka.

2. I love my hair although i dont take care of them. Feel them, touch them, bite them but i seldom comb them... ... (lolz... thats why the hairdresser scolded me for not taking care of my hair) XD

3. I can love a thing like mad in this moment and hate it like hell the next moment. (Well... only apply to objects not ppl) Cheer cheer!!

4. I like ppl hugging me. Its feel safe. But... I cant just go around hugging ppl is it? After that i need to pay for their medical fees... (they kena shock...) so give me a hug next time u see me? i want tight tight 1 but dont straggle me. +P

5. I can learn things fast (mostly but definately not Rubik's cube. that 1 make me dizzy). But after st i will give up learning it even though i m doing good in it. Cause i hate to b hardworking.... lolz... (mom going to kill me if she see this XD XD)

6. Actually i find difficulties in letting ppl notice me talking since young... so i prefer to sit there n listen to all of u talking... (it is not that i hate to talk just i dont like to go unnoticed when i m talking n no one hear what i m saying).(someone should buy me a speaker... XD )

7. I love to sit the car driven by my dad n mom only. Cause only on their cars i can feel free to sleep. Within 5 mins in the car driven by them. i will just doze off... hee hee

8. Most ppl i met (nearly 93%) will said this phrase to me "you look like one of friends."
I got so much clones around the world. kakaka.

9. This is a fact that will send blows to my friends... XD XD I dont really love teddy bear.... lolz... although all of my friends said i had this teddy bear loving look. but the fate of teddy bear that r with me is tragedy... i seldom hug them. even i hug them its just for a few hours. I wont let them sleep with me... cause i will involuntarily drop them from my beds.... but i will at least get 1 soft toy every birthday. XD lolz... lolz... lolz... (my mum said she is going to keep the soft toys for her grandchildren.) lolz...

10. I hate pink... unlike others gal who go crazy over pink. (lolz... i think lots of girl also dont love pink)

11. My mum always scolded me and said i m heartless. Cause i just cried for one movie (LOTR3) which i dont know why i cried n i didnt cry when i read some sad stories... my mom said i m not sentimental... (well. mayb...)

12. study will always make me fat while holiday make me thinner... lolz...

13. I love ice cream so much that i can eat them everyday. Not 1. is ard 5. XD XD but i dont have this much money to spend.

14. I cant think of any weird stuffs to write liao... can anybody contribute sth?? ok... i always thought there is worms in my brain after seeing some weird pictures abt worms living n eating up a person's brain... >< i dont want ended up b wormish.

15. weird stuff eh?? lolz... can i tag back all the ppl in my lists even they did this test b4?? :D :D


melissa_phe said...

awww... i miss hugging u .

Belle said...

hee hee~ me too.
r u coming to book fair with ting ting?