Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Title: Game of Happiness
The rules:1. Answer the following questions and post it on your blog.
2. At the end of the questionnaire, add a question that you want to ask.
3. Then tag 10 person, you can tag someone who has already been tagged ---- thanks to this rule :)
4. You have to inform the person that you tagged.
5. Tell the person who tagged you that you have completed the questionnaire after completion
6. Do not ignore the tag, or you happiness will be gone! [You can ignore the tag... if you really don't want to do it.]----------------------------

1. My name: Tan Ying Xin...

2. My birthday: 3rd of October... (i m quiet obedient here. no playing pranks =P)

3. Who tagged you: Ick (this is such a long tag... T.T)

4. Name five best buddies: Angel, Joyce, Xiao Gua, Nv Ren... n etc.

5. (i accidentally delete this question)...

6. Your most desirable birthday present: XD sorry 4 being materialistic... I want a PSP!!! better if you give me someone that like to clean up... lolz...

7. sorry >< i deleted it again....

8. Recently stressed about?: I think i bcome fatter already... but no 1 agree wit it. sigh~ trying to put sth in my brain... bt fail ><

9. What would you want to do in the future: I want to lead the life that i want ^^

10. Do you have someone that you like?: XD XD XD kakaka... I love my family...

11. Would you invite your teachers for gatherings?: Oh well... the biggest problem is "oh. i would like to go... bt you see i have so many things to do..." XD actually i didnt try to invite b4... cause i m always not the organizer of a gathering.

12. With who do you feel the happiest when you go out?: Someone that can walk in my pace n someone understand the curfew i got.... n someone that can giv me opinions... n i recently have 1!!! ^^

13. When two good friends of yours quarrel, you would: Lolz... actually i dont know what to do... try to say sth... try to do sth... try to mend it n hopefully it dont get worse...

14. Where would you like to go the most with your lover: depend on mood...

15. What do you want to do on Christmas: depend on mood too... mayb go for a party... or just stay at home n watch tv

16. Who do you want to be with on Christmas: my family....

17. Do you have morning grumpiness: depends.... if silence= grumpy...then yes... i have.

18. How many siblings do you have: 1 brother.... he is getting stronger than me now... T.T cant bully him liao.

19. Favourite song (female singer(s)): Er.... blank.

20. Favourite song (male singer(s)): Blank too... i like Rain not bcause his songs... XD

21. Favourite colour: Purple

22. Do you flush after using the toilet: Yeap

23. Do you love me?: Lolz... yeap. i love me.

The Tagged..
1. Ying Xin x8 9. Joyce!!! 10. Rudy

01- Does no.4 know no.6: Of course... they always together.

02- Is no.10 a guy or a girl: Guy...

03- No.8's interest is: erm... let me see... she is a bit moody... so no exact interest.

04- Does no.1 have any siblings: Yeap, same as me. 1 younger bro

05- No.7's surname: Tan again...

06- Is no.10's relationship with people good?: Yeap. i think so. should b...

07- Is someone after no.4?: *thinking* i think herself also dont know. XD cant b. so no la.

08- How about no.2?: They r both... same in some ways... Avoiding sth... cis.

09- What is no.6's favourite colour: I think is same as mine.

10- Are no.3 and no.10 friends?: Yea... know each other quite well...

11- No.8's birthday is on: 3rd of oct

12- Where is no.5 studying: IMU, Malaysia

13- How did you get to know no.10: I also dont know... Er. I think its bcause of a script...n he is a funny guy... always claim that he is hot... sigh~~

14- How far apart is your birthday and no.1's birthday: 0

15- Have you gone out to play with no.9 before: Yes!!!! The best is the skating!!! XD

16- Do you like to chat with no.2: Oh well... yes. but st will have conflict...

17- Do you like being around no.3: If she is good mood, yes. If not... then its hard to b around her.

18- What do you think about no.7: Sigh~~ she a... son conflict... until st. she also confuse herself...

1. Who sent you this questionnaire: Ick

2. How long have you known each other: 10 months

3. Do you think he(she) is important to you: hsemates ma...

4. Your relationship with him(her)is: hsemate, coursemate n friends ^^

5. His(her) interest is: XD... sleeping? n exercising.... (cause he go out a lot...) i did rather stick on my bed

6. What do you think of his(her) personality: XD st blur case... bt other time its ok. pretty well to get along...

7. How does he(she) score in your heart: erm... ard 50% to 75%


*First thing you do before sleeping: get onto bed

*First thing you do after waking up: try to get down from bed

*Your idol is: Can i put angel?? i found she is pretty amazing recently...

*Your favourite season: Autumn

*Have you worked before: Yippie

*Number of times you have worked: 1... XD i m pretty lazy. or can b 2 if 1 day job also a job

*Countries that you want to travel to: Japan n Taiwan!!!

*What personality do you hate: GR..... anything that offend me.

*Do you smoke: No. i cant even bear the smell

*Do you drink: Yeap... bt i have quite a old man toungue.. i like wine... =P

*Do you cry often: Didnt cry for long time... wonder if i m bcoming less sensitive already...

*Do you laugh often:Yes... too much until my friends r scare... but the real reason is they didnt c me when i m not laughing...

*Where do you like to go to play: I want to go shopping now!!! someone must stop me!!!

*Do you go alone when you go out to play: XD sometimes... cause there is benefit too when u go out alone.

*What is the latest time that you would wake up during holidays: Thanks to my mum... the latest she let me sleep till is 10am.

*Today's weather is (fine/gloomy/rainy): Gloomy... no sun...

*Friends and lover, you would choose: heh~~ now is friends.

*Chance and fate, you would choose: Fate... if no fate.. where do chance come from?? ^^

*Are you vain: No... XD mana ku tahu??

*Have you punched ear hole(s) before: Yes... being tipu oleh org.

*Is this questionnaire long?: I feel like making it shorter...

*How would you let yourself feel better: Actually sleep can heal most... but if things get out of control... i need to talk

*Do you like ice-cream: Super love!!! but not all types. XD

*Are you happy and blessed at the moment: Erm... got a bit gloomy

*Which of your friends do you care the most: Friends that i know

*What's the most important thing in the room: Pillow n blanket

*What do you frequently dream about: Nightmares...

*Would you forgive a guy/girl thinking of someone else?: Depends...

*What do you think the meaning of living is: To reach for whatever that you dream...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Prefectorial Board of SMK Chan Wa :)

I always feel lucky that i m involved in prefectorial board despite when i first joined it... I feel like quiting it!!! Cause everybody hate prefect... T.T

XD but the period of time i as prefect is one of the most enjoyable time during my secondary school life...

There are 2 important functions for Chan Wa prefect.
1. Prefect Camp
2. Farewell and Welcome Gathering

For prefect camp... actually i didnt stay there for the 3 whole days b4...
As junior i stay for the first half of the camp...
As senior i stay... starting from the first nitez... n with a terrible sorethroat too...
wakaka~ ~ this year... i didnt went back to camp...
as i m not in seremban... at the moment lee tieng asked me to go back to school...
and i totally FORGET the ASK section...
well well... sigh~~ i think my alzhemier getting worse... XD

But i went back for the gathering... XD the most memorable things in my life...
First time planing a gathering... although it end up not so good...
but its really MEMORABLE!!!! and i regret i didnt wash the photos out... sob sob...

And i can assure you!!!! Prefect had the best gathering!!! All the hardwork...

1. I think we have the largest deco...

Chan Wa student should know how big is this... in the hall...
at my time it used to be bigger... n my deco that time is super beautiful!!!
n glittering 1... sigh~~~ why i didnt get a picture...
everytime at the end of gathering... traditionally we tear all the deco into pieces... we wont keep it n cannot... if not i will take it back!!! T.T

Our leaflet must b creative... not creative than... Boom!!!
Committee will Bom you till you bcome dead fish... and called you hand up more sample...
XD i like the leaflet this time... Mayb bcause its look like a envelope to me...
wakaka~ and... i forgot how the leaflet at my time look likw...
did i bring back a sample... T.T hope so~~ cause that time very kelam kabut...
n i was so relief after the gathering is finished.

Then our souvenir... i also can said its the best!!!!
wakaka~ i got a bit scare now... after that other society boom me...
saying i too lagak diri... =P
Ok... this is this year souvenir... all hand made o~~~
I super love the feng che... it really can turn...
very fast that type o...
now i put it under the fan... n let it turn everytime the fan is on...
woohoo~~ so sweet.
I also forget how the souvenir in our year look like...
not as motion as this but beautiful...
i think it has to do with bottles...
n we dont have extra... so i dont have... *sob* who has the photo of it???

and the best thing of prefect gathering is all the food is made by ourselves...
really all made by ourself...
we fried our own bihun... cook own curry... jelly... drinks... cake and etc...
i only remember there is eggtart in our year... XD n the refreshment part really didnt sleep for whole dayz b4 the gathering to prepare the food~~
oh my gosh... this is the only reason i go to prefect gathering... bcause the food is made by the form 3.
But sigh~~ the committee this year... let the junior order food. what a easy job...
but i still have the good time eating... at least nobody complain the food is burnt... wakaka~~ and i love the food punch they made... ^^

OH MY GOSH!!! XD i think... i wont go back to gathering next year ba...
our batch only ard 10 came... cis!!! some go to pak toh... cis!!!见色忘友!!! some outstation... sigh~~ sigh~~ anyway... thanks for all those that came... really happy to see you all again. ^^

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tagged by ICK!!! =P

1)Who are your beloved?
My family... ^^ and of course my friends!!!

2)What is the thing that you want most now?
I had the desire to eat a proper western meal.
With starter, main dish, side dishes, dessert and a cup of hot tea!!!!
OMG!!!! >< bt no money la... XD

3)What are the goals you want to achieve in?
Be more focus and dont b so blur... Floating everywhere... XD

4)What are you afraid to lose?
I afraid to lost everything in my life...

5)If you have one more wish to wish for, what will it be?
*wishing* XD its secret!!!!

6)Do you believe in ETERNAL love?
Lolz... why every tag has this question?? No. I dont.

7)If you met someone you love a lot, will you confess to him/her?
Erm... For the me now. Langsung wont do anything.... lolz... someone will beat me again~

8)What would you do with 200 bucks?
o.o i will collect more from those that do this question n dont want the money...
plant it in soil n let it bloom into money tree!!!

9)What are your favourite colours?
I like purple!!! bt i dont usually buy purple things... XD

10)What type of people you hate most?
I dont know. Someone that exist... ppl can accept them willingly... bt until now. i still find thousands of reasons not to like them...

11)Which country do you want to go now?
JAPAN!!! lets go shopping and rendam in hot spring... n go to their temple too!!!

12) Who makes you laugh?
Someone i m comfortable with...

13)What are you doing now?
watching drama... waiting for sms and doing this quiz!

14)Do you find a need to find a stead?
er... apa ni? XD ok. i think i dont need. i just dont want to eat EGG TART!!!!!

15)What do you want your friendship to be like?
Both of us feel comfortable with each other.

16)Your horoscope is?
I m a Librian!!! Hail to Libra!!! Wee~~~

17)Do you like eating paos?
I like kayang~ bt it depends on my mood lo.

18)Do you like anyone now?
Yes!!! i like my friends... heh!

19)Who would you spend your day with if this your last day?
I did rather lock myself in my bedroom n watch all the movies i havent watch.

20)Are you in a relationship now?
I hate this question... Nope.

Instruction: Remove 1 question from above and add in your personal question. Make it a total of 20 question, then tag 7 people in your list. list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their tagboard that they have been tagged. Whoever does this tag will get a BLESSING from all :)

The 7 people that I chose:
1. Ying Xin
2. Ying Xin
3. Ying Xin
4. Ying Xin
5. Ying Xin
6. Ying Xin

Yay!!! so i got all the blessing =P =P
It didnt said no tag back...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guess Guess Guess!!!!!!!!!!

This is what my aunt gave me when i went to my grandparents hse~~~
Do you know what is it??? XD XD XD

This is the whole view... ...

My aunt said it is a dried melon.
used to scrub plates and bowls... n it will make them very clean....
swt... look like some bird nest to me..........

Christmas Countdown: 2 days!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Okay. Raise up ur hand if u wrote a letter b4 to ur friends or u r still writing to them~
The letter must pass through postmen's hand 1.

... ...
I m sure not much... mayb 1 or two had done this b4 or even better still doing it now.
I just read 1 article in the newspaper... saying in the mails now there is rather low percentage for those that come in handwriting...
yea.... once upon a time~ i love to write to ppl. know or dun know. i just write n i enjoy it.

Its rather torture when you check the mailbox everyday... finidng no letter to u.
But when you get a letter. PHEW!!!!! I will fly sky high n b happy for at least the whole day.

Now... no1 write to me... T.T erm... ok. excluded small notes. i get small notes very often... heh~ appreciate. espeacially for those small notes i get for birthday.
They r not really expensive or big. but it shows that you know n still care abt me ^^

XD tell you sth stupid. You know 1 of my reason that i yearn to go oversea so much??
its bcause i can write back home~ n mayb to my friends. n mayb my mum will take sometime out n write to me too~ oh my. its really bahagia~ but i cant feel it cause i m doing local. T.T *sob*

I used to receive cards... beautifully written by 1 of my primary friends every year...
But after we had each other hp number... no cards for me n no letters for me already...
Then, there is someone who pass me small letters during tuition... XD still keeping them.
cause its handwritten man.

The most touching 1 is last christmas... i dont expect any cards.
In the evening, dad brought in an envelope for me.... Its from angel. Wishing me merry christmas n there is a short letter. She sneakily out it into my mailbox without telling me.
Angel~ you may not know cause i didnt tell u. But i m super happy for the next 3 days. Reading again again the card n letter that you gave me.

Erm... i know. Email or mayb an sms is much more faster n convenient~ But somehow it look mechanic n cold to me~ I still love handwritten letter. weather it is long or short... =P

But its hard to find someone that will continuely write to u n have that passion to do so.... they may end up saying they r lazy to write to u~ (which is very hurt to me)

Gosh~ the sentimental me coming up again. XD
One of my new year wishes for 2009: Get a lot a lot of handwritten letters... XD
Ok. i think i m going crazy...

I actually told my mum i will write to u every week....
my mum," =.= arent you coming home nearly every week."
Gosh. spoiler... n i m not the type that enjoying to talk everytime. heh~ c first. cause i think she will throw the letters into the recycle bin after she read.

Sigh~ i very very super duper miss handwritten letter.
Guess i will take all the letters i receive out n read them again tonitez =P


Merry DOng ZHi!!!!
Hey~ for those that is busy studying.
Just put down ur books for a while n play with some dough~
Rules are really simple...

1. Buy some glutitious rice flour (nuo mi fen), some ginger, anything u want to taste at that time n a pot of water, gula melaka or soya bean
2. Take some dough. Make it into a small ball. Flatten it. Put gula melaka, chocolate or even sour plum if u 1 in the middle of it.
3. Cover up and make it round again.
4. Put the small little dough balls into hot boil water (already boil with ginger and gula melaka/soyabean)
5. Cook until it float.
6. Tada!!! you can serve it in a bowl.

This is how my tang yuan look like tis year.
Bath in soya bean (first time use it).
Inside the Tang yuan got red bean paste or gula melaka~

It tastes nice~ i ate 2 bowls. Total 12 tang yuan...
Feeling full until now but is still force to glup down a bowl of porridge with 3 fish bowls n some lady fingers in it. XD

Mayb ur tang yuan will b different. But XD wish u have a happy dong zhi~~~~~ ^^

A friend of mine... who didnt contact me for 3 years.
Or rather put it in this way. We both feel super reluctant to contact each other.
Bcause everytime we communicate. even by using sms. WE WILL definately end up arguing.
Not the friendly 1. Its really scolding each other...
Well~ if u ask me why? i dont know. It just go like that.
N when i saw the sms just now. still got the feeling of anger n the urge to argue with him.
But i have no strength... to do so... so it end up quite well.
Thanks for controlling ur temper... Ying Xin n patiently explain to him his somehow got a bit "ming zhi gu wen" questions~
ok~ thanks for contacting me although the aim of ur contacting... i still doubt abt it~ happy dong zhi.

Christmas countdown: 4 days~~ i m getting more n more excited!!!!

Meeting with my Taylorians roomates

XD its funny how 4 of us with different personalities n different characters can b so close...
sth i just wander n i appreciate that i have all three of u as my friends.

Swen, Ting, Ern n I went movie-ing yesterday. Its really great of Swen. She always know who got the free things...
So... Ting and Ern belanja both of us for a free movie... So sweet. no need to pay for it.

We watched---> The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Mayb... is the super cold air conditioned that day...
Mayb I m not feeling well...
But most of all i dont really enjoy that movie...
Although it seem that quite a lot of ppl give it a very high marks...
Its just another sci-fiction movies to me.

Then have lunch with them in kopitiam...
Ting took some Made in Taiwan product for us... (means we need to pay for them)
XD n she kept asking us to go Taiwan with her next time.

Of course!! its sound so fun n exciting from ur mouth...
n no offence. it makes me feel that Malaysia is kinda... boring now. =P

This is what she brought for Swen....

Sanitiary PADS!!!! wakaka~

Have a closer looks. really r sanitiary pads isnt it??
oooh~ the single package inside.
You are cheated!!!
It is just marshmallow.... =P
We kept asking her why she dont buy condom. She said that 1 very obvious is chocolate...
oh my gosh. so nice~

Another present for Swen. Swt lo. Swen maths is good. why she bought primary maths textbook for her??
XD XD actually it is just candy packs. i mean inside it. n even have calculator model in it.
So cool man~
I didnt took any pictures of Ern stuffs. Ting brought 2 mascara for her. (super cheap!!)
Only cost RM36++. when it costs Rm60++ here....
oh. she also bought maggi mee for Ern...
Not the usual maggi mee. its maggi mee with real beef in it~ i mean fresh...
OMG!!! i dont like beef. its that sotong version?? =P
Ting gave Swen a packet... Swen took out a beautiful scarf....
oh... its so nice. got two layers... n its not the thin scarf that you find in clothes shop now...
Its really that type that give you warm n comfort...
Then.... "XD ur birthday present" Ting put it around my neck.
0.0 oh my gosh. thanks a lot. i like it every much... its not dull the color.
n i really love it.
the type that i wanted~ Terima Kasih~~~~~~ ^^

The scarf that all three of them gave me... sweet~ its double layer.
The 2 items on top. Swen brought it back from Bali!!!
Keychain with my name on it n a nice purse~ xie xie.

Cha Soba... Ate it in Zanmai with Mei Ying.

Found that i m loving it more in every bite i take.

Hehe~ N Zanmai is selling an alcohol drink in Rm10++. its called Mei Jiu (chinese translated)

Wondering if i can taste it... it looks delicious to me ^^

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagged from 莉莉姐

1. What’s your ambition?
Lolx.... what a ambitious question... my ambition is to finsih whatever things i want to do and wish to do. Hope that everyone around me r happy...

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?
Friends.... for now... XD

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
A very long time ago... i did think of that... but i really scare of pain...
N i dont wish i look worse than how i look now.
plus its heartache to think the ppl ard me feel sad bcause i did sth to hurt them and ease my own pain
so i deleted it from my brain.

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
No... i m a totally inconfidence person... but i m still learning to b confidence...
wish that i will take a certificate of it. XD insecure lead to inconfidence.

5. How many babies you want?
Its such a faraway things to think off... XD i dun know.

6. Favorite perfume/fragrance?
Oh. Roxy... XD

7. What do you think will be your greatest downfall?
Oh. imagination again. ok. i m alone... everyone ignore me... even the dead things ignore me... i lost all the things... even myself.

8. Do you believe in eternal love?
No. I dont believe. everything come to an end...
it hurts. bt it still end.
the only way is to maintain the love as long as u can. n put all ur heart into it.
no regret la... XD

9. What's a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend like to you?
Just someone that i m confortable to stay with n he is comfortable with me too...
n we can talk to each other. OMG. where to find??

10. What are your bad habits?
Ignoring ppl advice... like now. i m still awake. sniffing when i should have more rest.
Is feeling insecure a bad habit too?

11. Is there anything you wanna tell the people who hate you?
Erm... good actors... i shall give u a oscar n both of us dont bother each other..
=P i m so hateful....

12. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
Well... i do... although most of my friends said i m too cool to b 1.

13. What do you hate most in others?
huh?? basically i hate sth that is already appear in the life cycle of a human...
i hate sth that is logic n appear long ago. soo... wont said it out. no1 will understand although they try to understand.

14. What do you crave for the most currently?
i want someone to accompany me... mayb cradle me to sleep? i m having sleep disorder. oh. n the perfect hairstyle.. XD
I want a bag too!!!!!

15. What features/quirks do you find totally sexy on a guy/girl?
sexy o?? XD
boys:smile with dimple n small long eyes. oh my gosh. i dont know how to descript.
Girls:Smile too~ n a pair of eyes that you will feel like you r dropping into endless pit when you look into them.

16. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
smart gal, most time in ohm mood.

17.What have you done to yourself to make yourself happy?
eat sweet stuff, sleep n think, huggies!!!

18. What will you become in another 10 years to come?
aish... ask we next week i also cannot answer... hopefully i will b successsful in what i m studying now.

19. Whats your guilty pleasure?
what's this?? means you feel guilty bt u r happy?
sneak out with friend and came back late with my mum waiting for me in worried look.
OMG. sorry. mummy.

20. I tag:
All the ppl on my list... o.o thats mean i need to said tag tag tag tag tag???

Christmas Countdown: 5 days~~~

Eventful day with MY. XD

Today.... is a .... nice day?? XD erm... i think it is more to eventful n swt-ful day. XD

First... when Mei Ying n i r walking across the bridge to take the train... the normally ktm which will stop there for super long time...
right in front of our eyes... close the door... n du du du.... move away liao....
*jaw drop, eyes popping up*
OMG... what a good start.

Then, when we reach vista n went to B2-10-2....
I opened the door... =.=''' =.='''
OMG!!! who forgot to off the fan.... it had been turning 24 hours for a month already.... SWT SWT SWT....
no wonder the electric bill is so high.... RM76++ for this month when there is nobody staying there.... sigh~ sigh~ AH!!!!

After that have a look around with Mei Ying for apartment... Met Kai Aun...
IMU changed a lot lo... but still so cold... XD
ideal christmas present----> A very warm n thick jacket.... kakakaka~~

After 2 visits or 3... Mei Ying made a bold decision... she wanted to rent some place she havent c b4... XD XD
Mei Ying... ur aim for now is just to find a place to stay only la...

Went to midvalley after that. Ate our lunch in zanmai... XD
i ate cha soba again... N Mei Ying n Me ate the same things. exactly same in all the things from drink to food... so just divide the bill into 2. XD

We went back to IMU again... oh my... i m speechless...
then... someone "lost" the tickets... =.= lolz... XD OMG.
MY... dont so big head prawn again la... I banned you from eating prawns... kaka. Kidding...

Christmas countdown: 6 Days

p/s:i m so so so sorry i cant help u anything.. *huggies* sorry. good luck.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Egg Tart-ing

I should be sleeping now... But i m sneaking up again. kakaka~
cause today is such a nice day. everything went so smoothly n i feel happy n hyper again. ^^

The van that collected old news paper came today. n we sold abt 208kg books n papers to them...
Guess what!!!!!
it only cost Rm20.04... ... ... =.=
OMG!!!! its so little only Rm0.13 perkg. If last year. It will b Rm0.25 per kg. which is doubled...
I thought paper is getting more n more expensive bt duh.... its getting cheaper... or the buyer cheated me...
Nvm... its k. For mother nature... money doesnt really matter....

Took my bro to make his new spec...
He asked me to give him some opinions abt how his spec should look like...
But i ended up looking n admiring his eyes n lashes... instead of helping him to search for his frame....
*envy* why you got such beautiful eyes??
blah... i know i said this a lotz of times. mayb thrillions times. But they r really beautiful.

Then had a trip to xiao biao hse to return him his book. XD
he is busy searching high n low for his lost MUET result... XD dont simply put ur important stuff la...
n found that he is bcoming gentler n gentler as time pass...
mayb this is the magic of love ~^^~
Fish dont look nice when they get sick... their scales tend to tense up... like poccupine... *geli*

Went home... n have my first baking experience... excluded the 1 in KH class.
Egg Tart. since my bro loves them like mad....

This is how it look like... a bit burnt n a bit like portugese tart...
i found it too soft n a little funny... the fillings... n i ran away... when the egg tarts r baking... dont favor the smell... XD
Anyway... ended up baking 36 tarts...
the oven is too small... only can bake 6 in a time... so we bake 6 times. n it took us 5 hours... in the middle have a break to go to buy extra butter... n sent the completed 1 to my aunt.
i ate 2... no comments. since i wont like anything that i cook myself... lolz...
but my relatives n my angel said that they r nice... so they r nice!!! XD XD
thanks angel for ur compliments... really touch when i c ur comment... ^^

Have mee sua as dinner later... I think i m too hungry... or its just the skill of that auntie is so good that i ate the mee sua in a happy mood.
very very happy mood. n wanted to eat more... but its already 10 sth.
hm... still remember there was 1 period of time in my secondary sch when i always have mee sua at the opposite restaurant... kinda rindu the taste...

oh yea. Ern. thanks a lot for ur help ^^ totally love u for taking so much trouble to order the book for me... tq ^^
twilight combo is sold off in all Borders that i can reach...
is it that nice???

Sitting here totally thrill now. heh~ n admiring some friends backpacking photos... oh my gosh. they r awesome!!!

Christmas countdown: 7 days...
Have a common day today. XD i think i should end the holiday n start doing sth... XD

Erm... feel like sth missing. i think i still dun have enough in sg. wang that day.
Seem like i m the only 1 that want to shop n the others just want to go home as fast as possible. misses my usual shopping buddy~ ><

Erm Erm. sth is really missing. bt i dun know wat is it...

oh. yea. b4 i forget. Stop asking me funny questions...
think b4 u ask sth. it may not affect u. bt it will affect somebody else....
think b4 u ask... =.=

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!! wakaka~ stomachache liao....
Zhen Yuan chang!!! u r so cool when u act samseng.
need foot massage now...
n i want to shop MORE MORE MORE!!!
PK liao. =P =P =P

XD Want to hit u...
Always put small clues here n there...
standing at the side n c me find the clues...
so bad!!! But i got it liao. wakakakaka~

MUAKZ MUAKZ~~ A lot of love n luck to u.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

WAkaka. Kiss 2 is so so so funny~

I m loving it. woohoo~ ~ =P

却让人尝尽甜苦和涩。。。 。。。

just get it from somewhere... erm...
sound correct o.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Its hard for me. Now i m in a emo mood~

Preparing a friend's present inside my bedroom. She is going to Australia...

Feeling lonely again. XD i know by online into msn. i can find friends to chat but somehow I refuse to do it. Maybe its easier to feel lonely at nitez.

I have a friend. She has very good sixth sense. She can know what you feel by just looking at you and its 95% correct. That's why a lot of people like her, love her and enjoy talking to her.

I tried. I tried to understand some. but i m not bless or mayb i didnt work hard...
So everytime i cant know what a person feel and give him the suitable reaction.
I m so sorry~ i m really sorry~
I just dont feel like guessing again. Its hurt and again i will just laid it down n runaway... ...

I cant find myself on the sky tonitez...

oh yea. happy birthday wolf!!! and after 10 mins HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEH HWA!!!!! ^^ cheer. dont let my emo affect u.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shock Absorber needed!!!

XD XD Who said december is not a good month??
It is a good month to me cause it is holiday ~^^~
CHRISTMAS is coming!!!
I love the decoration in the shopping mall.

Well... for those that would love to buy me sth for this wonderful month.
I suggested you to buy me a shock absorber or sth that can act as an insulator... XD

Kena shock twice a month. HOW CAN it be??? =P
Hee hee~ ^^ ah~~~~ =P =P =P =P
AH!!!! someone quickly pull me back to the reality....

Ooh. shit. havent upload chilling photos.
=P =P too happy to do anything now. *snap snap*
=P =P ahhhh.i m still dreaming.

JOYCE!!!!! one utama got a very big VOIR gallery wei.

Something Blue

Went to The Curve and One Utama with my family. Wear the wrong slippers.
My legs r painful... XD

Finish reading this... erm. Dont know how many days ago.
It is a very nice book. ^^ i love it.
A self-centered n attractive girl bcome a lovely n common wife after giving birth to twins and receive love from someone that she less expected.
Mayb its go like this in this book. When someone that is not the right person or a bad lover love you... you tend to bcome a rotten egg.
When someone that is the Mr. Right and ready to help you to change into a better person love you... you tend to bcome a better person...
XD that is what i get fromt the book.
And i envy Darcey in the book. She had all the branded stuff... From toileteries to clothes...
OMG!!!! How can a person b so rich 1??
I dont even have 1 branded stuff at home.... T.T

XD I LOVE this aurthor and in the same time HATE her.
Her way to express her idea is very good...
but she doesnt like to finish up sth fast.
This is her 3rd series i had been reading...
The pass 2 series are same as this. Only have the first volume only...
before ending up the story... she starts to write the next stories...
ish!!! what is she thinking...
btw... i m looking forward to the next series of Kisses of Blue Butterfly...
XD bcause its abt vampire again. =P

Monday, December 8, 2008


Its drizzling from 3 am till now...

XD its a good day to b lazy~ seeing the long to-do-list of mine make me feel somewhat happy~


Chilling "Jungle Trekking"

Ah… finished the trip to Chiling on 6 dec liao. Although there were only 7 (my lucky number) ppl. It is really super FUN!!!!! wakakakaka~ ok. the 7 ppl that join r 3 girls, 4 boys (Peh Hwa, Mei Ying, Me, Jung Yew, Sim Siong, Teo Wei and Wan Ping).

Ok… Firstly… no ppl was puncture/punctual that day except Peh Hwa n me. Got 1 lagi teruk. Sleep late. =.= N got another 1 lagi cham. No ppl inform him so we all rush to his hse to fetch him. Hee hee~ XD so sesat~

Peh Hwa and Teo Wei were driving. TW surpass us a lot of time even he don’t know the way to Chiling… =.= swt swt… don’t get too excited nia. It is ard 2 hours drive… … That place is really really ulu man but very mother nature. Luckily we didn’t lost our way. =P

We reached there ard 12. is it?? Then started to hike or trek… cross 5 rivers… but I doubt we cross 5 rivers… cause we always get sesat half way n i didnt c the lintasan sign... except on the way back. wakakakaka. Jung yew lead us since he has the best stamina and Ohm and sense of direction! I think the 5th river is the deepest… the water level until my chest wei.
And Mei Ying very cute. XD She already in the middle of the river… then got a swarm of fish swimming towards her n she scream n run to the other end very fast. Leaving peh hwa n me behind. swt… I thought got crocodile approaching us that time leh. scare me!!!

Finally after nearly 2 hours of hiking and crossing river. WE REACH THE WATERFALL!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! 5 ARIFIANS R SO GreAT!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! the water is so cold. the environment is superd!!! like paradise. the water is clear. oh my gosh!! but I don’t dare to go down the water. I scare got eel or crocodile in it… lolz… I know its some stupid wild imagination of mine. But I got play in that icy water… hee hee~ and when we makan biscuits… two pieces of biscuits accidentally fell into the water n float away… "88!! Bisky!!" ohhh~ how lucky is the fishy. got some manufacture food to eat 2day.

Around 3pm, we walk back in a faster speed but while crossing the 6 rivers. I slipped at least 4 times. sigh~ cause i m clumy...Have a very “nice-looking” right leg now. My mum is good to have sth as a memory... lolz

XD XD camwhore camwhore after changing. (check it out on facebook although i havent put up any photos yet) =P

If you think I m a crazy gal… Then this gang that I m with that day is MUCH MUCH MORE CRAZIER than me…
1st… Mei Ying n Peh Hwa excitedly said that we should go to Fraser’s since it is so near… 15km kononnya… which turn out to b 30++km... lolz
2nd… Teo Wei car only left 1 bar of petrol… n there drive for 30++km up to Fraser’s. OMG. So worried their car will stop halfway in nowhere man n they r driving so slow. When they reach 15km… the red light clipping…. oh wow wow wow wow. luckily they make it till Fraser’s.

It is very cold up there. Colder than Cameron. And 7 of us, especially girls r very geng. wearing shorts and me sleeveless while other ppl there wrap up themselves like a big ball… XD XD kaka. madness!!! Crazy!!!! You know what? This is call HOT!!!!! Ahaha...

we kena shock when we found that there is no petrol station on Fraser's but luckily got ppl sell petrol there.. ^^ n its unique in Fraser. Only certain time cars r allow to go up n vice versa cause only 1 lane only ma. Sorry guys~ I kept rushing u all to go home. cause I got time limit to reach home n its really scary n dangerous going down the hill when it is dark!! ><

We rushed back to seremban within 3 hours. According to Peh Hwa, its bcause Teo Wei at the back kept rushing her. So they drive ard 140km/h ~ 160km/h on the highway… my eyes r so damn tired (wearing lens) so I slept all the way… XD XD sowie peh hwa… suppose to help u c signboard 1.

Conclusion… This 5 arifians gathering is SUPERD NICE!!! ADVENTurOUS N EXCITING!!hope that there is another trip in near future… Ppl who didnt go rugi for missing this nice experience.

hee hee~ check out more photos in facebook n the blog of ppl that went to this trip ^^ *twinkle*
owh... i will put all the photos either this week or next week. my com is very slow... swt.

T.T =.='''

Sigh~ i did sth that is opposite to my will 2day...
I went to straighten my hair...

It only took 2 hours... But it feel like 6 hours to me...
I hate ppl touching my head n hair... n this saloon... probably always treat ppl with rough n uncomb hair... its super rough to my hair...
I kept screaming ouch ouch ouch!!! (inside my heart... cause got other customers there)
I dont like the way they wash my hairs... i dont like the way they pull my hair...
In fact... the only 1 that can wash my hair n i feel confortable wit is ME, myself.lolz....

After the rebonding treatment...
I touched my hair... Trying not to cry...
my hair is harden... *sob* n it dun feel like my hair liao...
i hate the straighten hair... it looks too unreal to me... like some sort of robot... T.T

Swear that i wont do anything to my hair again even if my mum keep asking me to do it...
sworn!!! T.T *Sob*

I m the tourguide!!!

XD sorry for Peh Hwa. I will upload abt Kuala Kubu later.

Today, Yen Ming came to seremban... actually not to visit me. She was attending her aunt wedding dinner in seremban.... XD so i took her out to a 2 hours tour in seremban.

Have a hard time finding the hotel she is staying. cause star hotel... =.= 0.0
MANA TU??? i only know carlton star hotel... lolz...
luckily she is good in giving direction.
Opposite a tamil school in lobak... where can it b. of course in lobak and its opposite chan wa primary school lo...
XD i dun know there is a hotel there though =P

She had to buy socks for her sis. So took her to jusco... Jusco is full today.
And we yam cha n chit chat in there. have a very nice time. cause yen ming is quite talkative 1 n u can talk anything to her~ hee hee.

Then took her to buy siew pao... but the lady said we needed to wait for another 30++ mins. cause yen ming is ordering 30 paus 0.0 thats a lot. kaka~

So what do we do in the 30 mins? i took her to chan wa!!!! n we have a short tour ard chan wa since the door is open bcause kadet remaja r having camp... hee hee~
Ah... its a long time i didnt go back to my secondary sch.

After that take her to see the istana, lake garden n the formal library... just a very brief tour cause she is rushing...

XD hope she enjoy the trip. Its my first time to bcome tourguide in seremban.
Didnt take u to taste any delicacies in seremban. sorry for that~ =P
Come to seremban next time n i will take u to more places... kakaka~ *promise* =P


Tadada!!! watch this with wan wei, jung yew n chen wei!!!
Its actually quite fun!!!
Bolt is so cute. But i Love Mitten the most. She is so sexy!!!

XD have a good laugh. If u love cartoon. just have a watch at it. ^^ (i lazy to give summary)

Bolt, Mitten n Rhino (actually i dont like the hamster. It is so annoying. But it is also the animal that make the cartoon look more fun.... lolz...)


You know st i really hate amway members... (no offends)
Not bcause i m bias towards them... NO!!! They r friendly. thats good.
But they babble too much, talk too much, ask too much question n the worst!!!!
they ask the question in the same way, same type, same format, same arrangement!!!

St i wonder if they r clones (although they dont look alike from physical).
and they will keep talking talking n talking until u go crazy n want to hit them.

This is what i feel now. I want to hit a friend of mine who is also an amway member.
cause i call him to stop blah-ing but he just continue n continue n continue....

XD n i m having fun giving him funny answers...
oosh. ying xin, dun b so mean =P but he is really annoying man. Like lalat...@.@

Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Photos for my holiday life

Kaka. This is the black sesame that i helped Lean Sze and Sze Yee to make it more fragrance.
In Pasta Zanmai. It is so FUN!!!!

Passion fruit Soda. It is so nice~~ Not too sweet n not too tasteless. Just nice. but RM6++ per glass. lolz... In pasta Zanmai too~ ^^

Puzzle!!! My Dream House. I put the puzzles into a pictures. Make it into pieces n then my mum put the pieces together again. kaka. XD XD
and i help to frame it... But no place to hang it. so sad~

Durian Cendol.... It look nice. But Ewww... i hate the coconut santan taste....I hate that taste so i dont enjoy it but my mum like it.

Durian dessert with some coffee paste... beautiful n delicious. ^^
But not advisable to eat too much.

I just randomly took this pic. It is the gift from my junior when i attend the Library Welcome Gathering.
The pic is so cute. XD XD
n i like to shake it n see the dolphin balancing in the blue sea. ^^

Century eggs and some chilies plus ginger. XD
It actually taste sweet.
Buahaha... I hadnt online for so long...
Some may just wondering what i m doing...
Why... there is some reason why i cant online...

First, is i cant...
Secondly, i finally picked up reading habit again which i throw away for ages...
Its AWESOME!!! And a lot of thanks to those that supply me with such good books.
I love them a lot!!!
Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
source: Joyce ^^
I took at least 2 weeks to read this book when Joyce just finish it in one day.
Not that it is bad... I m computering and babysitting at that time.
So its like no time for it.
Lyra and her daemon went for a trip to north to save his friend which eventually lead to her friend death.
I actually feel the world is cruel to Lyra...
Her two insane parents... She betraying and hurting the ppl ard without conscious...
But in the mean time. She is strong and clever enough to endure all the hardship.
Bravo!!! Lyra. ^^
XD XD Joyce the Best. I m looking forward to read the second and third book of it. Please and a lot of thanks ^^ keke~
Catch Me if you Can by Frank w. abagnale
Source: KA
I choose to read this book first bcause it is thin enough and KA promised that it is an interesting book.
Yeap!!! It turns out to be the interesting and funny.
Following the plot where the main char deceived ppl to give him money.
It is a true story, more to a biography to me... It is the best biography to me!!! XD XD
Frank is clever... And extremely lucky.
Wow!!! I cant imagine how he can b a lawyer, a pilot, a doctor and even a lecturer without ppl noticing that he isnt in any of the profession. He must b super bright to do that. XD XD
Oh my gosh. What an interesting life he has at my age. It make me feel like "YX!!! What r u doing at home?? when ppl is having so much fun outside..." XD
Source: Book Fair
I love this aurthor since the first time i read her article (The god of death).
It is the dreamy, fantasy and romantic type of story.
But in the end, you will learn that there is sth that you will earn in life beside getting in love n needed love from somebody.
The chars under her pen or laptop are always beautiful n mysterious. Woohoo!!
Actually i found this book hard to cope at first.
Cause 1 of the main char actually eat the 1 that he love... not willingly. cause he is some psycho and his love 1 keep luring him to eat her bcause she dont want him to die...
and she said its joyful to let him eat her.
0.0 OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!! A lot of pain here n there.
What i had learn from this book is... you can actually change ur principle of life to a better 1 even you love the old 1 that give you a lot of trouble.
And appreciate everything in ur life. Big or small. And try to look from other angles when you face sth bad in ur life. ^^
Now, i m reading Something Blue by Emily Griffin. This book is awesome. Sth hit me here n there when i read it. ^^

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know its only ME ME ME!!!!
more specific....
I fall in love with Edward Cullen!!!
At first i thought he is just some cute guy.... like what i see in other shows (there are many many cute guys isnt it?)
But he is totally different.... Cant resist and he is the perfect guy to me.

1. He is a vampire. ( I m frenzy towards vampire since i m know them. Mayb its bcause they are beautiful, immortal n mysterious.) Thats why i m always attract to them. and TADA!!! this time is a vegetarian vampire. The only bad things of vampire ---- sucking blood is deleted from him.
2. The way he looks at Bella and his shyness but in the mean time brave also. I dont know. I just fall in love with the way he look at Bella and talk at Bella. Its not the wild look. It has something soft and special of his glance.
3. He is a protective guy... XD i used to love this type of guy and i think i m still loving this guy now. Protective over what he love n even letting go sth that he really want just for his love. ^^
4. I just love him. XD ern that accompany me to watch this movie knew how crazy i was toward him.

Well. this movie is a should watch in my list... ... I plan to watch it somemore.

XD but chill. I m totally aware that i cant b with Edward. I know there is no perfect guy in this world n i know i m not pretty as Bella.

hey!!! I love this movie. If you aim for adventure in this movie. nah... then dont watch.
If you aim for reality... ok. dont buy the ticket.

Its the combination of eastern n western love which i love so much. Hail to Twilight. kaka.

"i m the world most dangerous face, my voice, my scent are meant to seduce u"
its sound so sexy... kaka. OMG. ignore me. I m losing control again. =P


Is this the hot questions now??

"Hey. Where is ur bf?"
" =.= er... i m single."
"You are kidding. Dont be shy."
"=.= i m really single... ..."
"Why dont you get urself a partner?"
"... ..."
"Dont let me ask you this question 10 years later."
"... ..."

Went back to seremban. Met some friends...
And 98% of them is asking me the same questions... ...

Today i went out with my closest friend. She asked me the same things.
Oh my gosh. Is it that astonished that I am single??
There are still milions or even billions of single outside... so i m not alien n dont make me feel like an alien...
Well... it mayb its easy for someone to get a gf n bf...
not for me. mayb i m too picky. mayb i m too not gentle. mayb i m not pretty. mayb i m not smart... ...
So what??!! mayb i will remain like this forever... but dont bombared this questions to me...

Its dont feel good to answer the same questions again n again. n i m not a radio player.
which i record down my answer. you press play... i answer the question then i revive back again...
gosh... if u all really so longing to c me ending my singlehood... lend a hand in finding a bf or even a gf... XD for me!!! XD XD kaka.