Friday, December 5, 2008

Buahaha... I hadnt online for so long...
Some may just wondering what i m doing...
Why... there is some reason why i cant online...

First, is i cant...
Secondly, i finally picked up reading habit again which i throw away for ages...
Its AWESOME!!! And a lot of thanks to those that supply me with such good books.
I love them a lot!!!
Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
source: Joyce ^^
I took at least 2 weeks to read this book when Joyce just finish it in one day.
Not that it is bad... I m computering and babysitting at that time.
So its like no time for it.
Lyra and her daemon went for a trip to north to save his friend which eventually lead to her friend death.
I actually feel the world is cruel to Lyra...
Her two insane parents... She betraying and hurting the ppl ard without conscious...
But in the mean time. She is strong and clever enough to endure all the hardship.
Bravo!!! Lyra. ^^
XD XD Joyce the Best. I m looking forward to read the second and third book of it. Please and a lot of thanks ^^ keke~
Catch Me if you Can by Frank w. abagnale
Source: KA
I choose to read this book first bcause it is thin enough and KA promised that it is an interesting book.
Yeap!!! It turns out to be the interesting and funny.
Following the plot where the main char deceived ppl to give him money.
It is a true story, more to a biography to me... It is the best biography to me!!! XD XD
Frank is clever... And extremely lucky.
Wow!!! I cant imagine how he can b a lawyer, a pilot, a doctor and even a lecturer without ppl noticing that he isnt in any of the profession. He must b super bright to do that. XD XD
Oh my gosh. What an interesting life he has at my age. It make me feel like "YX!!! What r u doing at home?? when ppl is having so much fun outside..." XD
Source: Book Fair
I love this aurthor since the first time i read her article (The god of death).
It is the dreamy, fantasy and romantic type of story.
But in the end, you will learn that there is sth that you will earn in life beside getting in love n needed love from somebody.
The chars under her pen or laptop are always beautiful n mysterious. Woohoo!!
Actually i found this book hard to cope at first.
Cause 1 of the main char actually eat the 1 that he love... not willingly. cause he is some psycho and his love 1 keep luring him to eat her bcause she dont want him to die...
and she said its joyful to let him eat her.
0.0 OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!! A lot of pain here n there.
What i had learn from this book is... you can actually change ur principle of life to a better 1 even you love the old 1 that give you a lot of trouble.
And appreciate everything in ur life. Big or small. And try to look from other angles when you face sth bad in ur life. ^^
Now, i m reading Something Blue by Emily Griffin. This book is awesome. Sth hit me here n there when i read it. ^^


joyce said...

oops. i only have the first book haha

the rest... find in library hehe

Belle said...

ei??? our library got a??