Monday, December 8, 2008

Chilling "Jungle Trekking"

Ah… finished the trip to Chiling on 6 dec liao. Although there were only 7 (my lucky number) ppl. It is really super FUN!!!!! wakakakaka~ ok. the 7 ppl that join r 3 girls, 4 boys (Peh Hwa, Mei Ying, Me, Jung Yew, Sim Siong, Teo Wei and Wan Ping).

Ok… Firstly… no ppl was puncture/punctual that day except Peh Hwa n me. Got 1 lagi teruk. Sleep late. =.= N got another 1 lagi cham. No ppl inform him so we all rush to his hse to fetch him. Hee hee~ XD so sesat~

Peh Hwa and Teo Wei were driving. TW surpass us a lot of time even he don’t know the way to Chiling… =.= swt swt… don’t get too excited nia. It is ard 2 hours drive… … That place is really really ulu man but very mother nature. Luckily we didn’t lost our way. =P

We reached there ard 12. is it?? Then started to hike or trek… cross 5 rivers… but I doubt we cross 5 rivers… cause we always get sesat half way n i didnt c the lintasan sign... except on the way back. wakakakaka. Jung yew lead us since he has the best stamina and Ohm and sense of direction! I think the 5th river is the deepest… the water level until my chest wei.
And Mei Ying very cute. XD She already in the middle of the river… then got a swarm of fish swimming towards her n she scream n run to the other end very fast. Leaving peh hwa n me behind. swt… I thought got crocodile approaching us that time leh. scare me!!!

Finally after nearly 2 hours of hiking and crossing river. WE REACH THE WATERFALL!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! 5 ARIFIANS R SO GreAT!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! the water is so cold. the environment is superd!!! like paradise. the water is clear. oh my gosh!! but I don’t dare to go down the water. I scare got eel or crocodile in it… lolz… I know its some stupid wild imagination of mine. But I got play in that icy water… hee hee~ and when we makan biscuits… two pieces of biscuits accidentally fell into the water n float away… "88!! Bisky!!" ohhh~ how lucky is the fishy. got some manufacture food to eat 2day.

Around 3pm, we walk back in a faster speed but while crossing the 6 rivers. I slipped at least 4 times. sigh~ cause i m clumy...Have a very “nice-looking” right leg now. My mum is good to have sth as a memory... lolz

XD XD camwhore camwhore after changing. (check it out on facebook although i havent put up any photos yet) =P

If you think I m a crazy gal… Then this gang that I m with that day is MUCH MUCH MORE CRAZIER than me…
1st… Mei Ying n Peh Hwa excitedly said that we should go to Fraser’s since it is so near… 15km kononnya… which turn out to b 30++km... lolz
2nd… Teo Wei car only left 1 bar of petrol… n there drive for 30++km up to Fraser’s. OMG. So worried their car will stop halfway in nowhere man n they r driving so slow. When they reach 15km… the red light clipping…. oh wow wow wow wow. luckily they make it till Fraser’s.

It is very cold up there. Colder than Cameron. And 7 of us, especially girls r very geng. wearing shorts and me sleeveless while other ppl there wrap up themselves like a big ball… XD XD kaka. madness!!! Crazy!!!! You know what? This is call HOT!!!!! Ahaha...

we kena shock when we found that there is no petrol station on Fraser's but luckily got ppl sell petrol there.. ^^ n its unique in Fraser. Only certain time cars r allow to go up n vice versa cause only 1 lane only ma. Sorry guys~ I kept rushing u all to go home. cause I got time limit to reach home n its really scary n dangerous going down the hill when it is dark!! ><

We rushed back to seremban within 3 hours. According to Peh Hwa, its bcause Teo Wei at the back kept rushing her. So they drive ard 140km/h ~ 160km/h on the highway… my eyes r so damn tired (wearing lens) so I slept all the way… XD XD sowie peh hwa… suppose to help u c signboard 1.

Conclusion… This 5 arifians gathering is SUPERD NICE!!! ADVENTurOUS N EXCITING!!hope that there is another trip in near future… Ppl who didnt go rugi for missing this nice experience.

hee hee~ check out more photos in facebook n the blog of ppl that went to this trip ^^ *twinkle*
owh... i will put all the photos either this week or next week. my com is very slow... swt.


meiying said...

lol!!! i like ur post on our outing!
swt scary lor while the fishs shooting swim toward me!geli errr

PehHwa said...

Nice coverage. Actually is around 46km, blame the stupid sighboard. Wahaha.

It's ok. We wouldn get sesat at highway one. wakaka

Belle said...

yea!!! thanks for liking it.
if i left out anything just tell me. i will add on ^^