Monday, December 8, 2008

I m the tourguide!!!

XD sorry for Peh Hwa. I will upload abt Kuala Kubu later.

Today, Yen Ming came to seremban... actually not to visit me. She was attending her aunt wedding dinner in seremban.... XD so i took her out to a 2 hours tour in seremban.

Have a hard time finding the hotel she is staying. cause star hotel... =.= 0.0
MANA TU??? i only know carlton star hotel... lolz...
luckily she is good in giving direction.
Opposite a tamil school in lobak... where can it b. of course in lobak and its opposite chan wa primary school lo...
XD i dun know there is a hotel there though =P

She had to buy socks for her sis. So took her to jusco... Jusco is full today.
And we yam cha n chit chat in there. have a very nice time. cause yen ming is quite talkative 1 n u can talk anything to her~ hee hee.

Then took her to buy siew pao... but the lady said we needed to wait for another 30++ mins. cause yen ming is ordering 30 paus 0.0 thats a lot. kaka~

So what do we do in the 30 mins? i took her to chan wa!!!! n we have a short tour ard chan wa since the door is open bcause kadet remaja r having camp... hee hee~
Ah... its a long time i didnt go back to my secondary sch.

After that take her to see the istana, lake garden n the formal library... just a very brief tour cause she is rushing...

XD hope she enjoy the trip. Its my first time to bcome tourguide in seremban.
Didnt take u to taste any delicacies in seremban. sorry for that~ =P
Come to seremban next time n i will take u to more places... kakaka~ *promise* =P

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