Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Photos for my holiday life

Kaka. This is the black sesame that i helped Lean Sze and Sze Yee to make it more fragrance.
In Pasta Zanmai. It is so FUN!!!!

Passion fruit Soda. It is so nice~~ Not too sweet n not too tasteless. Just nice. but RM6++ per glass. lolz... In pasta Zanmai too~ ^^

Puzzle!!! My Dream House. I put the puzzles into a pictures. Make it into pieces n then my mum put the pieces together again. kaka. XD XD
and i help to frame it... But no place to hang it. so sad~

Durian Cendol.... It look nice. But Ewww... i hate the coconut santan taste....I hate that taste so i dont enjoy it but my mum like it.

Durian dessert with some coffee paste... beautiful n delicious. ^^
But not advisable to eat too much.

I just randomly took this pic. It is the gift from my junior when i attend the Library Welcome Gathering.
The pic is so cute. XD XD
n i like to shake it n see the dolphin balancing in the blue sea. ^^

Century eggs and some chilies plus ginger. XD
It actually taste sweet.


joyce said...

eek. i dun like century egg.


i like the black though.. not the yolk


Belle said...


you like the egg black??
or u like the color... XD

joyce said...

i prefer the egg black to the yolk lo.. yolk so geli. eekkk =)

i prefer normal eggs the most =)

Belle said...

XD XD yaya~