Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shock Absorber needed!!!

XD XD Who said december is not a good month??
It is a good month to me cause it is holiday ~^^~
CHRISTMAS is coming!!!
I love the decoration in the shopping mall.

Well... for those that would love to buy me sth for this wonderful month.
I suggested you to buy me a shock absorber or sth that can act as an insulator... XD

Kena shock twice a month. HOW CAN it be??? =P
Hee hee~ ^^ ah~~~~ =P =P =P =P
AH!!!! someone quickly pull me back to the reality....

Ooh. shit. havent upload chilling photos.
=P =P too happy to do anything now. *snap snap*
=P =P ahhhh.i m still dreaming.

JOYCE!!!!! one utama got a very big VOIR gallery wei.


joyce said...

take photo show me ma... got a different poster ah? compared to those i took before??

Belle said...

dun have different poster.
all look the same to me.

joyce said...

oh.. then i don care =)

u saw enough from me liao oh? haha