Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forth day of CNY 0.0

Its forth day of CNY!!! thats mean i still left 3 days to play n sleep b4 going back to the unhuman routine... XD

Today went to "bai Nian" with Arifians. XD lets list out who r there.
Me, Wan Wei, Wen Huey, Hooi Kie, Yee Wah, Lin Li, Yen Yee, Ye An, Mei Ying, Yeen Zhi, Peck Gee, Hui Yi, Her Yih, Kwee Lian, Wei Jie, Wan Ping, Peh Hwa, Wei Zeng, Thay Guan.

Ok. I think thats all for the first batch. Not all Arifians r there. some r working... some lost in mission. Went to Mr Toon's hse. I think he is a rich guy despite his poor poor look.
Didnt meet Xing Rou there (she is in Manchester? i think).
Mr Toon r still the friendly papa like teacher.

Next stop is at Yee Wah's hse. Tasted her mommy baking. Delicious!!!
I like the pineapple tarts!!! 2 cameraman---> Peh Hwa and Wei Zeng r busy camwhoring n taking random pictures. Peh Hwa even take her hubby with her. swt swt.... n some really lame jokes here n there.

Wan Ping lost himself, wei jie n his car on the way to Cui Lian's hse. oh swt. so we went to fetch them at Chan Wa. XD Cui Lian 's mum look young ( i thought she is her elder sister...). Cui Lian still as beautiful as usual. (Some gamblers gamble there). i didnt even started to play cards this new year....
should i teach them how to play Nertz??

After that, went to Wei Jie. This rich boy stay in a mansion like bungalow. swt swt swt. i like the upstairs room. The living room look to traditional to me n its quite stuffy.
Wei Jie's dad really like to talk to Wei Zeng n Wan Wei. 1 is most handsome (acccording to wei zeng)... His dad said Wei zeng can b F4. XD XD XD no offence!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD cant stop laughing.... =P n the other 1 is the prettiest there. Have our lunch there. nearly all r spicy food. swt...

Wen Li's hse is the next station. stop a while there. a girl who is gentle will always remain gentle just like her.

Wanted to visit Puan Soam but she is not at home... so went to visit Ms Kam. I swear she already forget about me... just bcause i tag along. she tried to talk to me for a few sentences. XD XD
She looked pale by the wayz~

Peh hwa is very kind. she sent me home even if she is rushing. thanks~
Having some mix fillling now.

oh gosh. tomorow prefect gathering cancel again!!!

p/s: there is always sth that is better... @.@

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chu San

According to tradition, the third day of CNY should b a day that you rest since you had have a busy n restless routine for the last 2 days...

Poor me~~ (mayb i should b happy la...) I didnt get to rest today until now. T.T
Liny let me waited for her for the whole morning...
She told me she is coming ard morning. i thought its ard 8 am... so i woke up quite early...
bt ending up... @.@ she came at 11 sth. lolz... n its so so so hot that time.

Liny still look the same. Hair is longer (her hair until waist n she still grumble to me that it is short!!! @.@). still so thin (thinner than me ok?? or is it me that is bcoming fatter?? XD)
Usual routine when i m with her... she kept talking (n i like to let her talk n talk... then i no need to talk... kekeke) Saw her very very big sumo bf pics.... lolz... lolz.. lolz....
Then let her help me get ready for my outing afterwards... kakaka~ still like to nag me about all the things i wear. heh~

Sent her back at 1 sth... then Perng n Angel came to fetch me... Go to my twin bro's hse...
sigh~~ ntg to said abt him (I just feel like bullying him everytime he said sth...) Bt not as serious as angel 1... XD stay there dun know for how long... feel like sleeping~~ T.T
They came to my hse afterwards, XD get the feeding syndrome from my mum.
I kept putting food n forcing them to eat all of them.. XD XD XD
But there r two of them that willingly help me eat the crackers n curry chicken---> Angel n perng. Perng is very funny.
"ah!!! i m very full!! i dont want to eat liao. my stomach going to explode!!"
But after a minute... he continuously put some biscuits, crackers n drinks into his mouth... swt a lot. =.='''
Lih Fuh more swt... "no. i cannot eat this. i cannot eat that too..."
"want some curry rendang??"
"huh? rendang? CNY dont eat rendang 1... Hari raya only eat rendang.."
=.= so... i forcefully gave him a mandarine orange... geram.
Twin bro go to play the piano... erm... ok. i cannot comment since i m not a good player anyways~

Went to ah boy hse after this. He seem to forget everything about me very fast... sigh~~
Go to ur gf ba~~~~~~~

We plan to go to Cornie's hse... cant reach her. so we directly go there without informing...
"Eh??? Ding dong bell!!! wah. so dai go lui zor!! yi qian zong hao qi xiao mui mui gei!!"
oh my gosh!! i think that time i went to the restaurant she cant recognize me... XD
For the next hour in her hse. she kept looking at me... like i m some monster... swt.
All of us gossip about the restaurant workers, managers and cooks.
I cant talk much with them. since i m the only 1 that work at there for only 2 months... XD

Kok Hwang wanted to go lou shang after this... my mind n soul is all at home...
luckily angel n perng 1 also flew back home already. so i no need to go to makan with them...
kekekekeke~~ btw. the next 3 days i will b too busy to stay at home...
better stay at home more... my hse got a funny rule... stay at home as much as u can. set by my mum. lolz...

Going out with Arifians tomorow... XD hope wont b kekok. Cause this batch of ppl that i "think" i will joining tomorow r not very close friends to me. hee hee~ no hot sun tomorow...
i m going to b roast pork if i continue to stay under the hot hot fireball.... X.X

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Year Eve ----> CNY 2

So~~ basically this is how my reunion dinner look like~
Prepared by my mum... have a good assistant---> me :)

Er.... This is salad vege~~ eating raw~

This is "bak cham gai". XD i dont like this... *shh~~~~* dont tell my mum.

I LIKE BROCOLLI!!!! This dish taste nice with garlic!!

Soup... I like this soup!!!
very gingery... (bt not that type of gingery like the nasi ayam at the mamak stall)
n it got sth specially requested by me... inside it... XD

Some left over... my mum said dont waste o~~ its "gu lou yok" XD

Mushrooms!!!! Oysters!!! n a lot of hair!!! (not contribute by me :) )
(The oysters quite big leh?? XD I LOVE THEM!!!)

Steam Fish!!! I like the soft texture of it!!!
Bt i dun like when my mum called me to finish nearly half of it... T.T
So... After that went to my grandpa hse... nearly all the relatives went back already...
To welcome the money god... only left my family, grandpa, aunty n ger ger... lolz..
oh. of course ting n sung too~~
Had our palm read...
My 1 turn out to b @.@...
ok. not that bad... except i had a deteriorating health... Guess i need to do sth about it. ^^
Day 1
Went to the temple first... There are so MANY ppl!!!! wahhhhhhh~~~
had a hard time staying in the car in that kind of hot weather... strong sun!!
After that went to grandpa hse to bai nian ^^
XD got 2 extra ang pau this year since my cousin married last year n they must give double ang pau for their first new year together... kekeke~~
Er.... Some idea how i look like that day~~ paiseh =P
dont look like aunty o??
Then... went to Mines with duo gu, da jiu mu. ting n yati...
There had exhibition there... peony... gosh~~ the flower dont look nice to me....
i prefer Lily~~ pure n not that complicated. ^^
Went to have some rides~~ n c the musical fountain (not good...)... came home exhausted n i miss some shows on tv... ><
Nah~~ shouldnt bother bt it... XD

How the king of flower--->poeny look like...
Woke up late with a spoiled oven.... @.@ i thought i can have roast chicken this morning. T>T
Went to san gu hse in KL... XD xiao gu and san gu r the other pair that like to feed me n my bro...
"Both of u look thin!!!"
Luckily, they didnt cook that day. so we eat snacks...
ba gua, almond, peanuts, biscuits, prawn crackers, soft drinks, gua zi, seaweeds~~~ etc...
non stop for st...
Planing to go Tian Hou Gong 1... bt thanks to daddy~~ phail... cant go. so came back home n stick to the TV again~~ until now~~ lolz lolz...
2morow start to bai nian with my friends... hope dun junble up their time. i dont want so fast "kai nian" by my friends.
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Hope you all get lots of ang pau ^^

Some rough idea how i look like on 2nd day... lolz...
now only realize... i look the same~ swt.
p/s: i hate wearing seatbelt!!! no freedom!!! cannot move around the car like b4 le. T.T

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year Eve

=P waiting for nitez to come... for dinner!!!
YEA!!!! nice food!!! Tummy~ you must behave urself today ya~ ^^

Got a lot of movies going ard. I bet my cousin forget about his promise again. sigh sigh~~
ok. time to remind him abt his promise. hee hee hee~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its Hot!!

Its hot! Very Hot!! SUPER HOT!!!!
I m melting like a candle on fire at my very own hse (go green!! so no air con T.T)
Feeling a little bit dizzy since i cannot stand either hot nor cold weathers... sigh~

Went to Rudy's small birthday gathering... the weather is so hot plus his fabulous driving skill...
I m going to faint!!!
bet its bcause of his good mood. He let me drive back... XD Joyce said my driving skill = his driving skill...
Disagree... I m much more better than him k?? although i dont consider myself as a good driver.
But at least i m better than him in driving... if both of you sit still n dont keep distracting me. I think i can drive even better.. hee hee.

Miss 1 lecture bt i dont care... cant even concentrate in listening lately. Mayb i should stay focus more instead of letting myself wondering away everytime there is sth happened.

Went to dance practice... finally get all the steps right. Still need to work on energy level n flexibility... :) :)

Movie at nitez... no my movie type. I get tired of love stories already.
They cant even convince me... how m i going to continue it??

Joyce gave me a lot of blessing for my CSU. XD XD thats y i got Francis I Archicke.
He is in a very good mood that day. Having top students like Robin, Kristal and Yen Ming make my life easier. They perform so well that Archike praised them n said they did the best history taking compare to his last 2 groups.
Heh~ but i m the black sheep. I screw it. Nervous looking at him. Cant question the patient. N he said usually he kills student bt now i kill him. kekeke~ dont care.
I will work hard on it. ^^
100% sure that the sp either hate me, dislike me or he think i m fun to make fun off.
He said sth like POP... (actually i didnt heard that word) end up getting an assignment from Archike....
POP is actually plaster of paris...
Michelle cried during CSU. She is either stress out or have too high expectant of herself. Freak me out a little. Cause the worst person didnt cry yet but she cried first...

Going to Ong Kok Hai lecture is like attending to some funny movie. I know he dont meant to b funny. But he is funny in someway. Had a good laugh in his lecture.

PBL after this... I dont like the new system. I really wont read anything that is not out of my own effort... so i just read 1 issue... n only can explain 1 issue. Fong YeWin wanted me to talk more... Trying to push me... looking into my stack of papers for the whole PBL... Freaking me out.
Sorry faci. next time ya~ i wont disappoint u. But i definately cant talk like a genius la ^^
Everybody is tired.

Went to Old town to have lunch with YM. Jam everywhere. Headache... n Hot!! wonder how YM stand it.
Late to class again. Thani has the longest notes ever. but i enjoy this lecture. ^^ Angina...

"StarDust"-ing when vista started to spray insecticides again... blek.
HP asked me out to Karaoke tomorow. XD Thanks~ but i cant. need to help up my mum... ^^

Watch Prestige n Ps I Love YOu with YH that nitez... totally not good... i mean PS I Love you... Both of us nearly fall asleep. I think i really am immune to love story. hehe~

ok... its creepily hot now... i dont wish to go out of the hse... XD oops.
My mum is going to feed me again. T.T

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some phtots of melaka trip

4 of us happily on the bus ^^
Reach the "hotel" o.o

The long dark corridor... (i used flash. thats y it look bright...) actually it look like some haunted corridor.
C!!! ern is emo-ing... n smiling bitterly

swen cannot accept the fact that we r living in such motel... n started to weep.
Ting is the optimistic 1. checking out the toilet... lolz...
Me... the crazy 1. busy taking photos to prove how small the room is. XD

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Just recover from my gastric problems... not fully yet bt its recovering...
vomitted everything out that i put into my mouth included water...
even after my stomach had gastric pain for 2 hours... i put in some bread...
it still refuse to accept it n just kick the bread out... so naughty n make me so torturing... cant sleep the whole nitez~ ~ n feel so panic when ntg can go into my stomach. i dont want to die of hypovolemic or starve to dead. T.T

Thanks Kala n Yen Haw for taking me to the doctor.
Get better after eating the medicine... but i think the medicine had some very bad side effet.
Light headedness n depression. I feel so depress that time... so so so that i think i m going to do sth silly (luckily i m still here) XD thanks for the honey n biscuits. ^^ n i hate the light headedness... n first time i close my eyes during lectures. but i cant fall asleep... my subconcious is still very conscious.

Had a very hard time get back to seremban (i feel like dropping to the railway anytime n i keep hearing sound.. gosh. i think there is ghost around me).
Have a nice dinner back home (just porridge) n some tv bt i fall asleep really quickly. n kept hearing obama obama obama... i feel like crushing the tv then... bcause this name come out way too much!!! XD XD no offence.

I cant even sit straight n go online yesterday nitez... so i went to sleep.
This time no other things r bothering me... so i have a 12 hours sleep. XD XD
it is so REFRESHING!!!!!! i feel like normal again. no depression n no light headedness that i hate hate hate hate so much.

Even a lot of ppl r falling asleep during Archike n Ngut Wai's lecture... I stay awake!!! XD XD

doing pbl now... again. a crappy issues for me.
couselling for patients n parents on the choices n impacts of surgery.... lolz.

p/s: "you are a protected animal but i m not a protector"


Jinjang!!! Here Group T come!!! Today, its my group turn for a clinical visit to Klinik Kesihatan Jinjang.

Had a 8 hours sleep b4 that (I thought I can tahan until 11pm but arg!!! cant!!! my head is throbbing badly) (Hope my hsemates don’t think that I m playing tantrum by not talking to them… I m just too exhausted to do anything). But not refresh. I still feel sleepy. cant complain to my PBL mates cause one of them have just 3 hours sleep b4 that.

We departed from IMU around 7am… KL is very jam… Feeling headache seeing so many cars everywhere. I think I m not a person that can live in big city. Kristal lead the way but bcause of the super enormous amount of car… we got lost 0.0… … Luckily Yen Ming knew the way n we reach Jinjang ahead of them. (yay!!! ^^) (pass through a place that has a lot of memory)
We r early. we reach there around 8.05am. I thought we r going to b late bcause we start late n bcause of the jam too. but we got lucky!! heh heh!!! Report to the unit pentadbiran… The doctor in charge is not in… so a gentleman, Mr Lau took us for a tour around the Klinik Jinjang(so called klinik. I think it can b a hospital. It is so big, air conditioned n there is a lot of departments. Less facilities compare to a ‘real’ hospital but definitely more equipped than a clinic)… Saying hi n greeting to all the staffs there… Then, we started our history taking. I paired up with Yen Ming..^^

Both of us r having conflict weather we should start straight at the OPD or the registration department… okay okay. so the people in OPD look more sick. so we choose OPD. kakakakakakakakakakakakakaka!! Bless me. I m not good in choosing ppl to interview. The uncle we interview is healthy with diabetic n HBP (He looked healthy to me too!!! arg…. y I pick him a?? cause he looks friendly n wont scold me). He just came for a follow up… nothing particularly interesting…

Since it is a failure at the start, we start from the registration centre. hard time in finding friendly faces… cause all look grimace to me. So I pick a malay lady n I found I gagap n couldn’t speak in malay… oh gosh oh gosh. so yen ming take over n ha… its her daughter that is having a fever… routine asking but feel awkward in asking them so much personal things… n we don’t know how to make them comfortable… (we got try too)… decided to follow her to see the doctor… the flow is so slow… n I m falling asleep…. ZZzzzzz. she has a cute brother though. I think we waited to see the doctor for more than 1 hour…. n the doctor took less than 5 mins to diagnose her…. (o.o lolz… wondering what is the use of taking history)… Actually I thought she has the gastric flu (cause I had that at least once a year…) fever, flu, sore throat, feeling cold from inside, vomit when eating food… but no. the doctor said she only have common flu… oh yea. mayb. I forgot there is burning sensation in ur throat if u got gastric flu.

Exhausted… went to cafeteria. Robin n Mani got an interesting case. a 3-year-old boy with swollen in the index finger… they said the boy is very cute… continue our hunting after that. Got a woman with diabetic n HBP (I think that day is follow up for diabetic n HPB patients)… she is totally not informative… everything also don’t know…

I tried to ask a Chinese lady…. I thought she know English… cause she seem to have an Indian husband who is reading English newspaper… XD lolz… but she didn’t answer me anything… just looking at me n the Indian guy said “no interview.” okay…. nevermind.

Get some random uncle walking pass us. another checkup case… oh no. he came to take his blood for blood test… he got some heart disease… unknown cause… haven’t even identified what heart disease is that… just for a blood test. he show us his blood test result. everythings is find. from cholesterol, blood volume, blood sugar. he even did a treadmill test which the physician said his heart is ok… but he just faint… so what heart disease is this… he is sth like the overloaded kind patient but we still left on sth after sister Joann give us a brief on what we should do during history taking…

Yen Ming said we must b fair… so we interview an Indian lady… gosh. another checkup again… but she is for anemic… not interesting… she just found out it when she got a fever… don’t have any troubles with life… just she appear paler than other ppl…

Don’t feel like taking more history cause its like invading ppl privacy… to me!!! there is a case seem to be quite interesting in the rehabilitation centre. a woman with both her legs wrap up n she is smiling to us… ooh. but too bad. when we get back to her. she is talking to somebody.
Need less than 1 hour to get back to Bkt jalil. thanks to Yen Ming superd driving skills n speed n tactics… XD XD Felt so sleepy after that… my mind keep flying away during lecture n I need to use a lot of mind power to pull!!! Pull harder!!! Pull HARDER!!!! for it to come back…
Rush back home for a quick sleep… cause I really tak tahan la!!! Sleep for 2 hours… went out eating with Ick, Yen Haw, Natasha n Jamie… Feeling weird in my stomach… I know I shouldn’t put anything in my stomach that time… but I really m hungry… then XD sorry guys. I frightened you all n I feel like I m a patient that refuse to take doctor’s adviceses. kekeke~~

Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 crazy gals to Melaka (i think got 2 is still in rational state la...)

I m so so so tired now... n i refuse to sleep (cause i scare i cant sleep well tonitez n cant wake up tomorrow for Jinjang). I think a few billions brain cells are already killed by me. XD

I dont know how a one day trip can torture me like that (Ok. its fun n adventurous!!!). *yawn~~~* ok. here r something we do on our trip. Pictures will be up later this week.

Swen always wanted to go for a trip with Ern, Ting n Me. Since Ern is going off to Australia...
She planned this plan to Melaka... Oh. There is another important char who i didnt know at all n didnt c him b4. Mr Con, Mr Kon or Mr Corn.

We reached Melaka Central first... somehow... when Ern n me bought our tickets back to seremban for the next day... Feel like kena tipu. Cause transnational only cost Rm6.90 whereas Transtar cost RM8 (we didnt saw Transnational at first!!!!). We wanted to buy afternoon tickets but turn out... buying morning 1 cause the counter said computer in the station will suddenly spoiled during afternoon. so no afternoon bus =.=''' WTH!!!

Later, we took a bus to Makota Parade... Then, a taxi to our lovable Visma Hotel (yes!!! its Visma not Wisma!!!). A taxi without seatbelts.... WTH!!!! n the driver look like some sort of zombie... simple question like "What is melaka good food?" "i dont know"; "Here to makota parade. is it in walking distance." "yes!" (yea yea. sort of if you wanted to walk for half an hour!!!!)

Reaching Visma... Wanted to faint. Oh my gosh. The name of it is a hotel but actually its a motel (actually swen is quite worried already... since she cannot find the so called hotel on googles). its above a shop lot... the room is smaller than my room in seremban n its the same size as the 1 in IMU but think my room plus a toilet in it.n 2 beds!!!! thats too small!!!!! all of us was like 0.0...
no wonder only RM60 a nitez (tipu by the mr jagung too. he told us its RM50 per nitez).
Well!!! I m not angry with swen ju st the stupid jagung!!! i think he is playing prank lo. Rich guy like him find this type of motel for girls... i think he is not in his right mind!!! n the environment there really very not safe... since we r exhausted to death... we just settle there.

Then we went to chicken rice.... quite bahagia. usually needed to wait for a long time but bcause of Lady Lucky. we can get a seat when we reach there... chicken here is smoother. We went to used up our energy in DAtaran Pahlawan n Makotha Parade...
Went to eat loh bak (Mr Jagung said its nice. But i think it is worse than the 1 in Sunway... my mum can cook better than that. So we kena tipu by him again or he is a tasteless guy) XD no offense but i totally bu shuang with this guy although i havent met him b4.

Swen kept reminding us we r going to b 20 (T,T i m so old... n i feel old now cause i feel so tired bt i had to call myself not to sleep). Ern still have conflict in buying that items or not... (actually i think the conflict rises bcause three of us indirectly ask her not to buy... XD XD if not she already bought it)...

we go to take "da tou tie" it is not as nice as sg wang 1. but we had fun with it. jumping here n there n deleting photos, take again n make the machine move backwards a few metres (XD hiperbola). The salegirl is nice... n she gave us a glittering cover which usually need us to pay additional RM2... bcause she said i m nice n gentle to her (=.= is it...?? dont fall in love with me. u r not my cup of tea XD XD) so we got sth free!!! YEA!!!!

Get a random call from someone asking me if i want to buy Conan ep.63... who wanted to buy can contact me!!! ^^

Went to Jonker street... the taxi driver that drove us there is nice but he wanted us to wear seatbelt ONLY if there is police.... lolz... n he dont know where is Visma (grr.... so u can think this is not a place for tourist).

Got a lot of watches there. I wanted to buy all. but i m totally broke n i bought a not so good 1 at first... so next time should wait till i finish surveying than only i buy... T.T
Have some good food there. Go window shop!!!
N 4 of us bought 2 sets of couple T shirt...
Ting n Ern wear the guys 1 n swen n me wear the gal 1...
All of us walk through Jonker street wearing it... XD XD
you bet it. a lot of ppl r looking at us... or staring... some embarassed. n actually the salesgirl also got shock when we said we want 2 sets of couple T shirt... XD XD she look at us very funnily...
Got 1 dad said sth to his child. "dont b like them." *looking at us* lolz...
The other guy ask his friends' "do you have lesbian friends??" after cing us....
XD we r in the lime light!!! totally crazy... Ern n me even...
blark. we didnt kiss. we just take each other hands n walk...
lolz... y cant they just think we r just friends.... totally not creative la.... the ppl there.

Went to eat satay celup. not that nice. mayb we went to the wrong store...
mayb we r too tired to push sth into our stomach (except me!!!) XD
have problem finding our way back to the "hotel".
But somehow we get back... camwhore a lot with the couple T shirts...
all photos r with Ern... XD so will get from her later...

Have a fright around 1am... cause there is police check... my gosh. i m totally 100% sure this "hotel" is not for tourists!!!!!!
We r frightened. cause we dont know if there r real police or bad guys.
afraid that they will come back n rob us or culik us. afraid there is some dirty things in the hotel.... afraid of every sound we heard....
so i didnt sleep well that nitez... swen n ting kept waking up... ern is a piggy though... XD XD
The beds r too small for four of us... i think i keep pushing swen n Ting.oops sorry. i dont mean it but my whole body cant move the next day if i dont move... thanks to Mr stupid jagung for his kindness of finding this hotel for us.

We leave the hotel around 8... as fast as we could!!! the taxi driver is nice... gave us a lot of advises. 100% agree with us that Visma is the worst hotel in Melaka n give us suggestions of place to stay n also place to visit. a sweet guy~~ but too late. we kena tipu by mr go-to-hell jagung too much already. i think he dont want us to visit melaka. hmph...

reach seremban around 11 am. totally exhaust.... brain is collapsing. ok i think thats all... pictures will b up this week...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little update

This week pbl is such a crap. when i just receive the learning issues, i feel like throwing it into a bin....
But after 2 days of PBL-ing... the things that i thought r crap stuff... cannot find stuff... stupid stuff... actually turn out to be.... XD i cant said it is useful but i found it!!!

The normal range of BP when we r recumbent and in standing position is....
I thought this is a crappy question at first n feel like doing some faces to my faci (he is the 1 that suggest this leaning issue)...
But i found the answer.... a drop of 20mmHg in systole pressure and a rise of 10mmHg in diastole pressure...

Another 1 is... what is the arterial pressure in parts of body... oh gosh... there are so many arterial in one body.... how to find every 1?? Crappy faci!!!!!
But i found 1... not a direct answer.... n not an exact answer bt it is an answer... (plus a little bit of my thinking)
When we r in supine state, the large n medium size arteries will b the same bp as the heart or aorta...
arterioles will have approximately 35 mmHg, venuole will have around 15 mm Hg....
But when we r standing, bcause of gravity... the lower part of body will have higher pressure whereas the part that is higher than heart will have lower bp. XD XD that is what i think of...
looking back. it looks like crapping to me again.

I thought i found all the learning issues... bt sigh~ i seem to b expert in missing out things. So i miss 1... which is the types of sycope... crap. i dont even wrote it down in the first place....
YM and GCH save the day again. Some i dont know what they r saying... so i just keep nodding my head n said erm n ooh~~~ n the faci.... i dont know what to say... he look like he is the serious type of ppl... (ok. he is)... n for some reason... he kept looking at my paper... n got once, he attempt to call me to explain what is baroflex which i XD XD know only half bucket (WEll~~ he fail. cause Robin or Robyn or GOh Choon Han actually speak out his opinion first). So i was laughing in my heart (nah~~~ u cant get me!!!)... i dont know if my face is laughing or not... the faci seem to =.=''' n smile at me... lolz.... "you got a lot of things in ur paper isnt it??" lolz... this is the question he kept asking me since sem 2.... i already said lo.... half of it.... is just adjectives....n its spacing is big... so you thought i got a lot of things but actually its not. Then... when i accidentally found sth my groupmates didnt found. The 4 phases of valsalva manouevre... he said "look. you really have a lot of extra info n nu really read up a lot."
yaya~ crap. m not. just get lucky n find a bit bit more. Want to know who is m faci??
the new block of imu.... he is in the postgraduate pic... bt he dont look so nice there... XD XD

Hooray!!! Haw Ger... oh. should b like this. Ick n I, first time saw him eat meat!!! (but of course with a lot of chilli sauce on it n the meat is like so small piece) XD XD good job. keep going but dont b a carni.

Need to read up for CSU... I got Arul... He is funny n good. But too bad. you are a good lecturer but met up with a bad student like me.... so actually i just got 75% things of what you r saying... the other 25% gone when i m not paying attention n nearly fall asleep. What is the name for elevation n depression at the middle of chest?? kaka~ forgot.

Oh ya. Have an hour dance practice this thursday.... not latin, not hip hop.
Just some 80th dance move. Its real easy...
But gosh. I think i really left my body rotten at home... my body bcome rigid...
n TADA!!! i cant twist n shake like i wanted already.... n i m really bcoming fatter!!!!
Ok. y u still think i m thin its bcause my face is growing longer n sharper while my other parts r growing fatter.... T.T
want to make some facts clear: actually every gal can dance!!! just they dont want to dance for you all to c... or they don dare to dance out.
i m not good in dancing... though i learn a few years b4 till i m standard 2 (so long ago...)
Then i didnt really dance i m not good in dancing... kekeke. n did you all really c me dance b4??

Ong Kok Hai is late today. N the reason is super hilarious... mayb this is the only reason that can b make by rich guy like him.
"sorry i m late. actually i m meeting a friend that came back from oversea today n we havent met for a lot of years."
I was feeling as if i m going to thump him when i hear this.
"when i m on my way home from subang. ... i get lost..."
0.0 swt.... what the heck... arent u staying in KL????
"you know. today my driver got friday prayer. so i need to drive on my own...etc (i cant hear what he is saying cause the class saying "ooh~~")
Rich guy. Have driver leh...

My mom gave me a shock when i reach seremban.
1. she cant recognize me...(did i change so much??)
2. I cant recognize her (she curl her hair n instead of making her look older. she actually look younger... n now she look like my jie jie) oh my gosh!!!!

ok. got to pack!! Melaka trip. Hope four of us dont get lost in this strange land~ ^^

p/s: YAY!!!! i got band 5 in MUET!!!! no need to repeat!!! kekeke~ ^^

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Finally, my brain decided not to commit suicide for a day n had a good good rest.
So i had a very good n nice sleep without any disturbing stupid dreams/ nightmares un der my cozy blankets~~

Its so nice that i dont even know if i had done my task of waking up a person... XD
apparently i got walk to wake that person up...

Poor hsemates~~ they cant sleep well yesterday~~ all the best luck to u.

Congratz angel!!! you got a very good result. You see hard work do pay off.

PBL after this. I DONT WANT!!!! ><
mayb i should start to accept the facts that i must fo to PBL, CSU n clinical visit EVERY WEEK!!!!

Grr... n so n so who tried to post sth to me. I didnt get the sth from you...
Did you really throw the cards into a postbox??? I really doubt it... Or you forgot to put a stamp or even my address on it...??? =.=


Okay~~ I will continue about my long grandma story… I went to meet nv ren at her house and we went to Sunway sitting a new taxi!!! woohoo!! the taxi driver said it is the second day he used this new car… And he talks a lot a lot a lot~~ Met Lean Sze. We went for lunch. Took some fancy photograph… XD Grr… and my eyes feel like dropping down every step I take… just tired.

Came back just in time to go sing K with Kyan, John and Ick… Feel totally strengthless, even eating is a waste of energy for me at that time… XD cant sing… no strength at all… my singing is bad… so it just turn worse… XD and Kyan can sang beautifully… its been a long long time since I met boys that can sing so good. Oh and we did something crazy but fun. At the end of the sing K…Kyan, Ick and me sang the two longest song of Gu Ju Ji…plus together… we sang non stop for 24 mins… ooh. all of us nearly lost our voice for that but its really really fun. ^^

Went I come back… Get a random call from Hann Pyng… basically he is talking crap to me… he said he wanted to go to Melaka with us… XD XD sorry~ that’s a girl trip, big bro. =P and then crap with Melissa and ZL and again mostly to Hann Pyng. And I think we pissed Swen off cause Hann Pyng used her phone to call me. Smart la u. have a very very nice chat… its since along time I chat with them. And Ern are making cookies to sell. But sorry~ I m not going to buy 100 thongs of biscuits from you. (Get shock when YH said Natasha mayb having dengue. But she is alright now. no rashes. ^^)

I did something crazy on Sunday. I just don’t feel like staying at home although I kept thinking I should study. So I went to Times Square and Sungai Wang to find a particular coat… Finding it for 4 to 5 hours… Its hard to find it. Some is too large. Some don’t have the basic color of black and white. Others just too expensive… so at the end. I just bought 1 that look similar to the 1 in my mind…

Had dinner at Leon’s apartment. The bittergourd is really very bitter Ick!!! And Leon is a very good cook. but I still like your soup more YH. XD and I miss TV so much that I think I m going to stick to it if YH didn’t ask me if I want to go home… Study for a while… then don’t know how I on my laptop and again… sesat in the world of dramas… Play Nertz… and I won at first. then YH. Grr… I will surely beat you next time. Hahaha~~ just wait and see.

After that YH and me watch “Pathology” (surprisingly Ick went out to the living room to study). I thought I m watching a bunch of highly intelligent animals acting in it. A group of doctor. so intelligent that they went ngek ngek. Try to kill ppl using advance method that no ppl can detect. drown themselves in alcohol, smoke and sex (there is a lot of sex scenes plus some that is very extreme… oh well. I m not porn fans… so this 18SX and 18SG movie is =.= to me. That group of ppl really play until nothing to play already… watch that movie if you want to know how rotten can a person go~~

Wei Chin asked me a same question for about 4 times in a week time. Natasha is getting well~ good~~

Went to Group 13 gathering. Its been a long time since we gather. Watch Bedtime Stories. I like the Mermaid in it. its so beautiful… hee hee. Have Nandos after that. play foosball (which I m still hopeless in it. cant see the ball moving). Then pool (I didn’t hit in any ball which I m happy to do) XD XD…

B a light bulb of Kei Li and Chin Nam ( I think I bcome such a shinny light bulb to them nowadays.)

okay. I think I should start to study… or mayb start to fall asleep if my brain don’t feel like committing suicide today… the two boys are studying… oh gosh. they r so hardworking. I think I m the laziest person in the unit. and don’t drag me out again. I want to study!!! I only finish 1 and a half notes… ish ish!! Good nitez~ 12/1/2009.

XD i m in no mood to write detail things now... so just leave out some fun here n there.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Briefing of my weekend~~

Okay... once again. i stay back in Bukit Jalil not to study bt to play!! Lolz...

PBL last week is a good 1. everybody is contributing some ideas here n there n our group is an extremely small 1 with only 5 ppl. even if every single members attend the PBL. it will b only 7.
And Mr dear faci Fong YeWin encourage me a lotz~~
XD XD thanks!! n Yen Ming also help me out here n there.
N then we have our usual feedback session. Gosh. I dont quite like it although i know it is benefiting bcause i need to conclude n gave my opinion... which usually ended up " NO Comment" which actually a lot of comments...

Then... went for movie (actually we plan to go sing K at first)... Actually there is a lotz of movies i want to watch!! XD bt i just dont feel like watching them.... its a complicated feeling... gosh gosh.
(grr... Ick n YH is studying besides me now while i m still roaming online here).
Then foosball n pool for dont know how long... apparently i dont know how to angle... n the ball that i shoot in r always bcause Lady Lucky wanted to make me feel a little bit better.
N some stupid random fellow was bugging me about drinking beer and wine n eventually angry with me bcause i ignore his nonsense.... XD XD XD
went for late supper n back home around 2...

Woke up at 7 the next day... i dont know how i drag myself out of bed... i was so tired... bt my brain again... Refuse to rest n i wonder if it is commiting suicide itself without getting my permission first...
scare that i will b late to meet nv ren. so i took KTM at 8.30am... n woohoo!! i m really lucky that day. I reach subang using only 1 hour n 15 mins which is really really fast. ^^
Then i found a post office n decided to pay bills.... The Q is stretching so long n dont even move a bit...
A popo came to me... i thought she just want to move pass me. I dont know why she stop down. She just happily told me she paid her billn ask for her stamp at another counter... (which has nobody) n she seem to know i only wanted to pay bills (my face dont have the writing"i want to pay electric bills" on it at that time). So she urge me to that counter... n when i want to thanks her after paying my bills... she genuinely disappear from my sight. oh gosh. Mayb sh e is my Lady Luck that day. XD XD cause i save about 15 mins... thanks a lotz.

ok. i think i got to go to my lecture... will update my "eventful" weekend later ^^

Friday, January 9, 2009


I just get lucky....
i thought i lost my lucky star. Started to panic n look for it everywhere...
luckily i found it in e lab.

God bless me... i feel lucky :) :)

Support needed!!!

Oh well~  I think IMU students are very good in earning money (except me. I m bai ga 1).
Let's c. There will be IMU ball in April... n the committee wanted to earn some money to donate to Rumah Jeirah.
It is a home for HIV positive women n children.
The money we donated is for them to get anti HIV treatment. It costs ard RM1000 a month...

So to enable to fundraised.... all the students in IMU... no matter what course you r in....
R given a holy task... To sell 5 notesbook....
This is how it look like~~
Actually, i think the design is quite nice... just a  little bit complicated somewhere...
otherwise. it is Perfect!!! although looking it now... it let me feel like it is a certificate....

So, to help the unlucky 1 and also help me to sell finish my books...
plz support me!!! buy 1 of the notesbook. It is not expensive though~~ RM3 per book...
Plz contact me if you are interested~~~ XD if u want more than 5... i also can help you to get them... ^^

In e lab2 now... its freezing here... wondering if i should really go to read up something about ECG... (mayb i will just get heartblock during PBL)...
Hoping the stuff that i force into my brain wont come out b4 i finish my PBL...
I found that i have this Exam-Memory- Syndrome... which i can only remember things when exam is near... XD

Went for jogging or mayb walking at wednesday... its bcome one of the B2-10-2 activity... (hoping that it is not permanent)
and i did something stupid... i didnt wear my socks... n when i come back... my foot are covered with bruises.... OK~~ n i cant sleep for the whole nitez... bcause the bruises are painful...

Midvalley after that... actually we just went there to have dinner... ick bought a pair of running shoes. the two boys wanted to go for movie... bt i somehow feel guilty if i go to movies...
So at the end we didnt go to movies... XD next time. i think i m going out too much~~

IMU cafeteria food is still so bad... that i feel like not eating even if i m very hungry...
so what m i going to eat today?? (i mean 9/1/2009)... grr.... i will think bt it after this.

Doing some speedtest after lunch... XD all of us only get ard 42 words per min... XD
Is it consider slow?? well. i dont know. i just know that i keep typing wrong words...

Lectures after this r lullaby... I get the first lecture but the second... i just refuse to understand it after seeing so many grafs... n y?? Y??? mr Ngut Wai, y do you like to explain all the things in a graf when there is more specific grafs at the back??? Cis- nya.

Went home n finish off my PBL... (i still refuse to fall in love with PBL. I m not the person that is able to contribute my thoughts to anybody... I m not selfish... I m just introvert... n unable to put my thoughts in words...). So, those who r bless with good intellectual skill~ you all r the lucky 1 unlike me.

Had dinner at home. Yen Haw n Me cooking... cabbage soup, a sea weeed tofu (i dont like it, but i like the garlic on it. haha) and bittergourd with sauce (actually some part of it taste raw)....
I enjoy the dinner yesterday... It tastes more homely... hee hee. n we didnt mess up the kitchen. Hooray!!!

Peh Hwa suddenly inform me that she is in Bukit Jalil and she is coming to visit me~~
XD She came with Mei Ying~~ N Haw Ger immediately said "your friend coming"
o.o i dont even know they r walking here... anywhere, they just stay there for a little while.
N thanks to the compliment to my room n my apartment... XD XD N both of them r very lively~~

B2-10-2 watched movie yesterday... Wall E. XD ok. its not the great movie that ppl keep mentioning to me. But it is very warm ( I think some parts is a bit too dramatic though) and the fat ppl make me wanted to exercise so much (its just a thought)...
have some glimpse at the funny parts of House Bunny...
Well, if you like to watch a lot of girls with big boobs n nice nice figures... just watch this movie...
i just dont like the lead actress. Her way of talking is way to funny (mayb some of them think she is sexy)...

Its cold here n there n everywhere... even in my room. i feel like wrapping myself with the thick blanket i got... Grr~~ n have such dreamful n nightmare-ful nitez yesterday~

Still feeling nervous abt PBL... talking to a bunch of geniuses are....Stressful.
XD ok... i think i should take easy. no stress... =P

oh... this is "pen cai"... Got a lot of delicious stuffs in it n it is layered....
XD I love the prawns!!! I love the brocolli!!! I love the mushroom!!! I love the abalone!!
Other than that is .... I just LIKE you all~~ Had a nice dayz then~~~

P/s: IMU is super stingy nowadays... dig a lot of money from us n refuse to print out a 5 pages trigger to us... sigh~~ u r not broke is it??

ok... got to get a bite... i feel some nudging in my stomach le. XD

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I m hungry now... i can hear my tummy rumbling (dont know if the person beside me heard it... should i ask her??). Bt i dont feel like eating anything~~
Food here have heavy taste... or not so nice taste...

Yesterday i had the first PBL... it doent sound right to me...
YM said i m too quiet... at least i m not total quiet this time... XD
Erm. I will talk more next time... bt she really impress Yewin.
She is very good in linking sth together....

Its raining quite heavily after PBL...
Feel kinda sad~ lolz.. bt get over it quite quickly.

Then, ick n yh decided to cook sarawak laksa yesterday nitez....
Matthew and Natasha is invited...
XD i dont know if it is a success or nt bcause i havent try the real stuff.
bt the soup taste too concentrate to me~~ put more water next time?
XD n the best part of the laksa is the chicken n the eggs~~~ (XD someone going to kill me)

I think i m too easily distracted to sth...
Mayb should concentrate more... erm. anywayz i feel better now compare to the first day.

Ok. lunch time. I think i will just grab a bread from library... :)
Where can a canteen just sell mixed rice 1... T.T

Monday, January 5, 2009


Okay~~ i think it just that i still havent get used to b back in IMU...
Everything feel funny n awkward to me~~

N i m super not get used to it... even seeing my hsemates... its still feel funny...
even Joyce too~ OMG!!! i havent c ur fringe....
did u let it down... then it is nice... cause i didnt feel anything unextraordinary abt ur hair... Cheer~~

Going to start new sem in 23 mins~~
I m not looking forward to it... dont know what will b coming to me n dun know what i will bcome...
But feeling more n more negative each time...

okay... should kick out all the negative feelings... n b less sensitive...
if not i will turn this to a very bad things in my life~~

Thanks Joyce... 4 the series!!! XD XD the best series providers ^^
Thanks Ick for helping Kei Li n Me to change the light bulb~~ ^^
Thanks Yen Haw too for the cenderamata~~
Thanks angel for acknowledging me i m starting a new sem... T.T
A hundred thanks to my hsemates chatting last nitez... i feel better after that...
Thanks Me~~ not having any mental breakdown yet~~~

Suddenly miss my home which i tend to runaway the last 1 week.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Sem coming

Tomorrow is the start of a new sem...
Getting a bit nervous now~

mayb i m worrying too much~
hoping that everything will b ok n wish that i seek my balanced point back.


I sucks in telling lies...
Cause whenever i tell a lie... someone will know~
is it that obvious??

But the worst thing is....
I didnt tell lies sometimes.
i m telling the truth... But some thought i m telling lies~~
so wat???? arg~~~
So what you all want?? for me to tell lies or to tell you the truth??
its confusing~~ @.@

Sorry~ i m switching to emo mood quite often nowadays.
U know~ its really bad when someday you get to know how deform this world is compare to that that you have dream of when you r young~
Ppl hunger for everything... for fame for power~~
n somehow bcause u r weak~ u r kick out from their circle~~
I m not referring to myself.
I m bless to not suffer this. Its my other friend. seeing him in a state like this is a heartache~
N i cant do anything~~
not good in words or anythings.

But he is fine. Still smiling n talking. Nvm. you r not that weak~ just that ur chance n fate havent arrive yet.
you will surely outshine a lot of them somedays~
n i always believe that~~

y i always make my blog so gloomy 1??
sh~~ sorry. i will try to bring in some happy things. its not fair to let others read too many gloomy stuff.