Friday, February 27, 2009


Going to PBL in 20 mins. Hope that this PBL wont b so awkward as the last 1.
Dont know if my mates have sorethroat like me or their phonation had problems.
They cant speak lounder n me who is usually sitting at the sides cant hear what they r saying...
(mayb they wanted to keep the faci out of the discussion) =.=... ...

Finally getting better after 1 week of recurrent fever...
First i thought i was well enough then the next moment i found that i m lying half dead on the bed.
Struggling btw staying up and sleeping back.

For MEDT109 orientation... i get group 8. as a floating OO...
swt. i think i can get the worst OO certificate.
cause i m not really OO-ing them n i kept ffking them.
For the icebreakers.... i stay outside the chancellor hall for the dry icebreakers bcause its so stuffy inside that i couldnt breath.
for the dry 1... i accompany them to 3 stations. then my head started to spin n i just left them.
Luckily there is so much OO there for them.
N they won!! XD good job n all the best group 8!!!
hope my gloominess wont make a bad impression in ur book. ^^

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Its hard to identified a person with depression because patients wont tell you that they have depression (mayb they dont even know it is depression themselves too).
Some even can act to convince you that they r okay and you dun know what are going on behind their brains.

Clinical (Major) Depression
Major depression is characterized by the inability to enjoy life and experience pleasure. Lack of interest in outside activities, strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt, thoughts that life isn’t worth living, weight gain or loss, sleep troubles- all of these are signs of major depression. These feelings normally must persist for at least two weeks in order to be considered a major depressive episode. The symptoms can range from mild, when you can function in life with extra effort, to severe, where you can no longer complete daily activities.

Just b alert of ur surrounding friends. they mayb someone that really need ur care. Their depress mode may not b very persistent but once it comes it will b very bad. They may wanted to sleep more but cannot sleep, find it hard to get out of bed, know that they have tasks to complete but they ended up giving up (even if it is a daily routine), they dont talk as much as previously and they either stop eating or eat more.

Monday, February 23, 2009

=) / =(

=) new intake is coming in today. but i think i wont b so invloved in orientation compare to last time. hehe~

=( i fall sick again. sorethroat, cold and fever. i dont know why bacteria and virus can invade into my body so easily.
So yesterday routine is just sleep sleep n sleep. wake up to check sms n involuntarily drop back into endless sleep again (m i curse by sleeping beauty???)
oh. swt.

But thanks to my hsemates for the medicine, porridge and the cleaning up.
ngek. sorry. i m very troublesome isnt it??

and i still think that western medicine make me feel depressed.
n wth. i m falling sick every month. oh swt. if this continue... how can i finish my notes a...
T.T sorry for emo post again.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hey there...

IMU is under renovation now so there is a lot of construction workers walking around outside IMU...

Beware girls... There are some kind of dangerous...
They will tried to flirt with you especially when you are walking alone.

Take carez~

i dont know why i m in library. Its kinda cold here. heh~
Joyce is sitting besides me. concentrating in study the drugs for HF.

p/s: lolz... its lame to miss you so much.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random again again

Block B2 lift is really faulty....
There is one lift where you press "10" and it will sent you 1 floor below....
I did get out the wrong floor because it shows that it is a tenth floor...
swt. n that time is raining so heavily. every part of the block is so creepy. but i had a good laugh with the person that take the same lift with me. He lives a floor above me....
Crapy lift. Vista better repair it faster....

Ok... lame jokes time.
Steve is a camp master of a summer camp.
Last year summer camp, there is 27 students btw the age of 7 to 12 joined the camp.
On the very first day, he found sth very creepy about 1 child.
He talked to himself.
Make his food into 2 portions n seem to share with someone invisible.
he didnt mix with any other child.
and on the first nitez, he saw the child roam out into the woods at 12 am and came back only ard 5am.
The camp is cursed.... Steve is worried if the child is pyscho.
Then... on the second nitez. the child had serious gastric problems and was sent to the hospital.
Steve quickly pick up the phone and phone the child family....
the person that pick up the phone sound.... very emotionless and cold...
cold wind is surrounding Steve....

After 5 mins... Steve and the conversation... just as he wanted to put down the phone...

he is frightened and throw the phone away.... and he found that actually he is using a mobile phone...... .....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Joyce asked me to update my blog...
and i m planning to update too...

But when i open "new Post"
I just couldnt think what i should do n type.

I miss my previous faci.... for his not so quiet and not so noisy personalities.
Wanting to share...
Sit with us...
and of course his nosiness...

Hope my new faci can get used to us faster...
she is even quieter than i m (which is such a big NO NO!!)

Robin had a kind of hunour that make you swt a lot.

Thanks Sabrina for giving us the durian. You are so kind.

Thanks Rudy to fetch me back to vista.... bring the excitement to four of us when we r in his car... XD you r so kind.

Oh ya. Yesterday got taufan in our hse. I clean up some parts n KeiLi helped to sweep the floor. Need to close the window next time.

Joyce you are so nice to distract me when i do PBL... swt... i hate finding PBL. thats mean there is more stuff to put into my already small brain when there is still tonnes of lecture notes waiting to be squeeze in.

Actually i m not eno now. Just some kind of admit to my fate... kaka~

How can a person do so many things in a day?? mayb i sleep too much... how many hours do u all sleep per day?? The bed is so tempting to me... ngek!!

I will put up a cold joke in next post... XD

Saturday, February 14, 2009


>< >< ><

how can there b such a person in this world??? bah. they study hard. so credits should b given to them.

no midnitez movie next time. i only slept for four hours n woke up to find that a zombie is in the mirror.

sigh~ mission to b completed cannot b completed. hm... actually n basically that mission dont have anything to do with me. so XD cheer on~ this giv me an idea. mayb i can do sth bsides being a doc... XD XD

ok~ continue to study. i only started like... XDvalvular heart disease... swt. really need to catch up.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dustzy Bunny and Willy Worm

First there is Dustzy Bunny with long furs duplicating around all corners.

Dustzy Bunny said," no one seem to care. So...i may as well create some friends."

So, Dustzy Bunny indirectly with the help of some foul smell things...

created small, tiny, white Willy Worm.

Willy Worm is even more impressing. Doubled every seconds...

So now. there is Dustzy Bunny and Willy Worm all around. I think later.

Mayb Xiao Qiang and Jerry will b too glad to join the parade of these 2 "cute" little things.

p/s: Amithaba. I m trying to calm myself down bt to no success.
Someone said whatever you do. Care for your feeling first. Cause not many ppl is considering your feeling b4 they do or not do sth.

Someone said whatever you do. Care for others feeling first. By caring their feeling, they will pay some attention towards what you feel.

Some love to care of their own feelings a lot. They put their feelings on the firsrt place and do whatever that please them.

Some care for others ppl feeling first. Trying to please as much ppl as they can. And they are happy with it.

But. Life is full of variation. There exist this kind. Trying to keep others happy by not offending others bt hurt themselves by trying to make others happy. Damn!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another day

Went to clinical visit yesterday.

I think i m in love with KK Jinjang. Palpitations is with me throughout the visit and even back to vista. HR=100 beats per min.

Funny idea: The HR need to reach 120 beats/min when i m exercising to declare that i hv effective exercise. so does it work if i have situation like above. I drink coffee and eat some salty food to increase my HR to 120beats/min... so that i can said "i m already exercising..."
swt. Just some random thoughts.

Its a tiring day yesterday. Woke up too early. A lotz of info in driving in during clinical visit.
Out doc on duty is very sweet n informative.
Back to IMU. stuck with vera and Annie Tay lame jokes for too long. Tiring again.
Went back. cant even sleep although my eyes r close. kept hearing the music...
Yes. i m scare in the empty house. so i on the music.

Went to celebrate lily's birthday.
Happy Birthday.
Got even more tired when someone start the lame jokes section for almost 2 hours.
But some make me pleasant.

Yesterday is a crazy day. Too tired until i cant fall asleep. And sth is burning inside me. Waking up all nitez. tossing n turning...
Panda is here again...

Hope i can sleep today. :)


Its not fair.
Who said it is fair?
You move a step forward and the crowd move a step backward.
Keeping the distance from you.

In grave and in grief.
Wanted to find the one that can soothe you.
Without any words.
Just a few stroke and some massage.

But, somehow. Life doesnt want us to get sth to easily.
You wanted the one but you are forbidden to go to find.

Distraction is what thou need.
Distract, distract and distract.
and for no effect.
Only thou can distract me.

Thou did a good job and applause for thou.
Clap, clap, clap.

Thou said love is st voiceless.
Objection!!! Objection!!! Objection!!!
Love that is quiet is not at all romantic.
Its a torture for both of you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Plain Saturday

Currently is in one of my cousins' room. He has a very awesome sound system. I dont know how many speakers he has. But when you play games... the sound will come from everywhere. Just like in a cinema. Cool~~

Sometimes when you started to realise that what you have is going to bcome items that dont belong to u anymore. You will just regret that you didnt show much appreciation to it last time.
But deep inside the heart. you know. even if time turns back. you will also treat him like b4. so sigh~ erm. thats what life is. Regret, learn and appreciate.

Yesterday PBL was cool. Mr Fong is still looking into my notes. geesh~ so i decided to b a little bit noisier. To make the PBL a little bit lively... (apparently no one is in talking mood that time)
cause Kristal look very sienz~~ yah wen is definately very sienz~ i think the whole PBL. only Yen Ming n Me keep giggling... swt. He still keep urging me to talk more... gosh. erm...

Nilesh's lecture was a disaster yesterday. i miss out a lot of points... somehow i dont feel nervous or wat... instead i feel hyper. trying so hard to catch up of what he said... nearly stop breathing n need to stop for st to catch up my breath. XD i doubt that we need to know the exact position of where the pulse it... i mean theoratically 1. is it important to memorise n write down where the pulse is??geesh~

MEt up with some friends yesterday. Wonder how they can b so carefree n so imaginative...
Planning the farewell party for a friend that i didnt met up for nearly 2 years... they said he is still handsome... -.- i doubt it!!

Waking up too early today. Went to market to prepare the steamboat for tonitez~ xiao biao is bhaving like my aunty now. gave me 2 big boxes of biscuits n want me to finish them up. blek~ no ways.

It seems like ppl around me r either distress or in a very low mood.
Hey hey~ i m really bad in cheering up ppl. talking is defintely not my gift.
But... do smile more to urself. take a mirror up n smile into it. :)
then u dun have to do the involuntary smile to others le. :)

Smile more.
Cause Life is BEAUTIFUL.
With food, sunshine, moonlight, twinkling stars n nice smelling flowers. ^^
:) :) :) muah. how can life cherish us so much?

p/s: i heard this piece recently n i cry... first time. Rachmaninoff's piano concerto.
it is such a sad piece. how can it b so rich n so melancholy?

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Vista B is spraying insecticides every 2 to 3 days.
Wondering if the dengue is really that serious or the management is planning to kill us all~

p/s: i still hate pharmaco a lotz a lotz... cant put any of them into my already small brain. ><

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sth that i think i should share

This is a post meant to my secondary school friends.
mayb you all already know the news... (i wanted to tell the news yesterday but thanks to the wireless... it is slower than a snail n it dont let me open blogger) hmph!!

Lotus's (Arifians should know who is she) mum passed away in an accident on Monday.
I m shocked when i received this news. I thought is some sort of mistake...
But no. I reconfirm it and this is what that happened.
She died in a road accident and now Lotus is on her own...

I feel helpless~ What can i do to help her? I cant rush back to KL n i scare that my sms will increase her burden. So i m seeking help from all of u that read this post. What can i do??

Staying alone is a very hard thing. If anyone of u is visiting her... plz sent my condolence to her. May she recovered and stay strong as she is always in my heart.

This person is playing some emo song. hope Lotus's mum Rest In Peace. Amen~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eight day of CNY

Get back to Bkt Jalil with mummy’s help. Thanks a lot, mum. But the theory of me bcoming paler is wrong since carton of milk wont make someone look paler. (I m going to bcoming a vampire =P)

ok. lets go straight into the main topic. Watch red cliff II with YH n SL. This movie is better than the first 1. Liang is so so so intelligent and Yu too~ XD But Cao cao is also a smart guy. three genius trying to find ways to overcome each other. Its even better than reading the book (seriously!! cause now got vision ma) Cao cao is still the cruel guy (I don’t like him and I don’t like the ending where Zhou Yu let him go!!! U make a mistake here!!! That’s y Cao cao get to overpower the Han Dynasty in the future.hmph!!!) but he is good in lifting up the spirit of his army (he did it by remember names).

Takeshi!!! He is so so so cool!!! I love you best!!! and no doubt that this role suit you a lots!! your calmness, your humour!!! oh my gosh. fabulous!! How to bcome a type B but still as intelligent as you. That’s what that I need to find out now.

Xiao Jiao… I don’t know. I don’t like her in the first. Cause she is really s decoration in the first movie. But for this 1!! I want to clap for her. For peace and for her husband. She went into the core of the enemy… trying her best to slow the movement of the enemy. BRAVO!!! She shoot straight into the face of Cao cao. I think Cao cao really like her. That’s why he didn’t kill her even when she caused such a havoc. Through this char… I kept thinking of a person. She is so much like her. Pretty, bright and she can make every man listen to her (this person do exist). Suddenly feel cold… (gosh. its kinda scary!!)

Red Cliff II is a nice movie!! How grand will it look when millions of ppl fight together? Just go n watch this movie… but its really bad to have war. Ini ancient time like that. Millions can b killed using the usung usung weapon… If now there is war… using the canggih canggih weapon… I bet the death can reach billions!!! It always bug me. How can China get so many soldiers?? millions you know??? that’s like the whole Malaysia man. Ok. I LOVE PEACE!!! stay peaceful dear earth.
The General and Commander must be very lucky person. They always can avoid the arrows and attack of enemy… swt. Really lucky…

p/s:Dust bunny is really hard to find. If you want to buy a dust bunny for present to someone you hate/ love. please find me ^^


Sixth day of CNY

Feel lazy to write about this day again. actually its quite an eventful day.
Learn to play a bit of mahjong, gamble too much (luckily at last no earn n no lost) phew!!!
Went to Ern farewell party at nitez...

Bt before anything started... i didnt get to go into the friend hse that i should be going... so wonder to a temple

How it looks. and its huge!!! its the biggest temple in seremban!!!
n it is so rich that there is so much lattern until half of that surrounding area r covered with lanterns~ wooohoo!

This is the rules that you must obey b4 you go into the temple.
This temple dont pray to buddha but to chinese god n goddess...
there is bai qu chang n hei wu chang... (huge 1!!) scary~
I dont know bai wu chang had green skin~

It is unfinished~~ yea.. thats y it looks grey.
The little beetle i saw there ~

p/s: i cant play poker. cause i cant control my facila expression well~ n my friends can guess what i feel that time easily. T.T

Dong Zen Trip

What i did on the fifth day of CNY divided into 2 parts.
Morning--> help to layan my bro friends... swt. which is not fun.
Afternoon---> start my journey to Dong Zen Temple with my aunt family, my youngest uncle family and 2 of my cousins...

Quite lazy to describe... so just follow the flow of pic la...

This is how 1 of the building look like... inside the hall there is a book fair.

Some miniature of buildings in India.. It look quite rough here but actually there is even small figures on this small model.

Some samples of models of building there.

Ah~ there is a lot of Buddha statues here. this is one of those that i prefer. the thinking buddha.

My cousin (XD my big bro) and the cute, hyperactive bb tou.
(look a bit gong gong here bcause my flash stun him =P)

Books tower~

This is where you... erm. get ur future predicted...

I got 2 version... XD 1 in english... 1 is chinese...
its actually sth like advices la.
I got the same chinese version 1 as my cousin ^^

The big humogous cow there... got sound effect~ MOO~ MOO~~
n its head can move from side to side... XD cool~

Went to lao sheng after that... Some big tofu~
p/s: thanks a lot xiao biao for saving my life!! only u r so teliti and "xi xin"~ ^^ a bunch of thanks.