Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Blue

Start out with a not so good but informative way....
CSU==> history taking. Again my soul fly away~~ i cant concentrate in taking the history of my patients.... lolz... the patient is quiet particular too....
I need to really show empathy towards her.... not just a question or two then she will feel that i m showing empathy...
Patient:" you didnt show any empathy. you must asked something like. Do you still want to continue?? Would you like to lie on the bed instead??etc. etc..."

So i m lecture by the patient for 2 mins. Didnt get much out from her. First time my answer sheet is half blank... swt swt swt....

The second 1.... its not as bad... but i really cant concentrate... yen ming tried to help me... but...
XD again get lecture. I think he is quite experienced.... cause he actually reason with us why u should ask this n that n not that n that. *thumbs up*
Conclusion... i need to polish my history taking skill~

So.... basically... i fail badly in today history taking.... (the debriefing is quite scaring too. cause the lecture is very fierce n i think she is stress up.. or she tried to make us stress up)

After CSU is arm wrestling competition.... surprisingly i won... 4 rounds....
To clarified.... i m not really strong... is my opponents that give up at the very end....
actually they can beat me if they hold a little bit longer... i didnt eat anything... n i feel like my hand is cramping soon~
Hence... under unknown condition... i get to the final rounds.... 2morow my opponent will be paige!!!!
or wei chin!!! oh no!!! i dun want to fight any of them. they r strong... n i m just a lack of exercise underweight gal~ ><
Side effects of arm wrestling is==> i cannot even hold a pen properly after that...
n i need to write a lot of stuffs tomorow... swt swt T.T
Btw... actually the wrestling just now... got a bit like laughing competition....
I think my judges all very swt seeing the competitors laughing their head off while playing~

Ong kok hai ffk us again. Differential diagnosis of him not turning out are:
1. Lost his way somewhere again.
2. Went to meet some long lost friend again.
3. His driver is on leave again.
4. He got into some accident.
5. He forget he has a lecture with us again....
6. He is catch by alien....
~ well~ i think 5 n 6 are the closest diagnosis~ c what he will tell us in the next lecture.

grr... electives... Hope IJN dont reject me... i scare i cant stand it n go amok... hm... c la... Seremban is my last choice... which is the safest choice.
wonder y so many hospital rejected us this time?? *wonder wonder*

ok. study time~ Sum2 in 1 month n EOS in 2 months~ gosh... i hate GIT (lolz... i think i m hating everything in my life now... should think more positively~)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Clair de Lune

19 April 2009 is indeed a very memorable day to me~
Modelling, dancing plus scaning for leng zai~

Its IMU ball 2009~~~~> Clair de Lune.
Its indeed a very succesful ball, nice food, good atmosphere and even the nerdest person look smart on that day...

I think not much ppl recognize me on that day~ <.<>

Had a superior experience on the well decorated stage, my four pretty gal dance partner n B crew too~ hee~~

i m so so so lazy to write back what happened on that nitez... but i went home happy n relieved in the same time~

My dance shoes~ 3 and a half inch high~ same height as my dance partner~ luckily not taller than him... =P
Esther's speaker that accompany us throughout our practise~ thanks Esther~ ^^

Please bear with me~ i m SS-ing after the ball when all my hsemates r sleeping~

My backstage permit~ so nice n it got my name on it~ keke~ ^^

My Modelling dress (below).
I really look like my mom~ 0.0
The shade of the dress is so nice~ ^^

From here n onwards... r photos that i borrowed from Kei Li...
All r well taken~

The menu (on the left)

Lamb chop~

Orange sorbet~ keili said that is it super delicious~
i also want a bite ><
Pea soup

and the starter==> Fresco salad.
Hee~ i think its the whole prom worth RM120... ngek ngek.
I m still missing the practise we had n the time we spent practising
(although honestly... that time... i wish it would end asap =P)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


C... i m starting to grumble again~
My headache get worse every minute...
Er... suddenly get rejected by the hospital...
Well... i know that its not confirm if a person just agree sth by vocal...

Sometime, life is just so so so complicated... Trying to learn this and that.
Trying to get that n that. Trying to get what we expected and when we didnt get it.
We just sort of blame it on other ppl~ swt swt.

From my beloved hsemates (starting to talk like kor woi... swt.)
It got 2 sweets in a packet... my lucky charm for my mock osce. =P

Someone told me life is not as wonderful as you thought.
It got a lot of pieces awaiting you to put them together...
You may run amok to find the pieces... but at last when you put all the pieces together.
it will b a really nice nice pictures...
yea yea. i m waiting for that moment to come... n i just somehow very emo now~
cupcakes provided my chinny~ ^^

G: hey... why you r always so shy but when you r on stage... you r full of confidence...
X: ... ... (long time ago. b4 u know me. i love the stage more than anyone but i m nt tough enough to stay on stage, getting critics from ppl that want to chase me down the stage...)

Friday, April 17, 2009


Many things happened lately....
PBL changing to a faci.... who is also keeping his big eyes on me...
make sure that i talk n ask ppl to talk...
n really make sure that i know my stuff...
well... its good in some ways... but after that PBL....
i feel extremely exhausted.

Mock OSCE is better than i thought... i passed all of it...
I dont know how i did in my history taking... cause the last half of the exam paper...
i just simply filled in the answer.
Subra is very naggy.... he can win my mum n dad!!! swt.

Video shooting n practice yesterday.... i m already half dead that time...
Tired... hungry... n stress up. swt.
the 1 good thing is my partner said i m lighter but at the end... he said i break his leg... swt...

came home ard 10.30pm. Done 90% of my PBL... but my eyelids r droping down.
Suddenly wish that IMU ball faster come n go then i can go back to my normal, laze around schedule....

cant sleep that nitez although i m tired. I kept waking up for no reasons... ard 7 to 9 times....
Ick said that i m worried about something mayb...'
nothing is in my mind except PBL... but i feel like throwing it aside le...
of course i didnt... swt. i finished it by now...

Hey mom~ i miss ur soup. really really missing it~ T.T

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blur-ish me

I had been very blur since thursday... blur blur i went to search for my dress...
then rush back to school to attend the quiz...

Thani came back. Love to hear his voice.
Then get my result n arguing if i should open now or then...
when all of my friends move away... i quickly had a peep n whew... passed. =)
hopefully it will b the same for the next few exams.

Waited for Annie for a long time. I think she forget that she had class with us.
But i must admit... although the class is sometimes fill with lame jokes. She is definately good in conducting a patho lab session. i learnt quite a lot there.

Fastforward to friday evening. Went to buy materials for the mic... Wei Chin n me r quite blur... or mayb me. we went searching for the an item which actually can be bought from the same shop.
Rush back n drag the pvc and a big piece of polysterene to the dance room... saw joshua sitting in the bus stop... swt. he looked lonely there. i rush back to get my laptop... then rocket back to dance room.
my heels r broke so i m wearing shoes... it much much more convenient dancing in shoes since i cant even walk straight wearing heels.
n its the first time i heard a person said that i m heavy.... stupid. it is ur problem k? not mine. i check the weight machine already. i didnt gain weight. kekeke~

Went to Wei Chin's Easter production show. Its awesome. I like the musical. The sound system n graphic is so good. i had a good time there. probably bcause i m with Natasha n Yen Ming too.
Mamak after that. Met the B crew... feel slightly closer than them. swt. Met Navin n Sue Yee in mamak too~

Next morning... all B2-10-2 went for the zoo negara trip. I also want to go... but swt.... again. dance practise... n i cant go. Its also Natasha's big day. more swt. n feel guilty... sorry~
Dance is getting a bit better or a bit worse? i dont know... i cant look into the mirror n jumping around in the same time... but practise started late that day....

sigh~ hope everything will go well cause i found a new pair of high heels which i didnt realize it is that tall until my skinny brother stand beside me when i get home n whoosh~ i m same height with him~ O oooo~ i m going to b taller than my partner... kakaka~

ok~ continue csu~ wednesday is the stupid mock! ><

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I m .... super restless this few days....

I cant sit still... i cant walk in a straight line... n i cant study... n even after outing or watever things that i do to clam myself... its just getting worse... swt.

Went to Swen n Ting birthday dinner. See~ hsemates always have that telecommunication in their head. We wear the same color dress that day~~ XD XD

I m an alien there. Dont know half of their classmates.

Well... there is 2 IMU students there. 1 is MY and the other is SB...

n he really act and the way he speaked n respond is totally similar to Wolf~ swt. just that he dont have the same features like wolf.... swt. its creepy.... he is losing his identity or mayb is wolf copies from him.

Steamboat is nice. I have dun eating as much sotong as i want. Andrick is cool~ swt.

Reach home... n feel restless n cant sleep the whole nitez. swt.

Finally~ i get to go to Sri Petaling nitez market~ its very big!! and a lot of nice nice stuff and food too~

Thanks to yen haw, ickes n natasha teman-ing me there~

n yes. Natasha. I had a very gud nitez sleep~ although later today... i bcome restless again.

Ice~ mine is sourplum. Natasha is blueberry~

The "ban mean" that is famous in that pasar malam... actually quite pricey... swt.

But its nice... okla~ i like the soup. I drank finish it.

XD XD going to have more hair loss le~

Finish case presentations with srikumar... its exciting but i think i mix up quite a lot of slides...

Srikumar went far too fast le. now in elab.... finding sth n throwing sth.

Hey to someone~ result coming out tomorow n remember ur promise... kekeke~

My daddy's cake~ chequer mousse~

Sth new among my books~ Zebrie...

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Went for this stressing movie on Friday.... its even worse than horror movie...
cause this movie potrates event that may be happened someday in the future.

One day, you woke up. Finding that someone is whispering to you but ppl ard you couldnt hear about it.
One day, you woke up. Fiding some weird guys showing you horrible scene that you dont expect to see throughout your life.
One day, you woke up n found that the facts that the stranger told you all bcome reality.

Wont you be stress? Wont you be freak out?

Lucinda Enbry killed herself bcause she experienced all this.

50 years ago. She wrote a series of number and put it into the time capsules.
50 years then, the young children of her former primary school dug out the time capsules and one of the children=> Caleb got her "drawing".

From that day, Caleb kept hearing whispers and see some white albino guys roaming ard him
Caleb's dad, John is so worried with his son n in the mean time he found out that the series of numbers indicate the accidents that will happening in the 50 years...

He witnessed plane crashing with burning victims screaming for help.
On the other time, he tried to stop the subway incident but BOOM... he still cant do it.

Its stressing... and the albino kept coming to his son n Abby, the granddaughter of Lucinda.

Finally, he found out that Earth is going to b destroyed in a day time and all the incidents r planned.... He nearly went insane...( I feel like walking out that time).

He discovered that the albinos are the angel and they r going to take his son to a new world before the earth is destroyed.

The end is touching n in the same time depressing~ What will you do when you know in 10 mins time you will b dead?? But to burn the earth to ashes... thats what happened to the Bible. when Jesus came to earth again. that will b the end of the world and he will self-picked some individuals to b brought with him.

I dont know, i m not criticizing but this somehow make me feel very wrong n uncomfortable.
Its too much for me nia.

Noah's ark to destroy the wickedness of the world. Then, a big fire in the future to burn all the evilness in the future... its a bit... overwhelming... even i know that several religion holy book had this stated in there.


Not advisable for those that want to chill out watching movie. ^^

Eventful... swt

Yesterday was a tiring day~ woke up at 7 sth.
Went to CSU and found that our SP is in contract with other ppl...
so i let natasha did PAD on me... XD they cant find my popliteal pulse... n even the tendon that should b associated with the pulse... swt.
and for posterior tibial artery... the location of it is not 2cm below and behind of medial malleola...
cause my feet is small... i think the bony structure is only 1 cm... so 2 cm will b hanging in the air palpating for ntg... kakaka~

PBL is as usual bt more dynamic here n there espeacially with our cheerful faci.
As usual... i m the one that initiate the discussion for ethics topic.... swt. everytime there is topics that link to ethics n BS... my PBL mates will all look to my direction in uniform... swt swt.
Thanks Ms SHalini. you are a great faci!!!

Surface anatomy session was.... disaster... cause they combine 2 sessions together. which mean there is 40 persons in a room n looking at 1 SP.... i cant squeeze into the crowd...
then, with Kor Woi's help. yeap. i get into the circle of sardine... bt its boring... so i squeeze out...
then eventually skip the class.

Had a hearty lunch in Calories with Wei Chin, Yen Ming, Kala and Natasha. I get to eat 3 prawns from Yen Ming since she is allergic to them. hee hee hee~

The weather is super hot... my calbrey chocolate melts.... when i reach the lecture hall.... swt. n Prof Annie Tay. I know you miss Thani a lot... but its not that good when you abandoned us n join the conference held by Thani... swt swt.

Went home... had a very disturbing nap... er... meaning i cant sleep bcause i on my laptop with a movie running in it. swt swt. cause its too quiet at home.

Ard 6 pm sth. Met my dance partners. They r from APIT~ no handsome guy... a bit disappointed but they r nice guys~ so XD XD. I m wondering if my partner is a perfectionist. if so... i m so so so sorry that i m with you cause i m not a perfectionist...
n lolz... m i really very heavy. cause you cant carried me properly... swt. mayb its my fault too~
i dont know how to tense my body. but in other ways~ you are GREAT!!! XD erm... sorry again. i m not the communicative type of person... Joshua.

Went to movie... n again. swt. midnitez movie... i will chop by my dad if he saw this. Movie-ing with Natasha, Yen Haw, Ick and Mervyn!!!! Gosh!! i think tis is the first time he went out with us n it is a midnitez movie. watched... "knowing"... will describe it later... but what i can tell is i got more tired n stress up after watching the movie...

dance practice again today... i can sure my partner is a perfectionist.... okay. i will try to perfect my dancesteps... i dont like to dance with high heels... especially my 1 which is old n unstable... lolz... swt... but its in 2 weeks time. so i need to get used to it la.

A nice malay guy let me have the seat in KTM... mayb i look really scarily pale that time...
ADAM LAMBERT!!!!! oh gosh. you r undescribable.... =P

Grandpa, get well soon. you got pedal oedema... still idiopathic now. but eat the medicine that the doc give you.... swt... dont merajuk.

Daddy's birthday today!!!
hope you like the cake that i brought for you.
Lots of kiss and love to you~ ^^ muakz~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thani's last lecture

Just now we had a small farewell party for Thani since he is leaving and he had his last lecture with us... ooh~

N its so touching~ nearly cried. Erm... although i didnt talk to him b4 but patho is going to b different after he left... espeacially the patho quiz!!! will it b as fun n as challenging as it should be??

Okay~ go back to my daily life.... I m the leader for the stupid electives.... bt i m still wondering if i want to go to that hospital since its really a long journey even i stay in vista...

Guilty fills me. I think i lost contact with all my old friends... dont know what i m busying with when there are still tonnes of notes i havent study...

Ball is in 2 weeks time. WTH!!! i havent prepare anything yet... swt swt swt.

Jogoya is having 50% discount... but i cant go. i m really pk recently plus i need to save money for TAIWAN!!!! wait for me!!!

CSU everyday.... n i m getting headache when the difference seniors emphasized on different things. n.... i tend to jump ard in CSU... swt... 88 professionalism mark~

Annie Tay~ the book you recommended for the AIR topic is in the wrong name la. swt swt swt~

Below is some random updates~

Ate this in midvalley. spinach tofu~ i hate spinach. but the tofu is really yummy!!!

The food i ate in group 8 latest gathering... the oyster is so big n juicy. the prawns and the squid too~ yummy yummy!!!

My dear honey who is acting cool. Well~ thanks for him to accompany me to sleepless nitez~
i dont know if i cant sleep or i m dreaming that i cant sleep.
shoot~ everything is so complicated.

New cafe is definately too small to accomodate IMU students...
although i like small things... but i want a spacious canteen la...

I m going to drop dead tomorow.
9am=> CSU
10.30am => PBL
11.45am => MMS
2.45 => lecture
6 to 8 => practice....

swt swt...

okay... to end my post... let's me give you an IQ question.
when a carrot is drunk... what will it bcome??

RED CARROT!!!! XD XD (dont swt) =D

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today is tiring... bt i couldnt fall asleep. how a??

Thanks Joyce for the "drugs" you gave me... hee hee~^^