Friday, June 26, 2009


I seriously think my temper is getting worse after i enter IMU instead of getting better....
XD mayb next time i will b the doctor that scolded patient...

sigh~ i think i need to start to meditate and look at stuffs from different angles.
IF not i will change from personality C to personality A.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Online Bracelet

Eh.... Ok. One of my friends is starting a online buisness selling bracelet.

All the bracelets there r handmade n it is original...

The maker r Huan Hsui and Ciling if i m not wrong.
Do visit the blog. If you want to buy any stuffs there.
Please inform them n remember to state MY NAME too!!!
so i can get some money from this guy.... XD XD
It can b found under the name "Bracelet" in my link or you can go to

Enjoy !!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crappy stuff

Someone told me some crappy stuff which is duh.... crappy but in the mean time really meaningful.

We always cry and blame god for not giving us a chance, for stripping away our chance.
But, just look back...
God is equal and fair. He gave everyone the same chance.
But the result of each individual is different because some notice the opportunities given,
grab it and do sth to it.
While others just let it go unnoticed, let it flow away, thinking that it will stay forever n didnt utilize it.
Once chance is gone... it hardly come back the second time.
So open ur eyes big and wide. N be alert!!!

After listening to his lecture.... i go =.= "lolz.... how can he be so.... like a mommy. lecturing me. kk~

Despite of my exam... i m reading a book now.... swt swt.
In the book there is sth like tis.
There is some love... who dont reward you anything even you give in all you have.
There is some love... which will destroy u even you give in the best...
Someone may not noticed and appreciate ur love... but stop n look ard. there r many many more that is loving you and wish that you will love them back.
Love is imperfect. Just because its orign=> human is imperfect too.

Okay... got to stop crapping. continue with Lymphoma....
Staging of NHL=>Ann Arbor Staging and IPI (international prognostic index)

p/s: I m so sorry... my reflex and reaction is always so slow. i should soothe you at that time but i didnt do anything.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Its drizzling yesterday...
There is a type of ppl that will destroy themselves if they feel that they are not up to level to another.
There is someone that has no safe feeling even there is a lot of reassurance being given to them n a lot of love is poured upon them.
There is someone that scare other ppl will hurt them but they themselves constantly hurt the other.
There is ppl who wont fight for what the things that belong to them but constantly letting it go.

Love is not always helping n saving a soul.
Sometimes it can b so obssesive that it kills and destroys the others.
Pulling both of them into hell.

@@ My brain is in a mess... bcause it drizzles yesterday...
how to study in a state like this.... @@
guess i better find the cure to it...
I m just so freaking tired.

My favourite papaya milk... XD
i MISS the big cup of papaya milk i used to drink in AC.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I shall remember this date forever... it is the happiest n luckiest day of me for this year. ^^

1. Passed my exam.
2. Restaurant upgraded.
3. Get contact with 2 old friends.
4. Someone suddenly can behave nicely... swt.
5. Fisnish studying more amount of notes than i expected.
6. Get to eat Zanmai although its 1 hour b4 it closed... swt swt swt.
7. I read finish a book. suddenly understand abt sth.
8. n yeap. last but not least. i get the answer that i want. ^^ arigato~

shall continue with the depressing asthma drug...
*suddenly a lot of drugs notes pop uup in front of me* @@

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lucky =^^=

I think i m pretty lucky.... cause i passed my summative 2 which i thought is worse than my summative 1...
But somehow i get a pretty good grade!!!!

Yay!!! hope it will be like this too for my EOS!!!

N i m running crazy for the drugs in respi n cvs....

Bromhexine and acetylcysteine....
I feel lucky again that i didnt choose pharmacy....
couldnt think of my life that keep dealing with drugs...
human may b a bit complicated bt still it has much more variation....

Something from my friend... he brought it from
Shojikoya.... but he is too stingy to give me the whole packet n he is only willing to giv 2 packets to me... swt. okla...
better then dont have anything n its really nice... ^^

Someone who has a name start with "K" is going to kill me for this....
Seriously... this is the first time i met someone that hated vegetables so much.... c... she had finished her meal.... but the vege left make it look like it is a new plate of dish.... swt...

thanks bunny n daigo for the pasta that day ^^ i still taste the celery... XD

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My rotation finished!!! YAY!!!! no need to wake up at 6am... climb into our beloved Rudy's car. Taste his really flowing driving skill (1 that dont press any brake until it is really really super needed). But undeniable... his skill had improved!!! XD congratz!! Rudy. But it still keep me wide awake....n i m the 1 sitting in the middle. oooo....

First day.... Take history in the in patient department.... then visit the lab (learn quite a lotz of things there.... presentation... then we went home at 1pm... we end up in SS2. Because of some face problems (not mine definately)... we didnt get to go to Paris n.... er... the famous curry mee in SS2... i think n i ended up eating popia... swt.

So.... now. i will introduce you... seremban famous curry mee... its delicious!!! ^^

I like the... what do u called?? "siham" despite of my very very bad stomach.... (i just got another stomach flu this week.... geesh... wth)

2nd day.... look at some documentation or documentary... with a pig and a monkey in it.... both kena killed... XD ok. actually it is about the orang asli in Malaysia... it looks like P Ramlee movie... XD XD
Then history taking in outpatient department. Presentation n we can go home already... at 12pm...
Actually we r planning to eat satay... but so how... again... our beloved Rudy "accidentally" took us to SS2.... XD but YAY!!! we r in time to eat at Paris....
er.... its nice!! but not that superd nice... to me...
n it costs RM16 per person... actually quite ok la.... the dish we order is quite costly...
1. Lala
2. Sotong
3. Lemon Chicken
4. Tofu
5. vege....
swt... there goes my pocket money... sigh~~~

Another collection of my miniature food!!
this 1 is chocolate...
eee... sweet~
Truffles~ ^^ cute isnt it??

3rd day=>gosh.... i dont know why i m in gombak now... took a history on a TB patient.... despite of his look. actually he si quite smart.... (in my opinion) n he has a very cute name... or rathe funny... Tontong!!! XD at first i thought he is trying to make fun on us... swt... but this is a realy name. sound like sweet in canto... kaka~
Get to do PE on him... n i think he had restrictive lung disease.... he lung expansion is less than 1 cm.... swt swt....
ok... then watch some video on malaria n etc... nearly fall asleep... cant really recall what is in the video. i just remember i saw a few ppl walking around n trying to help or persuade the orang asli to get treatment.... Jelebu Negeri Sembilan is also in it....
ok... This time we get to go the satay. But i nearly get killed in two going to be car crashed. cause our bleoved driver is too hyper n brave.... without looking at the vehicles that r coming n going....
The satay shop is gross gross n gross!!! its super gross!!! lipas crawling on the floor n table (its the small type)!!! swt.... n nobody noticed them except me... some even excused that i m having hallucination.... what.... i know i m watching a horror movie... but i m perfectly well mentally... ok... swt...
XD this look cute??
The table is from pizza delivary...
looking at it make me hungry... ok.... got to go to have some snacks or whatever...
eikss!! mayb not.. i just recovered from the stupid stomach flu... cannot eat too much harsh stuff... okok....
Cute lunch set. ^^

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Lolz... K. i m not going to cry... cause i m not in a bad mood now. Just i m in love with this song "Crying-Aerosmith". Thanks Adam for introducing this song to me. ^^

Watching back the CSU is a disaster... i found that i m totally speechless in it...
XD oops. i think i need to quit thinking too much stuffs until thinking speaks louder than my talking... lolz lolz lolz... anyway... i really thought i need to shower the patient with advices instead of taking history from her. GG =P

HAPPY 1st Anniversary to Chin Nam n Kei Li!!!!
XD so glad for both of u. Seeing both of u make me happy~
couples always make me feel happy n being love (although i m not the 1 that get the love =P)

I M GROWING OLDER!!!!!! WAAAAAA!!!!!! usually ppl said i m younger that my real age... but this 2 weeks i kept getting comments that i actually look like a 20++ gal *Sob*
I want to do facial....

I just dont want to look older.... oh god... plz help me. T.T

St.... surprise is not when a person buy u a big bangalow as a prezzie for u. It is him/her doing sth small that you didnt expect him/her to wake up super early to do sth when he/she just sleep for 2 hours... n its impossible to wake them up n they wake up. 0.0 *miracle*

I was cryin' when I met you
Now I'm tryin' to forget you
Love it sweet misery
I was cryin' just to get you
Now I'm dyin' 'cause I let you
Do what you do down on me

I gotta sayWe're partners in crime
You got that certain something
What you give to me
Takes my breath away
Now the word out on the street
Is the devil's in your kiss
If our love goes up in flames
It's a fire

Meeting my angel soon. gtg.... hope she dont ffk me again.... XD angel... why we always ffk each other 1 a?? swt swt.

p/s: ngok... eee... xxx... ooo... =.=... BT

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Actually today interview didnt go that bad... i talked...

feedback from sp is i m too quiet... n it seems that she is the 1 doing the talk...
erm erm... well.... communicating is my worst subject n even if i try to improve...
it somehow dont get to go to anywhere...
I just dont know how to express myself... thats wat other ppl said la...

hee hee~ erm... so how a? i damn pity my future patients... not everybody is build to just look at ppl n can make ppl love them. i m not...

Joey did a great job. XD wow. the patient straightforward like her... XD
Rudy is being very helpful... with his money. kaka~ but is nice to put in such way...
aish~ who tell me dealing with patient is easy... its not easy for me... never ever...
mayb i should find sth that wont need to interact with other ppl...
which is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

lolz... ok. stop grumbling. continue to study. actually it is a good experience that i cant deny...
gagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagaga~~ ok... ... ok... ... will try to improve...
lolz.. i think i always said that but i dont know if i really improve. =P

Monday, June 1, 2009

Keep track of the time

There is still a lot of uncertainties going from here to there n there to this spot of my life....

Dont ask me anything. I will give an answer whenever i think i get an answer..

You cant just going around and squeeze ppl to give you an answer... when they do not even have 1...

lolz... I think i need to keep track of time. it seem to pass faster than i thought.
keep track keep track.