Monday, August 24, 2009


Tsk tsk... when i step into the lecture hall, only i get to know that AT is our endocrine coodinator... 0.0 oh my gosh!!! and as you know... she is getting LAMER....
cheese and onions = oxford clinical book.... =.= only she can think of that.... it never came into my mind...
But you know she cannot be always wrong. Her, "Today is a happy day." came true on me.

1. Quite worried that i cant get back in time tomorrow because i only notice that there is a stupid english test at 1.30... but my dad reassure i can make it... so XD ok. i will give it a try. sometime a little support here n there make me happy. ^^

2. Dozing off when my faci was late for half an hour today. But she turned out to b a pretty girl. N she is carrying some sunshine with her~ XD although... i followed my tradition.. dont speak too much during PBL. But everything go quite smoothly~ thanks to my PBL mate. They r all talkative ppl~ =D

3. Dance practise is going good.... i think i enjoy being said, "YX, keep up the beat."
"YX, lolz... why the way you dance a bit funny." "YX, this is nice." "aiya, YX. wrong again."
Really LOVE dancing. cause i cant do any sports.... this is the only way i can sweat. n yet wont feel boring. like jogging.... @@

4. Saw Wei Chin with a very cool pair of oxford heels. Kala with her straight hair. Sha Sha n Yen Ming still the same old person. =) Yen Haw hair look like poccupine. Ick kept telling ppl he straighten his front hair (which is not obvious.... XD ) KeiLi and Chin Nam, the happy couples. Rudy who own me banan pieS Hope this sem starts out good~

5. Really tortured when getting onto a train.... Heartbroken when carropi and my bottles went missing because of the tugging and pushing by the passengers... And i was looking among the bushes of legs... Lost hope when didnt c any trace of them. Then POOF!!! at the very corner of a seat. my bottle and carropi are standing there. Really standing. just like a lost kid standing at a corner... watching ppl walk by and waiting for their mommy to take them back. wah!!!! my heart leap to the HEAVEN when i found. practically hugging carropi until a guy staring at me as if i m mad. =) (carropi, Kame said he is glad you are back so he wont have to do the hanging job) XD

6. When i reach home... stress out... saw a letter on my table. @@ no ppl had write me a letter for a long time... and the letter is HILARIOUS!!! That person claimed to b Jay Chow (feel like hitting him when i c that. he wrote that he is JAY CHOW EVERYWHERE!!!!) and he told me a super cold joke.... i feel cold air blowing at my back when i read it... (mayb is the ghost passing by only).... XD but thanks for ur effort. and ur little gift. now very little ppl will take up the pen to write ppl a letter even if they r bored till dead. heh heh~ if you hinted me who u r, then u did a great job!!! i KNOW who u r.... if you didnt. oops. you need to improve in ur hiding skill.

7. Mom cooked a very cool dish. cucumber plus meat. Yum Yum =)

Life is just as good as having a mouthful of icing cream.
Sweet~ yet refreshing!!! =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fiery n Watery

Mentally tired recently.... although i have at least 5 hours sleep everyday...
But so many things come flying to me.
Mayb i have too much expectations on myself until i m stranggling myself with my very own hands... (imagine... look fnny XD XD)

Someone told me. I did good.
Another told me. Just do your best.
But what i tell myself deep inside my heart. They r too kind to let me know i m worthless.

When i received the new groupings... T.T i feel stress out. oh my gosh. at least 3 top students r in my group.... how can they b so mean to me...
sigh~ think i need to b extra hardworking to catch up with them. hope it is not a very tough sem for me...

Fire wont get to b with water even if they want to...
whenever they get 2gether... they will hurt each other so badly.
what they r holding in their hands r a knife with 2 sided blade. the moment they hurt the other party, they wound themselves too.... So Badly... that there r ugly scars all around the body.

you look n act so innocent that i feel that i m the wolf wearing a lamb skin n u a lamb pretending to b a wolf...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I saw a hand get shredded until you can c the pink flesh, white bones, thin ligaments n blood oozing out from it.....
Poor thing.... he is screaming in pain!!!
Heart is tearing apart.

My aim of life is to live as carefree as possible....
but when you are too carefree... you tend to wish that you r more attached to some sort of things.

no mood in writing some long essays trying to explain how i feel...
XD erm... life is simple.... so keeps everything simple. =)

SHOPPING is FUN!!!!! i want to SHOP MORE!! XD

Friday, August 14, 2009


Ppl said that baby or small child is usually fearless. they can try anything n do anything... despite of the dangerous that they r facing...

I agree with that. I dun really scare of needles when i m young....
but now when i c the houseman poking the patient's knuckles with a needle....

i felt ewwwwww.....
n c-section is definately gruesome..... blek!!!

sigh~ life is much more tougher than i thought... mayb my problem is taking life too seriously.
go n have some fun n everything will b alritez~ =)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

say CHEESE!!!!

Cheese is really fattening although it is delicious. Imagine the creamy texture of it melting on ur tongue. Yum yum!!!

2day is my second attempt to bake a cheese cake with my friends. XD erm... the cheese part is a bit watery.... so we bake it longer... n it ended up with cracks. ha ha ha~ i think if put into the refrigerator will be better la. going to check it out later. ^^
Just looking at it make me feel fat.... swt swt.

Watched GI Joe today.... oh well... no comment. Rate it 7.5 la.... no really in the mood to watch it because last nitez got ppl said i ffk him n go to watch it with other ppl. T.T i m so sorry.... i know i ffk u 3 times already.... wont repeat it next time... actually the whole show. i m more attracted to storm shadow or shadow storm n baroness.... other characters r just ok ok only....

SHERLOCK HOLMES is coming up!!!!! i m looking forward for it!!!! i always loves this character because i love Edogawa Conan with all my heart~ =)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fool by Trailer

Went for my monthly dental checkup today...
as usual the dr release me in 5 mins....
"ok. good work. continue to wear the rubber band. Just let the front teeth to go in a lil more."
Sigh~ i had been hearing this for the pass 4 months.... when can i take off my braces....
it is killing my teeth. T.T

Went to hunt for a suitable wallet or purse.... but cant find any. lolz... swt.
Then my stupid bag spoil again... XD i think the bag then come to me always spoil the fatest within a month. the slowest within a year.....
mayb i should change to backpack. can put more things into it plus it wont damage so fast if you put heavy things in it.

went to watch Land of the Lost. I felt so so so so so so so so SORRY to hooi kie that accompany to watch this hilarious movie. It said PG13 but i think it should b SX18. so much foul words n stupid act. it is sth like Scary movie series. feel like running out halfway.... n i dun know how the other 4 audience laugh...... swt swt swt.

Help my mum to make pao just now. quite impress with her. everything also can cook, bake n make..... XD i cant even cook sth that got taste in it... lolz... gotta work out...

i think i m growing fat... a lots that type.... lolz...

someone hurt his back.... n refuse to c dr..... what the world is this.
n the recent is "aiye... what for c doctor la. the pain will reduce by itself de....."
n the pain is there for more than 10 years.... n it hurts like hell everytime it comes....
ok... this is not an old man. is a young, gay guy who said he is going to die soon.
Go to c dr la. n i m not yet a dr. =.=