Tuesday, September 29, 2009

T.T sorry dentist

I did sth very bad to my braces and now i m moaning over it.

Hope my dentist wont straggle or ask me to pay more when i appraoch him this saturday. T.T

aiye~~ you are such a good person. dont ask me to pay more. =)

p/s: i went jogging tis morning. XD aiye... miracle do come here n there.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sch starts

My arms nearly broken into carrying 4 big bags (plastic bag, paper bag, hand bag and back pack) from seremban to vista.

Touch n go is not functioning at the bandar tasik selatan station. n we need to go to the counter to solve this problem... =D i like the expression of the guy behind the counter when i flash out a RM100 to pay for my Rm5.40 tickets. lolz... super funny.

Miss 2 lrt at the station. (crap. this is the first time i miss 2 lrt.) praying that there wont b rain until i reach vista. but.... my prayer is not heard. it rainsss.... drizzling. =) still ok la.
luckily not heavy rain. wonder how i get home if its pour.

back to vista.... a lot of thoughts running in my mind.... need to tidy them up first. or can i just simply stuffs them behind a door. lazy to clean up the messy mind la. its abstract!!!!

oh ya.... complaint. complaint. complaint. my dentist always give me hope then break it.
=.= blek~ if you break my hope again next month. i m going to straggle you. take carez. mrs nurse~ =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

You're so special.

No one can smile like you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

emo post.... dont read if you r happy or emo

I always always hope that there is someone that i can sit down n tell him/ her my problems. Then let me do whatever i like. Cry, bang things or just simply let me tell out what i feel.... not adding too much comments here n there, not looking at me in a different way because i tell him what i feel...

But, things dont go like this. sometimes too honest will bring super big trouble to you even it is just a "I dont want to eat mooncake."
Last time, i turn a very big round before i tell a person the main point... they said i m too long winded n half way their attention flew to other things.
Then, now... as i try to be straightforward, they said i hurt them badly. Too straight to the points.

Ish... how i wish someone can just soothe me now... but... no. wth. n.... disappointed... expectation here n there. i also put it on other ppl. but i didnt tell them. i wish so hard in my heart that they will noticed what i want but they didnt.
Salute a friend of mine... she can get whatever she wants. Love n care. etc etc.

YES!!!! you can said i m greedy. n yes. i m greedy. i want a lot of love n care that no men had ever asked!!!! just because i m one that feel that i lack of everything.
Because i dont have. because i m not sastified. thats why i asked for more morE moRE mORE n MORE!!!!

I hate to b so sensitive.... but yes. i m super sensitive that i think nobody will ever match my level of sensitive. ='( i just hate who i m now. what the hell is going on with me??? where did my old self gone?
mayb i killed her n buried her somewhere, sometime n someplace that i myself couldnt remember.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Geesh~~ just want to make a small note b4 my short term memory went from bad to worse.

First time. went to sing K with Wei Zeng.... dont know he can go so gaga~ with dyizi~

I also sang quite a lot of songs... lolz... but XD XD sorry for sending frights and threats through my voice. heh~ imma a bad singer. aiye. but its just so fun singing k with some very spontaneous ppl.
I m POSITIVELY PRAISING all of you!!! Its just so FUN!!!


Monday, September 21, 2009


Expectation is always a horrible thing to me. Where there is expectation, stress and choice came with it.

There are lots of expectations drop onto me since i m young. ok.... maybe this can drive you to success ( *giggles*) but the problem is, they are not from me.
When i m in primary, ppl expect me to b at the top of the top student.... (yea... i think i m.)
I m in secondary school, people around me expect me to get good result in PMR n my SPM. (er.... of course not top result but i think it still conseder good.)
Then, i go into a good college and get into IMU plus studying medic as expected....

OKla. this r all the things that i want n thanks for putting expectation on me to drive me to where i m now.... but hey!!!!
What the heck do you all come and expect me to get a boyfriend and hubby that is a doctor...
Most of the doctor came in pair with doctor. Yea... mayb doctor+doctor will be a good pair....
stable job, high salary and got same topic to talk too.... but.... i m not you. i got the right to pick my choice... it is me who is going to marry him not you guys... XD

ai... thats why i said... even the thing is really involved 2 person... when it is bring into the society. it will be a matter of all ppl... ppl trying to put their expectation in... jumble up ppl life n in the end, the 2 person things will become a whole lot of big mess.... swt swt swt.

When everyone said you can and have the ability to achieve an A but you only want a B... is it your wrong for not being expecting higher or r they just too nosy in considering ur life for you?

Friday, September 18, 2009

What girl want from a guy

I get this from email. I think it is quite true. Let me translate it from you. =)

A. She : " Hubby, help me get a glass of water."
He : " Stone, scissors, cloth. Who lose then who go and get the water."
She : " Swt.... i go and take myself.... ... ... ..."

B. They are watching tv. She get up and wanted to walk to the kitchen.
He : " Where are you going?"
She : " I want to get a glass of water a..."
He : " Swt... Sit down!! I go and take for you." (sweet des na)

What most girl want from a guy is someone that will love her and sayang her. Even if you dont have anything. Just because you love her (not by saying only). She will willingly be with you for the rest of her life.


A. He just finish his work and phone her, " honey. I am going out to eat with my friend tonitez."
She : " Huh...? i thought you promise to go shopping with me. T.T "
He : " Next time la."
She is crying softly on the other side... Why this always happened?

B. He just get back from his work and phone her. " Honey!!! My friend give me a ticket!!! MANCHESTER le!!! I will go there a little while later. =) "
She : " Really? oh.... =.="
He : " Erm?? not happy o?"
She : " You forget already o? you promise we will go double date with my friend and her bf today."
He : " Oh my gosh. Sorry. Honey. I forgot. I will give the ticket to other people and we go dating la."
She : " huh? Dun want. It is a very rare opportunity. just go. Or you go to watch first then only join us later. =)"
He : " No way. I promise you first. And you will bcome a very big light bulb if you go with them alone... its just not right to do that to you."
She : " ntg la..................."
She havent finish her sentence when he said, " I dont care. You quickly go and prepare la. I m going to fetch you in 10 mins. =) "

=) We are so "ren xin". not because we dont know what you like and what you prefer to do. its just because we hope that guys can be more "dong shi' than us. =) but.... of course. we are very tolerant also. If you tolerant with us first.


to be continued...


Watched gamer last nitez.... actually i m half asleep that time since these few days i sleep late and as usual wake up b4 9.... for some reason....

The only char that stay in my mind after the movie. is this macho main character--> Kable or tillsman. And the boy next door, player of Kable called Simon.

Eh.... think about it. 1 day. you are playing game. and the character in the game is real in real life. meaning somewhere n someplace. when you are controlling the char through ur com. you are controlling a real person in life!!!! cool~~~ n WHERE IS HUMAN RIGHTS????!!!! i cant believe Americans that treasured RIGHTS like hell can let this happened in the movie and they love it too. swt.

You can take drugs, become alcoholic and have sex with any body you want. No limitations. and the character you controlled just will follow every command you give to him or her.... lolz....

Kable is in a more horrible game. "slayerS" he needs to go through 30 stages b4 he can b free from this controlling system (he is a prisoner). and most of the players die b4 getting to stage 10. Thanks to Simon (his controller) .... lolz... I like the last part only... XD other parts are nonsence.

=) the concept of the movie is good but the movie cant really bring out the concept.
Rating: 5.5/10

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sorry SAM!!!!

Really sorry Samuel.... i didnt mean to target you today....
if you talk.... then i cant target you..... but first time i call you.... you just talk a little...
so thats why target you again at the last issues.... cause you r the only 1 left that havent said anything....

XD so sorry. talk more. =) dun b so blur...


Blueberry cakes!!! yummy cream with soft sponge cakes + a the chocolate vanilla role on top. =)
best breakfast i ever had.

Little grapes cheese cake. very cheesy~ with small little grapes and biscuits at the bottom of it... sourish with cheese... XD fattening. but i love the grapes!!! first time noticed grapes can b that small.
XD MacD time!!!! Guess how many packets of fries r there? ngek~ extrememly salty stuffs but there are ppl who complained it is not salty enough n wanted to add more salt!!!!
0.0 excessive Na --> water retension --> increase blood volume --> hypertension.....
Ate a big bowl of zanmai shoba after i got diarrhoea last week~ yum yum!!!
hot soup n i lovfe the mushrooms and the eggs a lot. soft, jellylike. melt in the mouth. =D

soft crab roll.... a bit oily that day but must TRY!!!! it is delicious~
Chicken rice..... what is the red stuffs a? look like roses to me.
Sarawak lasak at the start of sem 4 =)
Better than last time.... but... sorry sarawakian. i still love seremban laksa more. XD
but both of them r totally diffrent things la.
it is not spicy at first but the spiciness gradually creep into ur mouth.... =.=

Oyasuminasai~ =)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Get to meet with a lot of types of ppl recently. A different types of ppl compare to the health science students that i always mix with.

N i found that we.... medical students... r quite ego in some way. n defensive....
some just dont realise what they r weak in.... n always r confident...well.... i m one of them. so i m also like that.

Too many views of life come hitting me.... cis. why all people cant just ave the same opinions about life? that will make them easier isnt it?
I went to camp during the weekends. It is some business camp. Everything went well until...
my groupmates know i m a medical student. N they changed.... as if i m an alien among them...
*speechless* but i have the confident to walk onto the stage n speak... although i didnt did it really well... feel like hitting one of the presentor when he said sth that is not good about doctors. ish...

English class today is rubbish for the last 20 mins. They are still people... i think they r "hurt deeply" by the facts that they r in the english class.... n keep making enquiries to get out of the class or have a look at their paper.
ok.... i know that entering the english class mayb a hit to some of you.
n taking 2 hours out a week will kill you n drag ur study....
but hey... if you r really that upset about it. why not just leave the class or the best approach the dean?
not good targeting the ppl that you think they should b in the class. mayb we really lack of sth.
just learn one more skill... it wont hurt you... n what r you going to do with the spare 2 hours if you dont attend the class?
sleep?study?play games?eat?
really headache when they are arguing.... n i dislike the teacher that came to give all sort of stupid explaination. actually her explaination equals no explanation n she looks like a vampire...
some of the questions that she answered show that she is really irresponsible.

geesh.... ego ego ego. Because of ego, a person fall. n because of ego... a person rise.
i think i m in the stage of where i search for self identity.
anyways~ ppl nowadays either hold too tight to themselves... or just dont realise that they had throw it away long time ago.

"It is not a bad thing if you know what you know. or know what you dont know. it is worst if you dont know anything but you think you know everythings."

Friday, September 4, 2009


oopsie!!! i fail my english test... XD lolz...
ok... got to attend english calss every monday... T.T for 2 hours....
okla.... sigh..... swt swt swt... i speechless~

but i didnt fail my IELTS and MUET!!!!! swt swt.
0.0 i cheat in my IELTS and MUET???? swt swt.....
i m speechless...


Lately.... i find that time is slipping pass me like... you fetching water with a bucket without a bottom.... oh gosh....

Tis week: hand in report, a lot of hours of dance practise... i m slightly limping now....
and pbl.... @@ i didnt do the growth hormone part... hope i need not say anything at that time =P

Next week : Dance competition, CSU (history taking T.T), talk and mayb camp..... T.T

And i m not a person that finish my stuffs very fast.... so oh o.... 24 hours r just not enough for me.

and i think i m acting just like a zombie... talk less, think less, rest less. just followed what i m program to do. Finish it then its ok already...

Now feel like listening to Duffy "Warwick Avenue".... T.T