Sunday, October 25, 2009


A goal is set and i really hope that it will success.
=) cause it will b good to everyone. very happy to c the 2 white things flapping outside my door~

T.T why my dentist go to tighten my teeth again. its painful....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something to share (english version)

My friend asks me if its ok to do a test with him. I said sure. whats wrong?

Question 1: A woman gave birth to eight children. 3 of them are death, 2 are blind, one have down syndrome. And the woman is infected by syphillis herself. Will you advice her to give birth to another child?

As i m going to answer him, he stopped me n asked the second question.

Question 2: There is a election for the president. They all get the same vote and you are the last vote that determined who is the next president.

Below is sth about them and it is true.

Candidate A: He always mix with politics that are not honest. And he will ask for astrologers to predict the future.
He practiced adultery and is a heavy smoker. He drinks 8 to 10 glasses of martini every day.

Candidate B: HE is fired twice. Love to sleep until noon. Took drugs during his university life. and every evening he will drink one quarter of whisky.

Canditate C: He is a war honoured soldiers. vegetarian. Dont smoke and only drink some beer ocasionally. Dont perform adultery.

Who will you choose as the president?

My friend pass me the newspaper. and i read the answer.

Candidate A: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Candidate B: Winston S. Churchill

Canditate C: Adolf Hilter

So, my friend said. you help the world to choose Adolf Hilter as the president isnt it?

0.0 stunned. Then how about the mother? will you advice her to give birth to this baby?

Lolz... no need to think of it. just tell the mother to have abortion. I cant bear to c her to giv birth to another child that had deformities. Let her n the society suffer less.

You killed beethoven. She is beethoven's mom.

story: its not important where we are but where we are going to. When you had decided where u want to go. the world will open a road for you. =)

Sth to share
















候選人A是:富蘭克林 羅斯福,

候選人B是:溫斯頓 邱吉爾,













Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dream 2

I need to spit this out. It is so disturbing that i wont have appetite to eat if i still keeping it to myself.

I got stupid dream a few weeks ago. I forget nearly everything but this stupid part get stuck in my mind (mayb it is too fat and cant squeeze through my brain).

The main char is one of my longest n dearest friend. He looks like my twin when we are young...
When someone you appreciate so much suddenly gone or in bad condition, you tend to go crazy...

N he has CANCER in my dream (dont ask me why i know it is cancer. It just came to me).
The most hideous 1 ever found in history. it is an aliented cancer. The back of his neck is fungating with papillary look like cancer. black brown n got a lot of holes on it. It is hard. It is so scary that in the dream, i couldnt laid my eyes on the mass behind his neck.

Then, normally he is ok. but sometimes he tend to scream in agony n just squeeze himself into a ball n scream scream scream scream n scream. My heart is so pain.... that i feel my heart squeezing like someone trying to make it burst. T.T

So worried of him but luckily he is well when he phoned me. whew whew whew.

Although somebody told me dream cannot b believe. But if it involved something that you treasure the most. you tend to go haywire... T.T

whew... ok. i spit it out. now its time for dinner. sorry yen haw to make you wait.
got appetitie liao.. =)


I understand but that doesnt equal to i agree with you...

I can disagree with you. Cause we stand n view things on different aspects.

I look like a real panda now. Just now having nightmare until te 1 hour nap is like 1 min rest only.

You see, i live in a magnificant house with three rooms. Master bedroom is the first 1 you will see when you step in. then on the right is a dining room. When you walk further in , you will find a stair going up to my room n the other hsemate room. the right is living room. Got big dropping windows.

My room is midway at the stair. if you walk further up, it will lead you to a bridge with a big rectangular pool with a lots of gold koi fish in it. 1 of them are pregnant n have a very big stomach. the bridge lead to the other side and the toilet is there.

It is beautiful.... but 1 day. i wanted to go toilet, and yen ming teman me...
then halfway through the bridge, the other side of bridge started to have a lot of water shooting up. like a fountain.... i think i know sth bad going to happened... so i ask yen ming not to follow me... i will go myself.... (usually you can see the water down there but now you done...)

The journey to the toilet is ok. then when i m back... i accidently fell into the water (slippery and very hard to open ur eyes) and a very big gray black fish like the biggest fish in amazon is chasing me.... n i feel suffocated.... so suffocated that i wake up more than 10 times and the fish keep chasing me after that.... wonder how i walk under water... i dont know how to swim in reality.

lolz... that is my dream... mayb most of you cant remember ur dream... but recently my dreams get more n more real like until i feel scare about it.... but i still like sleeping. ok. got to go.

chen yu sui.... swt.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I m always an easy target for the faci....
swt swt. got to be more hardworking. =)

cheers. dont laid around. =)

Thanks for the cake===> XD XD

Monday, October 5, 2009


I did sth stupid just now. I throw tissue paper into the washing machine n.....
my clothes is cover with tissue papaer bits here n there.

Ying xin. check the pocket b4 u wash any clothes.... swt. T.T how to get rid of the small small bits of tissue now?

Happy MoonBiscuit Festival + Birthday to me =)

=) i m officially 20 now. The youngest among the 20th. =)
This year birthday is just as special as the pass years.

Yen Ming, Wei Chin, Ick, Natasha, Haw Ger, Joyce, Kala and Mervyn tried to give me a surprise party.... At Zen. But... somehow i know sth fishy is happening. =) thanks to my super duper sixth sense. They belanja me Zen.
My Sashimi set... is a very big set and i cannot finish it. But i ate finish the sashimi (very big pieces and super fresh too), the cawanmushi (yum yum. very silky), the fuits and the cabbage in the soup. XD

XD this is the grill fish (mackarel) ordered by wei chin. I love steam fish more. But this taste nice too. the outer layer is very crispy but the inner is soft and tender. =)

XD how can i left out the caterpillar rolls??
But... i still love the 1 in zanmai. =) its more delicate. this 1 is very huge. XD i just ate 2 of them n i m full. =P

The blueberry cheesecake they bought me in coffee beans.... XD y is it distorted?? because someone forget to jaga it n it slide to the front n knock the handbreak when we r on our way home. =)
anywayz, it is still yummy~ ^^

After the dinner, we went for dessert in yougur berry. =) played spell up there. N Joyce n I won!!!! cause we only left 2 words and we didnt use malay to spell out any words o. yay yay!!!! =)

On our way back, 8 of us cramp into a Camry..... lolz.... sha sha. Can i get the photo from you. XD joyce n i sat in the front seat. All the passerby n stare into the window is either stupified or just smile... luckily no police roundings that time. But most of us had numb buttocks when we get off the car.

Whoosh~ thanks guys for the celebration. =) its so fun. =)

Oh. thanks to all that wishes me. =) much appreciate~ *hugs*

Ok~ more to go. On my birthday morning. Joyce sms me "Happy birthday. dont sleep first. i got sth to give you." (sth like tis. i forget the exact message le)

I thought she was baking cookies for me. XD XD (dont ask me y i came out with this idea. it just came out.)
but she came over at 1.32 am bringing me this. =) (photos steal from JOyce)
Its 100% handmade with my name sewn on it. XD adorable!!!! n i like food stuffs (beside the 1 that can be eaten). thanks joyce~ =) it is a very meaningful n adorable gift.

Quote on the box, "Have a lovely day, a wonderful year and a happy future". ^^

Angel woke up during midnitez n sang birthday song to me. *touch* =) ur voice is as beautiful as ever angel. =)

There is another spontaneous person.... caming out with things that i didnt expect. (lolz.... according to that person, if there is no some very severe accident that time. it would turn out to b better. aish. sorry ya~

yogurt cheese from secret recipe. XD going to grow fatter. too much cheese for me in this birthday. =P
These are 2 seeds. Happy Birthday in english and chinese. It supposed to b planted by the giver....
but at the very last minute.... he said, " aiya... will die if it grow into a plant. better remain like this." lolz... thats y i received this 2 beans.... swt.

My first time received a flower.... swt.
Thank you. actually it look like a flower with eyes n mouth. But the giver said its a pure flower. =)
up to u la..... hee~ tq.

lolz... n here came the eggs. beside my relatives n my family... this is the first time i received red eggs from someone.
so traditional wei... but with words written on it.
aish... its quite tough for a person that dont go into kitchen even once to make this.... n it took him 1 hours ++ to finish this 2 beautiful things. thank you~ cook the egg first before you pour the colouring on it. XD dont cook it with the colouring. it wont stick. =)

Swen n Ting ting belanja me these for my birthday. XD can make a eating trip for this birthday.

Its pizza italia in oakland. The boss look like an italian. XD
the food are quite nice. Olio with prawns. (i love the taste, a bit spicy and the prawn is juicy.)
pizza with yellow chili... what is it called already? cheese, mushroom, salami n tomato on it. XD thin crusts.
Tiramisu!!!!! actually swen just wanted to test if it taste the same as her tiramisu =)
its delicious. i love the soft texture!!!! XD raw egg in it. XD i dont mind if i didnt get tummy ache then.

The other surprise came when i get into Baker Cottage to get my cake!!!!
I found this!!!!
MAngo Mousse!!!!! I had been finding it for the past 3 years after i first tasted it during my mom's birthday. =) i found it!!! =")
It is just as good as i remember. all the people who love mousse must try it!!!! especially those that loves mango. you will fall in love with it. hee hee~

My cousin took a moonbiscuit (aka mooncake) with a lit candle on it and sang happy birthday song to me n my other cousin whose birthday is just 1 day after me. XD XD creative n surprise!!! =) thanks, cousins. hee~ advantages when ur birthday falls on mid autumn festival. There are tonnes of people who will celebrate with you.

plus extra bonus for this birthday. ang pau from 2 aunties, 1 uncle, granpa n daddy n mommy. =)
usually get from daddy n mommy only. heh~ ^^ thanks for the blessings.

XD Ern ern. thanks for phoning me from aussie... sorry i cant recognize ur voice. my bad my bad. dont angry k? *hugs*

Lastly, from my bro.... lolz... he wanted to try this. so he bought this n share with me.
=) its miracle from someone who eat the whole chocolate in 1 gulp to share the chocolate with someone. thanks bro~
The surprise toy we get inside... my brother dont want it... lolz... isnt it just cute? swt.

XD erm.... just to annouce... my REAL birthday is on 3 of oct!!!! the 1 on facebook r fake 1. sorry to make a fuss... =) October fool. Cheers~ =)

Happy Anniversary to mommy n daddy. XD 1 day after my birthday. =) thats mean i m a blessings for ur marriage... wakaka. ok. =) love both of u.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who phone me????

Just now a girl phone me.... the phone number got 10 digits.... actually dun know if can sent message to that number.... but i sent....
n when the person phone back... she dont want to tell me who is she....

at first i thought is Liny..... then.... i think is Melissa!!!!!
wah!!!! Melissa. thanks for phoning me. sorry for not able to recognize your voice in the first place.

Happy Mooncake festival~ =)