Monday, November 23, 2009

Some sunshine in this Gloomy month

It has been raining FOREVER!!!! and i get a little depressed with the dark weather, rain and of course exam. Stupid exams. 2 in a week. I just finish english test today. Writing essay is not my strength.... so just hope for the best la. =)

My new collection =D
It is some meditarrien food.
lemon wine i think.
not as cute as the previous collection but its looks more real.

Happy happy~

My Giraffe. =) this the exchange gift of Guardian.
Kawaii desnei~~~
the head is the biggest among the eight animals. No wonder it calls Big HeadZ!!!!
=D =D
hope his head dont drop off.
hm.... i think i need to help him get a name. =) think think think. any idea a?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Rain Rain Go Away
Come Again Another Day
Little Children Want to Play
Come Again Another Day~

Geesh.... These days, my life is fill with rain water, rain water n more rain water. Plus studies studies n more studies. ==
Clothes cannot dry completely because it rains everyday n it always rain when i m not in my apartment.... so how to collect the clothes?

2day went to Dialysis Center. The sister taught us a lot of stuffs. From the organization to the fare, from what problems they r facing. The equipment they use in dialysis. How does an AV fistula feels, how you put a patient on dialysis and how you take him off it. Interesting n yet it has the fright effect. You wont want to even fall into renal failure category after you c how the dialysis patient suffered. It is not the very suffering type of suffer. It is the type that will slowly accumulate the pain until you cant bear it 1 day.
Saw a lady on temporary neck dialysis and a ex drug addict with a catheter.

Inspire me to drink more water. == But the tofu i cooked yesterday is really full of ajinamoto.
I drink more than 2L of water yesterday n feel thirsty.... shit. no japanese made sauce next time.

ok. dinner time. =)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I m sighing every minute starting from yesterday. T.T

Woke up with a big, very nice green patch on my bed....
(o.o the highlighter commint suicide by taking his head away n let his blood drown my bedsheets).

Pbl started at 9am. Dr Archike started with pbl 3 which is very stimulating but didnt stimulate me. == ngek... n i end up getting a question for how do you treat nephrotic syndrome. According to book, you just need to give them steroids. Only if it doesnt show any improvement. you gave them the aiding treatment such as diurectics, albumin, statin n restricted diet.... n so unfortunately i get the diurectics..... sheesh.
Luckily contributed sth during the pbl 1. =) heh~ although the trigger is still diurectics. T.T

After half an hour, English class.... watched a 2 hours movie. "Milk". The whole movie is about Harvey Milk trying to make the straight ppl accept them. Aish.... sorry. no hurting. n i m not backstabbing.... i can accept lesbian but gay.... is still a no no to me. eeeeeeee..... But Milk is just so so so so brave. N so determined. Admired. But i still dont understand who Dan white is. He is an Irish American... Is he also a gay too? just because the strict catholic law make him refused to admit the truth n he view Milk as a devil that pull him to the evil side. That's why he bang bang bang bang him at the end of the movie.... @@ Shivering throughout the movie... N got 2 assignment. how to finish o??? T.T

Again.... After half an hour of english class. I went to csu. Get to video some stuffs.... But i got subra!!!!!! arg.... how can e nagged so long? He talked even more than us. And he revealed everything b4 we even ask the patient. == N ended up talking how high should a plane fly n the altitude of mount everest. ==

Then 15 mins after csu. Go to lectures. Feel like hitting both of them. swt.... in a very super terrible mood.... lolz... swt. gr..... ><

Sunday, November 15, 2009


My first time having a Hernia? hennia?henia????
XD er.... dont know the exact spelling but it is done by using some colourings n draw patterns on ur hand. =)

This is what i get. Drawn by Wei Chin. At first, she wanted to draw a monkey on me.... ==
cause i have a bagpack fill with baby milo.
no way.... it will look weird on me..... monkey with me..... so..... funny. XD XD

Anyway, it already came off. i kept rubbing on it unconsciously.... because usually it is empty there. suddenly, there is sth there.... it just feel not so right.... XD does that mean that i will keep rubbing onto my tatoo if i get it one day in the future?

SNOW FLAKE!!!!!!!!! It is from 100 yen shop. It is so soft, sweet n honey like. That i m falling in love with it. =)

Get to finish the whole bowl of it during rainy days...... Shhhh..... dont tell my mum. I didnt intend to do so. When i m buying it... suddenly it rains like cats n dogs. You cant just throw away a 4.50 very delicious looking dessert like that isnt it?

So wat u can do is just EAT IT!!!! =D

yum yum~

"Ma Ti Gao". get it from pasar malam. =)
It is 1 of the food that will make me go "ahh.... what a relieve to have you with me."

and a food that will make me happy since i m young. hee hee~

just looking at it make me feel happy too =) =)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I received a letter 2 weeks ago. but i forget to read it after putting it among the large pile of notes i need to read.

It emerged today~ and.... the content is just so T.T ... ai... T.T passive.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vinegar POrk Leg

Went to get my lunch in a mixed rice shop. Forget my spec at home. So i need to squeeze my eyes to see what dishes are put under my nose....
then suddenly a very familiar smell approach me...
instantly, my mom came into my mind...
the dish is

XD it not as nice as the 1 my mum cook. but i just take its soup. yum~
miss you mommy... =) you are the best cook...
arg... thought of lotus soup again. aish.....

Dont watch Inglorious Bastard... it is so boring n long winded i nearly fall asleep.
Only 5% of the whole movie are funny. and the whole movie very pointless.... super pointless. regret i went to watch that. @@

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Howl again

I think i introduce this anime b4. But i watch it again tonitez (video from Joyce) and i m going to say, this is the anime that i like the MOST!!!!!

directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Cooperated with Walt Disney. The original story is taken from Diana Wayne JOnes (Howls MOving Castle)

The story is about Sophie who help out in her dad's shop. One day, on the way to find her sister, she met a handsome (SUPER HANDSOME!!!!) guy and her magical journey begins. =)

First time, she get to fly~ then she is turn into an old haggard lady, she met a scarecrow that can jump by its own, went into the fearful castle of HOWL!!!! Saw a fire demon who can talk and like to complain and the very cool door. Just by turning the knoc to different colors, you can go to different place. COOL~~~~~ and she found out that the castle's owner is the handsome, gorgeous chap that she met that day.
Her journey begins~~~~~ =D

This is the 'castle'. hee hee~ it look so retarded.

Anywayz~ the storyline is great!!! the soundtrack is greater and the anime is GREASTEST!!!!

oooh~ still have the thrill after watching it. =)

It is worth to watch.

Yea... It is a little bit different from the storybook. In the storybook, the witch of the waste is a gorgeus little demon with dark blue hair~~~~~~~ salty ^^ Mrs Solomon died and she didnt want to trap Howl.... XD
GO n watch urself. I want to watch it once more!!!
The eye catcher in the movie. Pretty~ attractive~ and dont look girly even with the ear ring. Muakz~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I m very 'lucky' to have FIA as my pbl faci this time. He is not scary or strict like he is in csu.
He really let us come out with our own learning issue..... =.= n didnt interupt us.
PBL really turn out to b a student based learning. Aiks. Wonder how PBL 2 will b.
Lets c on friday.

2 Nilesh in a row. Supposed to feel super tired and headache...
Yea... i cant catch some points because before you know he will b talking on other slide already.
But other than that i feel ok~ T.T

So much stuffs got to b done this week. 2 english homework, pbl, study, study, study n csu. @@
i m going mad.

Wonder if i should go out on thursday.... =.= still wondering. struggling.... help me!!!!!

ok~ start to do the english asignment. @@

Monday, November 2, 2009

Labour Pain

This week topic for english class.
"Women should or should not Endure Labour Pain".
I would love love love love + appreciate appreciate appreciate if you all could leave a comment on this topic.
You can support, oppose or even stand on the fence. I need DIFFERENT VIEWS from ppl other than me. =)
tq tq~

Well.... for me. If i m the advisor. I will advise the mother-to-be to try to endure the pain. Create the bond between child and realise how hard giving birth is (think of ur mother).
But if it is myself giving birth. I would scream,"ANATHESTIC PLEASE!!!!!"
ppl who had low pain tolerance like me is just too coward to face pain.
This is the me now. But in the future. who know i m 1 of those that try to endure labour pain without any help. =D

Have nilesh kumar today... cant really concentrate. my thoughts are flying everywhere, finding a way to fly out of the stuffy lecture hall.
Raining again.Hm... it look kind of sad to me. T.T
The inside of my head feel like. You hit on a big bell... it will have echo+thrill or tremor 10 or 5 mins after the hitting. a lot of tremor in my head.... =.= wats wrong with me?
even the notes in front of me... look kind of unsolid... it is tremoring from the normal position.
My seductively pretty megan fox~ She is so salty and HOT!!! Her legs are pretty. @@ long, soft , thin n white.
I sound like a pervert. =D
Dark hair and green eyes. This is the kind of girl that is beautiful and mysteriously gorgeus to me.
XD i m not lesbian.

R.T. (Random thoughts): one of the reason to learn how to drive a manual. When you are chasing by this whole gang of gangster. and you jump into a car (manual!!!) then you will have a better chance in getting away. XD XD just random. i get a smack on the head when i said this to someone. T.T


Some update...

Clinical visit are "adventurous". The driver is equally blur as the students.
He brought us to Banting instead of Mantin. I scare my brain is playing illusion with me... so the two ppl in my heart keep arguing. "Mantin is in Negeri Sembilan. Not Selangor la."
"Mayb we can go to Mantin through Banting."
=.= And the driver can be F1 racer.... i just feel like puking sitting in the car. N on the way back. someone direct him to the longest way to vista.... go through cheras. I saw leisure mall. N 100 yen japanese grocery shop. "i want to go!!!!"

Some of my friends are having relationship problems. Is relationship a seasonal things?
Because 1 period of time, there will be a lot of couples appeared... then on the other period of time, there will be another batch that spilt. COMPLICATED!!!!!
and there is a person who do plenty (my dad forbid me to use 'a lot') of stupid stuffs. I feel like hitting him in the face. What does he have in his mind? insane!!!!! no1 will appreciate you if you did this kind of stuffs.

Halloween party!!!! quite good for a first timer. I dress as typical ying xin. =) enjoyed c-ing others dress up. especially Faye~ sexy!!! n mysteriously pretty. =) A lot of nice nice stuffs la...
but all the photos are with JOyce or other ppl. I didnt take much.

Little nyonya is nice!!! couldnt believe that she told me its not nice. =D wait n c la. And dont ever do 2 things in a time. if not you wont enjoy this beautiful drama. I fall in love with Jeanette. Her eyes can talk~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (eyes filled with love) ^^

Watch Jennifer's Body with angel and my bro....
lolz... the story line is very lame.... but Megan Fox is super attrative in the movie (but she is not the main actress in the movie) the whole story is a flashback.
Geg... Megan Fox eyes cannot talk but they can lure you n pull you to her... eee. succubus~
I like Needy and Chip in the movie. Its just hard to find this type of ppl in the real world. @@
hm... There is a word that keep repeating in the movie. "you are salty."
salty=HOT!!! XD but to me it got another meaning......> you are horny! =D
There is a movie called Aquamarine. From Jennifer view : it is a movie about a half sushi girl. =D =D you must c how she said it. super hilarious. =D

lolz... Things inside me and things that are related to me are starting to deteriorate... i think.

1. My coordination is turning worse... last time i used to bump into things quiet frequently.
Now, i cant walk properly. Trip every 50 steps i walk. Nearly fall down when i stand. =.= i dont know if this is clumsy or what? N during driving.... it make no sense when ppl that sitting behind me saw the car in front is reversing when i, the 1 driving... didnt notice it. T.T

2. Some kind of viel is covering up my brain n squeeze it..... Always feel tired and wound up when i didnt even did a single stressful things.

3. Many ppl may noticed i always want ppl to repeat their sentence twice... cause i really have hearing problem. So b patient with me. my old bad ears just dont work well. kaka~

ok~ time for... english class. Hope Ms. Christine has sth interesting to show us today~ =)