Saturday, December 26, 2009


Saw this chicky talk show yesterday....

"How do a man n woman get to maintain their marriage?
Woman is cow n man is tiger.
The cow will always pretend to eat some meat n the tiger will always pretend to like grass.
The little pretend here n there make the marriage become longer.
*i think the pretend is more towards tolerant la*
If 1 day the cow found out that the tiger is just pretending to love grass.....
Cow:" My whole life is under ur lies!!!! I hate you!!!! ><"
Tiger:" Dear, to make sure you r happy. I used my whole life to lie to you. N i just have this 1 life."

It make me tremble a little. Not because of anger. Mayb it somehow touch me.
This stupid tiger is sure a sweet talker. blek~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday!!!! =D

Er..... I think holiday started??? =D
Back to home sweet home. enjoying the delicious homecook food....
I wont learn anything from my mum. =D then she can continue cooking n i just continue to eat.
Buahaha. I know it is a selfish thought.
Hate the computer at home. it gave me such a headache.... the figures in facebook application just move so slowly n they always give me this feeling they are popping.... =.=

Watched avatar.... 3D. =.= its amazing.... but 3D is just a trap for you to spend more money but less sastifaction.... geesh.... i give me this dizzy spell that needs 1 hour sleep to clear it..... @@ @@ @@

Gathering in secondary school.... lolz... notice how the graduate prefect that come back r getting lesser n lesser. But i m LOYAL!!!! buahaha... blek =P i just want to c their performance n regret that long long time ago. I m not a good leader.... swt. The MC is very funny today. N they even present to us good video they make by themselves.... Youngster today r really getting more n more intelligent. Street dance dont have much streetdance element... but its SUPER ENTERTAINING!!! wow!!! how can tis batch b so creative?

Finally my small handsome prince know how to call me.... (especially if i have something to eat in my hand). Greedy little devil. you are never an angel!!! it is a compliment.

Gah..... my GP doctor is going to boom me with a lot of questions. N i forget all that i had studied!!!! how??? the notes r just too appalling.. the notes r north n i m south.... how to get together??? T.T

Erm.... try not to emo these days because i will receive scolding from someone who is very optimistic.... geesh.... how can you rob my rights to emo????? huh!!!
ok~ so no emo.... n HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!

i think i wont update here soon~~~~~~~ *piss.... because the computer it just too slow!!!!*
Next person who ask me to show him or her my teeth.... i m going to make them paid for it....
paid= give money to me. everytime RM2. XD XD

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Daniel had a christmas party yesterday!!!! And we attended it. It is one of the nicest christmas party i had ever went. =)

A lot of nice food. I love the Jelly!!!!! By the way, is there any differences between jelly and agar agar.

We played "Make the cake" game. I am "One gram of butter and A tablespoon of raisins". XD
It is a super nice game but at the end of it, we cant even make a cake out.

Then, is carolling!!! My favourite parts. Remember how my mum used to take me to church during christmas eve to sing. =D it just feel so nice to sing with so many ppl. And i assure you that it is better than singing K.

Daniel's cell group had a production for us. Modernized version of birth of Jesus Christ..
Though i dun really know what they are doing until Daniel's gave a talk in the end.

Present giving time!!!! XD I felt sorry to the guy that got my present. Hope he loves sweet. =P
I got a keychain with "LOVE" on it.

I think we sing again b4 or after exchanging present....eeee ..... cant really remember.

Well, i had a super nice night yesterday. =) thanks to all of you that gave me such nice memory.

These are the socks with Daniel's family members name on it and even his kakak too.
So sweet~
The more colorful 1 is his cute little sister sock.

This box is pretty isnt it? Drawn by Daniel's mother. She painted a lot of stuffs in the house which are very beautiful. This is only one of them.
=) i like this candles with fruits surrounding it.
My keychain. =D and lastly the christmas trees!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


A zombie is living in B2-10-2 now. I feel so tired but whenever i close my eyes i get all those stupid, disturbing dreams. But, i cannot wake up. I sleep, sleep n sleep n dream, dream and dream (i think they can be categorized as nightmares) endlessly. It feels like as if my soul leave my body and enter the other body in the other world and live a different life for me. ><

This 1 is needed now. Dreamcatcher. Catch the bad dreams. Thats what Jacob told Bella.
But it didnt work for her. Will it work for me?

Gah.... ok. I went to watch New Moon today....... n DISAPPOINTED!!!!! Extremely.
Edward is definately not handsome.... Whenever he came into a scene. My mind kept flashing.
"Damn. He must be a chroniclly ill patient running out from ICU and all the hospital stuffs are on their way to catch him back. And someone!!! go n standby him. He may collapse any minutes!!!!"
The only Cullen that match what the book descibe is Alice only.

Lolz.... I dont like Bella either. I nearly scream out SLUTS!!!! throughout the movie..... instead of sympathize her. She is really ISH!!!!! mayb i m not in the right mood for this movie. She is simply slutty to me.

Jacob is far far far far far more nicer than the damn Edward. At least he is handsome. But he shows too much of his muscle..... -,- lolz... can you please wear back ur clothes? XD such a contrast compare to Edward.... He is damn....... look more like a chroniclly ill patient when he stepped out naked into the sunlight.

Lolz..... Above is just my opinion.....

Gah.......... so now. I m looking forward for..... Christmas Carole with my brother. And trying to find the third and forth book of Twilight. Who can borrow them to me? please~~~~~~ =)

Ok. Continue munching my fruits. =P
'I get them from the christmas celebration yesterday. They are simply pretty. Wonder if i can have SWEET dreamz if i eat them before i sleep. =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nodame Cantabile

Whoosh!!!! =)
I m back with Nodame Cantabile again.
This time is comic version.
Nodame and Shinichi.
Both are very bless in music but they are different.

Nodame is just so weird and cute. =) always stick to shinichi. and come out with stupid idea. =D her lemon honey is the whole lemon dip into the honey. ewwww.....

Shinichi is just so handsome. but he kept deny that he have some feelings toward Nodame. =)

Both of them are just so cute. hee hee~ =D