Thursday, January 28, 2010

SIng K

Wow!!! great!!! i didn't have sore throat after singing for 5 hours. tee hee~ not super satisfied but i m satisfied. XD sang a lot of songs that need to shout and etc etc etc.

buahaha~ ok. continue my com med. hais.... ethics.... support abortion or not?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tooth FAiry

Do you believe in tooth fairy? apparently Derek didnt believe about tooth fairy. This is not the worst. He is a dream destroyer. Because he is not successful in his career, he killed other ppl dreams too. Thats why he is given a summon n become a tooth fairy.... XD

I like this movie. Funny n touching. Sometime even you know that there is many possibilities that will make you fail but you still try to make others be more confident in their believes. Actually you are doing the good things.

Raise hope. =) cause without hope, a person life will be dull and this world may not be so colorful anymore.

Must watch!!! =)


A slight note b4 i forget everything about it.

I followed Chin Nam's car to KKB but we are left behind the bus. When we reached there..... all ppl had settled down in their own rooms. So, elvyna n me illegally move into the boys' house. heh heh~
The house are retarded, full of long weeds, dusty n dirty. Jae Ric mainly did all the cleaning jobs for us~ woo hoo! thanks Jae ric. =) you are so so so sweet.
Shopping for grocery and we went for dinner in 98. Didnt know that it is the famous shop for imu student. Reach home, play taboo n sleep in strong wind. The fan are blowing my head n i can feel the wind even i cover my head with my jacket. =(

Sis Rita scolded us as soon as we reach the briefing room. She said we are late. But we reach just in time, 9 sharp. Swt.... then she asked the leader to read out a whole bunch of funny rules and gave us a timetable which we didnt even have it more than 1 hour.....
Pair up with chin nam. taking history from a girl who have severe breast pain until she faint.
She insisted that she is curse by someone.... n this pain only can control by traditional medicine.
She is so nice that she share a lot of info with us n she even allowed me to examine her breast. hee hee~ first time touch the other girl breast. I m super nervous actually.
Went for mamak, watch glee (its super nice!!!) n slept in strong wind again.... =.= i turn the fan to the other side already..... T.T

Interview a pregnant mother..... n i tink i really need to bulk up my malay. Be a typical malay n talk like malay, using english in malay is a no no. Cause the mother dont know what we are asking n i isisnt very sure she is giving the right answer to us. I think she is embarassed too cause she kept laughing at every questions we asked. She is pregnant right after she gave birth to her third baby...... @@ oh welll.... i dun know. XD its just weird.
When to OPD n the dispensory..... Then we went to a waterfall.... i didnt go down.... its cold n i prefer to keep myself dry. Kelvin lost his spec in the strong current. XD its kind of funny. sorry~
oh well, when back to 98 again.
Raining so heavily, n its so cold bathing..... no heater.
Watch 500 days with summer n zombieland. Summer is a bitch. But how can you judge her base on the guy's view? But there is really this type of girls exist just they themselves mayb are struggling to...
Had make sure that the fan is in the slowest speed n face other place....
XD finally had a good nitez sleep. =0

Last day.... nothing special happened. interview the kids.... n i dont like kids. Dont ask me to play with kids. I cant just go there n cuddle with them.... blah....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finally i know what is 消渴症。。。
its diabetes. lazing around again. cause i m not discipline enough to do anything. =D

Dont watch Dr Parnassus. I m so going to kill the director n all the actors in the movie.
WTH is the movie talking about.?? If i didnt read the synopsis.... i think i will go empty minded in n out of the cinema.... swt.

Friday, January 1, 2010


I always try to prevent myself to read touchy stuffs especially romance. Who knows what they will bring to me. But love is everywhere and every articles end with love. This article make me super irritate...

A couples went on a trip but who knows how they can be so lucky and met Death. Death wanted to take both of them to hell for a lifetime trip.
Both of them beg n beg n beg for mercy n more mercy for this superd being from hell.

" Ok. I will only let one of you go. One will accompany me. I feel lonely if i go alone. *evil*"

So, here is the choice. who should go? you or ur partner?

Gah... dont ask me what is the ending. cause this already bother me for the whole day!!!

Well. Most of you will choose to let your partner live. Be happy n merry n find someone that you like. But please dont forget me n i will love you always in hell.

That is not my answer. I will want my partner to die n i m the one living.
*gasp gasp gasp* =.= why you choose this? you dont like your partner? He is a total trash that you want to dump him is it?
no.... is because my confident is full to the brim that he will like me as i do. Losing a partner is like you r living but u can just lie there n cant do anything. Cant stand any chance to see him living like this. Its feel better if i m the one that suffer.

One day, if (touchwood!!) 1 of ur parents passed away. remember to accompany the other 1 more. cause its hard for them to feel alone again. lonely wont kill u physically but it will kill u mentally.

Geesh.... n this remind me sth sad again. IT is a greek story i read super long ago.

A wife die and a husband went to the hell to claim her back.
Death told him. You are pretty good in playing harp. So throughout your way back. you must play the harp non stop and DO NOT LOOK BACK, no matter what. your wife will follow behind you n she only will b safe when you reach the world again.

So this determined husband play the harp and walk towards the human world. Death sent a lot of tempt n lure n horrors to make him turn back. Turn back n his wife will be His!!
The husband is brave and he tried very hard not to turn back. But then... just a few steps before he can reach the human world. He suddenly heard the cried or whatever noise that sound like his wife. He is worried n nervous n TURNED BACK!!!! and there it goes. Thousands of spirits pulling the screaming wife back to Hell again. and this is the eternal seperation for these two....

T.T ok.... no emo. dont emo. i can feel that i starting to emo again. I avoided all the touchy books because i know if i get in touch with them just one time. i will never forget n this is disturbing.....
finding distraction.... distraction.

Oh HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ladies n gentlemen. =)