Monday, February 22, 2010

Play with ur food

Actually these ideas r from Rachel. She is very creative in her food. These r sth i learn from her.
Its fun. Play with the food b4 my holiday mood is overcome by the hectic life of imu. =)

A truck. The bread shouldnt b so flat... but after i cutting it.... it already flatten. so..... nvm la~

My bento.... XD some weird sandwiches with cucumber, carrot n tinny corn stick... n bak gua.... in it.lolz..... a bit dried. but i cant find any XD

This is a california fold which is make out of bread n very thick carrot n cucumber.
The binder is a pig!! does it look like a pig to you? This is the nicest pig face i can make. XD

First day of sch is just not so nice~ all the lecturers r giving us stress about the survey we r going to do. N i m so lucky to get Dr vera again..... lolz... XD mayb i should b his buddy since we always meet. lolz.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Woohoo~ =)

This is the second movie that i cry when i watch it. Mom volunteer to watch with me (this is rare. my mom dont like to sit in the dark rectangle room with strangers ard you) =D and it is better than what i had thought even after reading ppl giving fantastic feedback. Its really good!! its a much watch.
The story is funny but it is not too hyperbola like old dogs. It brings back memory and it is just so so so close to the life we r living in malaysia.

3 parts i cannot tahan my tears and it just flow out.

A) When ah beng tried to hide the facts that his family is in the house and not in japan. His parents.... poor thing, eat ikan masin with porridge and hid under the blanket to watch mute tv n the programme is a singing competition.... n when neighbours found out. ah beng scolded his parents. and his mum said,"son.... dont scold is his birthday." ah beng was stunned then he break down. "i m fired...." *cry*

B) Rain found out there was no salary for them... so he, beng and fatt wanted to go back home. But 1 uncle gave them ikan masin, then the sifu gave each of them a very cute tiger pillow (i want!!!) and angpau which content a stack of RM100 (0.0) n apologize to them... then a little girl beggin them not to go and throw to Rain a bantal which is her piggy bank.... T.T *touching* they r just so forgiving....

C) (This is the 1 that i found most touching. because happened on me but my dad didnt gave me this answer). Something spoilt n the mother scream and try to beat her 4 daughters in front of lots of ppl. The girl ranaway to somewhere. When their dad found them. The complained, " mommy is cruel. mommy is heartless. She always scream at us. And she beats us in front of so many ppl. daddy.... we r not mommy's daughter is it?" "lolz.... all 4 of you r definately mommy's daughter. Mommy is thin n gentle n soft spoken last time. After she gave birth to all four of you, she always scream go to bath!!! do homework!!! eat faster!!! because all four of you always didnt hear what she said. N she grow so fat because of 4 of you too. N D you r the largest. you weight 4kg when you r born." The mommy is sniffling at the side. "Aiya... wrong. D is 2.9kg. C is 3 kg and B is 3.2 kg. and you A is 4.1 kg. You are so big that when i first gave birth to you. i m dying of pain." then all four girls cry "mommy!!" n rush to their mom. hug together. and i cry cry cry.... *sniff*

Mayb reading wont make you feel that this is a nice movie... since pictures can tell more words then words do. so go n watch it. i rate this movie 9.5/10 =D *sniff sniff*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My neighbor rear a cat. very pretty cat. Furry with a mix of brown, yellow and white.
It is a very manja cat. everytime someone walk by, she meow at ppl n try to rub her body against ppl leg. she is just so cute~~~ but unfortunately i dont think my neighbor is giving her any food..... cause she kept coming over to my house as i got a garden and a tree for her to climb....

She is proud.... to her own species. A white stray cat with broken tail fell in love with her. and this pretty princess ignore him and even try to shoo him away...

so this little princess gracefully lie among our slippers... and the guy try to move to her really slowly n patiently n kept looking at her.... when he get to near.... she slaps him and shoo him away....
swt swt.... so ganas... wish i can kept her. i always prefer cats more than dogs. because they are just too proud. =D

but my mum dont allowed it.... but such a cute cat.... XD trying to talk her in.hee~