Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No hands (18SG)

If a part of ur body will get chop off, which one will you choose?
A. Legs
B. Head
C. Fingers and toes
D. Arms
E. Hands
F. Breast
G. Nose
H. Eyes

Ah.... ok. All of you r so lucky that i give you options to where you want to be chop off. But i dont. =(
And i think i will choose to chop off my head since my brain is staying with it. And this rebellious brain did like to torture me with funny and weird thoughts.

It will be a sweet dream if nothing stupid turn out in my dream last night. I was going out dating with this handsome guy. Then suddenly i dont know who the heck is this guy. Rush to me, pin me down, then just took his axe and chop chop chop. I was screaming like hell. Nobody bother to even help me. Both arms get chop off. Blood spraying everywhere. I was twisting around in argonize although i dun feel the pain. I cant kick the guy cause he sat on my legs.

Then he took away both my hands and like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA all the way until he disappear. and i desperately running around nowhere armless n just screaming n tearing.... =.= so relief to c both my hands when i wake up.

gah.... effect of this nightmare:
1. i appreciate more that i have both hands.
2. i hate my stupid brain coming out with weird thoughts not in the daylight but when i m sleeping. so naughty.
3. My eyes nearly close like 100 times during lectures.
4. I am going to sleep now. XD

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally..... =.=

Finally feel like a med students when 24 hours is not enough for you but if given 25 hours you dont hv enough energy to work 24 hours. =.=

Schedule is full wit lectures, self study, stupid report, CSU, PBL.... etc etc. Everyday there is something to do. Something will come n bug you even you dont irritate it.

Last 4 sem, i dont bring any notes back to study in my hometown. But now.... i didnt went back for 1months, not really missing it because everyday is study, do work, relax a little tiny bit (cooking and having my meals) so i wont die of fatigue and then is sleep.....

geesh.......... should i b happy because i finally become a typical med students?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Food

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! =D actually this is my second apple of the day. Lazy to peel it. so the apples had frozen in the fridge for 2 weeks? 3 weeks? i forget already. More broccoli. They always make me feel healthy. This is my dinner for yesterday. Sastified.

Soup in bread. Joyce intoduced this delicious food to me. =D thanks joyce. Its located in Times Square. Same level as Watson. It may not look very big.... but its very filling. People who have big appetite like me feel full after eating 3/4 of it. so the remaining 1/4 i force it down my throat. RM7.9 each. Mine is a thick mushroom soup. It is the most yummy mushroom soup i had ever drink. Full of mushroom pieces every scoop. The bread wont have any taste if you just eat plain. But if you cut it n push into the soup. HEAVEN!!!! =D

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So.... this story go like this. I went to sunway to buy my prom dress... but i was =.= because just sienz... what the heck do i need to search for this stupid dress that i will only wear for once n for so?

Then i enter a shop. i didnt look at anything. although there r a lot of dresses. And my fashion cousellor stop me when i walk out the stall. "ooi. try this la. look nice. dont always didnt look at anything then just turn n walk out."

With this =.= expression.... i went into the cahnging room. n TADAA!!!! Love the dress when i wear it on even it didnt even notice it when i enter the shop.

Its a pure white dress. 2cm above knees. It is a halter......the back is bare until a little bit above my waist. In front is a Medium V (means the V open a little bit pass my dress) n the below is just fold n fold n fold.................. >< I m thinking that it is a bit of too exposed on my mum's view. so i just said lets go find another 1. After 2 hours, I went back. Then an auntie is trying it n the next thing i know..... it is gone..... T.T i feel regret now.... very regret. T.T super regret.................................

Emo already. T.T n she said she only have 1 of the dress only
cause she imported it. T.T means i will never find the same dress. T.T super emo. sigh.

n i didnt take any photo about it. so stupid. others i took photos but not this. sigh~ speechless. nothing to said.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Porridge

Inspired by Joyce. I really wanted to cook myself some baby porridge which dont required to bite or chew. What you need to do is just swallow..........

But.... XD i fail. It turn out to be like this. The rice is too prominent (next time blend a bit first), The corn not soft enough (boil it first next time), carrots too big piece (next time cut smaller lo). The part that sastified me the most is the potato!!! cannot c anything right??? cause i mash it n it is in the soup.... wahaha.

I miss the ABC soup with mash potato n some rice in it. ><

I dont know..... i think my appetite is increasing.... weight didnt increase.... but i start to fell i m growing horizontally instead of vertically.... damn.... need to control my diet. or mayb it is the amount of water i drink??? XD XD oedema. anywayz i ate 3 n a half bowl of the porridge n two bread with lettuce in it. what the heck..... i m really growing fat. T.T


It is a =.= funny day. I woke up with my braces beside me. Wonder how it get it out from my mouth... cause i m wearing it when i go to bed. Shhsss.... Does this mean that i have sleepwalking and i took it off myself? Careful housemates... If i got sleepwalking... mayb i will go to ur room, move you to the floor n sleep on ur bed. Thats scary. But i had several dreams about me breaking this RM250 braces then the doctor evilly punishes me and i need to go to work as a kuli to earn the RM250... ><

I try to cook this today.... XD try to cook the soup macoroni which my mum cooks.... but fail... soup not enough, and the soup taste very ajinomoto...
oops... accidentally put too much into it. XD XD
But i manage to finish it la. And a lot of peas which someone dont like. XD XD
Going to b a hectic week... cause PBL n CSU is at the same day n is one after another.... who is the brilliant one that plan such a super tight timetable for me??????? then the research.... how to do???? T>T

Not very looking forward to the photoshooting tomorrow.... not because I dont trust Faye's technique n professionalism.... but i just.... dont like to take photos recently... the person inside the photos dont look like me.... I always look a bit deformed or mutated in the photos... arg.... mayb i think too highly of how i look. XD XD XD

cis.... internet is so slow. even trying to post is a tough job now. what happened????

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Lolz... i had been wanting to post this pic here. but due to the incoperative of the model..... Finally i manage to take a picture of her face.... swt. FINALLY!!!!!!

She always run to me n hide her face in my laps or just move round n round me.... cannot stop her. hyperactive...

This is 1 of her cutie cutie look. Let me introduce you Princess====> the furry cat. XD XD so cute. so manja. next time try to get her to video. =D

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hi, my name is Maggie. I look nice isnt it? Well.... because i m going into my predator's tummy soon and she help me makeover so i could increase her appetite. ='(

This is my last photo. Please take it nicer. I want my beautiful green hair and a big smiley face bring joy n beauty to this world. Sayonara~ so long~ =')

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My retarded lunch

Its another whole free day (dont have class la... not that i m very free). So i decided to chop all the things in the fringe n cook them.... @@ but because i m the only one eating... i just manage to chop half of them.

I hate cleaning up... when cooking involve oil. cause the pans, wok will b greasy.... EEeeeeee.....
however, manage to cop with it today. N cook sth that my mum wont dream that i can cook. heh~ =D i m proud of myself.

Vege~ is the most healthy food in the world. XD look a bit messy. i cook the brocolli for quite long cause i scare it is raw (brocolli always look so raw to me). Peas... =) my childhood favourite. Love to pluck them out beans by beans then only eat their clothes (XD sound 18 sx). The corn is not that sweet, taste is covered by the garlic n the sauce. The tomato is too ripe. poke it n it bleeds.

A whole mug of rice. Need carb for energy. =) i love rice. it is the most tasty food in the world.

My failed work. I try to make it look like a sotong. But..... my cutting skill is not so superd yet...
so end up with legs falling off the sotong n the sotong didnt open. wonder how rachel did such a marvelous job. n its oily too. wipe every one of it before eating. eh.... i think kitchen napkin is needed.

My favourite tofu... look bad but taste nice. sauce with black pepper. steam it.Poof!!! taste good. =) i finish it all by myself. yum yum~

Then, play with food time. princess said play with ur food before u eat it. (but she play with cockroach n didnt eat them). lolz....

A smiley with two red cheeks.

This look kind of sad. cause the "sotong" fails me so i make it into the thick eyebrow.
Looks like he is trying to smiile when he is sad. awwwwww......

otaku = a guy that stay at home n refuse to get out of the hse except necessary.
They love to spend time online. Favorite pass time activity is manga n anime.

But.... today. Lame lame Joyce interpret it into another meaning.
Otaku=my brain (otakku => otak ku=>my brain)
Dx: she watches too much "Happy Family" n love Xiao Dong too much le...

From Paris with Love~~~~

monsieur.... muaks~~~~ XD sarangheyo~ this is my first impression when i c the title.
I thought it is a romance movie..... but it turn out to b a 18SG movie.
With a very chun guy..... both also J.... i think its jonathan. the small small guy in the poster.
The macho guy also not bad~ very macho n interesting. XD

Its full of action n very funny too. and a lot of Fxxx words. no sensor. i heard this word more than 10 times. heh~ you can c how a very formal guy n a very ruthless guy become a ideal partner for each other.

The ending also very emo too.... but not emo until it makes me cry la.

Not much description cause i m lazy.

rating is:8.5/10

bang bang!! i tell you to shoot n you should shoot.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I m still awake at 3 am.... erm. nearly 4 though... not a good sign for a early sleeper like me.

Less noise now. Only black n orange color outside the widow n its absolutely hot now.

Last time the insomnia just make me end up pacing between reality n dreamland but now i think i m still wide awake but not able to pull out any energy to do anything except that it requires only first instinct.

Mayb the other half of me at the other space is dropping into coma. N we cannot interchange out sleeping time. hey. the other half. i hope that you get well soon. so i can have a good nitez sleep plus making my face shine with a bit of healthy color. XD XD XD

ok.... i think i should try to sleep again. =)