Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chicky lecture

I dun want to talk bad words about this lecturer. Cause he is a good. I learnt a lot of things from him. N i admitted my knowledge n skill is not up to the level.

Yer.... but what's wrong having a face that look like u r smiling when u r not smiling?
n u must look at him when he lecture u, if u look away then he will talked about it again. ngek~
n sorry i nearly poke ur eyes. i already assure that the coast is clear before i point. but u just pop out from no where beside the bed. swt......

okla. bom me. i will endure it n grow from it. =)

Monday, April 26, 2010

New phony~

Mummy n daddy decided to give me early birthday present because my 3 years partner, z610i decided to suicide every 2 days since January. and it gets worse despite my loving, caring, patient and careful counselling.
R.I.P to my z610i. It will still be with me. Resting in 1 of the drawers.... May you heal n rise urself. Thanks a lot for staying beside me 24/7 for the pass 3 years. you had been a loyal friend, a good reminder, a punctual clock and a great telephone. =) you are still the prettiest hp that i ever had. =')

I got my new babe on Saturday. C905.
It is the heaviest phone.... feel like carrying a piglet in my bag. and its huge n fat. Really a piglet. But not regretting for its extraordinary weight n size. I love its camera!!! 8.1 megapixel. thats mean i no need to carry extra camera around next time. But the first 3 days trial. I found that it eat quite a lot. Only 2 days n the battery is nearly gone. =D welcome ba~ hope we will b nice friends n good buddy!!

Thanks mum n dad for the prezzie. absolutely loving it. =) *muaxkss*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nasi Lemak + Oral Health Week

Its 9 o clock class today!!!! =D that means i can sleep for 1 hour more than usual which make me feel quite contented. Luckily Han Hong sms me... if not i will take my alarm clock as some music in my dream. swt....

A million thanks to Han Hong!!! I thought the nasi lemak man outside IMU ffk me again. Cause i had been waiting for him since monday!! When i reach there, I get the second last packet (mayb the last 1 but i feel sorry for the 1 behind me so i give her half of my rice, C how nice i m... =^^=).

I love this stall as the rice is nice n soft. Ikan bilis and peanut are crunchy!! The best part of it is you can choose whatever ingredients that are there, mix and match urself so that it suit ur portion and appetite. Nice right?

MY NASI LEMAK!!! =D yum yum~ still can taste it in my mouth. *hungry* it only costs me RM1.20. =D reasonable ba~
This is the packaging~ So it does not contribute to white pollution plus paper can be recycle after eating. =)

Nilesh is quite understandable today compare to "Base of Skull". Then is ORAL HEALTH WEEK!!! wee~ i missed last year 1 so this year i m not going to miss it. =D

Fortunately, i get to dance in it with Wei Chin, Jia Yi and Mei Xin. XD i did the easiest part. Just repeat the step in circus then can liao~ XD Woohoo~ quite nervous~ the last time i perform its like ages ago~ and i cant control my hair... it kept covering my face. To all director~ if u want to hire some long hair girl to act as a ghost. I m the best choice. Remember to phone me ya~ Tel: 01x-xxxxxxx. woooooooo~~~~~

Oral Health Week is a small carnival, so there are 5 booths! but you need to study their notice boards before you can play their game. =D won 4 stations. The only station that i lose is because my aiming skill SuCkS~~~~~~~~ Its quite fun and i win some goodies back~

My prize for the station game. Ngek~ lolz... =.= i forget to include the pin with a cowboy tooth. =D next time ba. that 1 its just so cute!!! The teeth model with smiley face is cute too~
If you finish all 5 stations, you can choose either toothpaste or bookmarks!! As you c, i chose bookmarks!!! They are so ADORABLE!!! all the courses that are available in IMU, Tradiaional Chinese Medicine included. hee hee~
The last 1 is the goodies bag. I m expecting dentiste to sponsor in this event. But they didn't. ><>

Its a nice day~ hope that the remaining of this day will b as nice as this. =) Ciao~ need to study lo~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The worst thing people can do to irritate me is starving me if i m not willing to b starve....
I cherish food so much that if i m not fed, my mood will get as bad as it can. XD XD seem like i m thinking like an animal. Finding food every second of my life.

"We eat to live, not live to eat." So either way. eating is still important.

Starbucks with yenming n sha sha. This is the only beverage that i will take in the menu. Hot Green Tea Latte (Must b hot!!! cold stuffs make me giddy~ =P) Yummy~ no headache is inflicted. =) First time sitting in Starbucks cafe~ feel like an artist taking his time to relax n waiting for ideas to flow into the brain. hee hee~

N finally, after a long long long long long time of late dinner or unhealthy dinner. Finally i had an early dinner. =) because i prepare the dinner myself. Heh~ Its tomato sauce with rice. Still feel the sourness of the tomato in my mouth n i m hungry again. EEee...
The dish.
1 piece of cheese
1 carrot
1 can of spaghetti sauce
3 cloves of garlic (I anti vampire!!! =D)
6 sausages
7 mushrooms
There goes all my ingredients~ need to do grocery shopping soon~
My bowl of rice. Only half bowl. I should make it to a bowl but i scare it will make me sleepy if i study later. Now i REGRET!!! i should eat a BOWL of rice!!!! study drains energy!!! =D

Cheerio!! i feel contented today n happy because i eat!! =)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


3 is a magical number to me.
N everywhere there are 3. 3 goats crosses the bridge. goldilocks went into the house of 3 bears. Everytime when you wanted to count down during a race. Its always "3,2,1. Go!!!! "

3 chances are given out. none are appreciate. So sorry. nothing can be done. N i m free now!!! wee~ went back to my free old self. who care wth is happening if myself is unhappy along the way? =) smile, ying xin. and b strong. you are a strong girl. =)

"Rainbow makes people smile with a frown." -Joyce Lai

Saturday, April 17, 2010


today and yesterday is not a good day for me... T.T

yesterday, my slippers spoil... despite of my loyalty to it. n left me with high heels and shoes only. Then, the 1 that promise to have dinner with me. ffk me. leaving me with my own cooking... ( which i dun like yesterday) n i get my gastritis back... then my phone is dying. although i try to save it from yesterday night to today morning... which is nearly 24 hours. Dad.... do you think is worth it? every 2 days i need to spend more time saving the phone than study my notes.... wtf.

And today morning... my laptop ignore me again... ..... speechless. and the phone is still in ICU. refuse to get charge even the battery drop to 0%.and my cousin suddenly said i wont get my phone soon because the price rise again. T.T yer....

ok.... so as i said... think positive..... all this r to test me if i m strong enough (actually i m depress lo). So just bear with it then the better will come. =)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pass the critical stage le~

I cant believe i spend the whole evening n nitez just trying to pump life into my already determined to die phone... T.T
Finally it is willing to live for the other 2days????
ngak.... phone. dun emo. ><

sigh~ new phone. faster come. i cant tahan with this always merajuk phone. it makes me emo n in a super bad mood.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yes. My brain is hyper and even when it is fatigue. It refuses to rest.

If there is an apple n orange. Two r good in their own ways. which 1 will u choose?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Angel is coming down

There are only 2 natural phenomenon that is my best loved. One is starry night (which actually can c everyday long long time ago). The other is Rainbow!!!!

N i m so lucky to c it today!!!! wee~ near my house. First time i saw a rainbow that i can tell there r 7 layers with 7 different colors n form an arch which angel will land at the bottom of the arch.

My photos r not very clear. cause my phone has only 2 megapixel. cannot focus or anything. So the rainbow here is not as nice as what i saw.
Rainbow always make me feel that this world is beautiful and angels will be coming down to earth to bless everyone they meet. I feel happy and bahagia~ rainbow, you truly add a lot of colors into my dull dull sem 5 life. =D

ok. got to sleep. if not i cant wake up tomorrow. =D

Thursday, April 1, 2010



XD didnt get to spend the day with both of you and I feel like talking n throwing all my thought out now.

My little bro, four years younger than me. Wow!!! you are able to get a license already. Time flies so fast. I still remember how i bully and tease you. Hee hee~ this is how we interact right? From a small boy, now you are a guy taller than me and you have beard already. Cis... but you are still not a grown up to me. XD Others youngest children always complaint that they are to follow the elder siblings but i think you are like to follow me more.... Ai.... this is what i want to tell you. "Get your own life. My life may not be the 1 that you should have.". You are brilliant and caring so just be yourself. I m not perfect either, instead i feel that the holes in me r getting larger n larger recently. I m looking forward to sit in ur car. =D

Swen.... my partner from form 1-3. Then roommates in pre U. She is someone that i admired. Hee hee~ I dont know how to tell my feelings to you. So..... *huggies* you will always be my good friend and you are cute to me in some ways.

15 mins before both of yours birthday end. SELAMAT HARI JADI!!!!! =D I love you both.