Monday, May 31, 2010

Fabulous Saturday 2

Actually we wanted to go to a restaurant in ss2. But somehow, after turning a lot of rounds, we still cant find that restaurant. =.=
My phone came in handy~ GPS. First time using it, quite worried that it will eat up my money but hola it doesnt. So cool c-ing the dots which represent myself and the restaurant that we wanted to go. Somehow... we still cant find the restaurant!!!! what the heck!!
Decided to walk around after that, when the blue dot and the red dot on the GPS overlap each other... we came to a shop which are selling health products.
Conclusion: the restaurant had been closed down. T.T (maybe we should shout "Open sesame" then only it will appear since it is called The Cave).

No time to delay dinner anymore since we had spend nearly 2 hours finding that restaurant. Headed to The Curve. Ended up in TGI Friday~ oh wow. My virgin dine in TGI. =P

The drink is bottomless. =) Dinner trying to protect his steak from whoever that wanted to grab from him. hahahaha~

The steak~ First time i tried a steak that is so soft (but still hard to me) n i love the sauce that came with it. Perfect match!!! The sauce just soak into the steak n when u bite it. it splashes out. haha~ ok~ so now i know y a non beef lover will fall in love with this dish cause it is simply delicious. Good things always come with a high price---> RM59 i think.

Ha~ so this my dish. The plate is so so big. I am full when i first laid my eyes on it. =D The rice is fragrance (taste like chicken rice). Tortilla is superd, i love the cheese and chicken inside it. =) The sauce is nice too~ not so strong until it covers up the taste of the tortilla, it enhance the taste of the chicken in it. However, not recommended to those that prefer heavy taste. RM25.
The other haolian photo. Its once in a blue moon i step foot into TGI, of course must grab a pic of me with my food!!! =D
Token from Dinner. Unexpected. Thanks a lot~ hee hee~ and thanks a lot for the night too~ totally magnificient, adventurous and tummy filling (thats the most important thing). *chuckle*

Btw, i get to walk a round in THE LIBRARY!!! comment of it.
1. Full of people.
2. very noisy.
3. I want to go there next time. =D no nerdz there, just a lot of pretty girls~ =D

Fabulous Saturday 1

Had been locked up physically n mentally by my flu and preparation for the finals. T.T Its just so dreadful. i need to get out n breath some sweet nice air from somewhere else other than vista!!! (I swear i just go out for lunch n dinner... other time i m studying, daddy.)

Ahem~ So i went to Calori in Sri Petaling for lunch. Order this as dessert~
Honeydew salad with prawns~ =)
Ingredients: honeydew, lychee, peach, tomato n PRAWNS!!!!
If it is cold, it will be refreshing~ with a little spiciness, i think they sprinkle a little fine chilli powder in it. Love the prawns~ it is so juicy.
But... It is quite pricey la --> RM14.90. *a bit heartache*. Nvm. At least one of my wishes is settle b4 leaving KL and back to seremban.

Spend the other few hours studying b4 journey-ing to sunway~ woohoo!!
I had been spying on this ice cream shop a long long long long long time ago. Somehow, i didnt get to try it.
Harassing Dinner to try it with me~ =)
The ice cream from this shop are all mix with milk~ Those who love milk will love it cause it is milkier but more refreshing compare to other shops. ♥ I love dairy products~~~~~ =)
Mango plus pineapple.RM8.90. if u prefer to eat in cone, just add another 1 buck.
Thinking back, it tastes a bit like yogurt berry but yogurt berry is more diluted compare to this and Kindori offers more flavors. =) i think there are around 15 flavors. Should try them all next time when my tummy n endometrium allow.

Window shopping after that. searching for a few things. One of them is clothes. Ended up in Candy i. Trying to fit in a dress which i took 10 mins =.= cause it is so complicated and i dun want to mess up my hair~ wahahaha.

When you have a phone that have 8.1 megapixel camera, you will end up doing sth like this.
Tee hee hee~ ok. Dun get heartattack by my "hao lian" -ness. I m in a super hyper but my brain in dying soon mode. Should continue my UTI... E coli E coli E coli E coli~

Thursday, May 27, 2010


My sore throat get worse today~ probably come with some cough *cough cough* and clearing throat *ahem ahem*.

The chinese medicine didnt help much. T.T Woke up with scratchy throat and end up with scratchy voice in the afternoon. Ooh.... someone may said it is sexy to have scratchy voice. But i feel that it just simply... Yer..... my voice already not very girlish plus that type of voice. sound like a boy. =) hello~ i m mr. ying xin. hahahaha~

Whenever i m unable to talk... i just pop in....
it helps!!! (.... for a while) better then nothing right??? so~ =) my best friend during this period of time. *ahem ahem*

Nga.... cant stay in library cause it will trigger my throat and nose. My room is just not the place to study. =( studying had been slow for a snail person like me. ok. no more grumble. jia you!!! =)
Porridge is my other best friends nowadays~ looking forward for Saturday. =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Popeye the Fast Food restaurant!!!

This post is written when i just came back from library because i cant stand the aircondition (which keep blocking up my nose) and make my throat feels scratchy. T.T T.T

To make my throat more scratchy so my voice will be more sexy, below is one of the methods.

Finally make up my mind to visit this shop, Popeye in midvalley. Fast food is not my cup of tea, so even some of my friends kept recommending to me, i feel somehow that i m not gonna to love it.
Step into the shop. Hm.... not really that much ppl. sigh~ mayb its another over-rated restaurant. I ordered fish set and the other person order chicken set.

Every set come with a.... dried bun???? and 1 coleslaw, mash potato and a cup of soft drinks~ look like KFC in some way~

i give my first bite to the.... dried bun~ XD indeed its dry n feel actually like a biscuits. But it is just so fragrance. =) love it~ but its really too dry la. Kept drinking water up water (so thats how i finish the whole cup of soft drinks =P)

The other bite on the fish (fillet????). I thought it is make out of dory fish. but yum yum~ its so soft and smooth (like a fish swimming in ur mouth??) haha~ n its firm enough to not break into the pieces in my jaw~ =) love it.
coleslaw is awesome too~ =D it is shredded not in tiny mini pieces like kfc. There are actually some special things inside that u cant find in kfc but i couldnt recall what is it? *knock knock* @@ ok... cant recall. so try out urself ya~

Smash potato~~~ my BELOVED~~ I always rated kfc as the No. 1 potato~ (mayb i try it first. Thats why my brain said smash potato should taste like this). but after tasting popeye~ i think it going to be no. 2 cause popeye's smash potato is just awesome. The gravy make me feel healthier... less guiltiness and there are 2 texture in the smash potato~ Soft and there are bits of something which i couldnt make out what is it? =)

So sastified for that dinner in popeye.. =D but my throat is more painful than ever now. Just by looking at the fried stuffs.... T.T

ok~ continue to study~ final in 1 weeks plus. Gambateh!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feverish Cold~

Summative is over. No comment on it. But i fell sick right after that and on the moment i step my foot into my home~

Fever, cold and excessive sweating. Lolz... i think its due to the stress, cold air in library, lousy air circulation in library and i think maybe flu epidemic is coming~ XD i m always the first one to get it. =P To those that are still healthy, take care of urself~~~

Try to cool myself a bit with these icy cold pictures~~~ i m still sweating like mad even i feel cold. what the heck~
This is the ice cream i got when i went to Midvalley with Joyce and Ho Ching once upon a time~
C the BIG STRAWBERRY~~~~~ ^^ the guy is really sweet to give me this plus the other 6 wildberries.
Ice kacang at a roadside stall~ not really magnificent. the best 1 i ate which suit me n my only taste bud is the stall outside Seremban Pasar~ but its been a very long long long long long long time since i visited the stall. not even sure if it still exist because pasar is under renovation now.

Sleeping like nobody or under a drowsy state for the last 48 hours. Didnt eat much. Didnt read a note~ ><
Get well soon ying xin~ muaxx~ ♥♥♥ drown u with love so u get well faster. XD XD XD yer.... *shivering*

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tick Tick Tick

XD i dun know how to put video here.... so use this lame way.
Lets us welcome Potter Puppet!!!!!! *clap clap*

i especially like this episode. always make me laugh out LOUD!!!! XD enjoy~

p/s: thanks to joyce~ bringing joy into my life. =)

Thanks to joyce for helping me too upload this. enjoy~~~~ =D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I love zygomaticus~ =D
For those dont know what is zygomaticus. It is a muscle in our face which make us smile =) when it contracts. Hee hee~ love this muscle so so so so much~ hope to see it everywhere.
And i m in a super good mood today with unknown reason.
Get to know that i m a schizophrenia and experiencing depress after the major mental illness lectures~ now mayb mania then it will go into bipolar disorder.

Only 5 of the groupmates turn out in PBL~ but its quite fun today~ at least we can answer Ammu's questions~ hee hee~

Cant stop laughing to myself when studying in library of unknown reason.
Shivering non stop when enter E lab~ i have cold intolerance. hahahahaha~
Please bear with me for my hyper~ its one of the typical character that you will see ppl who enroll into IRU (International Retarded University) ^^
So~ the coloured part r actually zygomaticus~ =)

2 days left before summative. nervous~ because i m still so behind my CNS revision. so so so so so so so behind~ nevermind. i will do my best. although i m in a state like below. T.T

Ok la~ shall stop n go back to my notes again~ sienz~ XD XD XD XD XD 1901 kept running into my mind~ wednesday... faster come. so i can buy 1901 and then after i bought it return back to 2 weeks earlier so i got more time to study n prepare for summative. hahahaha~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday ♥

Woke up a bit late, went to school a bit late, but i manage to cover some notes in school. Wee~ n 1 pbl topic... swt swt swt.

Have some nice pictures to share but since the com refuse to accept it~ Let it be~ next time only upload.

Craving for KFC. But Hoching, Joyce and me ended up in Sushi Zanmai. Its a very long Q~ But we manage to get in within 30 mins. So HOORAY!!!! =D order inari, n tamoko plus a ogaku don (sth like that. forget the spelling). Filled myself up til i m ready to vomit. Saw an Ipad. Its so awesome.... but look like a toy to me~ =D

Then, go for Gelatino Fruity ~ Yummy ~♥ N out of the courtesy of the waiter. I get to taste a big whole frozen strawberry n 6 wild berries ~ arigato~ They are so cold~ froze my whole mouth n my GIT.

Ho ching went to grocery shopping and have a good walk around. yawn yawn~ quite tired now. =P but i just cant fall asleep. yiks~ n cant study too~ so what can i do here? blog la.

It is a good day today~ ♥

Ah.... need to do pbl or sleep le~ haha~

p/s: if u dun believe me, then just said it out. no need to do sth behind my back. you cannot hide anything from me. =D scary leh.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


继续pia书~ =)

What that dont kill you, make you stronger!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Romeo n Juliet

Recently i read back the summary of Romeo & Juliet. Cant recall anything about what happened before Juliet decided to take a drug to make herself appear dead. Juliet is send to the tomb. When Romeo heard about it, he came to the tomb, fought with Paris (is this his name? sound so girly~~) and killed him. He mumbled something there before drinking the poison and died before Juliet recovered. She woke up, found that Romeo is dead. Mumble something and stab a knife into her body.

I didnt cry. I didnt feel touch. I just feel a tinge of sadness hanging around me~ It wont go away even if i chase it. This feeling is just like when i read mermaid, Arial become bubble, disappear in this world when her stupid prince married a liar!!!

From all the signs, i think i m emoing now. I can come out of thousands, millions of reasons about why i m emo-ing now. But i just dont want. It just a pure emo-ing. I have the right to do it, is it?The next 2 stories i will read are Camille and Carmen.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rule for Ying Xin

  1. Dont call me by the name of xin or whatever things when i just know ur name only, barely talk to you n in fact i can consider i dun even know you. =.=
  2. Dont ask for my number. Who want to give a number to a stranger? N i only give it out once to a stranger only.
  3. When people kept avoiding to talk to u. Pandai sedikit la. still come n kacau kacau.
  4. I m not as nice as you think. yea....


Sunday, May 9, 2010

2 Ladies in my Life

There are 2 Ladies in my life. Both have quite a big impact on me. =)

Let's talk about the one that influence me the most. She is my mum. =)
I think my mum gave birth to me wrongly. Cause i m born on the year of snake and she is born in the year of rooster. Snake and Rooster do not live peacefully together. Yea.... We didnt really live peacefully together.

When i m still a child, my mum dont allow me to eat any cold things. cause i m allergy to cold stuffs. Haha~ but i love it a lot. So i always steal ice cream or cold soda in the fringe and tell my mum that the mouse ran into it. And my mum will try her best to eat or drink finish all the stuffs before i can touch any of them. And she will secretly buy ice cream and soda.... and hide somewhere in the house to eat it. XD XD

I m a teenager. Trying hard to find myself. And I m super stubborn. ><>

Mom, did u realise, I m 21 le. Time flies. When i m young, i always wish that i can b an adult. Be independent from the family. But, this few months, i always dream n wish i will b a child again. Stay with you for a longer time, snuggle in your arms. You still treat me like a baby. Want me to grow fatter, hope that i will b happy always. Mom, every time the thought that you are not going to stay with me forever, i just feel so bitter. I cant imagine that i cant taste ur cooking, c u nag me, listen to u talking about everything and even just help me off the fan in the morning n close the window. Hm.... just now before you walk away. I try to say i love u. but it just go back into my tummy again. XD mum, i wont quarrel with you so often from now on, although quarrel is a way we get to know each other. sienz. And you are the best mum... n i love ur cooking!!! feel so relife after i get to eat ur cooking this week. =)

My angel's name is wan wei. I still remember that i wrote her name as bowl when i m in primary. Buahaha~ We didnt get really close to each other until secondary school.
She sat beside me starting from form 4. And we sat at the furthest row where what we do during classes are sleep, talk n sing songs~ haha~

We graduate. Walk in different pathway and we didnt really get in touch in other. Once in a blue moon only we meet each other n catch up but we r still as nice as last time. =) glad to know that.

She is a strong girl. I used to think she is my shelter, if i do not have bf, then i still have a good friend to shelter me from rain and storm. I still remember how she protect me when someone bully me. How she listen to my crying and complaints when an introvert like me are sad. She is one of those that i can just tell her how i feel now. No need to hide it and it just came out. XD so i cant really lie to her. lolz...~

My angel is 21. Thanks for her accompanying such a troublesome me for such long years. XD XD Wish she found her love 1. Stay happy n merry. =)

nga nga~ such a long posts. And both of them wont read my blog.... XD XD
Just want to write out my feelings la. Recently too many feelings and emoness. If i dont relieve it. I think i will go crazy soon~ buahaha~ ok


p/s: I love both of u. =)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yellow, Blue, Gray, Purple, Red, Orange, Pink, Brown, White, Black, Green

How many color had entered my life? How many colored had painted my life?
Everyone that enter my life had at least put a stroke on the picture. Thanks for helping me to draw out my life. Make it interesting. =) those who draw more of course i thanks them more. XD XD my life is colorful because of u all. =)


ok~~~ some story.
Author: Eric LYL
Editor: Ying Xin Tan

Once upon a time, there is a piggy. Dirty and thin. But Mother Earth loves it so much. She teaches it to make flowers ring, how to dance and give her good food. Piggy becomes clean, rounded and nice looking. One day, piggy grows wings. It can fly. Piggy tries the wing and she flies to the sky. Mother Earth get so upset, she did not want piggy to leave her. After some flying, Piggy decided it didnt like the sky. The wind flow kept changing too much. It still loves MOther Earth warm, safe and stable environment. But, the moment Piggy reaches the Earth. There are always earthquake, flood n drought. Piggy is very scare. It didnt want to fly back to the sky. But staying with Mother Earth is not like the same as b4. And the sky is clouded, booming with thunders and lighting ever since. Piggy blamed itself. If there is no piggy. There wont be any misfortune place on the Earth. How i wish Piggy do not exist in the Earth since the start of the very day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time heals wounds.

Scars maybe left behind.

It can be a good memory or a nightmare.

Chooses by your own believe.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Steam egg~ ♥

First attempt to steam egg~ turn out to be quite nice~ yummy~
Staring at this picture make me hungry.... but i brushed my teeth already. Mayb i should go to bed early so tummy wont try to eat up all the food i give to it. =)

Labour day just finished 30 mins ago~ so the labour room in the hospital will b quite empty. (joyce, 2010).

So busy recently. Study, CSU, PBL then next week IMS.... =.= haven't start to prepare the slides yet. only read through the info. sigh sigh sigh~ n a lot of weird stuffs popping up.... @@ i should feel happy ba. Thats mean my life is still fill with interesting n again weird stuffs... yer... continue with my weird life ba.

野火烧不尽,春风吹又生。I want my study mood back!!!