Monday, June 28, 2010

RM0.10 coffee~

2 weeks ago, i went to market with my cousins (in seremban of course) and we accidentally went into this shop for breakfast.

The breakfast is nothing special but the coffee that they offer are extremely cheap!!! (only for a few though) RM 0.10 with unlimited refill (yes!!! you didnt c wrongly. its Rm 0.10 with UNLIMITED refilled). *smile*

Oh... nearly forget to introduce this cafe. Its called New Town (n the Old Town coffee shop is just 2 rows opposite it ==)
My latte~ I cant take in any coffee except latte n this latte consider bitter to me... =P

But it gots nice drawing on it. c~ =) not milky enough for me though.

So what do you do when you want a refill? except for tea... which you need to ask the waiter to help you bring it to the bar. For coffee, you can DIY. cool right? they set a station there for coffee refill. =) so this is how it is done.
1. Take a packet. Open it and take out the small coffee bag in it.
2. Put it into the machine n press the "On" button plus pull the handle down. (Caution!!! hot water is flowing out now with coffee ^^)
3. Taadaa~ done!! coffee bag shouldnt b floating in it. My cousin said she wants to get the best out of what she paid. ==

Taste like: typical espresso~ i think yen ming will love it. But... for a non coffee fans like me... it just taste bitter like medicine.

My cousins refilled 2 times each time adding different things into the coffee. Condense milk, sugar and coffee mate. haha~
This is the prove!!! c~ really Rm0.10 only. =D But sadly my latte is the original price which is around RM5.
My new hair cut... plus fringe. =D I m scandalous~ so my eyes r covered up. hiak hiak~

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I m back home~ =) with the car fully filled with my junk or "rubbish" like what my dad said... (but i already donated some n throw away some leh). Wonder how my stuffs grow into such a MASS in 2 years time.

Another headache coming.... unpacking~ T.T so many things n so limited place.... haha~ going to sleep with the junks n "rubbishes" tonight. lol.... so many notes n why do the books need to b that big.... i think the books are the biggest problem. =P

Did i mention? no. i think i didnt. i CUT my hair n i have FRINGE now.... ==
Wonder how i look??? er... my mum said my face look smaller n look more immature (not young... its immature). I personally think i look a bit like kampung girl if i tie two plaits. ngek ngek n ngek~ =P nvm la... so long didnt cut fringe already.

Curious about sth... but i think i shouldnt b that nosy... since i m not nosy since young. ok~ dun nosy... ur nose is not that long to poke into other ppl business.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I woke up in the noon. Feel so suckie and emo that i sleep back again. Rolling over n over the bed doing nothing. Feeling so blue or gray or mayb white n black because today is just black black black n me me me only.

Started to pack up. spend four hours packing packing n packing. I dun know how there are so many stuffs in a so tiny room. Not clothes ok? its just random things which i dun know why i keep it. mayb its time to said 88 to them. Still got tonnes of things waiting for me to pack.... a lil tired so take a nap n after waking up i m here in e lab. Roaming around imu for the last time. tomorrow moving back liao.

Emoness coming back over n over again... @@ nothing to do its also a source of depression eh? then someone jump in and said... here is a list of to do things for u. but hey... all the things on the list are all my least favorite... can i just pass them? why do i again need to worry about others people worried when they themselves dun even want to admit n do something about it?

ai... ok. emo again. i dun want to go back n i m not feeling sad to leave... just hate packing...feeling like sitting in the living room n stare at the sky outside... someone talk to me... but i m so sorry for him that i m sending negative ions to him... unconsciously cause i cant c the good side of anything now... yea.. shall go back. eat my dinner n continue to pack again. daddy coming early morning tomorrow.

Actually i had plan something for today. A very nice n detail planning... but somehow somebody who " think he is the best and wont feel sorry that he ruin people days" spoilt it for me... i m still in a bad mood.... mayb ice cream later.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Brain is exploding and my eyes are just as dry as the river during drought.

Woke up with extremely bad mood. you may ask how a person who sleep for 9 hours complained that she didnt even sleep. If you kept having nightmare and waking up a few times.... that will do it.


Went Sunway to sing k. Second time. My room all great singers.... but i dun know how.... just thickened my face n sing.... haha. a lot of time cannot sing the high key. But they are really sweet to help me to sing finish. =) kept getting the songs that i m able to sing. n i finally sang "死了都要爱” and Zombie. wahaha~ ok. wah. contented but my eyes get worse as the day pass. Lolz... thanks to my roommates to bear with me for that 4 hours.

Toy story 3 was great. A lot of "ooh... eee... aah...". Love the start which is the night and the day. Mr potato really have a great idea to become pancake and cucumber~ haha~ The big baby is scary.... thought it comes out from Chucky!!! Teddy bear is such a bad guy but i feel sorry for it when he is stuck in the front of the truck. ai...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


When it comes to play, i m always full of energy!!

Angel and I went to sungai wang n time square to shop today~ =D but good things always come with some hardship.
1. We are stuck in seremban station for 1 hour.
2. Guys who dont understand what is a girl compartment called kept squeezing in.
3. Started to rain before we reach monorail.
4. Monorail is free today but wth... we waited there for 30 mins.
5. Get conn by a bunch of students and i accidentally tell them i m from johor n angel told them she is from ipoh.
6. Extremely cramp when on monorail back.
7. Lens make my eyes freakingly dry today.

So... with all these hardship... i only bought a dress. but *love* it so much!!! =)

Dinner dinner n dinner. =) heh heh~

Thanks for the lappie~ =)

Playing Snap, Boogle? and UNO over elaine's house... =D crazy. now still feel wide awake. ah... how? I very lazy to start packing. Mommy going to faint c-ing the amount of things that i m moving bak. hahaha~

Monday, June 21, 2010

I m Daddy's girl ♥


Lolz... as usual... i slept my day off today. wonder how i did that but yea... i had been sleeping like nobody else business after i came back to seremban.

But there is valid reason for today fatigueness... yesterday i went to the family dinner... as usual my uncle gave every family a glass of red wine... daddy dont like alcohol, mommy said alcohol make her uneasy, bro is still underage... so of course i get to drink a whole big glass of wine. wahahaha. oh no. its 2 glasses. The last glass is so fragrance n nice that i wish i would have more n which i regret after that cause instead of making me drunk or sleepy, the wine actually make me wide awake.... swt... insomnia again. hahaha~ so i slept around 3 last night.

Back to the main topic. Since young, everybody whoc c me will said i look more like my dad. tall, thin (OMG. my mum accepted my theory that i look thin because of my face. yay!!!) and quiet... hahahaha~ but i can ensure u my dad is not playful like me. He is a more persistent and discipline person compare to me. He helps mommy in housework too.... Mommy should feel glad la. How many husbands in that era will his wife to do housework?

Daddy had been helping me to read books since young and i can consult him on nearly everything. He is really a walking dictionary. Love to roam through his comics (not books!!! we had different taste in books.) People who had came to my house and lucky enough to let me take u upstair... wil notice a big cupboards of books... thats my dad... not mine. So now you know why he is a walking dictionary.

Everytime i had things that need to buy but mommy wont approve... (mommy is strict ><)... i can curicuri ask daddy to buy for me. hahaha~ lol.

In a long long time ago memory, daddy always read me bedtime stories. When i argue with mommy, he is the middle man (can you imagine how dangerous is it btw 2 bulls). All the IT stuffs in my house is under my dad's responsibilty.

haha~ suddenly i dun know what i should write. But today is just the other normal day for him. Took him to eat beef noodles!! hope he likes it since in our family... only daddy knows how to appreciate beef noodles.

Daddy is a traditional but not so traditional type of daddy. Loving and kind to his children. Let us have total freedom in some way. Pampered us like nobody buisness and make sure we are secure in everythings... =D and i m daddy's girl because daddy love me quietly more than towards my mum (blek~ mommy. dont b jealous). =P All hail to daddy~ For loving, guiding and providing for these 21 years of my life. i m so lucky to b daddy only daughter. =D

p/s: it is said that daughter is daddy's previous life lover.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

=D =D

Yay!!! i will be opening my mouth the whole night. haha~ just happy. officially holiday~ ya hoo~

Friday, June 18, 2010

I shouldnt b emo and worrying and working out stuffs that doesnt have anything to do with me. but i have NO CHOICE and this really make me mad mad mad and yes !! emo n angry... now i m too angry or emo to sleep. plus i m worried about result tomorrow. a lot of what if coming into my mind. what if what if what if what if...

why people around like to complicate things and i think 1 day i will isolate myself, run into a mountain (if there is still a moutain left that time) and cut away every connection to the world.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Post EOS is really FREE!!! Lazing around my house and sleep like a cat (nearly 24 hours sleeping except eating, watching tv n online ^^).

Btw, Princess is pregnant. Dont ask me who is her hubby. I had totally no idea. swt~ Congratz. going to be mommy already. cannot b that manja~

Malacca trip on 11/6/2010 with B2-10-2 and sabby. (+ GPS)
The beautiful artificial waterfall greeting us welcome. ^^

First station is the chicken rice ball. It is so sinful eating the rice balls. The chicken are oily n i feel more guilty biting it compare to the rice balls~ XD but they are just so irresitable and i ate a lot in that station. *burp* (oops. excuse me~)
After lunch walk at Jonker Street... it is so sunny that i nearly melt.
I love this picture. =) Look so ancient (if you ignore the people walking around below).

The breast... Good to touch and feel~ i think it is a stress ball~ mayb imu should buy this so that the guys will have a better idea how a breast feel... it is totally different from the models in imu.. so plasticty. *buahahahhahaha*
These are in Jonker street too. Top left clockwise. Nyonya asam laksa. Rendang mee. Baba Laksa and Durian cendol.
Love the asam laksa and the cendol the best!!! =)
baba laksa have too much coconut milk in it. (those who loves coconut milk will find it yummy)
Penang food lovers will prefer the asam laksa whereas sarawak laksa lover will prefer the baba laksa. =)
Some group pictures. =D
Top left clockwise.
The Laksa shop in Joker street.
We came to Jonker street!!! =) outside sam sok gong.
In the big ship museum in melaka. Forget its name. this photos is just so dark n eerie? *hahaha*
Group photos in the satay celup shop. Wan li xiang. =)
This butterfly's relative is so big. accidentally found it on a glass.

Can you guess what is this? ---> dustbin!!! its so cute.. but u cant put much rubbish in it. =D
I think i heard someone screaming. " cannot take photos." at me when i took this photos. swt.

Above are cakes and drinks from Nadeje Cafe.
Top left clockwise.
Blueberry. Rum and raisin, chocolate and non alcoholic cocktail summer love.
G-23 & 25. Jln PM4
Plaza Mahkota. 75000 Melaka.
It is a shop lot with a navy blue logo.
The cake is called Milli crepe. They are such a baby. You can feel the layers when you bite it. It so soft that it melts in your mouth and you cant resist it that you want to eat more!!! Thats why we order 3 pieces... =D my new love. Pricey... Rm8.90++ per piece but i ensure you that it is a MUST try cause only malacca have it and it is definately surprised you.
Sabby took this photo. She said i look cute with the drink... erm... hahahaha~ i dun know. *blush*

Sabby treats us with cakes from "sam sok gong" soft, fragrance and got pandan kaya inside. I think it will taste better when it is hot. =) 6 pieces costs around Rm 7.20.
p/s: does the teddy bear look like chin nam?? kakaka~ mayb it stays in his car a bit long. morph into him le.

Satay celup and wan li xiang... Dont really fancy it. I love steamboat more. But hell knows. I think either yen haw or me ate the most there. All the sticks contain such small portion of food that you tend to eat n eat n eat with realising that you already eat a lot of sticks already. haha~
RM0.5 for non color stick. RM 0.6 for red coloured stick.

I took this photo. Mayb the owner of this album cover should pay me some wages. Everything look so gray and suddenly a orange pop up from nowhere. Instead of emoness... this photo looks a bit happy to me. ^^

Like the color of the sky. Actually my main aim is the boat... which are just little black color on the end of the sea.

Yen haw took this. =D people who camwhore a lot can take nice pictures. so i must camwhore more. =)
Thats a day trip in malacca. After that.... is when i found my lappie missing. T.T i still miss it now untill today. hope u are safe and sound and healthy. ='(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lunchie~ ♥

B2-10-2 had its once of a blue moon lunch on... (wait let me check my phone) 3/6/2010. =D

The participants (from left to rt): Ickes, Chin Nam, Kei li and Yen Haw.
Dont forget about me too!!! =D

Eating in Restoran Kin Kin~ I had tried their famous "Ma la pan mee" in the KL branch. It is absolutely delicious~ *drooling*

Yen Haw insisted to take a photo of me with pan mee~ the pan mee look more attractive compare to me. *sob* (but i still love you, pan mee~ )

Top left (Clockwise)
1. The original look of the pan mee.The egg is half cooked.
2. One of my favorite vege soup. It will help you to reduce the spiciness and it matches the pan mee just nice. ^^
3. Main actor of the pan mee. Without it the pan mee wont be this yummy~ Chilli flake~ I m not fan for spiciness, so i only add 1 spoon. You can add as much as you like. heehee~
4. The mix pan mee~ i love it with the squash egg... haha.
Forget about the price of the pan mee~ but its around RM4-5. =) Its at cheras~ and the main branch is somewhere in KL. woo hoo~ (what a good direction giver u r. =P)
Returned to IMU to continue to pia for finals (which is so so so long gone now =D )
B4 that~~~ camwhore!!! 2 of the pictures that i like. (others can b found on fb) =)
Guess what this means. It is not just some cute post. It means B2-10-2. *smile*

A family photo... how can we leave out our dear temporary tenant. =) Appreciate the 2 years staying with you guys. Brighten and color my uni days. heh~ all the best~ *huggies*

Saturday, June 12, 2010


R.I.P my dear lappie who had follow me for 2 and a half year.
I dont know what they going to do to you but i hope that they treat you well as you are not in a perfect condition already.
Its such a "nice" thing to happened on me just after my finals and i wonder how the "brave" 1 can find my battery which i hide in somewhere that i dont really remember myself.

So i m left with no lappie now~ *sob sob* luckily nothing else are missing.

I cant reach the agent. Is she oversea or her phone get stolen or she just simply switch off the phone during weekdays? dont really have the mood to blog now. The end.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Illegal Post 2

Throughout my 21 years of life. My most hardworking time is after i enter IMU ( although i admitted i still a bit lazy compare to my fellow batchmates) but i can swear that i m much more hardworking than anytime of my early life. It is not rewarding. Today osce make me feel so so so bad. Even worse than ospe and oba (at least those 2 i still think i got a chance to pass it) but this 1 totally drain all my hope away. T.T i cant imagine what will happened for tomorrow test.

Previously, you will get less nervous in an exam after a while but this is the test which i get more nervous until i nearly cried in the exam hall. T.T ok. i dun know what i should do now. just feel so helpless but cant fall asleep.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Illegal Posting

haha~ i tried to restrict myself not to post anything since the last post. But somehow, i just cant stand it. I need to post this so that my frustration will have a nice way to get out of me b4 i start to pia for my final again.

Yesterday night was hazardous, my GIT gave me problems again. Severe pain when lying down n need to go to toilet every hour. =( wtf. After taking medicine, slightly better but still need to go to toilet which make me nearly fall asleep in the toilet and super depress when i cannot sleep. Holding notes n stare at it and not lying down when you are dead tired are super torturing. As I can fall asleep, its the time for me to wake up already. So, the total time that i think i m asleep is 3 hours only which is so so so so so not enough for a narcoleptic patient like me. T.T

Nearly breakdown this morning, but kept repeating "Things that dont kill you make you strongers", slightly better after that n with the help of brands (sembah you. if not because of you i will be sleeping in exam hall).

MEQ is slightly better than what i had in mind. happy for a while. then the stupid oba pull us down n hentam hard hard into hell... sigh~~ okok. should stop complaining n go to rest. brain is not working. cant even remember the questions that i had did just now. lol.

Congratz~ =) i got a niece today~ cant wait to go back n have a look at this new life. =)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bak kut teh

Bak kut teh is one of my beloved~ =) especially the one in seremban. maybe its because of the childhood taste.

Yen Haw told me a horror story today. He interviewed a patient and he claimed that 24/7 and every meals are bak kuh teh for 5 years because he loves it so much. ==
My love for bak kut teh is not that deep and overwhelming. haha~ but i still love you~

This stall is in a garden further up of new ajimal sri petaling.
Mommy said the old bak kut teh is cook seperately, just like this. Only the new one are mix together.
Its not the yummy type, you wont want to go back for it. Somehow, when you feel lonely, you will like to go n have a bite in this stall. Plus its quite cheap~ RM10 per person. =) People who prefer heavy taste~ you wont like this cause its the thin thin with some fragrance type of bak kut teh.
The shop also sell steam fish. Didnt try. Cant finish a whole big fish.

Hee hee~ should make a list of things i want to eat before leaving bukit jalil~ =)

Songs running over n over in my head now.
你曾对我说 每颗心都寂寞
当你的心 勇敢的燃烧着
永远的 不会退缩
越长大永越孤单 越长大越不安
越长大越孤单 越长大越不安
也突然间明白 未来的路不平坦