Sunday, August 29, 2010

2mr is school reopen!!

*big wide eyes and mouth* 2mr is school reopen day n what i m doing now? playing... gr... n trying to find the file that tell me what i should do 2mr? which i couldnt find. oh well... just leave it as it b. nothing will go wrong. hahahaha~ time to tidy up my laziness~ i saw something enormous, huge, scary, intense blocking my front road.

oh.... hm... me kinda nervous now. =P sigh~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adventure of the King

Went for a night show with Hann Pyng, Swen and Eric~ lol~ chooses Adventure of the King. Star by Da S and Ren Xian Qi~ Its a comedy. =)

Its about a King sneaking out from his comfy palace. Lost his memory and became a beggar. Then, Feng Sis saves him and he helps her to bring more business into the restaurant. n hence go on n so on the story... it is a HAPPY ENDING. =)

Da S look a bit plump in this movie... haha~ no offence. mayb i m more used to watching her sis. Lol... If you want to watch this movie... watch it on wednesday or some day that have discount. It is funny in some part like the historian part trying to kill ppl with his pen but there are also a lot of parts that send me go SWT... haha. maybe i m just too tired that time. lol~

Ok~ let me tell you how the reality goes... the Emperor actually fall in love with Feng Sis, make her pregnant and he went back to his palace, leaving the girl alone outside the palace. The emperor forget about her and one day when he get the news that she gave birth to a prince and suddenly remember her. She is DEAD when he went to take her into the palace. =( so pity... and actually i got to see this play when i m in my primary. (the real 1)

ok... talk about food again..

Guess what is this? =.= I actually quite geram when i saw this things.

The answer is Hot & Spicy Shrimps... ish... the shrimps is extremely small, what make it looks big is the flour. A lot of flour. very thick and spicy flour. yucks... i still prefer.. erm... the hot & spicy chicken. All hail to it!! not to my throat. Its getting sore since morning... ah... more strepsils. T.T go away sore throat. I drank a lot of water today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Squid & Apple Pannekoeken

Its been a week I didn't update my blog in front of this com. Thanks god daddy that the line came back yesterday.  The week pass by slowly because both my net and the tv spoil. ish... so i spend my time doing something that i usually wont do...

I tried to do Apple Pannekoeken today. Recipe from:  Rachel

Hers 1 is a pretty, flowery 1. mine look more like a big pancake. =P

This is the failure... with some overcooked apple and a roti canai base. hee hee~ too big a piece but its very filling.

200g flour
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
a pinch of salt
2 eggs
2 apples (which 1 use only the fuji. next time try using the green 1)
lemon juice
castor sugar
cinnamon sugar (which i replace with brown sugar)

1. Peel & core the apples and try to slice them as thin as you can. Turn them in lemon juice.
2. Mix the flour (remember to sift it. dont b lazy like me and the mixture turn out chunky) with baking powder + salt + suitable amount of water. Turn it into a thick batter.
3. Stir in eggs.
4. Heat a little butter on a non sitck pan and spoon in the batter.
5. Immediately arrange the apple slices on top of the pancakes (must b fast!!! if not the apple wont stick on it). 
6. Sprinkle some castor sugar and wait until the pancake turn brown.
7. Turn to the other side so that apples cook and sugar caramelizes.
8. Turn over again, sprinkle some brown sugar. Wait for it to melt and serve hot. =)

Dont make it into so big piece like mine. make it smaller and it will b a good teatime delicacies. =) i like the taste of cook apple plus lemon juice (sweet sour).

Credit to Melissa. She bought this for me ages ago but i only got it last saturday night.

Muji's Sotong!!! Taste like sashimi... look raw. some even ask me if it is some formalin stuffs *ewww*
But... just get a bite on it. We shouldnt judge a book by its cover.

*chomp chomp* I bitten off a little part of the legs. Really taste like sashimi!! =D I love it and it tastes nice (if u love raw stuffs and you are a big fans of squid like me) Thanks Melissa for the squid~ *bigbigsmile* I love it. *huggies*

haha~ n i think i shouldn't go to Germany now C-ing Paul the Octopus will surely make me H-U-N-G-R-Y~ =P

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I think if this continue on... You will be visiting me in the Tanjung Rambutan soon.

Slept in Ting Ting's house yesterday. As my body has a bad habit of recognizing bed, i was roaming between the dreamland and the reality (sound so inception right? =(  )

This is the stupid dream i dreamt  yesterday... not the first time. But it gave me such a impact yesterday that i jump up n near to tears. =( (its just so real...)

Somehow my whole family went to a church on a Sunday but there is a lot of people. Trying to squeeze into the church and HALT!!! i saw my uni friends all dress in night dresses... Suddenly someone push me to the aisle... and i m holding the bride's hand,W ready to walk her down the aisle to the groom,J with me in shorts, shirts n slippers =.=

"What the hell was happening here?" and "How these two get together and married?" are 2 questions that circled in my mind that time... After the vows and exchanged rings. I went to look for my friends. Dress in red, black and green. When i was catching up with them, suddenly all the people crowded to the doors.

Up on the sky, is a giant, yellowish orange sun. Super big!!! like going to explode... everybody staring at it... (not a sound is made). I thought the sun going to explode. but heck... i saw a black dot (nucleus of the sun) moving from the bottom of the sun to the top... then the sun open a crack of the mouth so that the nucleus can go to the center but the nucleus got stuck!!! so no explosion!!! n no END of THE WORLD!! i thought we got to live for sometimes but heck!! NONONONONo!!! the weather started to change... lightning first... or thunder... striking everything that they can reach. Then is wind... not strong... just move the clouds... and the sun and the sky turn to orangish grey... and i can still c the stupid nucleus stuck there refusing to go to the centre of the sun. Everybody running everywhere to seek for shelter.

I panic... and my dad said all four of us should hold hands n run home. But something even more horrrible happened now... the cloud become  a big vacum... got tentacles growing down n suck whatever it touch into the sky... vehicles and human... people who get suck into the sky kept screaming... everybody was crying and screaming n i started to feel breathless and my mind swirling around. =(

We ran home (which is a apartment... when did i move into an apartment!!! *aiks*)... c-ing people trying to damp their bodies (to prevent getting suck cause it about some electolytes thingy)... then we pack pack some food and clothes and ran out... ok... i kept c-ing people get suck into the sky and screaming... we tried to go to our cars but all the car cannot start (its about the magnetic field again). People yelling, running amok around.... what burst into my mind that time is "hey... i dont want to run already. lets just sit down and wait for the doomday to come."

The sun is still the stupid deadly color... suddenly rain falls.... 2 mins of heavy rain with 1 min of light rain (alternately)... i can feel the coldness... and we tried to move to a hawker centre to eat something before we ran to a cave (dont ask me why a hawker centre!!!) suddenly a lorry slide in front of us... seperating my bro n us... then got one of the big vacum came down n suck something behind the lorry. MY BRO!!! thats what came into my mind... then the lorry move away n my bro was gone. =( nonononononono!!! i kept crying non stop... fall down... sit there n try to end my life on the sport...

*poosh* i came back to the reality with teary eyes n emo... for quite a while... do not even dare to fall asleep again even i m very tired.... =( luckily somebody comfort me n i tried to sleep back... luckily the dream didnt continue... if not i will kill myself.

I hate my head... why did u always boom me with these type of weird dreams. i think the only doomsday movie that i had watch is something call "known"... =( i hate my brain... u should let me dream of having a good day pampering myself in the spa or buying a bag that i had dreamt on long... not this type of DREAMS!!!... i feel kinda worried now... wish the dream dont come back again tonight.... ok... dont b so vivd if u came back n make sure it is deleted and i cant remember when i wake up.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Some of the food that i pour down my stomach recently... i think my appetite is getting smaller (=.= its true. dont doubt about it) and when i saw oily and meaty food, my brain will go "ewwwww...." itself.

From a temple, every guan yin's birthday, the temple will give out some free food. Ordinary meehun and ordinary vege curry but they are just so delicious that i have 2 helpings. Mayb i m hungry at that time. But this bowl of meehun really bring peace to me. =)

GCB... sounds like some drug name. the meat is so small.... well... it tastes ok but i wont go back to buy another 1. its just not worth it and i envy the four ppl in the advertisement. they get to eat the GCB in the first photos. *envy*

The bamboo mussels (i dont even what it calls). Overcooked that day, so it taste super rubbery and heck... the present of garlic in a dish really make it tastes better... but with the high high, expensive price of garlic... restaurant tend to cut down or even exclude garlic from the dish which make  it so suckie...

The used to b delicious CRABBY...
er... it sucks that day too... i wanted to straggle the chef. what the heck is he doing that he forget to dissolved the mamite. one part of it is so salty with the chunky mamite, the other part is totally tasteless... guess how much does this dish cost? Rm64... ish... I hope the next time i visit, it will return to the usual level. Mommy is so excited about eating crabs again that she bought some instruments specially for eating CRABS. lol... haha~

N i get to learn how to post a package... haha~ stupid me thinking that the post office will help me wrap it up. swt... luckily the package get to the person safely n i love the cute donut stickers on it.

Help mommy to peel the ikan bilis for the whole morning n afternoon... dead tired.

Suddenly wish i could rush to a shop which sell not overpriced diy model of a cake shop... gah.... those shop that sell diy stuffs in malaysia is all overpriced... geesh.. ok~... i will go hide in a corner n continue my emo first. this post with food should sound happy but somehow i make it sounds super emo. lol...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yogurt Banana Choco Rice

This is my new creation which the aim is to make myself to get diarrhoea. Original yogurt  freezes overnight inside the fridge.. it will become some cream like stuffs. add in banana n choc rice... stir stir stir n it will turn out to be a yummy stuffs like this. haha~

ok... i m super emo now. someone who is "I m always right and no matter what i do i have reason but you dont" make me super angry. What the heck is wrong with this person brain? cheh~ who cares? stay away from such rotten pieces so i wont increase my risk to HBP and MI.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Everybody wants different things.
Some may say home is important, some said health, some said money and some said fame.
Argue going on everywhere what builds up happiness.
But i think happiness come from above four words. I m content so i m happy.

My communicating skill is terrible since young.
A lot of people telling n booming me what is the success and happiness of life.
But huh... I dont know. this few days, my happiness seem to be just stay at home and be close with my home.
Lol... that makes me happy. 
still troubling with the question: m i an antisocial? yea... maybe.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spongey Cake

Mommy first experience in baking CAKES. Need to encourage her to bake.... if not the recipe book she buys will b lying in the box forever.

So we started off with something super simple---> sponge cake (spongebob's cousin)

The ingredients are simple:
4 Eggs
110g castor sugar
110g plain flour (sieved)
2 tbsp fresh milk (if you love to eat milky things like me.. if not just add in 1 tbsp)
50g butter (melted)

1. Add in sugar and eggs into a big bowl. beat it on medium speed till fluffy.
ok.... as you c. my house do not have a mixer (my mom said beginner wont need mixer =.=). so we beat it manually. take turns between me n mommy.... it is so tiring (for me =p)

half an hour later.... (or maybe less)
Finally it becomes something that look a bit to fluffy. Mayb we should beat until the mixture wont drop out of the bowl even we overturn it (>< i wont want to beat until that state manually, so i tell my mum its alright already) hahaha~

2. Add in the sieved flour and the fresh milk slowly n mix them in the same time. Then, is the melted butter.

3. Pour the mixture into a container... (preferably 8 inch). Preheat the oven at 180 celcious and bake the cake for 20 to 25 mins.

Ah.... so after 25 mins... *ting ting*
The cake came out. Sorry for the darkness in the pic. The oven is in some gloomy place. The holes are not suppose to b there but mommy is very worried. So she prick a few holes to make sure its thoroughly cooked. haha~

Tadaa~ can c serve in cream. It seems to go well with yogurt. =D a bit firm... next time mayb we can try adding in some baking powder. Make it fluffier and bigger in size. heh~ =D

Gummy Gum

Ran through this last last last week in supermarket. Wrigley's had new products (i m a big fan of Wrigley's).

It comes in 3 color, blue, green n yellow. I bought the yellow 1 (tried to make my life a bit sunnier) =D

C... it shaped like a high class matchbox. oooh~ look like notepad here. oh yea~ it is a SUGARFREE gum for mine.

When open up~ it turns out like this. hahahah~ look like i found some golden bars gums. 15 in total. Plus they are sending out blinding rays~ *ching ching*

Oh well~ it funs to have such a nice packaging gum. But.... i just cant agree with the taste. It taste wrong to me. Not that it is tasteless but it just taste a bit wrong... ok~ i think i still prefer peppermint, mint or fruits gum~ SUGARFREE stay away from me.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The umbrella of terrorist

恐怖分子的洋伞 (direct translate as above). Japanese detective story translate into chinese and it had won 2 important awards in Japan.

Synopsis: A is a middle aged alcoholic. One day when he was drinking in the park (his daily routine), a girl came to talk to her. After sometimes, an explosion happened in the centre of the park (not far away from him). A lot of people died in that explosion including a police officer and it is suspect to be a work of terrorist. A got a warning from a funny gangster that night and he got beaten up by someone later that day. A young girl came to his shop and claim that she is his ex-lover daughter. To prevent the police from putting the responsibility on him due to his unknown past to the others. A are on a journey to runaway and to find out the truth about this explosion and his past.

I still remember how i kept complaining about this book when i first read it. It is horribly boring and too much too detailed explanation which i yawn yawn yawn. But as i continue to read, the storyline get more interesting and you will feel sympathy, oooooo and aaaaaa for the main character in the book. The end was unexpected. And i really feel so sorry for the main character. A pool of mixed feeling. Geesh~ Maybe next time i should continue reading even the book is boring at the start. =D it may surprise me later.

p/s: super angry n emo yesterday. What did i bring into my com... =(

Friday, August 6, 2010


Finally, i got to watch this awesome movie which have so much less publicity compare to Avatar. If not because my friends kept promoting it, i think i will just skip this.

Another movie with Leonardo as the main actor. INCEPTION

Synopsis: Dom (I forget the name of the char which is acted by Leonardo) is a skillful thief, not physically but mentally. He can go into other people dreams and steal out ideas. In one of the task, he failed. While he is running away, his ex-victim, Mr Sato offers him an impossible mission with a reward that he wont b wanted by the police force and can return to his children. Instead of stealing ideas from the target, Dom is instructed to plant an idea into the target mind which haven't happened b4. To plant an idea into a person's head without the target realizing, Dom needs to get into the deepest layer of the head which is unstable n may trap ppl there. So he collects all the genius to become his partners. Unaware of what Dom hiding from them (ok... except the girl), the dark secret may bring the whole team down to a place which they cant run back to reality.

I m sure i flip through newspapers but publicity of Inception is just so so so so low. Well, its just like a jewel hiding in the dark, not wanting to b find. MUST WATCH!!!!! Titanic surprised me. Avatar thrilled me. INCEPTION STUNNED/ KILLED ME. lol... its not over to say that Inception is better than avatar (ok... avatar fans dont kill me) cause the storyline just engrave into my memory. Wont b lost in 10 years time. I don't remember if i m breathless when i m watching avatar, but watching Inception really left me breathless and dizzy and shock. OMG!!! It is just awesome (go watch urself). Those who like fiction will definitely love this movie. Still in the shock mode now. Mayb i get shock too much recently. I read another book that gave me this breathless feeling again (n how wrong m i complaining that the book is so darn boring at first). Will discuss about it tomorrow. =) oh~ thanks god for giving me a strong heart. haha~

This movie stimulate me to watch another movie star by Leonardo too. Shuttle Island. Its again a low profile movie but Rudy recommended long time ago. ok~ shall watch it soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Final Day =)

7-11 day for me. There are so many 7-11 shops there until u nearly can find it in every street.

In 7-11, you will find a big fringe with various assorted unbelievable drinks. Some may sell species, frozen food and etc~

A rack for maggi mee~ Malaysia 7-11 also have maggi mee but i feel more excited searching of the instant noodles that i want there.
Bread rack with begels in it.

The cook food area. They offer herbal ehhs, sausages and corns i think which cant b found in malaysia.

Steamboat, hot drinks and pau!!! wow~ a lot of taiwanese came here to buy their breakfast too. price is reasonable not as expensive as the one in malaysia.

Japanese dumplings come with assorted flavors. Me like a lot~ hope 7-11 in malaysia will have this too. thne i will visit it everyday. =)

I think i saw the orange juice and the tropica fruit juice of this brand selling in malayisa. but this grapefruit juice is still not available here. those who love this must try. it tastes just like the fruit itself.

i bought all these in 7-11 there but mostly not tried yet. The maggi mees at the back are for my dad. Beef noodles with real beef inside o~ eeee... i cant imagine it. cause i dun favor beef.

One of my favorite that i couldnt bring back. Papaya milk. Its taste even better than the non packaging papaya milk. The milky taste and a special taste is so rich that it overpower all my tongue senses.

Our hostel door. so canggih. We just need to key in the code then we can enter it. =D but staying underground is kinda freaking eerie when u walk back alone.

We sort of get kick out because we stay pass the time in the hostel. So we move all our stuffs out and pack it outside. 很落魄~ ><

The lobak we ate in the airport. Super... salty. wonder if my bp rise after eating this.

The soup is unique... i dont know what this vege/herb name in english but its called 金针菜 in chinese.
used to prevent u having too much nightmare.... (heard from somewhere)

Vege with lobak sauce... extremely salty... ><

N c what i found?? osama engraved on the spoon~ hohoho~ so this spoon is a terrorist too.

Flying back to malaysia~ had a seat beside the window. that flight is the nosiest flight i ever sit. A lot of children, crying, laughing, throwing tantrum... ok~ i love the sleeping one most... cause they are quite. =p

I think we reach Malaysia??? this river is sungai pahang ma? aiyo.... the view is very gorgeus that time. just like heaven but my camera is not as good as my eyes so i cant take down the exact things i c.

Yer... i plan to go taiwan once more. this time will focus more on shopping. =D hee hee~ here ends the journey. *wink*

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I m 10, Divorced

Noujoub Ali, a 10 years old girl from Yemen forced to marry a man who is 30 years older than her. Away from her family and friends, she was abused daily by her husband and his family. Most of the bride in child marriage will just keep quite about the violence put on them. However, Noujoub ran away and seek for divorce in the court. The world is shock and tried to solve these problems that is long abandon by the society.

Although everyone said girls have equal social status now with guys (or maybe more) but child marriage, child abuse are still going nearly everywhere. Noujoub is really brave to stand up and tell the world what she is experiencing. To let the false become a phenomenon or to correct it by fighting agaisnt it. it just all ones choice and will.

Taipei Day 5 ShiLin Nightmarket 士林夜市

The most well known market in Taiwan ---> ShiLin Nightmarket (市林夜市).

Direction: DanShui Line (red) (淡水线). Exit at JianTan(剑潭)exit 1. The food area for the nightmarket is just opposite the station and the shopping place is at the right side of the station.

of course food shouldnt b exempted from here~ =)

HaoDa fried chicken fillet (好大炸鸡排)

This is the longest quene i ever seen... 0.0 all because of a fried chicken fillet.
haha~ swen n ting ting waited for so long here. scary....

Finally after all those waiting... we get to taste the REALLY SUPER SUPER BIG CHICKEN FILLET. Its bigger than melissa face x1.5 =D Taste quite ok too. Puffing hot and crispy!!! =)

Big sausage wrap in small sausage (大肠包小肠)
After tasting the already delicious taiwan sausage in malaysia. The original 1 is more impressing. =)

The outer later is a grilled rice sausage with a taiwan sausage inside. =)

Big Biscuits wrap small biscuits (大饼包小饼)
2 types of flavors (sweet or salty) with a lot of choices. I forget which choice did we pick =p

*chomp chomp*

Its actually bits and pieces of a biscuits wrap inside a popia. Quite dry. Prepare some water for it.

JiLi Sotong (吉利生炒花枝)
Hoho` this is just opposite the Big biscuits wrap small biscuits stall.

Sotong, carrot plus .... UO (unknown object) cook in a soup. I LOVE the sotong. it is so elastic!!! the soup not bad too~

DaTouLong oyster (大头龙牱煎)
A lot of ppl sitting there to tried the fried oyster here.

The fried oyster!!! my favorite dish that night. Malaysian fried oyster usually dont come with gravy but the gravy really UP UP UP the delicious of this dish. MUST TRY!!! you have no reason not to try this except you are allergy to oyster.

 The non food side of Shilin Nightmarket is a SHOPPING HEAVEN!! A lot of nice nice clothes, ascessories, bags can be found there. And i assure you that spending one day there is not enough for you~ =) So try to arrange more time there. Its worth it~