Sunday, September 26, 2010

Of food and ants~

I went to this shop call Fegafredo twice this month and I m falling in love in it. =)
Situated behind Columbia hospital (not directly behind) and without a prominent board claiming it sells pizza.. its kind of hard for me to locate it.

The boss is actually an Italian but he seldom cook now. Just walk around n sit outside the shop. But thanks to Kor Woi.. get to taste the boss's skill that day. =)
"My Pizza". Choose ur own topping~ i forget what is our topping already. =D dont know if it is psychologically or what. The pizza taste crunchier and nicer that day. =D n obviously better than Pxxxx Hxx or Dxxxxx. Ha~ Price is from Rm12- 16 (regular).

Lasagna. I still cant fall in love with this delicacies that all people claimed is their favorite. C the cheese topping make me feel guilty~

This baked pasta really surprised me!!! it is so yummy~ not so much of cheese and the sauce is really not too thick to make you feel guilty. everything is just at the nice point. Will have it all by myself if i m not sharing that day.

The shop also sell various salad, pizza, pasta and dessert. Try it when u r stop by or need some really warm non-commercial food.

Alas~ clinical school life make me have slight memory loss. I forget my favorite food of Midautumn Festival until the day itself. Luckily aunty spare me some. =) thank you~

Mayb not people aware of these but this is food that you must eat during Mooncake Festival. Not as commercial as mooncake but they have their own unique taste which is original. I love the yam best!!! =D n it is far more better than the big big yam we usually c. The black stuffs that look like horns are ling jiao. peel it and eat the white stuffs inside. Chestnut is yummy too~

Here are some pictures taken by yen haw and i crop it... i dont know if i crop the right one... cause i think i ruin the photos he took.
These are the big, enormous, black with big belly ants found in millions or even billions on the hilltop. isnt them ew....

My conclu is they are pregnant... or have some ulceration in their tummy (c... wth.. non stop about medic). haha~ ok... must continue studying.. i already slack for a day~ =P


Why blogger and facebook dont let me to upload any photos? oh my... Monday coming soon and i automatically wake up at 6 today... then convince myself it is a saturday and sleep back again. *scary*

Friday, September 24, 2010

Second Week

Its Friday!!! and I cant wait till the class over and rush to Jusco to treat myself with sushi =D tee hee hee~ anyways... this week only Tuesday is a bad day. others days are still ok.

Monday - Took a history from a gout patient who haven't recover until today... =( i feel really bad for him but i cant do anything for him. He cannot move a single bit. sigh~ Then a uncle who is in hospital because of some error... listen to his complaint for N times but still smile smile at him (I m impress by myself =D). and a houseman very kindly brief us about PE for CVS. really truly thanks to him.

Tuesday-Clerk a patient who refuse to tell me his alcohol and smoking details because he scares the doctor will scold him... bah... swt. but in the end he told me the details himself... swt. Met the uncle i clerk b4 raya. and i truly truly feel sorry to him but he is also very cool to me. sigh~ i m being hated again. Mini-CeX 1 with Dr Tai. Gone hay wired during history taking but Dr. Tai still spoke softly and gently even my history is terrible n I saw a lot of black line falling down from his forehead. ok... will buck up on my knowledge la... c... sometime i miss things because i dun know what to ask. Nice TBL with Dr James in Infectious Diseases.

Wednesday- You see... Whenever there is Chinese patients. I go to clerk them. cause i m the only 1 that know how to speak Chinese. Talking to a CKD patient. He is just so nice... answering and giving me details. but in the end i forget to wish him Happy Mid Autumn Festival. My bad... and I found out something... Surgery is a MUST NOT DO things in Chinese even their life is in danger... sigh. A lot of chest pain cases in the ward... so... yea. chest pain again and looking through the drugs that person had make me dizzy.

Thusday- continue clerking the same patient. Do not ask me why... n dont tell the doctors and prof. I think they will strangle me. Help to clerk a case for TBL and i presented it. =D ok.... i know why i miss a lot of points in history taking cause a lot of point that is important i just take it as unimportant stuffs. need to widen my imagination. On call that night, yay!!! my first time taking blood. and i truly feel sorry to that patient that i took blood from cause i poke him twice. =P and hospital is so peaceful at night but the houseman will be busy like mad though... kinda coward out when i c their lifestyle and how can the housemen there have such a high EQ... plus how to clerk a patient who cannot talk? i got to clerk a MM patient. lucky..

Friday- Clerk a patient with chest pain again. when i compare the patient file... i go =.= either he gave the wrong info to me or he gave the wrong info to whoever that clerk him. There is 6 to 7 points of difference between mine and the other history... ish... but i reconfirm with him. and he gave me the same answer with mine. maybe he do not understand my question.... lol.ECG, CSU then Plenary which is overtime.

Ah... a lot of read up need to b done throughout the weekend. next week i will b in the female ward. I hope i can be braver and more focus in reading through the messy handwriting.

Monday, September 20, 2010








Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My all Time Favourite

Oh well~ my mum first cooked this fried kuey teow last 2 weeks. The best that i ever had. Not that the outside stalls do not serve good kuey teow but this just suit my taste from every aspect.

1. Not too oily.  I know it is extremely delicious when the kuey teow is soak in pig oil... but arg.. i just cant overcome the guilt and thoughts of getting heart disease when eating it. When you do not enjoy, then you wont want to eat it anymore.

2. Not too much burnt or blackish parts. Mayb the burnt or blackish stuffs can enhance the flavor of the dish. But it is still no no to me.

3. The most important point. It is FILLED with cockles!!!! YAY!!!! ok~ stop nagging me about getting hepatits B and again cholesterol but when it reaches seafood. all about health and etc are blown away from my brain. C~~~~ how many cockles are there? (green arrow) count urself la~ you cant get this much from outside and there are still some hiding under the kuey teow~ tee hee hee *wide wide wide smile + drooling*

Thanks mommy for the fanstatic meal *muacks*

p/s: some stupid thoughts came into me. It got stuck there and it does not go away. I dont know if it is a good thought but it definately will surprised or maybe horrified people around me. swt...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Malacca Day Trip

Decided to go to Malacca during weekends for shopping... swt. haha~ Get into a japanese restaurant with reasonable price (But.... as usual i forget the shop name) in Dataran Merdeka.

This is my lunch~ hoho~ recently i have a small appetite so i share some with my bro. I love the green beans. =) RM15.00

My dad's lunch. Salmon bento.  I love the salmon fish but mommy said it tastes... fishy... swt. (maybe i m a cat). Meow meow~

Went into Daiso, Japanese every item RM5 shop. Can be found in the Curve and maybe Sunway (if it is open by now).

I bought this... small containers for liquid. Arent they adorable with different kawaii animals covers~ *widewidesmile* But mommy just do not  have an idea what they can be used for (one of their use is to be deco~ hahahaha)

I actually wanted to take my family to taste the Crepe in Dataran Merdeka but heck... all the shop around the cafe closed down except for that cafe which is flooded with people and no more cake for us. T.T

Craving for delicacies so I persuaded my family to hunt the other branch of Nadeje cafe which is beside Makhota Parade... yea... we can walk there but i m too lazy to do that under the hot sun so we drove along the road for nearly an hour before we reach the shop. wala~ Bless us. Cause we are still left with some cakes~ hip hip hooray!!!!

Original crepe. My favorite after the chocolate 1 (which is out of stock that day).

and Tiramisu Crepe. =)

Every piece of cake is RM8.50++ and we get to redeem a piece of cake because i got all 10 cops. *big big big big smile* so four of us actually have 3 cakes that day.

Dinner is at a restaurant which have only 2 table of customers. my family and the other family.

Porridge for me. Their porridge have a lot of ingredients and they put dried oyster in their porridge. Super worth it as you only need to paid Rm3.80... no photo taken.

But the best food that we order from the shop is this:
Dou Qian 豆签. Look like kuey teow but it is actually noodles made out of soya beans. Yummy~ it is very fresh. This is the dried one~ Daddy said it is a hokkien food. The price is around Rm3 something.

This is their brochure. =D It has a branch inside Mahkota Parade but the price is slightly more expensive there (due to rental and aircond bills...swt.). The shop that i tried is just at the opposite row of Nadeje Cafe. =)

Happy trip to Malacca. =D bought 3 T shirts, 1 knitted cardigan (my dream came true) and a formal shirt (my mum loves to hunt this down for me).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Elena~ The warrior

I came across this book in Taipei. This is one of the books that i choose last minute, not knowing what is the content and it turns out to be quite a touching or rather inspiring book.

"Notes Left Behind" by Keith and Brooke Desserich. This couple at first wanted this diary to be read only by their younger daughter, Grace, a memoir of their elder daughter, Elena (this is such a beautiful name).

Elena who is 5 was diagnosed to have brain cancer (I do not know the specific name of the cancer cause it is in chinese) and doctor told Keith and Brooke that she still can live for 3 months only. Horrified by the sudden news, both of them still manage to take good care of Elena, encourage her, try to get in touch with any treatment and hoping that miracle will happened. As for Elena, although young, she knows that she has a terminal sickness, not able to live long, she tried her best to cheer up her family by showing them her determine in fighting the cancer and kept her sweet smile on her face.

Elena~ isnt she angelic?

Miracle did not happened. Elena passed away but months after her death, her family found notes saying "I Luv You, Daddy, Mommy, Grace" all over the house. Some inside Keith's bag, some inside the drawer and some between books. Well, this scene reminded me of "P.S. I Love you". They gave courage for the living to continue to live in this world that had been different since the loved 1 died. Elena, 5 years old, know that these notes will definately help her family to move on, such a wise girl in such a young age.

Elena tried to spread love around the world, try to show the world that even a little gesture can remind people that they are loved by someone.

This is her drawing name "I Love You" who is hung in a art gallery at Cincinnati along with Picasso's drawing.

Elena is brave. She didnt sulk because of the cancer instead she and her family tried to work their best to live life till fullest. Make more memory so that Elena wont disappear in their life so fast. Through the book, it also mention a bit about the palliative care provided to terminal illness patients which i thick should be improved in Malaysia.

Her parents organized "The Cure Starts Now" to help those parents that had the same experience as them.

Elena: Daddy, why am i the 1 to have this disease?
Daddy: ... ( I dont know how to answer her, if i tell her that she is the unlucky 1 that get included into the statistic of this illness, she became just some sort of number. If i tell her that God had make her sick to examine her, then she will blame God and I think no children should receive such a horrible disease. There is still no perfect answer for this question, and i still trying to find it)







嗯。。。 想不起。。。那片记忆遗失在那遍地的破碎思维里。

Friday, September 10, 2010


Its the end of first week internal med rotation. First time get dump into a ward full of people that I do not know and I was so lost... dont know what to do, feel awkward and yes... depressed. From young till now, I m not a very sociable person and I really have the fear to talk to people that I dont know or 1 per 1. Reason of this fear cant be detected. But its there.

First day, brave myself to talk to a old uncle, didnt get really good response and really depress when a houseman ask me why i clerk a patient that do not have obvious symptom... lol... T.T plus see-ing my groupmates all clerking with such joys really make me feel down down down. sigh~ i want to shut myself away.

Second day, brave myself to approach a malay patient... ok~ i admit that my clerking is really Q&A... i try to make it a little fun but swt... cant. he kept looking away. N i do realise what problem he is facing but i didnt address cause it is not nice and i do not know the way to address it. and during case presentation, my brain totally cant function at all.... need to bulk up on my knowledge. oh... actually i get to have  a chance to take blood but dah... i really scare causing pain on the patient.

Third day is a day with up and downs. Get to know my cscf mate a bit better.I could said i really do admired some of the qualities in her. determine!! haha~ got snap by prof esha. met my former old chinese tuition teacher, happily chatting with him while trying to dig some history out of him and his wife. Then, I saw an amazing technique of clerking patients. Passion, care and cheerful. Its really fascinating.

Today, start off not so bad. Have clerk half history of an uncle with the help of other ppl. And i saw the other trait that i should learn... caring and be ready to notice and help. my mother tongue makes me proud again but i must admit my clerking skill is still the worse in the ward. Dr Sree is totally fun to be with just that he seems to be spacing out somewhere sometime. And next TBL i must sit in front. No matter what... all the doctors speak so softly... and I get to talk to a patient today... took history for 1 hour... dont ask me why its so long... I just want to make him relief a bit... you see... i can b a good listener but not a good comforter.

Need to sleep at 12 and woke up at 6 or 6.30 ( i let the clock snooze a few times) although i already woke up. Drove to school alone (now... i prefer be the one sleeping at the side of the driver), walk into a ward with no friendly smiles (oh yea... today a nurse so ganas.. the patient wants his bed to stick to the wall, so we help him to move the bed. Then a nurse came by and throw a tamtriumph over us and the patient, questioning us why we move the bed against the wall and threatened that she wont take ECG of the patients until this evening because she not able to reach the suis. how rude....). Feel my heart tumping everytime i walk up to a patient. try to follow up with them. then drive home alone again.

Last time no matter how depress or upset I am I will always keep to myself. But now... dont know why i got the urge and courage to blah out all my upset things and share with other people. It actually make me more relief. yea... 4 days feel like 1 month. It time to change and adapt to a new environment. =) oh well... i feel ok now actually. cause i got very good ward mates. aza aza fighting. =D

Monday, September 6, 2010

Chinese Books Exhibition

After visiting my grandparents in the temple, we went to Chinese Books Exhibition 大马海外国际书展。This is the fifth year of this exhibition. Details are below:

Venue: KLCC (exhibition hall)
Date:  4/9/2010  -  12/9/2010
Ticket: RM 2 (excluded for students below 18 and senior citizens above 60)

It is a big exhibition and rather crowded because it is a sunday and school holiday has started (at the time my semester just start T.T , now i envy them). Headache seeing so many people choosing books and try to make way by pushing you here n there. Queue for paying is rather long even there is about 12 cashiers. Are there really so many book lovers? I saw a lot of people filled their baskets with books... swt... just wondering are they going to read all those books? And why do there split the english hall and the chinese hall... I hate to paid my stuffs first in one hall before i can proceed to another.

About the price... some books are rather cheap but not all... some books are still selling in an expensive price... so be careful ya when choosing books~ Bought 2 books (but hell... i dun know if i got time to read them). One is  from my idol, a doctor. and the other is a motivation book that had existed for 20 years but i only interested in reading it now. haha~

ok... i shall do something for tomorrow... i m so passive and everything look grey to me recently.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I know i should not be conflicting since i already make a decision. But a self conflict will start everytime I m doing a work.

Finish the online ethics course. What i can said about it? took me a lot of time, tedious but.... i learn something from it la.... i feel upset halfway through the course when the supposedly guideline to us end up to b something super vague... no direct or a confirm solution. Its just like the drawing of Picasso and i hate it~ after writing the reflection i feel more angry of myself... I dont know why. i feel incompetence n i dont like the feeling and there is this stupid ego things bothering me.

huh.... today i check my face... the skin there is super thin... how to make it thicker???? sigh~ ok.... dont think too much ying xin... i think one of ur weak point is u think too much until you confuse urself.. alright... just do ur best.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A thousands Kisses

My second day of clinical school years. INTERESTING~

Guess people are moving on faster and more works had to be done in just a little time. Briefing on IMS, Research (T.T not again.... n this time are even more less people than last time. can b a good news or a nasty 1), community and family case study which the lecturer told us to choose an interesting case which wont b gone in 2 years time (they r so mean to said this) and examination. wow wow wow~ Its scary... or a positive way... i wont waste my time anymore.... aiks.

And starting from next week, everyday will b a day that i must talk more than now... oh... lol... its not my hobby to talk so... erm. haha~ nvm... communication is important in relationship. I shall learn that. Met an interesting lecturer today... getting him as a tutor can b a good thing or a nightmare... hahaha~ i think i should start studying... if not i will b the person that get target again.

A lot of kisses needed now. Send 1 to me as a support if u dont mind. Love this choc a lot~ =P Jia you!!!