Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAppy HalloWeeN

p/s: sorry for the retarded pictures. buahaha~ guess i m not bless in drawings~ =D

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Came across this in 100 yen~ arent the packaging cute and looks yummy?
Beware!!! dont judge a book through its cover. Its Alcohol!!! Luckily my nephew is not with me, if not he will be pestering me to buy this for him. Anyway~ i bought one for myself. =D heh heh heh~ legal 21. So no1 can sue me for drinking hard drinks. *bigwidesmile*

See... it said "Once you sip it, you can't forget that rich flavor and pleasant after taste".
Oh haha~ not to me. I am not a beer or maybe sakae person... this packet of alcohol just taste like a very thin beer... Erm... not my liking.

Slurp... blek. Took me sometime to finish it. but still the packaging is cute and there are a few more types of alcohol. Plum, black glutinous rice, rice and etc. =D Buy it at 100 yen. But its not cheap. Rm6.90 per packet.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maggi Fest

The screen is spinning in my eyes. Lol... staring at the screen for too long doing the slides for IMS and trying to correct all the mistakes that i make in the case reports. I just couldnt bring myself to like case reports... you need to be detailed... very detailed... until the non-medical beings also can understand it... ooohhh~ shoo... ok... chill. relax first do later.

Maggi is my prey during phase I. A week would not be complete if I didnt push in any Maggi into my tummy. Sometimes 4-5 times in a week. Mostly is Maggi Curry which I developed phobia during sem 5. Tend to runaway whenever i see the yellow rectangular package.

Since I came back to seremban... i barely touch Maggi, Indomee... any types of instant noodles. Mayb once a month or even less... Kinda miss Curry Maggi last night. Break the no supper rules and cook a hot, puffing plain curry maggi. *nomnomnom* yummy~ =)

Felt warm and secure after eating this long lost friend. =D =D sleep quite well yesterday~ =)

Brush out all the Instant noodles that i brought back from Taiwan for my dad. All beef~ and both bowls are very unique~
First, open the lid HALF only~ put in the ingredients and oil.

Pour in adequate hot water. Close the lids and place the beef and sauce packet on the lid to heat it. Wait for 3 minutes *rubbinghands*

After 3 mins.....
Open the packet and pour the content in. Mix well~ TRALALA~ its done!!!

No comment on the taste. Its just taste ok to me (please take note that i m not a beef lover). Pieces of real meat in the instant noodle, isnt that magnificent?? Arent you thrill by it? =D although i dun know how many preservative they put in for that.

This 1 is slightly saltier and spicier. The below taste better to me.
Same steps~ preheat the sauce packet on top the bowl~

The beef here is slightly lesser and thinner but i like the taste of this bowl of instant noodles.

Okla~ no more food. my stomach just grumble~ back to case reports~ *bittergourdface*

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ahoy from Tazzie

Another surprise came to me last Tuesday. But because of my homework (which i was dilly dally with) and End Of Posting Exam (which i finished today~ yay!!! Dr. Tai is awesome~ =) ) so i restricted myself from blogging~ =D =D I m so in a good mood now~

From Tazzie (Kai Aun). oh my~ i already forget i ask him to send a postcard for me but he remembered~ thanks ya~
Cradle mountain (he climbed b4 and he did mention how beautiful it is). oh my... but i cant find back that post in his blog... so uh... this is 1 of the must go if you visit Tasmania beside catching a glimpse of the Devil (not in the wild but in the zoo). =D If my brain is still functioning well, the water in the postcard is actually a humongous lake~ which is so big is can become a sea ( =D hyperbola... i didnt see it before, just sixth sense).

Cutie pies Koala bear~ woohoo~ in my mind... koala always is head without a body. shooo~~~ i m not evil by chopping of their body. Last time i had a koala purse which has a head only... =D this is my first time see-ing a full-body picture of Koalas~ ahaha~ i loves their furry ears. =)

Everything is fine in seremban for now~ cause internal med is ending and i m going to family med in 1 week time. hope my life will become more interesting there. *wishingprayingalot*

PICK-A-BOO!!! What are those stuffs that are sticking out of my clinical medicine handbook? =D

CHIANG CHIANG CHIANG CHIANG!!!!!! *backgrounddrum*
hee hee~ little bunnies~ aiyo~ there are so adorable and their true identities are stickers~
Busy mugging up the handbook and tag out the important disease that usually see in the ward. =)
oh my~ i cant believe i m in such a good mood now that i will sing and dance if someone accompanying me. tee hee hee~ trala~  must start to do my case report... which i still dun know what my patient has in his big  lung. swt.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tick Tock~

Thank you Rosh for finding such a wonderful cscf patient. =) hope i can write a wonderful report base on her too. =D

It is a pain when you see a person actually he can live for a few more years if he accepted the right treatment but because of some believes, he solemnly refused to accept and rather take the other path that have no guarantee it will heal him. Sigh~ everyone has a right to choose how they want to live and since he is so confident that what he chose is the best for him, we must respect him. But, somehow... i still feel something had went wrong.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Heal soon~

Today started off bad, i couldnt concentrate in anything that i want to do and my mind started floating somewhere. Thats why i fail to summarized the case my friend presented. sigh~ pull yourself together, man.

One of my lecturers got involved in MVA. I am not very sure what is the details, but the outcome is he is hurt pretty bad. Amithba, get well soon ya~ will miss the time you carpool with us to pd. And our posting now is really pathetic, only left 2 lecturers to deal with 32 of us. Gah.... what the heck. sigh~

ok. Time to squeeze back into books and get info which i will forget real soon~ c ya. =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From a faraway land

Something appeared on my table yesterday~~ A POSTCARD!!!! It didnt fly to my table, just i dont check my post box often... thats my mum's job. Wondering who post this lovely card to me?
Read the front of the postcard, SOUTHAMPTON~ =) should have a slight idea who is it right? Its Joycey~ eeee... so sweet of her. =D =D =D =D The back of it is filled with words~ ooooh~ sweeet. =) and 90% is in chinese, reason for her to write chinese is===> to avoid the postmen stalk the postcard. hahaha~ how cute. =D

 The postcard also meant for this girl (honey). C... she is hugging the postcard although she is paralyze. =D and some greeting she drew to you (Joyce). "Thanks, godmother for the card. send my love to you n Berry". *smilesmile*

and the stamp is really cool too~
=D a big big eyes reminded me of LOTR, the evil... eyes... which i forget its name, started with S. but this 1 look innocent. In case you cant read the words, it said "artificial lens implant surgery pioneered by Sir Harold Ridley, 1949". Wonder where she get this stamp, from school a? =D =D

Haha~ thank you joyce~ i m really surprise and much much appreciate your effort~ =) dont stress k? for homework. just do your best. =D support from here. ying xin and honey and the big head giraffe (why you didnt put me in?) =D

oh well.... i practically came home super early today. dont know what to do... mayb take a nap later. =P till then...

Hot Burning Oven

I actually wanted to put up some nice nice pictures... but since my camera fail me... i shall put it another time. ><

Today is super burning hot~ stuffy and luckily i m not in HTJ. If not i will be like a cover with sweats from head to toe like yesterday night... and smell like a pig (dirty 1).

Btw~ yesterday night is awesome!!!! thanks to Benedict. I get to do C&S, ABG (unluckily i took the blood from a vein instead an artery) and venepuncture. ngek~

ah.... its tiring. I cant imagine how my life will be when i m doing my housemanship. Hope I can endure all and grow with it. =D

Reminder: SUSHI BONANZA or BONZANA is here~ yay!!!! quickly go n grab a seat (remember your sushi king member card) and tug in~ sushi with rice is RM2 each plate~ *whistle*

p/s: ying xin, talking is not allow when you are driving. today you nearly knock into a car. haha~ n look in front. =P

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I woke up with my allergy again (sneezing non stop) but the allergen remained idiopathic. It actually went away since i started phase 2, but i guess, getting adapted to the environment is calling my allergy back. ><

Watching movie in the cinema always summon back my left knee ache~ sigh~ ok... i cant b having osteoarthritis or rheumatoid right? so what is this sore in my left knee?

*jump topic*

When i m in primary, i always thought that my birthday is today 1010. lol~ =D and i refuse to accept the fact that i m born 1 week earlier because it is also children day at 1010 which means a lot of people will be celebrating for me. buahaha~ cute me. *smile*

My mum organized a party for me last sat, only relatives were invited. haha~ a bit weird that a lot of people sang birthday song to me. but thank you and thanks for all the wishes.

The prezzie that i got this year.. =) thanks~ The come in time to save me prezzie is actually the watch~ =D cause my watch is going to spoil real soon~ and i love the portable speaker too~ from my cousin. How thoughtful is he cause my room do not have any radio~ haha. and its so cute. =) arigato to all of you~

A cute card~ made by my other cousin~ =) i like the elephant in it.
*jump topic*
Waking up terrorized by the thought that i lost my camera. Searching it everywhere. Finally found it lying in a dark corner. whew~ dear cammie~ if  i have a wish now i would want to give you a mouth.. so that you can call out to me whenever i accidentally left you behind.

Joycey~ this is my so call cardigan bought from Malacca~ =D havent wear it before and I m so poor that i cant afford a proper clothes. It is fills with hole.
When you started to have some hope, some demand from a person, it is the time that you are most probably going to let the person down. Cause what he demands may not be what you want in your life. Road is still blur~ Cant c any of my fingers. Where is the lamp?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


When you are telling yourself something is IMPOSSIBLE. Think this way, you are actually telling urself the stuff is impossible but I M POSSIBLE. =D

quote: Zia

This is cute: Milk Toof

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh no~

I m getting a bit feverish now. Hope i didnt bring something small and naughty back from the hospital. cause an aunty keep coughing non stop when i m just following up her.

So happy when the patient that i had follow up for 3 weeks smile at me. swt... he used to =( or sleep (pretend?) when i go n find him. =D yay~ he can move already but his whole body is peeling... eww... ok. sorry for that. =P

studying antibiotics now~ ah... suddenly remember how Ickes taught me how to remember the antibiotics. I still can visualized the whole full page of list he makes on an A4 paper... but swt... i have no talent in pharmaco. so i wasted his effort. haha~ sorry ickes.

N reading joyce's blog suddenly make me want to go back to phase 1... which i can dilly dally everyday and stay up until who knows how late is it watching drama. haha~ time passes. Flies through me. I m still adapting to this new new life.

ah.. for the picture above... i dun know what is it. just simply draw,out of boredom. Someone can interpret it?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Make Each Day Count

Like the title, "Make Each Day Count". It is one of the source that keep me moving in these days which I have darker eye bags and lack of sleep (no chance to complaint of insomnia already =P)

George Lee (that cherry looking person in the picture) is a nephrologist (i think) who came back to work in Malaysia after more than 20 years in UK, just to find back the memory that he left behind after he flew to the west.

It is unbelievable that his chinese is far more better than me. His essays are so ... well... in chinese is called 细腻. that it will touch deep into your heart and you would like to read more. Sometimes, sixth sense tell us not to do a thing. but we cant reason it out. He can. And this is one of the characteristic of his that i love.

This is his first book. A memoir to his late father and his life in UK, how he went through all the hardship and realize what he had lost and gain. If you would like to know more about him, you could visit this: The Lost George. He may surprise you like he surprise me. =)

Well...So now is my time to babble about my day. Totally lost on Monday cause i m in a new ward. The women ward and my first time knowing that my mother tongue is still not sufficient for me in communicating with the patients... i clerk a patient who does not speak chinese, malay, english, hokkien, teochew and neither hakka... ok... she knows a bit canto but we end up saying "Huh?" to each other a million times.

Tuesday having severe headache after the endocrine TBL... get shock to know that wednesday got Mini CeX... ooh... and my case report, my case summaries... sigh~ panic for the whole day.

Wednesday was cool~ Mini CeX is cancel. =D no case presentation, talk to a very co operative aunty. On call is pleasant... again taking blood from a amnemic patient nervously... 20cc... so much le. luckily she did not faint. Culture and sensitivity. One night clerk 2 patient who has SLE... oh gosh.. but please dun ask me how to diagnose SLE.. cause i still dun know how~ =D

Thursday is even more relaxing... case presentation cancel, research tour cancel, meeting with advisor cancel.. so i end up going home early cause i dont want to roam in the ward alone (not that brave) but see... everything come with a price. I miss a pleural tapping.

Friday is even better. The aunty who let me clerk 3 days ago allow me to do a whole set of PE from cardio to sensory on her again... =D just to finish my case report... although the case report is still retarded. hope my tutor doesnt shake his head non stop after reading it. IMS is superd~ =D wonder hows mine will be~ ah... weekend coming. but it will be a busy 1~ endocrine really give me headache and I want more sleep!!! Zombie throughout the whole week. most of the time my mind is elsewhere... at home... on the bed