Sunday, November 28, 2010


 Visited this small snack stall in Garden a few months ago, intro by my dad. =) my family is o jian (friend oyster pancake) lover.

Among all the dishes we order. The O Jian is the best!!! with big, bigger, biggest and extremely big oyster in it. =D oh man... i miss it and hope that someone can accompany me to eat it again. *drool*

Declaration since this morning. I hate reading research paper. they are just so long winded. Ish!!! ok~ back to study. =)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I want to fly away~ please dont pull me back.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Oh my oh my!!! Disney is coming out with my favorite Disney princess----> Rapunzel cartoon!!!! YAY!!! and best of all. Nuffnang is giving out premiere movie tickets for the choosen 1. *whistle*

Let me present "A Tangled Tale"!!!! *clapclapclap*
See~ the princess is so Cio~ *loving it* with such lovely long shiny golden hair~ How long is it huh? breath in and breath out, be prepared for a shocking answer..... its 70 feet long!!! @@ my head will break carrying such a big bundle of golden string but wait~~~ Disney will not be Disney if nothing magical happened! Yeap!! you guess it~ Rapunzel's hair is enchanted!! *whistle* You can control it with your will~~ heh~ =)

How lucky of her having such a nice hair.  I wish i would have one and I wish even more this morning when I am having my class in clinic. Its so FREAKING COLD there and I sneezed non stop for 4 hours.
Get the idea? I will have the hair cover my whole body up~ haha~ keep me warm while others are shivering to death. Such a convenient tool~ =D

And with its healing power~ I can cure patient without worrying if i get the diagnosis wrong. +D

 Thats how i want it!!! =D good for me and good for the patient!! No one will be suffering from any disease with the healing power of my hair.

Of course, this sweety golden pie will bring more convenient for me than this. I stay in a double storey house, so......

 It will help me to bring up whatever stuffs that i need from the first floor!!! Lazy bump like me will willing to pay any sum of money for this magical hair~ hahaha~ wont you? *wink*

Last but not least, in the dangerous society now.... with a lot of unknown evil bad things lurking at every corner....
haha~ i will be a super hero with this magical silky golden hair!!! banishing the evil and the bad and return a peaceful society to the citizens!!!!! From here and beyond~~~

Rapunzel~ how i envy you~ with this magical hair, it must be cleaning and taking of itself very properly so you no need to spend tonnes of time taking care of the long long hair like me... sigh~

My very IN hair style~ hahahahaha~ so do you know who is my muse now beside Rapunzel? its Sadako from the ring~ hee hee hee hee hee!!!!

Beside tickets to Premiere of Rapunzel: A Tangled Story, NUFFNANGERS!!! You are able to get yummy prizes!!!

Nintendo Wii and Nina!!!! I WANT BOTH OF THEM A LOT~~~~~ Please hand them to me.

All you need to do is type a post under the title "If I Had Rapunzel's Hair". Describe how you will use the 70 feet long silky long magical gorgeous golden hair, include a extraordinary hairstyle of you and send the entry into Nuffnang~ Its that EASY!!!

Hope i can still make it for the tickets or even better the prizes!!! *drooldrooldrool*
Pray hard for me. tee hee hee (please let me win. please let me win! PLEASE LET ME WIN!!) =)

p/s: sorry for the artistic drawing. hahahaha~ try to appreciate it. =P

"Paper" razzi

 Did i mentioned that I am slightly into online shopping recently? haha~ this is what i tumble over in Cari last month. =)

 Drawing? Tee hee hee~ i am not gifted in drawing and coloring. This is a 3D paper handicraft. =) Expensive. Its RM12 for a set. Since it is imported from Japan. I forgive its high high price.

 The instruction and the material~ Oh my god!!! No chinese or english instructions. T.T all are in Japanese. Man... How am i going to do it? Luckily with my smart brain,  (eleh!!) I figure it out through the drawings. But basically 85% is guessing game.

What you need is a pair of scissors and a bottle of glue.

 The outer part of the shop is built!! +) Wee~ one of the benefits is i do not need to color it. save me from messing it up.

 Tadaa!!! finish the whole shop already. *clapclapclap* isnt it adorable?  (please say yes)

 Spot the difference. haha~ The first picture i did some mistakes. Misunderstood the instruction. lol...

 =)   =) =) Feel satisfied after finishing it.

 I love this pair of slippers a lot~ =D but my pinky fingers cant even wear it~ oh my. i can give it free to barbie dolls that need slippers.

Cio~ Loving it~ =) took me 1 week to finish it. Its quite fun to take your mind off the books and do something fun like this once in a while.

Visit Papermuseum or Cari for more info. =)

Yes!!! i finish my report already!!! and how i hate buy 1 free 1. When for shoes hunting today and i end up buying 2 shoes because of buy 1 free 1. But i only like one pair only.... Is there anywhere i can sell the other pair off? Online or through some forum. Suggestion needed. =D ok~ back to study.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


oh well~ going to introduce something to all of you if i manage to finish my reports tomorrow. heh~ oh my. i just found out i m in love with footwear: slippers, shoes, heels, flats... .... etc. You name it, i like it. =)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sailor Ballerina

Whoosh~ i love these flats but they are killing the back of my ankles fast and hard. =D they are so pretty and slightly pricey too. Maybe i wont wear them to school anymore (if i found something more comfy)

Today started off.... erm... with a lot of rain. lol... raining like nobody business these few days. Nice to be in the bed but... cant sleep well. Why do i still need to hand up 2 reports after i handed up the 7 reports just 2 weeks ago? T.T struggling... planning to build something out from the jigsaw that is thoroughly incomplete.

My turn to clerk again today. See... no bias. But dont ever find a chinese patient cause they will start talking in chinese or canto with you (oh well... this 1 is because the prof asked him to talk in canto) and all my other groupmates who dont understand these 2 languages go =.= .... nga haha~ This uncle is basically a lucky chap. I think his health can get better if he really willing to put some effort in his diet. Controlled it!!! Walking up and down for him for 2 hours and the clinic nurse is really not so friendly to student. Not face problem ba.... zzz...

owh... nearly forgot. I finally see something through fundoscope!!!! yay!!! usually its just a blur round orange spot but today i saw the blood vessels and a blur optic disc too~ way to go!!! haha~ work harder on it. it takes a lot of practice. *happy*

Stay in the library finding books (== first time searching books in my life) and thank you for the lively sister we have in IMU, i get to put some extra info into my report. whew~ of course before they hand in to my advisor. tee hee hee~

Got my result for EOP~ wee~~ much better than i thought. Chirping non stop for the whole afternoon, evening and now. =) and i rewarded myself with something *its secret* shhhh....

Raining again.... Zzzzz.... Heard from dinner that someone hang himself outside a corridor of an apartment. The gross thing is that apartment is non his!!! blah... if i m the tenant, i will move out of that apartment as soon as possible. Stay far far away from that apartment and that corridor too. yuck!! so inconsiderate...

ok... start to build jigsaw again. Family med reports are harder to do than internal med cause there are always missing pieces in the clerking and exploring a lot much more of the patient... ok. start working. =D

hahaha~ cant stop laughing when i saw the similarity with the pictures. tee hee hee~ want to know what is it? ask me. =D =D =D i think he possibly think i m crazy laughing out of no reason.

Go salad!!

Absolutely in love with garden salad with popcorn chicken from KFC~ =) Eating the whole bowl of vegetable make me feel healthy.

Today is a rough day. Out of nowhere, the bomb suddenly explode by itself. Cis... hope tomorrow will be a better day. and wish that i can finish my case summaries in time. =) go ying xin!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Terrible me but cute you

I finished this up a little by little everyday and used up around 2 weeks to finish this. haha~ I like the guy. he is just so damn cute. but the girl's face a bit kemek. buahaha~

Thats what lazy me are doing nowadays instead of burying myself under books books n books!!!

Ok~ i think i had been slacking for too long. maybe i should go back to book soon~ haha~ tomorrow la.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I think i need some booster to wake up myself. Had been sleeping a lot for the pass 1 week~ n burping like mad too.... *burpburp* =D

Monday, November 8, 2010


4 days in family med. tomorrow will be the fifth. oh my.... when i just adapt to internal medicine. now i need to start all over again to adapt to family med. Different lecturers, different settings and different way of learning (or teaching). and here has something called evidence based which all go back to research and interpreting the research paper. oh lol.... i think there is no way of running away from it.

Hope to get my passion back soon. I kept removing my focus away from study so i dont get anxious. lol... good grace.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Deepavali~