Sunday, December 12, 2010

A lil Update

I am super lazy to update my blog recently. One of the reason is again... tonnes of reports and things to study which i dont think it stays in my mind for long. The other thing is i kept getting sick, virus loves me but i dont love them so their love turn into hatred and bully me. *sobsob*

Here are something i did for the pass..... (cant remember) one week?!! =D who cares? they came into my life.

Oyster!!!! i know got a lot of ppl will go Ewwwwwww~ but they are really tasty (even eaten raw!!! but I am not allowed to do that) sigh~

Steamboat in Zanmai (my favorite japanese restaurant till now). Love the hot peeping soap and the white cabbage~ hot soup definately goes well with cabbage~ =D

First outing with my fellow Family Med group 3 mates. Location: Nasi Arab
I encountered my new love there. Chiang chiang chiang chiang ----> Mango juice. Definitely pure with shreds of mango fresh in it. hehe~ I wanted to try their mango lassi too~ but nobody is ordering a second glass so... paiseh. didnt try.. maybe next time. I will definately go back for this cup of juice. =)

I am eating a lot of mangoes (from the tree in my garden) and papaya (pasar malam. 3 for RM5. Arent they dirt cheap?) hahahaha~ mayb you will find me jaundice next time.

Some cutie pies picture next~ oh well. another update, my little meow meow gave birth to 4 little kittens. and she is trying to move them to my house again. zzzzzzz.... cant she just leave her kids in peace?
Awwwwww.... this is her first batch kitties. Already grown up but still small in size. Both of them checking out my glass door, trying to bang into it. hahahhaah~ They are amaze why we can go in but they cant.

The black 1 is the naughty 1.The brownish 1 is slightly shy but growing brave and naughty after it knows the environment.

hahaha~ although they are not as pretty as their mommy. they are definately cute and active~ Playing with the grass and insects in my garden. oh man... they even will rub your legs and want you to play with them if you look friendly.

Cats are cute.... but i dont wish my whole garden are fill with cats. that is horrible~ meowing all night is not fun~ just like too much ice cream hurts my tummy. ok~ time to hand up my reports!!! yay!!! hope my ebm and ethical issues make sense to her. ><

Friday, December 3, 2010

Doom Twice

My group went to palliative care today. I am sure its not because i see the patients are in pain or what. Suddenly i feel dizzy half way and my stupid stomach is squeezing very hard again... oh man... no no. its not squeezing. Its more like hungry but my brain said you dont need any food but the stomach is screaming for food. So funny... >< so.... i vomitted out nothing but saliva twice. I thought I have hypoglycemia with 97bpm pulse rates, look pale, giddiness and tremor. One of the kind souls gave me a sweet...which help at first but later all the things come back again. So i m sitting throughout the  last half section or rush to the toilet... haah~ hopefully the doctor didnt notice me.

Food later cure me a little bit. But the portion that i supposedly can finish in normal day cant finish by me. After the meal... my stomach is sending out funny signals again. telling me that it is too full when it is not even filled... so i went to the toilet again. what the heck with my stomach? recently it just like a bully. Bullying me!!!! =( should i go and see a doctor? but i dun have any pain... sigh~ how?

Secondly... some stupid fellow double parking. The back of his car is blocking my car and yea~~~~ my car can actually drive out even his car is there... but hello~ my driving skill is underaverage and my estimation for space is also underaverage.... i tried... n nearly knock the car (which i feel like doing it... who ask him double park?)  finally... i ask my colleague (who passby... undeniable most guys are better in driving) to help me... which make him go =='''. "ooh~ still got a lot of space. why cant you drive out?" oh man... sorry lo. my driving skill is underaverage lo. so dont drive near me when i m driving on the road. swt....

i need to go n talk to my stomach. c what it wants... damn bully. can i just take a gun n shoot it to death?