Monday, January 31, 2011


 I am so so so sorry (x n times) that i neglected you here. Didnt update you and even take a peep on you cause Maxis Om Nom Nom Race makes me traumatized~ haha~ =P But it is a good experience with all the good food and good buddies.
Oh wow~ here is a restaurant that i highly recommended to visit. Thai Based restaurant. =) The sweet sour fish is yummy. Love the sauce. I didnt get to taste the fried rice ='( cause my teammates finish sapu them when i m typing blogpost. grrrrr....
Then.... we tried something that i think is not in our should try list. tadaa~~~

 Dessert!!!! Puff, durian cake and chocolate durian tart. Satisfied my sweet tooth. But hey!!! i only get to try the puff cause the other 2 sapu by *ahem ahem*. ish~ nevermind. The puff is really soft, creamy and you can pop in a few without releasing you had eaten dozens of them. =)

And i met the best tiny fruit tarts there~ the toppings are fresh with soft cream inside and crunchy crust outside. eeee... i miss them. 1 fine day~ when reports and exams are over. I will definately visit you for your food and DESSERT!!! hear me? the DESSERT!!!!

Then, one nice day which i forget which day. Michelle took me and Ivy to Curry house for lunch.

 Banana leaf rice? Nasi daun pisang? haha~ i forget what is the name. It is serves on a banana leaf... duh... and a lot of vege and tofu. Stupid me put the whole mangga jeruk into my mouth.... SALTY!!!! WATER!!! and i still grumble why the waiter so kiam siap gave me such a small piece (the most right). It is suppose to eat bit by bit. =P
 Soup~ not to my liking~ i still love my mommy's homecooked, fill with a lot of love soup. =)

There is more food. More things happened during these 2~3 weeks which i didnt blog. but... uh... i cant recall any. What i can recall is I wake up, go to school early in the morning. Clerk patients, go back, write reports, prepare for exam, online a while for facebook then i sleep at 10.30am!!!! and 2 days ago, after my exam, i try to sleep at 1am and i was like dying waiting the clock to struck once. oops~ imma turning into an early bird. =) but i dun eat worms. =P

To end this so short post (I m very lazy to write more). Let me teach you how to transform.

 Simple, ordinary me with my big teeth. haha~ i just remember someone told me that when he is a plastic surgeon. He will help me make my teeth not so showy for FREE!!!!! =D i m waiting.

 Me during my cousin wedding dinner. oh man~ i love the makeup that day. =D dun ask me to do that everyday. i will died.... took me 1 hour to get rid all the makeup on the face~ whew~ that 1 hour should b gone by playing or sleeping. c ya~ i will try to update more. =)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maxis Om NOm NOm Race- Dancing Fish Restaurant

Oh God finally reached our last destination, weee!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the Dancing Fish Restaurant. Haha…
Hearing the name Dancing Fish will make us think of a lot of fishes who are dancing around? wah….
They must be healthy and tastes nice since they are exercising all the way!!! Haha, it is actually a Malay-Indo Cuisine.

We are served the menu 1 which is:
Emping with Sambal Terasi (Anutty slightly bitter taste that is perfectly balanced by their famous sambal terasi)-RM4.50
It is crunchy, and taste good with the sambal. The sambal is like the perfect match for the crisp.

Dancing Fish (Fresh from the tank, they deep fried till golden brown while maintaining the juiciness of the fish. Serve with their sambal terasi with kecap, so nice till the bone can be eaten-RM38

It is fried so nicely, crunchy on the outside, so soft on the inside it almost feels like cotton. And it taste good with the sauce that comes with it.

Ayam Panggang (BBQ Spring Chicken)-RM18.90 (Young tender spring chicken, charcoal grilled over glowing embers. Marinated and basted with their special homemade BBQ sauce)-

So tasty because it has the roasted taste. The meat is so tender. With the sauce it adds some spicin ess which makes it so interesting.

Nasi Putih/Kuning-RM3

Free flow Barley/Lime with Samboi-RM5.90

Lemongrass Jelly with Sour Plum Burst –RM8.50

and Crispy Fruit Roll Tropical Gelato-RM4.50

Visit here for super sumptuous Malay-Indo cuisine
Lot T120, T121 & T122
285, Jalan Maarof, 3rd floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 KL, Malaysia
HP no: 03 20956663


Maxis Om NOm NOm Race- HJ Samuri Sate KAjang

Have you tried Satay before?? Haha, I tried one yesterday at USJ and now I am going to try the best satay in Malaysia-Sate Kajang!!
OMG right?

When we came into the place,  BBQ smell of satay excites our smell sensation. oh God!!! We reached Heaven already!! The environment is a bit Mamak feel. Mamak food always test nice! We are now enjoying the popular Sate Kajang!!!!
Red Syrup  - it is sweet and refreshing especially after a long trip under the hot sun. It is also a good mouthwasher in case you want to try different flavour of satay and you don't want their taste get mingled up.

Satay Peanut Sauce - definitely very delicious. It is a very strong peanut frangrance, and when you eat with the satay, it enhances the taste of satay even more!!! Denifitely a plus plus, and one of the best satay sauce I have eaten

Satay(4 types)-Chicken(RM0.60 per stick), Beef(RM0.60 per stick), Lamb(RM1.20 per stick), Deer(RM1.80 per stick)

Satay - They are as good as the Kajang satay!!! So why travel so far when you can get it here in town??!! They offer so many different flavour and they taste so so good with the BBQ taste and the tinge of the meat.

We will definitely visit this place again, weeee!!!!

Quote of the day: GET FAT IN LOW COST...woot woot!!!!

Want to know where to makan this delicious satay, go to:
Sate Kajang HJ. Samuri
NO.79&79M JLN.SS21/31
Damansara Utama P.Jaya

To call: 03-77105318

Everything is subjected to 6% tax~=)

Maxis Om NOm NOm Race- Thai Base Restaurant

 Do you know what is hide and seek? Yeap. The forth destination of Maxis Om Nom Nom Race is hiding…. Above your head. =D =D
Let me present THAI BASE RESTAURANT!!!!!

It is at the second floor~so make sure that you tilt your head high up to see the thin words of it. Hee hee~~

So… since it is upstair, you need to walk up the stairs. It is better if you can just fly up~=D The environment here is more of chinesey than thaiish… The owner said its because Chinese New Year is coming. Gong xi Gong xi~~

This is how the restaurant look~spacious right? =) and with the old wooden chairs and tables here and there, it feels like I am going back time. Where things are not so hectic. Hee hee~~

The fried rice, OMG!!! I haven’t eaten such delicious yong chow fried rice in a long time. The first bite I took, I can taste the fragrance of the eggs in my mouth. And then slowly the fragrance of the sausage, carrots, and vegetables came to me. And the rice is fried towards perfection, not too much nor too little time on the wok. I give is 4.8 out of 5 for this!! OMG and it only costs RM5, soSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cheap! :-D

The fish, called 3 flavour fish, is really one of the best I’ve eaten!!!! Three flavour, meaning, spicy, sour and sweet. It is not on the menu but the waiter will definitely introduce to all their customers because it is really so nice. The sambal, the special sauce that they made themselves, it’s like one of the best sambal I’ve ever tasted in my entire life!!! Together with the pineapple, onions, the chilli on top, give the dish more flavour. The fish itself, it’s fried so crunchy on the outside but it’s also so soft on the inside!!! It’s definitely a must eat!!!!!! I guarantee you!!! The price depends on the weight. The picture above priced RM18

 The puding, it is soft and has a tinge of santan flavour. Slightly sweet, it makes you want more of it because you just won’t get sick of it.

Wanted to head to this place with cheap , delicious and spicy Thai Food, please visit:

No, 7-1 (1st Floor), Jalan Tanjung SD 13/2, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Selangor.
Phone no: 03-62752284
Website: www.groupbasecorp.comr5r

Maxis On NOm NOm Race- Tarbush

Hulalalalla~~ I suddenly want to belly dancing~ can you guess where am I?
Haha~I am in Arab!!! Oops~~ too bad. Not enough money to go there so Maxis and Nuffnang led me to Tarbush in Sunway pyramid!!! =) =)

Just stepping into the restaurant, I feel like I had walk into the  1001 Arabian  Night~~ Dimly lit with thick cushions furniture just alike those furniture that we see in movie~=) hee hee. You can just sit back and enjoy the good meal. Oh well… too bad. No belly dancer. Maybe I can suggest Tarbush to have this performance in the future.

So…. Lets start with the first dish~. =) Sauteed Potato with Meat--à Rm15++. It is a new dish~~
On the first bite, you can feel the potato melts in your mouth. The meat add some salty flavour to the dish and crunch crunch crunch~~ ?? what am I eating? Oh~~ nuts!!! Which are roasssssted fried until the aroma of nuts is fully out. It gives different touch to the dish. When eaten with the Tahina sauce which is make of sesame paste, it gives a different tinge to the dish as it is sourish hence very appetizing. You can also eat it in a way which you wrap it in Lebanese bread.
Now, the main dish!!!!! Maklouba Chicken--à RM24++ There is also a lamb version.
The rice which is cook with spices and eggplant are very fragrant and it is the typical taste of Middle Eastern rice. It is soft and it taste good with all the side dishes. The chicken is cook to a perfection. It is crunchy outside and soft inside which gives it a double texture. The chicken is delicious as well as more spicies are use here. When eat with the special sauce which is made of youghurt, the nice nice taste is even more enhance. It is sourish so it opens your appetite to finish the  one whole enormous plate of it.

Now is the dessert~~ my favourite!!!! Tee hee hee~I always have a sweettooth. Cream Caramelà RM10++.
 It is very thick and the caramel is very sweet but just nice and it is not too over that it will make you feel nauseous. It is very soft and melts once it is in your mouth~~
Oh~last but not least. The drinks!!! My favourite among all the dishes!!!! Ice lemon tea (the brown one)-à RM9.00 and Lemon Na’Na’ -à RM11.
Ok~~ Lemon Na’Na’is a typical Arab drink and a MUST DRINK here. The lemonade is blended with mint and a lemon is added as a tinge~=) if you think that ice lemon tea is very refreshing. This is more refreshing as a sip of it, you will feel like walking into a igloo in a hot summer day. Tee hee hee~
Know what is
Find more about Tarbush Restaurant in
Buisness hour: 10am – 1 am
Address: LG.123, Sunway Pyramid, 46150 PJ
Phone Number: 03-56339222

The restaurant has very good and ambient atmosphere. It has dim light on the inside, which is suitable for chatting, having a relax time. It can be a little romantic too. If you sit ouside, it is very cooling, and it looks out to sunway lagoon!!! So exciting!! Haha, and not to mention, the service here is very good. We asked the details of the food and the waiter patiently explain to us everything.

Tata, going to the next destination!!!     

Maxis Om Nom Nom Race- Kafe Strawberry Fields

We are now at our first station, "Kafe Strawberry Fields"!!!!!
Proudly presented it as it is a very nice restaurants with quite a relaxing ambience (usually) but now it is full with anxious people that wanted to win the race. hahaha~

Dimly lit with a lot of nice pictures and posters hanging around, it brings you to France which have a lot of nice cafe with people relaxing in it with a cup of coffee.

Of course we must go Malaysian~ throw away the breads and coffee~ now we are presenting you the main dish!!!! dang dang dang dang!!!
It is a very big plate of dish
Gilled Lamb Chop with Brown Sauce RM15.20. The price is worthy as the portion is quite huge. The texture of the lam chop is not too hard. It has the fragrance of lamb but it doesn't has the stingy smell. The fries is crispy and not too oily. It can be compared to McDonald fries, woot woot!!! Love it!! Omg, the fragrance taste of the lamb still in my mouth now....:-D

Second is the spaghetti~ =) oh man~ it is so pretty and appetizing. As you know, most of the tuna spaghetti that we eat are very small just like it is blench until there is nothing. But for this you can taste the pieces of tuna freshly from the sea. The spaghetti itself is soft but very spongy. It is at its best state~ oh well~ just as you think that it is soft, there is some crunchiness and fragrance from the onion and the chilli~ All the spices that they use is superd. Not too salty and after you eat it you still can taste it after a few hours.
Tuna Spaghetti Rm9.20.

See~ the Star newspaper also introduce this restaurant. So you know how famous is it now. =P

All the chef recommendations are in this box of pictures. Remember to try every one of them next time you visit Kafe Strawberry Fields.

Here is the review~

Ok~ so the most important thing to let you know.
It is at Lot16 Ground Floor, Jalan Tengah 46200 Petaling Jaya.

Taipan Branch is at 26, Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 10/1B, Taipan Buisness Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya.

To book a seat here cause you wont know when it will overflow by people. Phone them and book first 03-79601268, and 03-56359252

Monday, January 10, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

There is a Chinese saying," We eat to live, not live to eat".
How how how how wrong is that~ cause i am a person who live to eat. Food can never be separated from me. You will see me *nomnomnom* 24/7.
 om nom nom. Yummy doriyaki!!

and this is what i dream most of the night.
Raining food from sky~ which i can just get something to eat by putting my hands up or its even better if i can just have them by opening my mouth.

Ok~ i must admit. i am very envy about this guy and i hope that the story will come to real life but sigh.... it wont happened.

God bless me. I am still slim and healthy with all those eating (and thoughts of food). Hey, wait!!!! my DREAM come true~ Here is a very unique contest!!!  food hunting in amazing race style~
oh my~ What a beautiful combination and those who thought of this idea are superd!!! creative!!! and a million thanks to them.

Let me present!!!! *DANG DANG DANG DANG*

The Maxis OM NOM NOM RACE!!! 60 Nuffnang bloggers are to team up into 15 teams and OFF THEY GO~ HUNTING DOWN ALL THE DELICACIES!!!! *droolingnonstop*

Of course with Maxis~ they will always be S.U.R.P.R.I.S.E.D!!!! The race will involved
iPhone 4, the Finder301 application and Wireless Broadband, all available through Maxis.

Oh.... dont know what is Finder301? It is a GPS like application that enable you to find the location of banks, restaurants, ATMs, clinics, police stations and FOOD!!!!
 It has the largest listing of GREAT food all around malaysia. and it is more awesome cause it provides you the restaurants phone numbers, addresses, food reviews and of course a map!!! knowing somewhere has good food but cant get there. its is a tragic!!!
 And Finder301 is the rescuer!!! =D =D =D
 Heart it. It is a great tool~ =D
find out more here

 What about Maxis Wireless Broadband? It provides you a faster speed in the cheapest rate!!!! Faster go and get one.
Read more

Ah.... well. Here come more S~U~R~P~R~I~S~E~D!!!! The prize that they offer are super attractive!!!
1st Prize: A trip to Hong Kong 3 days 2 nights with 5-star accommodation (for the winning team members of 4 pax) worth RM10,000, and also 4x HTC Desire Z (1 per winning member)
2nd Prize: 4 x HTC 7 Mozart (1 per winning member)

Oh man!!!! isnt that breath-taking!!!! Hong Kong~ The heaven of shopping!!! here i come~ =D =D =D
No worries if you dont get the first or second prize. Every participants will be reward with a maxis goodies bag. How generous is MAXIS~ HOORAY!!!

Below is my video to ask for permission to enter this glory contests. =) enjoy it~

My first time taking a video. and i really hope that i can get into the race. this will be my first, very very FIRST time participating in Nuffnang contest. and Chinese New Year is coming soon~ I wish through the race, tasting some good food can give me some idea where to take my parents to have a hearty reunion dinner. =)

My friends and i even come out with our own team and we really really hope (pray pray pray!!!) that all four of us can get into the competition. Purh~~~~~ lease.

Let me introduce my team a bit.
Our leader, Ickes who is super adventurous. like to participate in everything that he can get in touch. He is the one that invite me to join. (so thank you!!!! =D)

View his post at:

Dont look down at this skinny, thin, bamboo stick like guy. Nigel Yen Haw appetite is bottomless. He can ate up an elephant but still moaning that he is HUNGRY!!!! eerie~~~~~
View his post at:

Calrance.... (silent for a while) hahaha~ to be honest i  dun know him. he is ickes's friend. he loves food too~ so i think there is no problem in communication with the other food lover. Hee hee~

Lol... we even came out with our team name already. The Phantom~
*sing*We are like a phantom~ munching all the food you have~ as swift as the wind~ as swift as the wind. *sing*

 C how determine are we. And all four of us are definitely qualified to become one of the contestants. Because we are CHAR..... (oh~ no). MAXIS ANGELS!!!!

Talking about amazing race, it reminds me of Nat and Kat who won Amazing Race season 17!!! the first female female team who won the game!!!! Hooray to the Pretties!!!!

They are my Idol now!!!! With my team of 3 guys and 1 girl~ (although i am the only one girl) I think we can win this Maxis Nom Nom Race non doubt. *confidence*

OOpsie~ I am too excited about the race that i forget the most important things~ =P
Date: 15 January 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Modesto’s, Ground Floor, Capital Square, 7 Persiaran CapSquare 50100, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8am-7pm
(all participants must register before 9am)
Dress code: customized “The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race” T-shirts will be provided

To find out more, all dear nuffnangers!!!! Please go to . Submit your entry before its too late. =)

I am Slim~~~~~ so i should get a "S". Just like superman!!!!
I am here to save(win)... ....the food and prizes!!! So please please please please (x100000000) let four of us get into the game. Its in our new year resolution to participate in it.

 Oops!! caught eating again~ haha~ promise to let 4 of us in ya~ =) *smilesmile*